Whether it’s a SaaS or other, every business needs to improve its current products or services and offer a better customer experience. 

In simple words, the brands need to know how their customers feel about the products or services they offer while getting deeper to improve them. 

Various possibilities come to the surface when it comes to collecting customer feedback. 

Feedback is a robust guide that offers insights to your leadership team that craft a pathway for distinct company departments, from product to customer experience and support. It’s essential, especially when customer satisfaction comes in. 

Customer feedback tools ease the collection, sorting, and analysis of data. Years back, customer feedback was a priority when companies used email or posts to ask people about their thoughts. 

Let you know that around 73% of consumers say that customer experience is an essential factor that helps determine whether one should choose a company to perform business. 

Moreover, around 84% of brands actively working on enhancing the customer experience using customer feedback tools witness increased revenue as an outcome of their efforts. 

And here, a customer feedback tool comes into play.

What Is a Customer Feedback Tool?

A software solution you design to assist businesses in accumulating, measuring, and analyzing customer feedback may include a customer feedback tool as its core part. By using it, companies can make data-driven decisions based on accumulated feedback. 

Besides, customer feedback permits you to engage directly with your clients and lets you analyze your customer feedback and satisfaction. Ahead, it also facilitates you to emerge with what your customers think about your offerings. 

Features to Look for in Your Customer Feedback Tool

It’s confusing to choose the best tool from various available options. You can check below the must-have tools that would be best for your need:

Includes Features & Functionalities You Need

A user feedback tool you want to pick needs to include the best features according to your requirements. A good tool should allow you to conduct surveys of different types, like on-site surveys, in-app surveys, etc. 

Various survey types target distinct customer satisfaction metrics and allow you to accumulate multiple insights into your customers and their experiences, preferences, and satisfaction. 

Customization Support is a Must

Personalization and customization are essential factors for all businesses and aid the brand’s growth and reveal a unified brand image. You may customize your surveys according to your branding before applying them to your digital assets. 

Support Integration with Essential CRMs and Marketing Tools

A tool sounds more valuable to a brand when it performs exceptionally compared to other platforms. Integrating tools and platforms ensures streamlined and smooth data sharing and workflow. So, you need to look for a tool that can integrate seamlessly with various platforms. 

Easy to Use

If you find it challenging to use a tool, you can choose another option. A tool needs to assist you in gathering feedback efficiently without complicating the process. So, you need to consider the easy usage as it’s one of the top factors to decide when picking a feedback collecting tool. 

Cost Needs to Be Reasonable 

It’s senseless to pay more for a tool that doesn’t meet your expectations and requirements. For SMBs, a reasonable cost point is a deal-stealer, but large enterprises that can afford such tools, will not compromise on functionality. 

So, even if the tool is costly, be sure it’s worth it. 

Also, even if you pay a little more than your budget, you need to get the expected results; there should be no loss of money. 

Top Customer Feedback Software & Tools in 2022-2023

Now, as you know what a customer feedback tool is, why you need it, and what to look for when picking one, let’s check out the top customer feedback tools in the market. 

1. SatisMeter

A customer survey tool, SatisMeter, facilitates you to accumulate and analyze customer loyalty with NPS. Moreover, it supports email and in-app surveys and automation workflows for customers who earn specific feedback scores. 

SatisMeter integrates with software solutions like Drift, Slack, Mailchimp, and Salesforce. You will be allowed the free trial until you receive the first 100 customer responses, post that, you need to jump on to a paid plan. 

  • Choose it for: Customer Journey Surveys, Research Surveys, NPS (Net Promoter Score) Surveys, PMF (Product/Market Fit) Surveys, CES (Customer Effort Score) Survey, CSAT (Customer satisfaction survey) Survey. 
  • Suitable for: Product managers, Customer Success, Growth Leaders, Marketers, Developers, CEO, CTO, CMO, Product Designer.
  • Price: Starts at $49


  • Easy setup
  • All-inclusive plan features
  • No credit card required
  • Unlimited users, projects, and surveys.
  • Premium support is included in all the plans.
  • Send survey responses easily anywhere.
  • Explore multiple installation integrations.
  • No maintenance is needed.
  • Offer the best customer support.
A simple platform that’s best for detecting promoters and knowing the clientsThe clients want to segment their customers and understand who doesn’t score. 
A detailed view with graphs.
Clients want customer support to ask them if they are facing any issues. 
No need to hold the expertise to understand its working
It doesn’t come with an intermediate plan for the one that doesn’t have considerable monthly users.
Easy integration.NPS customization options should be there to alter the look and feel.
Fast customer support whenever you need it.Some export features are missing that can help to automate the next steps. 

2. Hotjar

A user behavior analytics software solution, Hotjar assists businesses in understanding how their customers interact with their app or the website. 

Moreover, it permits you to create heatmaps and user recordings and craft and sends feedback surveys and polls. Also, it analyzes how the visitors and customers use your app or website. 

This customer feedback tool is GDPR and CCPA-compliant and integrates with various top tools, such as Shopify and WordPress.

Hotjar comes with a free plan that restricts just to 2,000 page views per day, and it is used by 350,000+ organizations globally.

  • Choose it for: 
  • Suitable for: All-sized businesses selling online, Digital Marketers, Web/UX Designers, UX Researchers, Product Managers, Data Analysts.
  • Price: Starts at $32 per month for personal plans & $89 for business plans.


  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Dashboard
  • Data Visualization
  • Feedback Management
  • Funnel Analysis
  • For Websites
  • Multi-Channel Communication
  • Behavioral Analytics
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Customizable Forms
  • Data Import/Export
  • Engagement Tracking
  • For Mobile
  • Heatmaps
Best for recording and analyzing user interactionsRemoved cross-domain tracking that was essential
An all-in-one solution that offers users insightsThere is no option to label recordings, group them, or type comments and organize them. 
Easy to craft, target, and analyze surveys.Slow down the website. Loads entire JS even when not in use which increases the unnecessary load. 
Easy to set up and navigate.On starting Hotjar plans, limitations are there to creating three heatmaps at a time. 
Easily integrate with a snippet code.
Easy to implement.
Perfect heat mapping tool.
Best user behavior visualization tool.
Help improve UX/UI.
Append qualitative data to quantitative analysis.
Help understand customer behavior on your site.
Best for quick checks.
Perfect for point-of-purchase and user journey research. 

3. Shipright


A software solution, Shipright, is crafted to assist businesses in gathering, organizing, and analyzing product feedback. It’s used by brands like Growbots, DigitalOcean, and Gooten. It integrates with various tools that product managers regularly use, incorporating Slack and Intercom. 

