With technological advancement, data accumulation is no longer a big deal for enterprises, but drawing out something worthwhile from it is still a challenge. For decades, analytics tools are usually preferred to ease data analysis and deliver actionable insights. But, only analysts were lucky to reap the benefits of such tools, and business users used to stay deprived. 

Over time, varied modern tools have entered the market with the same objective of pulling data into a unified view, analyzing deeply, getting related insights, and taking sound and right action accordingly. One name that comes to the surface is Salesforce. 

With the presentation of a robust and competent tool for data reporting, processing, and analysis, Salesforce has rolled out Analytics Cloud in the market. Also termed Tableau CRM Cloud (formerly Salesforce Einstein Analytics), this tool benefits businesses in improved performance, pipeline management, accurate forecasting, and more.

In this post, we will learn how to harness the potential of Salesforce Analytics Cloud, use cases, pricing, alternatives, implementation with other products, and more to boost your business performance and productivity. 

Let’s dive deeper!

Salesforce Analytics Cloud – An Overview

Einstein Analytics, formerly Tableau CRM, is now recognized by Salesforce Analytics Cloud, but its work is the same. It’s a robust business intelligence and analytics platform well-integrated within the Salesforce landscape. It is a cloud-based analytics tool that assists users in aggregating, understanding, and visualizing data from varied digital channels. This platform aims to resolve emerging challenges while combining the details to analyze big data volume and generate robust insights.

Also known as Salesforce Wave analytics, you can choose this platform optimized for mobile use and attract customer analytics to your CRM. Whatever the data or data source, you can harness the Salesforce analytics cloud to enhance how your brand reverts to critical questions.

Why Do Businesses Use the Salesforce Analytics Cloud?

Businesses implement Salesforce Analytics Cloud to gain transformational benefits never witnessed before.

1. Pipeline Management

Enterprises choosing Einstein Analytics will find it simple to understand their sales flow, sales pipeline, and upcoming opportunities in real-time and perform as expectedly and best. Whether one needs to examine new deals, compare them with the existing ones, or kickstart appropriate actions to meet the sales lifecycle, this tool will be apt.

2. Pre-designed Dashboards

Finding a well-designed dashboard in place will aid you with a better view of information that impact informed decision-making. Any marketing professional, sales executive, and manager can exploit the power of this tool to break data down into granular levels. This leads to better insights into their business operations, which assist in making smarter decisions.

3. View & Access Data Anywhere

Analytics Cloud reaps the benefits of the out-of-the-box visualization capabilities of Tableau that assist users in exploring data from a wide range of sources, whether internal or external. This way, you can traverse data using pre-built apps and a pre-crafted dashboard, allowing the support teams to get the needed information, assess the jobs, and easily resolve service cases.

4. Top Quality Performance

With Einstein analytics, sales managers can analyze their sales pipeline performance, learn their sales flow, and calculate the real output with pre-defined parameters and standards. Also, they can evaluate how each team member is performing and advise essential course improvements to boost their productivity. 

5. Superior Predictions

You need to be good at forecasting to stay ahead of the pack, as it strengthens your management to foretell exact sales and future revenue figures. Also, it arrives with a full-fledged forecasting dashboard that lets the managers plan their coming time sales period and plan a strategy to close those deals quickly.

6. Whitespace Analysis

Tableau CRM provides perfect whitespace analysis potential that supports business teams to target catching deals and enhance customer satisfaction levels. Besides, it eases product sold identification, the linked account, and potential opportunities and helps build an account-centric solution to fulfill its requirements.

7. Recommendations & Contextual Answers

You can get AI-powered recommendations, answers, and explanations with Salesforce Analytics Cloud. So, time to enable your sale and service representation and gain contextual responses to the customers’ queries. By analyzing huge data combinations, this tool lets users understand the trends and events that help them make data-driven forecasting and sound decisions for the time ahead.

Leverage The Salesforce Analytics Cloud Features

The main features of the Salesforce Analytics Cloud are:

1. Mobile First

As we mentioned above, Salesforce Analytics Cloud is highly mobile-friendly. However, the mobile web app can be downloadable only on iPhones and iPads, but the dashboards can be accessed on any device. The users can view, filter, group, measure, and share data from their mobile devices. Connecting, customizing, and deploying the data from anywhere and anytime is easy.

