Not only the academics but the extracurricular skills are also being learned online. The music industry has not escaped and is now flourishing via online platforms.

Let it be speaking a new language or beating the drums; you can learn everything on your smartphone. 

Piano learning apps are similar platforms that help you to learn piano. The apps can help you upgrade your existing skills, whether you are a beginner or intermediate. You can access thousands of songs to learn piano and practice your skills. Moreover, it carries a range of lesson plans to learn the piano stepwise. 

This article will showcase the best apps to learn piano that you can enjoy playing on any device. 

How Does a Piano Learning App Differ From Online Tutor Videos?

Piano Learning App

The piano learning app differs from a YouTube channel carrying a couple of tuition videos. The most significant difference is the communication gap. The YouTube video carries a colossal communication gap as you can only listen but not communicate with the tutor. You can go through the content only, which is available on the platform. Moreover, it is impossible to practice and get feedback on the session. 

On the other hand, a piano learning app allows for everything we discussed above. You can get lessons, communicate with the tutor, select the learning practice, and practice your skills on the app. 

Piano Learning App 
Piano Learning App 
Online YouTube Piano Learning
Piano Learning Online YouTube Videos 
Piano Learning App Online YouTube Videos 
Choice of lessons Two-way communication Song selection to learn to Receive Separate feedback platform for practice Overall content at one place simultaneously performance monitoring feature Limited videos, one-way communication, availability of random songs, No feedback, No platform for practice, Wait for the new content, Absence of performance monitoring feature. 

Top Piano Learning Apps

If you want to learn the piano, go for the best. Plenty of mobile apps on the store will perfectly waste your time without providing anything worth learning. We are enlisting some of the best piano-learning mobile apps you should prefer for your schedule. 

1. Perfect Piano- Free Piano Lessons App

Perfect Piano
Revontulet Soft Inc
About Perfect Piano is one of the best piano keyboard apps you can learn and practice. The app carries 88 key pianos with 7+ octaves playing range in it. It also has single-row and double-row modes that help enhance the learners’ learning experience. Moreover, the user can adjust the keys and use multiple tones. 
Features Touch-sensitive keysDirect share to social media Metronome Adjustable keys Availability of thousands of popular songs
Total Play Store Downloads 10 Cr+ 
Rating Google Play Store: 4.2
Apple App Store: 4.4
Available OniOS & Android

2. Simply Piano by JoyTunes: Learn Piano Fast

Simply Piano Learn Piano Fast
About Simply Piano is the complete teaching app that helps users learn the skill more quickly than other competitive apps. The app supports thousands of songs pre-installed with tablature to learn playing with the songs. Moreover, it also teaches you to read sheet music. You can also get feedback. The app will listen while you play the piano and inform you about the keys and parts where you are not doing well. 
Features Play in-built pianoThousands of popular songs. Teach to read music 
Total Play Store Downloads 5 Cr+
Rating Google Play Store: 4.4
Apple App Store: 4.7
Available On iOS & Android

3. Yousician 

Yousician Ltd
About Yousician is more like a self-learning app, not limited to piano but can also be used to learn guitar and ukulele and enhance the vocalist’s skills. The app provides support to both beginners as well as advanced learners. Complete the missions in the app, which will automatically improve your skills. The app listens to your play and provides essential feedback. 
Features Easy and fast way to learn Listen to self-playings and make the changes request updates. Learn with favorite and best songs
Total Play Store Downloads 1 Cr+ 
Rating Google Play Store: 4.1
Apple App Store: 4.6
Available On iOS & Android

4. Flowkey: Learn Piano

flowkey GmbH
About The app was regarded as one of the best piano learning apps as of 2021. Flowkey provides a range of beginner, advanced, and pro courses. Loaded with more than 1500 songs, it lets you choose the best one for yourself. 
Features Thousands of pre-installed songs Achievement learning process practice the courses for learners of different levels 
Total Play Store Downloads 1M+  
Rating Google Play Store: 4.3
Apple App Store: 4.7
Available On iOS & Android

5. Piano Academy 

Piano Academy 
Yokee Music
About The app has the teaching principle more like online videos on YouTube. Piano Academy carries tons of video series for different piano lessons. Moreover, you can also practice your skills. The app will listen to your performance and suggest improvement tips.  
Features Informative lessons via video series Availability of hundred of famous tunes. Mark your progress. Practice the range of test series
Total Play Store Downloads 10M+  
Rating Google Play Store: 4.4
Apple App Store: 4.7
Available On iOS & Android  