  • Suitable for:  Employees, product managers who frequently interact with customers. 
  • Price: Free for solo then starts at $49/month
Perfect solution for pain points.
A fantastic way to accumulate and sort customer feedback.
Save time while organizing feedback.
Easy, quick, and helpful to accumulate and organize feedback from any customer interaction channel.
It helps go deep to know the reason behind the feedback.
Centralize hundreds of feedback to draw product insights. 

4. Bazaarvoice


A software solution, Bazaarvoice, allows businesses to accumulate reviews, feedback, and customer testimonials.

By publicly showcasing customer reviews on your product pages, customers will like the transparency encouraging them to hold more trust in your brand. Also, you can put such testimonials on other retail channels and reply quickly to all the feedback within the portal. This way, you can raise social proof and motivate your customers and make them loyal to your brand. 

  • Suitable for: Shopper engagement platform
  • Price: Free trial available. You need to request pricing.


  • Fantastic for gathering reviews from customers.
  • The dashboard eases reviews moderation as they come in. 
  • Tweak the look of BV on the website in just a few minutes.
  • Perfect for connecting businesses to customers
  • Helps engage with customers
  • Assist group customer feedback and questions relevant to business/products.
Craft smarter shopper experiences across the customer journey. 
Delay some notifications; need to log in to get real-time notifications
Scale brands.UI is poor and looks old.
Help drive revenue.API for reviews and ratings lack AB testing.
Assist in building loyalty.Loads slowly, which leads to tedious navigation. 
Offer actionable insights.
Meet all the review needs.
Easy to navigate the website and see reviews.
Simple to respond to customer questions that help generate sales.
Offer the right help when needed.

5. CustomerSure


A customer feedback solution, CustomerSure allows you to send surveys to analyze CSAT, NPS, and CES. It is GDPR-compliant and puts effort into ensuring privacy and security for your data. It supports mobile-friendly and email surveys, text analysis, advanced data segmentation, and automatic notifications and reports. 

  • Suitable for: Mid-size organizations, all sectors.
  • Price: $249/month


  • URL Customization
  • Data Analysis Tools
  • Question Library
  • Mobile Survey
Help communicate across businesses, assist in gathering insights, and use them to drive necessary change. 
Measure and enhance CSAT, Net Promoter Score, and Customer Effort Score. 
Enhance customer loyalty and retention.
Recognize efficiencies and process enhancements.
Enhance call quality and first contact resolution. 
Craft team’s performance and customer target

6. Usersnap

Multi-purpose customer feedback and bug reporting tool, Usersnap facilitates your gathering of satisfaction ratings, contextual feedback, and screenshots from your customers. It provides multiple customization options to assist you in creating surveys that will suit your brand look and scenario. Moreover, this tool supports sentiment analysis and score-based follow-up questions.

Additionally, this tool comes with collaboration and reply-to-customer features, such as assignees, mentions, and internal notes.

Plus, this customer feedback tool integrates with multiple software solutions, embracing Trello, Slack, Jira, and Zendesk. 

  • Suitable for: Small tech startups and large software brands, Customer success teams, product managers, developers, and designers.
  • Price: It starts at $9 per month for a basic plan.


  • Assignment Management
  • Backlog Management
  • Complaint Management
  • DashboardFeedback Management
  • Multi-Channel Data Collection
  • NPS Survey Structure
  • Anonymous Feedback
  • Audit Trail
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Defect Tracking
  • Knowledge Management
  • Negative Feedback Management
  • Project Management
Quickly gather site and in-app customer feedback. Works poorly in ‘lighthouse’ tests for web performance
Capture video feedback, screenshots, and user metadata.Limited widget customization.
Label and prioritize customer feedback to plan the product roadmaps.The tool is fine for basic needs but pretty costly for large teams working on various projects. 
Scale customer engagement and make customer feedback matter. The tag on the screen’s code can create an issue on a small-sized screen. 
A fantastic and seamless way to gather feedback.
It helps improve products faster.
Ease bug tracking
Easy setup
Amazing customer support

Voice of The Customer (VoC) & Feedback Tools

Voice of Customer tools allows making well-informed product decisions by accumulating, sorting, and analyzing customer feedback using advanced software. 

Some tools specialize in customer experience management (CXM), while others help gather generic feedback.

You should pick the right tool for you, including the features you want:

7. Feedier


One of the best experience management solutions, Feedier is best for customer feedback. It permits you to listen to the customer’s voice and analyze it in real-time through distinct channels and features, like text analysis, data correlation, and NPS as per the automation. 

  • Choose it for: Anonymous feedback, Communication management
  • Suitable for: Small businesses to large enterprises
  • Price: On request


  • Provides features, such as tags, advanced filters, keyword managers, etc
  • Assists with survey gamification.
  • Includes complete reporting tools, such as bar graphs, pie charts, and more
  • Allows downloading data and exporting in excel for easy collaboration.
  • Provides question branching, progress tracking, skip logic, and offline response collection.
  • Allows you to create surveys for in-app and websites. 
Integrates forms with rewards and reviewsWidgets showcase just the overall feedback.
Easy to use.Some of the words may be confusing to some in this tool. 

8. InMoment


A fantastic feedback analysis tool, InMoment targets positive outcomes for brands and finds the solutions to optimize their customers’ experience with a CX management solution. Additionally, its cloud-native XI platform holds three types of clouds: Employee Experience Cloud, Customer Experience Cloud, and Market Experience Cloud.

  • Choose it for: Customer feedback analysis, market research
  • Suitable for: Medium to large businesses.
  • Price: On request


  • Assists handle the big data from the dashboard for the business leaders and CX professionals. 
  • Grabs customer feedback collectively and individually through action planning and case management tools
  • Provides text analysis to analyze customer sentiment. 
  • Offers customer journey maps that assist increasing customer retention rates.
  • Provides an all-in-one reporting platform
Layers the text and sentiment analysisCustomization is a bit challenging.
Improve customer lifetime value (LTV)
Provides holistic CX management

9. Qualtrics


An experienced management and customer feedback software, Qualtrics automatically exhibits recommended actions to make changes, assisting organizations in managing continuous improvement. 

Also, you can accumulate feedback using this client feedback software at all the meaningful touchpoints and immediately analyze their comments. 

  • Choose it for:  Multi-channel survey deployment, collecting real-time feedback, and predictive intelligence analysis.
  • Suitable for: Small to large businesses.
  • Price: On request


  • Allows you share analyzed reports in distinct formats, such as PDF and CSV.
  • Provides integration with Marketo, Adobe, Salesforce, etc
  • Includes EmployeeXM (Employee Experience Management system) that assists in improving employees’ experience by crafting listening posts whenever needed and providing recommended actions to all the concerned persons in the company. 
  • Assist in visualizing data in thirty types of graphs.
  • Includes various survey types, such as CSAT, NPS, exit-intent, NPS, and more, with multiple question types
  • The ExpertReview feature reviews many questions and provides real-time survey design recommendations. 
  • Provides multiple pre-built survey templates and various question types that assist in building surveys effectively. 
Reporting and crosstab capabilitiesSlow process to append contract data to directories. 
Easy reporting analysisLimited customization.