Resolving the questions of datasets will take no time, and you can share the results with others through your mobile device. This feature is highly required for field workers, especially customer service representatives or marketing teams who are mostly on the field.

2. Dynamic Visualization Engine

Salesforce Analytics Cloud has been specially designed for data builders and business users. The rapid visualization engine will show how one chart is affecting the other. The interactive visuals and quick searches are structured using tools such as groupings, filters, etc. The users can learn critical business to make better & informed decisions in the future.

The visuals are not just about charts and color-coded lines. The app also lets users make the experience as interesting as possible through quirky, fun stickers.

3. Self-Service Access

Using the Salesforce Analytics Cloud, users can find solutions for their queries without sending ticket requests to the IT department. They also don’t need any data analytics background and must wait for the solutions for days, weeks, or months. Earlier process delays and pro-long waiting periods can result in the data becoming of no use when they are finally received.

Salesforce Analytics Cloud also allows you to ask ad hoc questions for exploring and gaining insights into your data. There will be visible updates in real time, and you can use filters and grouping strategies for further slice & dice. Thus, you can understand the data at your fingertips.

4. Multiple Dashboards

Depending on your business type, multiple and diverse data sources will exist. The Salesforce Analytics Cloud can embrace data of all forms, structured or unstructured, from tools such as ERP, CRM, websites, RFID sensors, social media, etc.

The different dashboards can be created for different datasets to address your various data requirements, e.g., the success of marketing campaigns and customer service initiatives, along with customer data such as age, gender, and location. You can also get insights about how much time an average customer spends on the website, successful lead sources, etc. Dashboards consolidate various data visualizations into a single view.

5. Native Salesforce Integration

Since the Salesforce Analytics Cloud has been built on the Salesforce 1 platform, the complete data will be placed on Salesforce, and there will be no synchronization issues. It uses the same sharing and security rules as well. The data can be automated and customized using pre-existing tools, custom data fields, workflow rules, etc.

It is easy to roll out the upgrades or updates, and the data will be securely stored in Salesforce servers instead of external or 3rd party servers until they are exported.

6. Smart Experiences

Einstein analytics feature of intelligent experience helps the users to engage, collaborate, and act on insight-based recommendations using intelligent analytics. This mobile-friendly module will notify you and provide an action framework and proactive alerts incorporated into the business app. You can integrate this feature of the Salesforce analytics cloud with other workflow automation tools to boost overall productivity.

7. Data Management

The comprehensive tool by Salesforce, Tableau CRM, arrives with various data management tools to support connection with popular data sources. Besides, you can maximize the benefits using a visual data prep, exceptional connectors, an in-built Data Mart, and self-contained ETL functionality, assuring smooth data access from internal and external data sources.

8. Seamless Synchronization

Based on the Salesforce platform, Einstein Analytics ensures you experience easy data synchronization. Following similar security and sharing rules, this feature confirms your critical data integrity.

9. No-code Artificial Intelligence

This Salesforce platform offers the power of recommendations, forecasting, and transparent no-code AI. Also, it enters with real-time recommendations, prescriptive and predictive analytics, model transparency, narrative explanations, natural language generation, one-click storytelling, and automated discovery.

10. Einstein Prediction Builder

This Einstein Analytics feature lets the users make business-centric predictions with no need for coding. You only have to know the factors of your fields, objects, and predictions you want to showcase and set to build your predictions.

11. Einstein’s Discovery

It’s an AI-powered analytics tool that lets enterprises automatically check out the patterns based on the given data sets with no need to build refined data models.

12. Discovery and Analytics Studio

Salesforce Analytics Cloud, holding this feature, assists developers in creating AI-enabled apps from scratch or even using pre-built templates. Also, it offers an app development framework, app designer, Natural Language Query (NLQ), and Explorer.

Salesforce Analytics Cloud Integration With Other Products

By integrating Einstein Analytics with other products, you can boost the strength of this tool and catch up with improved productivity and profits. 