6. Skoove: Learn Piano

Skoove Learn Piano
About One of the best piano apps for beginners and advanced players, Skoove works well with any keyboard or piano. From classical to pop hits of your choice, you can play every song you cherish. 2+ million piano lovers have already joined this app and are doing well.
FeaturesTrusted learning approach by experts, Bite-sized learning, Real-time feedback about learning, Well-integrated music fundamentals.
Total Play Store Downloads 500K+
RatingGoogle Play Store: 4.4 , Apple App Store: 4.6
Available On Android & iOS

7. Expressive Piano Pro

Expressive Piano Pro
About A simple, intuitive Multidimensional Piano Stereo Synthesizer app, Expressive-Piano holds the caliber to create Microtonal music with the top level of Expressive control and MPE MIDI Compatibility. With in-app purchases for advanced features, you can use this best app to learn piano for free.
FeaturesMicrotonal playability, Slide between notes, Unlimited sound design possibilities, Oscillator Sync, Wave-folder, Saturator, and Bit-Crusher. 
Total Play Store Downloads 1K+
RatingGoogle Play Store: 4.8
Available On Android

8. Simpia: Learn Piano Super Fast

Simpia_ Learn Piano Super Fast
About Counted among the top piano learning apps,  Simpia arrives with all the innovative features that meet the needs of every piano lover. Known as the best app to teach piano, Simpia is created by experienced piano experts. You can enjoy music scoring, piano drop notes, phase learning, instant AI-powered feedback, and more. 
FeaturesHigh-quality content, Best piano courses, Play with view mode, Real-time feedback, /read the scales with the representation of “DO-RE-MI” or “C D E.”
Total Play Store Downloads 1M+
RatingGoogle Play Store: 4.0, Apple App Store: 3.5
Available On Android & iOS

9. Piano – Music Keyboard & Tiles

Piano - Music Keyboard & Tiles
About Piano by Gismart, an electric keyboard simulator app, is well-infused with virtual instruments to assist users in learning chords and music notes for free. You can become a pro pianist using this free learn piano app. Anyone looking for piano learning apps can download this app and get complete piano lessons on their smartphone. 
FeaturesMagic Tiles and Magic Keys mini-games, Single or Dual scrollable keyboard, Full 88 key keyboard, Free popular and classic songs, Piano record feature – record and share your plays
Total Play Store Downloads 100M+
RatingGoogle Play Store: 4.0, Apple App Store: 4.6
Available On Android & iOS

10. Pianist HD: Piano

Pianist HD_ Piano
About One of the best free piano learning apps, Pianist HD, arrives with in-app purchases, which you can easily use to create your unique melodies or learn piano with the available songs. Also, it showcases a vast music library with various classical piano songs, anime songs, and more. 
FeaturesPiano with letters on the keys, various high-quality sounds, multi-musical instruments, Piano 88 keys, Customize piano keyboard size
Total Play Store Downloads 50M+
RatingGoogle Play Store: 4.4
Available On Android

Market Overview of The Piano Learning App Industry 

If you are planning to enter the industry but are unsure if it is the right decision or not, some statistics might help you to get the doubt clear. The piano learners and professionals are few compared to those of guitar or drums. However, it will not be suitable to interpret that the piano industry is small and does not carry room for new entrants. The global market size of the piano industry was estimated to have been worth $2.5 billion. Talking about the US alone, the same initiative had a value of $729 million. The industry’s growth rate is also consistent, which means it carries good growth opportunities for new entrants. 

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Growth Opportunities in Apps Like Piano Teach & Learn

The industry indicates a CAGR of 2.1% in 2020-2027. So there is no doubt that the industry is going to grow. With it, the professionals engaged in the industry are also going to taste the same growth. 

This is the age of technology, and thus everything is going digital. Learners prefer online classes, whether academics, dance, music, or extracurricular activities. So, if you also carry good skills in playing piano, monetize it with the help of an app. You just need to develop an app, but the content in the app, communicate with the learners at a time you are comfortable, and you are ready to make a side income. Provide the quality content and maintain the quality; the advertisement income will substitute your primary income. 

How to Develop a Piano Learning App – Steps to Know

You need to follow the below steps to build free piano lesson apps. Let’s check them out: 

1. Discovery

Start with finalizing your vision and objectives for the piano app you want to develop. The company will work collaboratively with you to understand your target audience, the purpose of your app, and the features you want to incorporate. 