10. Verint (formerly Verint ForeSee)

Verint Foresee

Also known as Verint Predictive Experience, ForeSee is a VoC solution that assists you in gathering feedback from various platforms, like websites, mobile apps, and on-location. Using AI power, users can draw strategic insights to align and strategize CX targets. 

  • Choose it for: Feedback collection, Workforce management, and Experience management. 
  • Suitable for: Mid to large businesses.
  • Price: On request


  • Allows team collaboration.
  • Supports session replays
  • Includes integrated with 3rd-party tools, such as Adobe Marketing, Google Analytics, Adobe Marketing Cloud, and more
  • It facilitates you to set the benchmark for responses. 
  • Assist in tracking customer feedback performance metrics ratings and conducting root cause analysis. 
  • Text analytics assists access to customer journeys.
  • Features include a heatmap to explore user behavior and track user activity. 
Assists in accumulating responses and easing the solutions through rule-based criteriaIt may demand manual data maintenance.
Its stat tool needs enhancement.

11. Usabilla (Now a part of GetFeedback)

Usabilla now Getfeedback

One more best customer feedback management platform, Usabilla, assists brands in becoming customer-centric with enhanced digital experiences. Additionally, it helps accumulate customer feedback and arrives with a feedback button that you can put on your website pages, mobile app, or an entire website. 

  • Choose it for: Multi-channel survey deployment and accumulating real-time feedback.
  • Suitable for: Small to large businesses.
  • Price: Basic Plan at $49 per month


  • Assists gather real-time feedback on varied platforms, such as on-website, in-app, prototypes, etc., to enhance the customer experience. 
  • Holds a slide-out poll to gather emotional responses and ratings.
  • Supports integration with Salesforce, Zendesk, Slack, Zapier, and Google Analytics. 
  • Can handle various apps, websites, and products.
  • Its API feature allows brands to pull feedback data accumulated in the tool and save it in a company’s system environment.
  • Provides feedback widgets to append on your page or at certain content’s end to accumulate in-context feedback.
  • Assists in visualizing the accumulated insights in the forms of pie charts, bars, graphs, bars, etc 
  • The dashboard displays impressions and conversion rates.
Accumulates quantitative and quantitative dataLimited customization on the feedback button.
Allows users to submit screenshots in their feedback responses. Non-customizable passive feedback surveys
Grabs VoC.
Easy-to-create, implement, and manage triggered campaigns. 

12. Qualaroo


One of the best customer feedback tools, Qualaroo includes customizable and feature-rich templates and versatile capabilities. Its proprietary survey widget is Nudge and provides a unique way to ask the right question to the right user at the right time. Also, you can build different types of surveys, such as CES, CSAT, NPS, UES, etc., easily using Qualaroo templates; that’s why it’s known as the best customer feedback software. 

With customizable and feature-rich templates that ensure a high response rate, easy survey setups, and an advanced targeting mechanism, Qualaroo has attained a robust reputation as a product and customer feedback tool. Its Artificial Intelligence-based Sentiment Analysis is powered by IBM Watson’s Natural Language Processing capabilities. 

  • Choose it for: Various survey types, advanced targeting, pop-up surveys, and intuitive reporting. 
  • Suitable for: Medium to large businesses.
  • Price: 15-day free trial, $ 0.0008 Tracked Pageview per month


  • Includes pre-crafted templates for various types of surveys, such as UES, CSAT, NPS, CES, and more
  • Provides varied questions from closed-ended, close-ended, Likert, dichotomous, MCQ, etc
  • Hold integration with top tools, such as Mailchimp, HubSpot, Zapier, Marketo, etc.
  • Assists your schedule and set surveys for a specific time or make them emerge at random intervals.
  • It demands a few minutes to set up and begin gathering feedback.
  • Reveals NPS score on the dashboard and assists track varied satisfaction metrics. 
  • Supports branching logic to attain user feedback without any delay.
  • Allows you to exhibit your personalization and brand the surveys accordingly.
Checks the customers’ pulse in a non-intrusive way. Reporting may be more comprehensive.
Perfect for accumulating quick feedback or checking pulse with its Nudge pop-up surveys.A simple dashboard that can be improved
It supports embedding surveys in the design templates to allow you to test them and accumulate feedback. 
Ease the user research with its many survey types and customizable features. 

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13. Clarabridge is now Qualitrics

Clarabridge is now Qualitrics

The purpose-built solution, Clarabridge, is for customer experience, bringing out insights from all the customer interactions in one platform. 

Moreover, Clarabridge for Customer Experience offers interactive tools for accumulating customer feedback. 

Clarabridge Engage links with customers where they are and offer top customer experiences through engagement software and conversation analytics. 

  • Choose it for: Natural language processing, real-time service alerts, and text analytics. 
  • Suitable for: Small to large businesses.
  • Price: On request


  • Provides pre-designed templates to pace up the survey creation process. 
  • Includes Clarabridge Engage links to customers on distinct platforms and offers top customer experiences through conversation analytics. 
  • Holds a CX Studio feature that sends the alerts when it detects minute details within the feedback text, ensuring relevance and precision. 
Sentiment analysis that analyses customer emotions towards a company from verbatim responses. The user interface needs to be more intuitive.
Easy reporting.Responses need to attach to individual threads.

14. Feedbackify


Using this tool, you can begin an immediate feedback process for your website visitors with no requirement for registration, leading to an immensely lower feedback drop-out. This customer feedback tool provides features that allow private conversations between companies and customers to secure both the customers’ and brand privacy. 

  • Choose it for: Feedback collection and deployment.
  • Suitable for: Small to medium businesses.
  • Price: Starts from $19 per month.


  • The drag-and-drop interface enables appending customer feedback categories.
  • Allows you to craft a form with rating questions.
  • Assists you build a feedback tab configurator to craft a customizable feedback tab that you can append to your site or mobile app.
  • Include a form editor that assists with customization. 
  • Launches feedback form using a simple link.
Holds a dashboard that permits the view of all the gathered feedback in real-time. Dashboards demand improvement. 
Provides 5-minute and 30-second signup integration

15. Opinionlab

This tool works on the concept that one should listen to customers and pay more attention to quick reactions to their feedback.

Various leading industry brands trust OpinionLab for customer experience (CX) and drive engagement across channels. 