Let’s review the list of products you can integrate with Tableau CRM.

1. Pardot

Pardot helps optimize B2B marketing automation with no assistance of complicated Development and It assistance. The platform is crafted to assist users in grabbing top-quality leads and let the pipeline stay full to maximize profits.

Key Highlights

  • ROI Tracking, Campaign Segmentation
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Web Forms
  • Nurturing & Scoring
  • Analytics
  • Channel Management
  • Landing Pages
  • Lead Management
  • Multivariate Testing, etc

2. Salesforce Service Cloud

Now, you can deliver more personalized and better customer support anywhere with Salesforce Service Cloud. It eases businesses to offer customer support over their favorite channel, chat, email, SMS, or phone.

Key Highlights

  • Case Management
  • Telephony Integration
  • Lightning Console
  • Social Customer Service
  • Video Chat, etc.

3. Zapier

The best software to connect your apps and automate workflows easily is Zapier, which automatically moves information between web apps to let the user target their other higher-valued jobs. 

Key Highlights

  • Automate Business Operations
  • Improved Reporting 
  • Work from Anywhere
  • Allow Growth Measurement
  • Access Controls/Permissions
  • Activity Dashboard
  • Accounting Integration
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Application Management

4. Secuvy

A futuristic cloud platform, Secuvy automates and streamlines business processes handling sensitive data. By diminishing human errors, effort, and expenses, this tool targets strengthening customer trust and protecting the brands.

Key Highlights

  • DriftScanning Technology for changes monitoring
  • Easy and faster deployment 
  • Data-driven privacy workflows
  • Identify sensitive data and keep it secure
  • Automate data categorization
  • Privacy risk assessment

5. Wufoo

A cloud-based form builder, Wufoo eases the creation of application forms, registration forms, contact forms, surveys, payment forms, and more.

Key Highlights

  • Easy-to-Use Online Form Builder
  • Unique Form Experiences
  • Workflow automation
  • Online form building and customization
  • Data analysis

Salesforce Analytics Cloud Alternatives

Doubtlessly, Salesforce Analytics Cloud holds almost everything a user expects, considering data analysis. But besides, other factors should also be allowed to participate in the debate of choosing the best of all CRM analytics. 

Potential buyers compare the competencies of the tools in varied categories, like evaluation and contracting, service and support, integration and deployment, and more. 

We have incorporated a list of Salesforce analytics cloud alternatives curated by Gartner that you may check out to pick the best suitable for your organization. 

1. Qlik Sense by Qlik


Rating: 4.4

Widely recognized as the best BI product in the market, Qlik Sense is usually chosen for holding the competitive package by large enterprises. It arrives with modern analytics that help users with any skill level gain insights and perform actions when needed.

2. Sisense Fusion Analytics by Sisense

sisense logo

Rating: 4.4

This software is compatible with other apps, which makes it easy to use and valuable for the user. Create a new board and get everything well-connected and explorable with this tool. An organization can craft a data story for any team member or department, offering them actionable insights into the issues lying deep inside. 

3. SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite by SAP

SAP Business Object Loog

Rating: 4.2

A popular business intelligence (BI) software solution, SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite, will benefit enterprises looking to analyze data from varied sources and get insights for informed decision-making. It arrives with a wide range of features to enhance accuracy and boost the speed of business operations. Altogether, this tool can be highly effective for companies needing better resource management. 

4. Microsoft Power BI by Microsoft

Power BI Logo

Rating: 4.4

Microsoft BI Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms provide a complete suite of tools for data analysis and visualization. Holding the power of integration, robust modeling features, and data source support of this platform empowers enterprises to get useful insights from their data.

5. Looker by Google

Looker Studio Logo

Rating: 4.3

Looker Analytics and Business Intelligence Platform by Google caters to a scalable and robust data analytics and visualization solution. It is an expert in collaboration, data exploration, and integration while offering a user-friendly interface. Before choosing this alternative, users are recommended to note its pricing, learning curve, connectivity limitations, support resources, and customization constraints.