2. Design

After clarifying the app’s needs, the developers create engaging UI and UX designs that reflect your objective and meet your users’ requirements. The mobile app development company ensures your piano learning app is easy to use, intuitive, and visually appealing. 

3. Development

The team of professional developers follows the latest trends and considers the modern technologies and frameworks to develop your best app to learn piano for free download. Besides, following the industry’s best practices and sticking to costing standards to build a reliable, top-quality, and scalable product that performs amazingly across all devices. 

4. Testing

The QA experts use varied manual and automated testing tools to assess all the features. They thoroughly search for bugs and errors to ensure your app is ready to launch. 

5. Maintenance

The post-development maintenance service ensures your app stays up-to-date and performs as expected. Besides, the company offers regular updates with bug fixes. 

Popular Features Of Piano Learning Apps

A piano learning app is meant to instill piano playing skills in its users. Every app is designed with the same vision. Yet, one app is beating the other. Where millions of users have downloaded the top apps, some other apps struggle to get even thousands. So, what is the difference between the apps that make one perform better than the others? 

It’s all about the features of the app. No doubt that every relevant app is going to help you learn piano. But, you will prefer the one with interesting features, news updates, and broad learning material. Following are some of the important features that act as the USP for many of the apps:

1. Fun and Intuitive Lessons 

Learning something might be boring when you are not already familiar with the concept. Moreover, learning from the app might be even more tedious as it will not force you to come and learn. So, to ensure you are regular with your piano learning schedule, most top apps provide fun and intuitive lessons to build your interest in the skill. The fun lessons are designed to teach you about the positioning of hands and body, how to play piano with both hands, how to read music, and other basic movements. 

2. Two-Way Communication

One might not prefer to spend money on an app when they can access the same lesson for free on online video streaming platforms. So, you have to offer something that these videos can not. For this, most of the apps provide two-way communication to their users. The learner can get instant feedback after every session and thus learn about strengths and further improvement areas. At the same time, many apps even provide chat support to their users. It allows learners to communicate with piano professionals. 

3.  Thousands of Songs  

Everyone has their taste in music. Anyone would prefer to learn the musical instrument with the music they prefer. So, there are thousands of songs from tens of music genres for all the learners. The piano learning lessons are available for all the songs, thus enhancing the learner’s interest in the classes. 

4. Slow Motion 

This is the other feature that makes the app preferable to online videos. The piano learning app allows you to play the lesson and chords in slow motion to observe it better. After all, it is all about learning efficiently. The more keenly you observe the moments of chords and hands, the easier it will be to understand the movements. 

5. On-Screen Touch Keyboard 

Nothing can be better than practicing directly on the app you use to learn piano. The piano learning app offers features with an on-screen touch keyboard for its users. Users can get the whole keyboard of their piano on the screen only. Moreover, it can accurately tell the performance when practicing directly on the app. 

6. Multiple Modes 

Multiple modes are also one of the most prominent features in piano learning apps. The app carries modes such as single-row mode, double-row mode, dual players, chords mode, etc., that help users practice according to their learning capability. For example, one might prefer to learn a double row while the other might choose to focus primarily on a single one. 

7. Sharing Your Piano Performance on Social Media

If one gets good hands-on piano and has learned to play it well, he/she will want to share it with their friends. So, piano learning apps also have direct connectivity to social media platforms. You can record your performance on the app and share it on different social media platforms in no time. Not only will it attract the viewers, but you will also get unbiased feedback

Points to Pay Attention to While Developing A Piano Learning App 

Once you have decided to monetize your piano playing app, here are some points and tips you need to consider. App development is a considerable practice and thus tends to be performed with efficient planning. So, while developing the app, ensure the following points: 

1. Don’t Compromise with The Features 

The app development cost largely depends on the number of features you want. But, it doesn’t mean you should compromise with features in the app. You need to remember that features are going to provide complete competitive advantages. If your app is not carrying the essential features, it might not manage to create space for itself. 

2. Know Your Audience

You should know about the audience you are targeting. It will help you in making several decisions at various points. Do market research about their needs, preferences, and current apps. Design your app accordingly to attract the target audience. 

3. Consistency 

Running the app is nothing less than running a business. You will have to consistently upload the lessons, provide the content, give feedback and provide the latest features. Always remember that there are plenty of other apps on the market, and it will take just a moment for users to switch the app. 

4. Marketing 

As we said, your app will be your business, so people should know about its existence. Perform the marketing for your app and invite the target audience. 