  • Choose it for: Customer experience management.
  • Suitable for: Small to large businesses.
  • Price: On request


  • Allows you to create surveys from scratch and also with templates.
  • Includes customer web portal
  • Digital behavior analytics permits customer session replays.
  • Provides customization of surveys
  • Integrate easily with Google Analytics. 
  • Includes an experience Cloud that provides in-depth insights.
  • Assists gather customer behavior data to accumulate quantitative and qualitative insights.
Easy-to-use reporting.Outdated reports
Deploy surveys quickly with templates.Limited customization for templates.
Fantastic at tracking responses.A variety of survey types are not available. 

16. Wootric  by InMoment

A customer experience (CX) management system, Wootric assists in accumulating feedback over the customer journey, tracking large-scale data, or increasing revenue and drive growth.

  • Choose it for: Multi-channel survey deployment, fundamental feedback analysis with Machine Learning
  • Suitable for: Medium to large businesses.
  • Price: Starts from $99/month.


  • It uses ML for feedback analysis. 
  • Supports integration with various tools for controlling workflows and exporting data, such as Zapier, HubSpot, and Segment. 
  • Includes an automated setup process that guides the creation and deployment of NPS surveys. 
  • Besides emails, Wootric provides in-app surveys also. There are various options to add the characteristics that assist track customer health and retention. 
Uses AI for profound analysisThe filters fail to perform sometimes.
Monitor customer satisfaction monthly.Mobile responsive versions don’t perform as expected.

Online Survey Tools

17. ProProfs Survey Maker

An easy-to-use and versatile survey tool, ProProfs Survey Maker is crafted for event planners, marketers, businesses, and educators. It comes with a drag-and-drop user interface (UI) that helps create surveys to gather customer feedback, measure students’ performances, conduct market research, and attain various goals and performance. You can integrate this tool with another robust tool, ProProfs Help Desk, allowing you to track every incoming customer problem and analyze better customer pain points. 

  • Choose it for:  Multiple survey types, Survey deployment.
  • Suitable for: Small to large businesses.
  • Price: Starts from $50 per month.


  • Crafts surveys for mobile apps and sites.
  • Provides reporting, skip logic, and analytics. 
  • Users can craft online surveys of all types, complex or straightforward.
  • It offers a vast question library to design surveys easily.
  • It permits you to target all the pages using custom URLs. 
  • Allows users to pick completely customizable survey templates.
It holds a non-intrusive sidebar feedback button that one can add to his website.A slight learning curve to editing the survey.
Provides extra options to gather feedback, like polls to analyze customer preferences and personality quizzes suiting buyer persona. Limited survey types
Deploy surveys on distinct platforms utilizing various channels, such as SMS, emails, etc. 

18. Typeform

A customer feedback management platform, Typeform combines design and functionality. Also, it permits you to ask the users one question at the moment, making it similar to a real conversation. On technical ground, it’s a simple web-based software that you use for crafting surveys or applications without writing code. 

  • Choose it for: Conducting multi-channel surveys, multi-platform survey deployment.
  • Suitable for: Small to large businesses.
  • Price: Starts from $25 per month.


  • Crafts feedback loops and provides holistic feedback to assist brands in making data-supported decisions.
  • Features such as analysis and reporting systematically showcase the feedback data to get valuable insights.
  • Provides live results tracking and allows real-time decision-making.
  • Supports feedback management to smoothen data from distinct channels.
  • Email distribution that makes sure surveys attain a high response rate.
  • Holds flexible features that facilitate businesses from distinct industries to improve customer experience, raise awareness of education among the employees, and more. 
  • Includes the features such as question branching, online polls, rich media surveys, skip logic, poll management, etc. 
It performs flawlessly with every browser Fails to change the payment structure.
Design responsiveness.Complicated to design the sophisticated surveys. 
Pre-defined templates library.

19. Survicate


A robust customer feedback survey and management software, Survicate facilitates brands to accumulate more customer insights and offer a better customer experience. 

Additionally, it provides web apps, website, email and link surveys, in-product (in-app) surveys, and mobile app surveys for iOS and Android. This customer feedback tool provides two standalone products:

a) Feedback Button – For gathering swift website feedback.

b) Feedback Hub – For handling customer feedback from various sources in one spot. 

  • Choose it for: Predictive intelligence analysis, real-time feedback, and multi-channel survey deployment.
  • Suitable for: Small to large businesses.
  • Price: It starts at $89 per month.


  • Supports integration with other tools, such as HubSpot, ActiveCampaign, Google Analytics, etc. 
  • Provides 100+ pre-built survey templates to pace up survey creation.
  • Effectively handle customer insights from multiple sources.
  • Assists you publish various surveys on numerous channels, like web apps, websites, chat, and mobile surveys. 
  • Allows you to create surveys, such as CES, Customer satisfaction surveys, NPS, etc. 
Assists in appending surveys to intercom MessengersThe basic plan provides limited features.
Feedback Hub provides response management and monitoring. Doesn’t comes with optional questions. 

20. SurveyMonkey


This customer feedback tool crafts new ways for users to share their opinions and voices. It merges an enterprise-grade platform with exceptional market research, customer experience solutions, and multiple business-critical integrations. 

The products of SurveyMonkey are created to put the strength of feedback in the hands of all-sized companies. 

  • Choose it for:  Employee feedback management, multi-channel surveys, user research, and market research. 
  • Suitable for: Small to large businesses.
  • Price:  Starts from $31 per month.


  • Provides pre-designed survey techniques to allow brands to create effective surveys.
  • An AI-based Genius engine automatically calculates the completion rate for created surveys and illuminates the parts that demand improvements and that will perform well. 
  • Provides seamless integration with tools, such as HubSpot, Salesforce, etc
  • Include skip and branching login that assist design surveys that accumulate contextual feedback. 
  • It comes with survey language translation to craft applicable surveys globally.
  • Assists in adding elements to quizzes and surveys, like scoring system, progress bar, question randomization, etc
  • Holds an easy-to-use visual editor to create intuitive and interactive surveys.
  • It comes with distinct answer types to enable the creation of customized surveys. 
Anonymous feedback is possible.The website holds glitches.
Automatic surveys using charts, graphs, etc.Advanced functionalities demand more investment. 

21. SurveyGizmo is now Alchemer

Formerly SurveyGizmo, Alchemer includes low-code design and architecture that run a cloud-based integrated customer feedback platform. It is the best survey software technology, and it’s automated and quick to integrate with other systems to make feedback come to the edge. 

  • Choose it for:  Survey management, survey customization, mobile surveys, and reporting. 
  • Suitable for: Medium to large businesses.
  • Price: Available on request.