Use Cases Of Salesforce Analytics Cloud (Industry Wise)

Clutching a versatile nature, formerly Einstein Analytics, Tableau CRM can be adapted to varied industry verticals. 

Let’s break down the uses of Salesforce Analytics Cloud industry-wise.

1. Salesforce For Banking & Financial

  • Customer Segmentation based on product preferences and financial behaviors
  • Risk Assessment (predict frauds and loan default)
  • Real-time Investment Portfolios Performance Monitoring

2. Salesforce For Telecommunications

  • Network Performance Monitoring, like network uptime, usage patterns, and latency
  • Customer Service Channels and Representatives Evaluation
  • Churn Analysis

3. Salesforce For Education

  • Education Operations Analysis, like resource usage, classroom allocations, administrative processes, etc. 
  • Alumni Interaction Monitoring, like attendance, donations, engagement, etc. )
  • Student Performance Tracking

4. Salesforce For Energy & Utilities

  • Operational Efficiency Monitoring, like energy production and distribution. 
  • Machine Maintenance & Repair Prediction
  • Energy Consumption Analysis

5. Salesforce For E-Commerce & Retail

  • Sales Prediction
  • Inventory Monitoring & Management
  • Customer Insights Analysis

6. Salesforce For Healthcare & Fitness

  • Clinical Trial Analysis
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Patient Tracking and Management

7. Salesforce For Real Estate

  • Property Maintenance & Repair Operation Tracking
  • Customer Engagement Monitoring
  • Property Insights Analysis

8. Salesforce For Travel & Hospitality

  • Operations Monitoring, like hotel room rates monitoring, staff allocation, etc.
  • Customer Feedback Evaluation
  • Booking Trends Analysis

9. Salesforce For Manufacturing

  • Product Quality Assurance
  • Production Monitoring
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Shipment Tracking
  • Delivery Time Tracking
  • Supplier Performance Monitoring
  • Production Bottlenecks Evaluation

10. Salesforce For Government & Public Sector

  • Public Infrastructure Management
  • Resource Allocation Tracking
  • Public Engagement Monitoring

This is not much; Einstein Analytics can be used in other sectors also because of its robust analytic potential and flexibility. 

Salesforce Analytics Cloud Pricing

Formerly Tableau CRM and Einstein Analytics, Salesforce Analytics Cloud gain better business insights from accumulated data with the right analytics solutions. 

CRM Analytics Pricing user/month (Billed Annually)
Einstein PredictionsAutomate discovery and predictive insights.$75
CRM Analytics GrowthComprehensive analytics platform for your entire data.$125
CRM Analytics PlusAdvanced analytics platform with in-built AI.$150
Revenue IntelligencePurpose-built analytics and AI for sales organizations.$200

How Can Emizentech Help You?

If you seek a leading Salesforce development company, look at Emizentech. With a decade of experience, we assist our clients worldwide in seamlessly accomplishing their Salesforce projects. 

Using Einstein Analytics, Emizentech gathers data from various channels, understand and analyzes it to bring out informative details and discover issues. Ahead, for the betterment of the organizations, we craft best-case scenarios and possible solutions using the power of AI and test different solutions. Next, we optimize and streamline your business process to ease data-driven decision-making. Also, we help integrate Salesforce Analytics Clouds with other products to enhance its functionality. 

Key Highlights

  • Certified Salesforce Consulting Partner
  • Industry-specific experience
  • Proven track record
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Seamless communication expertise

Final Thoughts

By empowering users and marketing professionals, Salesforce Analytics Cloud is helping enterprises boost their productivity, emerge with relevant trends, and let them understand the logic behind data discovered, analyzed, and processed. 

We hope you find this blog informative to learn the features and benefits of Einstein Analytics that you can use in making sound business decisions. 

If you are also planning to exploit Tableau CRM, you can go ahead and explore deeply. Well, obviously, it demands technical expertise that you already hold. Still, suppose you are from a different technical background and need assistance with your Salesforce projects. In that case, you can hire a Salesforce development company to get Salesforce Analytics Cloud consulting services and maximize profits. 

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