5. Choose the Platform Smartly 

Android and iOS are leading platforms covering most of the user base. So, you must decide smartly about the platforms you wish to launch your app. Decide according to the audience you are targeting. The US accounts for a 29.4% market share of the global piano industry. So, iOS has become the mandatory piano learning app. However, it is suggested that you should launch the app on both platforms to make it accessible to a vast audience. 

Tech Stack for A Piano Learning App

FrameworksFront End 
Android, iOS, Core PHPKotlin, Swift
Database Deployment 
MySQL, Postgres, Redis, MongoDB Linux, Play Store, Apple Store 
Testing Architecture 
Selenium Test Rail, Apache JMeter, Browser, Stack, OWASP ZAPMVC, MVVM
Cloud StoragePayment Gateway
Amazon AWS, Microsoft AzurePayPal, Stripe, Braintree
Real-Time Analytics Push Notifications
Google Analytics, Spark MAP, Twilio 

Team Requirement For The Building A Piano Learning App

Scenarios can be different if you are a developer and can develop an app for yourself. In this case, you don’t need a team. But if you are engaged in another profession and want an app, you will need a team. However, your app’s efficiency will depend largely on the team working on the project. So, ensure that the team you have hired for app development is experienced in the field, carries the market knowledge, and suggests the right decisions. Talking about the members of the team, you will observe the following people working on your project: 

  • Product owner 
  • Project manager 
  • UI/UX Designer 
  • iOS/Android Developers
  • QA engineers 

Use Cases of A Piano Learning App

1. Overall Guide to Help Learn Play Piano

You need to know much more than just setting your fingers on the piano keyboard when you are a learner. The height of your bench, the posture of your back, the position of your hands, and everything else that either belongs to you or the piano matters. Practice might continue for hours, so sitting in the correct posture is essential. The Piano learning apps provide a complete guide about sitting posture, the position of the instrument, and everything relevant to it. 

2. Improve Your Piano Learning Skills with Different Levels

Each piano player has different skills. One might be touching the piano for the first time, while the other might be planning to practice jazz piano chords. The mobile piano learnings carry the content and lessons for both types of learners. It has a beginner, intermediate, and advanced level teaching schedule that helps learners from all levels. 

3. A Piano Learning App Helps You Control the Learning Pace

A physical piano learning class might provide you with a better real-life experience. But, at the same time, you can never control the pace of the course. You will have to cope with the class schedule, or you might spend plenty of money and get a personal piano teacher. On the other hand, the pace of piano classes will run according to your pace of learning. You can spend as much time as you want on the same level.

4. Get Real-Time Feedback on Your Piano Playing Skills

Real-time feedback, instantly after practice, can help you significantly to learn the skill in less time. Most piano learning apps have the feed feature instilled in them, giving feedback on your skills and making it a two-way communication. This feature is absent in online videos on YouTube.

Estimated Cost for Creating a Piano Learning App

How Much Does It Cost To Start An eCommerce Business

The course for piano learning might have a price tag, but the app development can not. The cost of app development is not dependent on a single factor, but many considerations hamper the cost of app development. First of all, it is about the time of the developers. The time the developers take is directly proportional to the app development cost. Now, the time developers take to develop the app is also directly proportional to the types and number of features you want in your app. So, the more features you want in your app, the more time it takes for developers to develop the app, and thus the more costly it will be. 

However, to provide the estimated cost, you can expect anywhere between $20,000 to $30,000, depending on the factors for the app’s development.  

How Can EmizenTech Help You Develop the Best Piano App For Learning?

Emizentech holds a team of experts who know the twists and turns of piano learning app development. Are you looking to hire the top app developers to build apps to teach piano? In that case, you can go with Emizentech, which has years of experience and expertise in delivering custom solutions for clients worldwide. 

Key Highlights of Emizentech

  • Top-rated app development company
  • Awarded by Clutch (entitled as Clutch Global 2023 Winners, Top 10 Mobile App Developers, etc.)
  • Follow transparent communication
  • Offer competitive pricing
  • Delivery in time
  • Provide post-launch support, etc. 

Wrapping Up

Just like any other domain, the learning industry is also moving online. The craze of musical instrument learning has always been in demand. There are apps for piano learning, drum learning, guitar learning, ukulele learning apps, and many more. So, if you also have skills like these, it can be one of the best steps to provide lectures and lessons via an app. It breaks the rule of boundaries, and you can attract learners from all around the world. If your content has quality, the app can bring you a significant income. 

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