  • Provides pre-crafted professional survey templates to save resources and time. 
  • Supports customization in skip logic, branding, mobile in-app surveys, and branding. 
  • It arrives with fantastic reporting and analysis functionalities that make it easy to understand the statistics’ facts. 
  • Provides exceptional multimedia and multilingual surveys
  • Supports BI tools and integration with the platforms, such as Salesforce, Webhooks, etc
No extra cost for every response. Lack of customization.
Allow data exporting.
Reports are available in various downloadable formats.

22. Crowdsignal


Formerly known as PollDaddy, this feedback management tool can help craft polls and surveys for your site, social network, and blog profiles. Crowd Signal polls are flexible and straightforward, allowing you to customize their styles to meet your site’s social networking profile or email campaign and know what your visitors have in their minds.

  • Choose it for: Design polls and surveys for varied platforms.
  • Suitable for: Small to large businesses.
  • Price: Starts from $25 per month.


  • Allows you to append rich media, like GIFs, audio, videos, and images in the surveys. 
  • Permits distribution of surveys via feedback management and emails.
  • Facilitates you track live customer feedback outcomes that help in making real-time decisions. 
  • Arrives with skip and branching logic for the surveys
  • Provides templates for surveys and polls to check customers’ pulse with the assistance of the right survey questions.
  • Crafts customizable polls and surveys to support the personalized branding of a business. 
Easy to useNo setting to delay the poll answers revelation to the participants. 
Streamlined reporting featureAccumulates various responses from the same respondents. 
Provides responsive surveys and polls
No requirement for coding knowledge for setup. 

23. Nicereply

A commonly used customer feedback software service, Nicereply measures the service quality. You can use it to measure the general metrics, such as NPS, CSAT, and CES 2.0 per team, agent, or company-wide, and next, review the data in the support software you can prefer for integrations. 

As per the claim by this software, you can get 3x more feedback even as you send fewer emails. Also, you can track KPIs and create reports with their tools. 

  • Choose it for:  NPW, CSAT, and CES surveys. 
  • Suitable for: Small to Large businesses.
  • Price: Starts from $49 per month.


  • Supports the survey triggers as per the customized actions.
  • You can get reports and notifications directly to your Microsoft Team channels and emails. 
  • Perfectly tracks various customer survey metrics, such as CSAT, NPS, CES, and customer health score.
  • It comes with various integrations with 3rd-party and native helpdesk tools, such as Freshdesk, Front, Zendesk, LiveAgent, Helpscout, Freshdesk, etc. 
  • It includes post-query-resolution and in-signature surveys that enhance response rate by about 200% when merged. 
  • Provides necessary customization for visuals and branding that assist design impressive survey questionnaires. 
Simple setupNo combined view for various ongoing campaigns.
Integration with various 3rd-party tools.It doesn’t reveal the count of the participants
Easy-to-use dashboard.Even showcase closed surveys. 
Automation for multiple features. 

24. Picreel 

A conversion pop-up and feedback accumulation tool, Picreel is embedded with rich features, permits custom pop-up surveys, and supports various integrations. This pop-up tool is set up quickly and arrives with 100+ pop-up templates essential for the sales, marketing, and lead generation process. 

  • Choose it for:  Customized survey pop-ups,  exit-intent pop-ups.
  • Suitable for: Small to large organizations.
  • Price: Starts from $14 per month.


  • Provides triggers that focus on the visitors who are leaving with the customizable situations. 
  • Offers various surveys, overlays, and link forms
  • Arrives with pre-crafted and customized templates
  • Assists with A/B split testing and real-time analytics. 
  • Provides mobile integration with distinct operating systems, adds personalization, interactive elements for surveys, and more. 
  • Arrives with list building, exit-intent customizable pop-ups, advanced lead capture, and real-time cursor tracking. 
  • Provides segmentation, advanced targeting, onsite retargeting, and more. 
  • Includes 700 integrations with tools like Zapier, Mailchimp, Wix, HubSpot, etc. 
Easy to useThe features may give rise to glitches sometimes. 
Different pop-up survey templates.
Exit-intent pop-ups.

25. Userbrain

Not a typical survey tool, Userbrain provides testers to the businesses to accumulate deep customer insights. This customer feedback tool allows you to design surveys and craft user tests. It will enable testers to capture screens, record the videos, and would allow users to share their experiences via audio comments on the product. 

  • Choose it for: Sentiment analysis, feedback management, and real-time reporting.
  • Suitable for: Small to large businesses.
  • Price: Starts from $69 per month/tester.


  • Assists you conduct the tests considering demographics, like location, gender, and age.
  • Helps in crafting an automated schedule for user testing.
  • Provides features such as issue tracking, task management, access control, audience targeting, tagging, and status tracking
  • Assists in creating test scenarios that you can share with the participants
  • Arrives with templates for surveys with multiple-choice, rating scales, open-text, etc
Easy to target the participants.The video creation feature is pretty confusing.
Great response fasterFail to support mobile surveys. 

26. LoopSurvey


Real-time product feedback, LoopSurvey allows brands to collect quick customer responses. It arrives with various features that append value to your feedback collection process. 

  • Choose it for: Branded surveys and mobile surveys.
  • Suitable for: Small to Mid-sized businesses.
  • Price: Starts from $199 per year.


  • Assists data export to Excel.
  • Surveys are auto-synced to the cloud to make feedback management easier. 
  • Appends custom logos to survey
  • Supports branding surveys considering the company’s branding.
  • Arrives with a mobile survey app that provides instant reporting across your brand. 
  • Offers real-time outcomes across distinct devices
  • Runs surveys on various devices.
  • Holds many question types to provide for designing engaging surveys.
  • Provides features like text alerts, email alerts, skip and branching logic, real-time editing, and email alerts.
Perfect interface.Limited features
Provides MailChimp integrationNot suitable for complex and big businesses.
Easy to useNo survey templates.
Offers summary to separate responses. 

27. Refiner

Refiner feedback tool

One of the best feedback tools for accumulating customer insights and data management, Refiner.co arrives with features that ensure successful survey campaigns. It is counted as a perfect option for conducting contextual feedback and market research. 

  • Choose it for: Multi-channel survey deployment and feedback tool. 
  • Suitable for: Small to medium-sized businesses.
  • Price: It starts at $49 per month.


  • Supports real-time survey preview, branching logic, branding options, real-time survey preview, theme customization, and in-depth targeting options. 
  • Arrives with pre-crafted 40+ professional templates
  • It offers a feedback hub that helps centralize the responses from all feedback channels. 
  • Allows you to create surveys with 10+ types of questions. 
  • Permits you to create and publish surveys for your site, prototype, and mobile app and share them as URL links via email. 
  • Provides a reporting dashboard that permits detailed analysis of various survey campaigns at just once. 
  • Holds an NPS survey dashboard that reveals the NPS score. 
Centralized feedback managementFacilitates no sentiment analysis
Create surveys easily.The analysis dashboard lacks custom charts and filters.

Visual Feedback Tools

By integrating visual feedback tools and customer feedback platforms that record user actions, heatmaps, and on-site customer behavior, you can understand how to enhance user experience (UX).

As the actual activities are recorded in real-time, you can check out how and where the users face difficulties performing actions on your site. You can know what is working from such data and fix the allocated issues.

28. Mopinion

Mopinion provides customer feedback analytics software for apps and sites, a feedback management tool. This platform is crafted to analyze large amounts of customer feedback data from digital channels. 

  • Choose it for: Multi-channel data collection, Conducting the multi-channel survey, and text analysis.
  • Suitable for: Small to medium-sized businesses.
  • Price: Starts from $229 per month.


  • Arrives with an intuitive dashboard that reveals data reports for analysis. 
  • Includes predictive analytics that measures the surveys’ effectiveness. 
  • It supports sentimental analysis for you to measure customer sentiment towards your brand.
  • Provides customer segmentation to focus on the selected customer demographics. 
  • Assists with negative feedback management.
  • Provides reporting and analytics
Customizable forms and surveys.Dashboard crashes at every connection.
Adjustable dashboardNot suitable for small businesses or startups because of pricing.
Allows respondents to add screenshots to the surveys. Provides random outcomes sometimes.

29. Usersnap

A best-seller software, Usersnap is a visual ‘Bug Tracking and Feedback Tool,’ used by designers, web developers, and customer care managers. It permits you to act on the customers’ voices by allowing screen captures, feature requests, and surveys. 

  • Choose it for: Customer satisfaction measurement, in-product feedback, and in-app forms. 
  • Suitable for: Small to mid-sized businesses.
  • Price: Starts from $9 per month.


  • Provides sentiment analysis to analyze the customers’ verbatim responses and their sentiment.
  • Arrives with a feedback menu that provides various feedback options, like linking your help page or support chat, etc.
  • Assists measure CSAT and NPS scores with its surveys.
  • Allows you to append a dedicated feedback button to your site to facilitate customers to send their issues and suggestions. 
  • Provides visual tickets along with the screenshot mode that allows pinning comments. 
Various survey typesLimited widgets customization.
Perfect customer support.Poor web performance.
Sentiment analysis

30. DebugMe

A visual feedback collection tool, DebugMe provides issue tracking & project management solutions to reduce annoyance and save time for everyone while working on a site project. Their tool is everything about appending a value to your development workflow. 

  • Choose it for: Ticket management and task management.
  • Suitable for: Small to mid-sized businesses. 
  • Price: Starts from $16 per month.


  • Supports bug tracking
  • Provides a Kanban board that allows you to see bugs and feedback.
  • Integrates with Pibot Tracker, Visual Studio, Jira, and Trello
  • Assists with task management to help with feedback.
  • Provides a feedback toolbar that annotates pages for reporting issues.
Feedback managementLimited survey options
Tracks bugsNo survey templates
Limited customization

31. Helio


A survey platform, Helio, helps ask product, design, and marketing questions. It offers quantitative and qualitative answers from your customers or general audiences. Its advanced behavior filters catch up with unique audiences faster to better understand the entire customer experience. 

  • Choose it for: Testing prototypes and designing feedback loops.
  • Suitable for: Medium to large businesses
  • Price: Available on request


  • Pick from a readymade audience or accumulate feedback from your participants.
  • Get unscripted and raw qualitative feedback from the participants. 
  • Set up surveys faster using robust yet straightforward questions.
  • Choose only the related data using robust filtering tools. 
  • Append and store media in the library and forward it to your teams.
Well-crafted information architecture.Customization and branding can be a little challenging.
Highly intuitive interface It doesn’t hold any rank order feature
Effective click testing feature.

32. Bugherd

This tool claims to be the simplest way to accumulate, organize, and act on client feedback. It uses a sticky note on a webpage to gather visual feedback. The BugHerd browser extension and the sidebar can send contextual and complete information from the feedback or bug submitted (including the screenshots). 

  • Choose it for: Gather, organize, and act on website feedback.
  • Suitable for: Small to medium businesses
  • Price: It starts at $39 per month.


  • Allows real-time commenting
  • Offer feedback by recording a screen video. 
  • Invite limitless participants to give feedback.
  • Easy set up through JS snippets or browser extension.
  • Pin feedback to site elements.
  • Easy point and click to enter feedback with no complications. 
Update bug details from anywhere through version control sync.Not suitable for mobile working.
Track bugs through chrome extensions. Challenging to use in other browsers apart from Chrome. 
Craft limitless projects.It doesn’t support cross-browser collaboration.
Personalized dashboard for sole control.

33. Saber Feedback

You can add a  feedback button, Saber Feedback, to your website and allow your users to ask questions and report issues from anywhere on your site. Above all, users can annotate feedback reports with the screenshots that allocate the problems they are facing. 

Also, you can use such feedback reports and screenshots to enhance your reports. Moreover, it integrates with top project management tools, so error reports automatically become tasks, issues, or stories. 

  • Choose it for: Collaborate with the participants to debug the products. 
  • Suitable for: Small to medium businesses
  • Price: Starts at $39 per month 


  • Keep forms relevant and simple using form logic.
  • Users can take screenshots to describe an issue.
  • Allow picking from a stack of readymade feedback fields, or you need to craft yourself. 
  • Get a real-time preview to enhance the user experience. 
  • Help to style your feedback button by preparing cosmetic changes. 
Built-in translation in thirteen different languagesIt fails to close right away when overwhelmed with tasks. 
Pick content chunks despite individual dragging and dropping.
Get feedback directly emailed to you.

Community Feedback Tools

These tools allow you to handle large amounts of crowd-generated and social media feedback. Such feedback collection tools assist you in making unorganized and free-form unsolicited posts and comments from Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, TikTok, and more understandable. 

Moreover, they usually assist you in managing all your social media channels in one spot. One of the essential things to consider while picking a community feedback platform is the availability of a built-in feedback analysis engine or tool. 

So, below are some popular choices for the top customer feedback tools for engaging with the online community and crowdsourcing ideas. 

34. UserReport

A customer feedback tool, UserReport measures usability and reveals where various types of visitors click on your site. It is known as one of the top customer feedback solutions that allow users to tell about their ideas on website improvement through feedback forums. Also, you can track and record your site visitors’ demographic information to better get your customer segments. 

  • Choose it for: Survey widget, feedback widget
  • Suitable for: Small to large businesses
  • Price: You need to connect to get a quote.


  • Monitor survey performance, complete satisfaction score, and other metrics with a click.
  • Filter data based on user demographics, geography, devices, etc.
  • You need to click on the survey widget to open the survey.
  • Craft an online customer feedback forum (feedback widget) to gather new suggestions and ideas. 
  • Offers two widgets – feedback and survey widget for websites and mobile apps. 
  • Compare different segments’ experiences with custom reports.
  • Inbuilt reporting dashboards for tracking and analyzing the survey feedback.
  • The users can click on the feedback widget to let the feedback forum open up. Also, they can approve others’ report bugs and ideas and submit new ideas. 
  • User pre-added questions, mobile responsive design, 60+ language translations, white labeling, and design customization options for both widgets. 
The feedback form or widget is perfect for gathering ideas for product roadmaps. Limited options for survey customization.
Easy setup and usage with no learning curve.Don’t allow sending surveys to customers.

35. IdeaScale

IdeaScale is licensed as an innovative management platform and is a cloud-based product feedback tool. It depends heavily on crowdsourcing practices and principles. Moreover, it’s a fantastic feedback management platform to craft breathing/living Digg-style communities.

Additionally, you can expand your community and motivate them to contribute to product development using the online feedback forum. 

  • Choose it for: Crowdsourcing ideas, feedback boards.
  • Suitable for: Small to big businesses
  • Price: You need to connect to get a quote.


  • It offers AI-based text analytics to reveal essential keywords, trends, and themes among the ideas. 
  • Allow ideas assignment and posting to any team member, connect akin ideas, offer star ratings to the best ideas, etc.
  • Send email invitations to motivate visitors to participate in the feedback boards. 
  • Also, they can comment and vote on other posted ideas. 
  • Append custom fields to separate essential ideas from general customer feedback. 
  • The in-built NLP engine automatically recognizes an idea’s subject matter and allocates related tags.
  • Moreover, you can send an updated status on their email addresses about users’ ideas.
  • Set idea submission and visibility criteria on a per-idea and per-campaign basis
  • The members can add related visual elements and submit their ideas, such as videos or images.
  • Implement a feedback board to accumulate ideas from your customers, users, and visitors. 
Eases customization and designing custom reports. The follow-up opportunities need enhancement.
The SSO feature proves to help sign up for the feedback community. You need time to learn internal settings and sub-settings in every community. 
Internal teams performing on the same idea can work together efficiently without using a separate tool. 

36. GetSatisfaction

A customer engagement platform, GetSatisfaction assists brands in developing better relationships with their prospects and customers. It’s a customer community software platform in San Francisco, California, technical support based. Moreover, it’s a customer satisfaction tool that helps midsize to big firms with customer engagement, community management, and feedback analysis. 

  • Choose it for:  Customer engagement, community management, and feedback analysis.
  • Suitable for: Midsize to large firms
  • Price: It starts at $39.00  per month


  • Ideation
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Event Management
  • Complaint Monitoring
  • Feedback Management
  • Moderation
  • Content Management

37. UserEcho


It allows you to crowdsource ideas and offer customer support simultaneously. Additionally, it incorporates a Helpdesk, feedback forum, an Online Chat widget, and a Knowledge Base. The system provides an intelligent search engine that provides the answers already prepared by users from the vast community-generated Knowledge Base.

  • Choose it for: Feedback Portal, live-chat, Knowledge Base, ticket system.
  • Suitable for: Small to large businesses.
  • Price: It starts at $19 per month per user and can be billed annually.


  • Integrate with other tools, like Jira and Slack.
  • Open various chat windows, craft tickets from the live chat, and save transcripts. 
  • Send CSAT surveys port resolution of the ticket.
  • Handle and respond to tickets from the website, social media, app, and email.
  • Supports a sidebar feedback widget for your mobile app and site 
  • You can prefer the help center to publish FAQs, guides, and other materials through the WYSIWYG editor. 
  • The user can upvote the current posts, post new ideas, monitor their posts’ status, request the new features, and utilize private mode to leave feedback. 
  • Track live chat metrics, such as average response time, agent activity, chat sessions, and CSAT scores.
  • Use the live chat widget to offer real-time customer support.
  • Add tags, allocate tickets to the team members, leave internal nodes, and update the status of tickets. 
  • Provides a built-in help desk system to locate and resolve customer queries through tickets.
  • Offers an analytics dashboard to track customer view count, feedback, best-performing articles, and more metrics.
  • You can install a help center on your site and mobile app.
  • Implement the customer feedback portal to permit users to submit ideas, suggestions, and feedback.
Funnels the entire communications in one spot, saves effort and time.The documentation needs improvement to provide more flexible onboarding. 
Provides various means to gather feedback and enhance customer engagement.

38. UseResponse


UserResponse uses the cloud to offer complete CRM solutions as a customer support solution and feedback management tool. Moreover, it organizes user feedback tools around customer support channels to catch highly focused insights. The platform is available as a cloud-based option and a self-hosted solution.

  • Choose it for: Ticket system, live chat, feedback portal, knowledge base.
  • Suitable for: Small to large businesses
  • Price: $149.00 per month


  • Integrate WeChat, Messenger, Line, and Whatsapp to manage chats from all the channels in one spot.
  • Supports a knowledge base portal to append help articles and FAQs.
  • Send CSAT surveys to the customers through mail post tickets’ resolution.
  • Uses the centralized inbox to immediately track customer feedback and handle incoming messages through email, social media, and widgets.
  • Provides a ticket system to locate customer pain points, complaints, and grievances. 
  • Append a feature request’s current status or idea to let the users know about the progress.
  • The users can add upvotes on current topics, post new ideas, and comment on other posts. 
  • Provides both widgets and feedback boards for your mobile app and site
  • Utilize the standalone live-chat widgets on your app and website.
  • Observe your agent’s productivity, average ticket resolution time, SLAs, CSAT, and TATs scores.
  • Respond to the customers, craft queues for every support agent, and get real-time updates on the new requests.
  • Append the Help Desk widget to your site or mobile app.
  • Tracks the essential features, most upvotes, trending ideas, and other conversations from the dashboard 
  • You can append internal notes to all the feedback for internal teams. 
  • Exposes customer problems, customer feedback, and new product ideas 
Provides value for money with in-depth featuresIt needs some learning time and can be challenging to find the necessary settings with various features. 
It’s a one-stop customer engagement and support platform.
Perfect for developing product roadmaps and crowdsourcing ideas. 

NPS Survey/Customer Loyalty Tools

A standardized metric globally, the Net Promoter Score Survey is a standardized metric that gauges long-term customer loyalty. Due to this, it’s essential to discuss user feedback tools that manage NPS surveys efficiently. 

The below customer feedback solutions manage NPS score collection and offer real-time visual insights into altering scores so you can close the loop of feedback quickly. 

39. ProProfs NPS

An easy-to-use net promoter score software, ProProfs NPS assists you in tracking and observing customer loyalty. In just a few steps, you can craft a new promoter score survey for your customers and accumulate their feedback that automatically gets categorized into passives, promoters, and detractors. 

In simple words, you will witness customer sentiment and act on the average score you catch to alter your current services. 

  • Choose it for: Presentation-ready data reports, NPS surveys
  • Suitable for: Small to big businesses
  • Price: It starts at $25 per month and is billed annually.


  • It integrates with other tools, such as Mailchimp and Salesforce. 
  • It tracks weekly, daily, and monthly real-time NPS scores to take quick action. 
  • Help share the surveys through email, website, app, email, social media, SMS, and link.
  • It crafts eNPS and NPS surveys faster using pre-developed templates and a vast question library.
  • Craft custom reports and analyzes each response to know valuable insights.
  • Offers built-in customization options, themes, white labeling, and more to craft engaging surveys.
  • Append related follow-up questions utilizing 20+ skip logic and question types. 
Benchmarking becomes more accessible through automatic NPS score categorization and tracking.It would be best if advanced analytics techniques were available to analyze feedback data. 
You can get a 360-degree view of customer experience via 6+ distribution channels. 

40. AskNicely

This tool assists businesses in measuring the customers’ happiness by accumulating feedback based on the NPS framework making the companies take fast action. Moreover, it’s a widespread customer feedback tool for NPS that’s available at the best price to improve customer retention and referrals for revenue expansion. 

  • Choose it for: Employee performance tracking, message center, outbound surveys, and survey cards. 
  • Suitable for: Small businesses
  • Price: You need to connect to get a quote.


  • You can send in-app recognition and tips to your teams.
  • It supports advanced text analytics for response categorization.
  • The in-built dashboard is perfect for monitoring your survey campaign’s performance. 
  • Offers a chat window to respond to the survey respondents through SMS and email. 
  • Offers various question types, theme customization, skip-logic, and survey preview to develop survey cards. 
  • Craft and share CES, NPS, and CSAT through email or web to gather customer scores.
  • Arrives with an AskNicely app that helps track your agents’ performance and the NPS scores.
  • Tracks BPS trends, average scores across devices, individual survey responses, alerts, and follow-ups. 
  • Tag other team members using the internal notes.
  • Set the reminders to attain alerts when the user submits the surveys.
  • Craft multiple-question conversational surveys or short surveys. 
A conversational survey card is the best feature to reveal follow-up questions to the respondents. Moreover, it can personalize the survey experience. Limited distribution channels
In the market, it’s one of the best NPS survey systems. Survey reminders perform only on email, not on SMS.

41. Podium

A complete customer feedback management platform, Podium allows you to gather customer feedback online and offline utilizing SMS campaigns. 

The tool eases the customers and assists businesses respond to customers as required. Additionally, it’s featured as a unified inbox to handle conversations across various channels from a single dashboard.

  • Choose it for: Survey and rating invites, WebChat widget for the site, centralized inbox, and Podium app
  • Suitable for: Small to large businesses
  • Price:  You need to connect to get a quote.


  • An in-depth analytics dashboard helps monitor and track your objectives. 
  • Channels the customer interaction from your mobile app, site, mail, Webchat, social media, SMS, Whatsapp, and other channels into the unified inbox. 
  • Integrate the WebChat widget with your site to generate leads and offer customer support.
  • Schedule automatic post-interaction branched surveys.
  • Deploy the pulse surveys to accumulate customer feedback across many techniques.
  • Craft SMS survey campaigns to increase ROI and response rate.
  • The Podium app assists customers on the go.
  • Built-in centralized inbox to handle conversation in one spot.
  • Set up the alerts about new survey responses and the review submission.
  • Send survey invites to gather feedback for your site, Play Store, Facebook, App Store, and other review sites.
It promotes a high response rate with SMS review invites.Sometimes integration APIS can be glitchy and challenging to manage. 
Offers real-time 24*7 support through the Podium app. Also, it can be a little costly compared to other akin tools.

42. Retently

It merges the customer feedback tool and the experience management platform to strengthen customer success teams. To get users ‘ journeys, you can get real-time feedback with CSAT, CES, and NPS surveys.

Also, with its integrated advanced feedback analysis tools, you can recognize and close essential feedback loops in time to offer seamless experiences.

  • Choose it for: CSAT, NPS, and CES surveys.
  • Suitable for: Small to big businesses
  • Price: It starts at $50 per month and is billed annually.


  • Supports third-party integrations with your workspace tools.
  • In-built sentiment analysis and the text analysis engines to dig through feedback.
  • In-depth reporting assists in tracking scores across distinct channels, analyzing each response, and spotting trends. 
  • When respondents fill out a survey, they will get automatic alerts.
  • You can share the survey through mobile app, website, Kiosks, email, links, and SMS.
  • Craft CSAT, NPS, and CES surveys in minutes with the survey editor. 
  • Assign feedback to the team members, and append internal notes and current status to any feedback.
  • Track the NPS score history of all respondents separately to visualize their journey. 
  • Offers an in-built A/B testing kit to optimize the survey campaigns. 
Fast notifications about the new responses.The self-onboarding process needs improvement. 
Advanced analysis techniques to ease feedback management.
There is no need for a separate tool to collaborate with other teams for loop closure. 

43. SoGoSurvey

SoGoSurvey offers you a complete feedback accumulation tool to collect targeted customer insights and 360-degree employee feedback. The platform arrives with advanced analytics, a user-friendly interface, and practically no learning curve to easily make the most out of your survey campaigns. This user feedback tool assists you in targeting loop closing immediately despite manually catching up on the insights. 

  • Choose it for: NPS and other survey types
  • Suitable for: Small to big businesses
  • Price: It starts at $25 per month. 


  • Export your data in many formats, such as HTML, XML, CSV, SPSS, and Word. 
  • Detailed analytics and reporting to dig quickly through the feedback.
  • Share the surveys through email, site, SMS, social media, offline, and link. 
  • Allows respondents to attach a file to the survey response. 
  • Craft segmentation reports, comparison reports, pivot-table reports, custom reports, and more to get valuable insights. 
  • Set the survey schedule to send the survey invites and reminders automatically.
  • Offers dedicated panel service to assist in finding the right survey participants. 
  • Supports various question types, anonymous surveys, skip logic, multilingual surveys, labeling, etc. 
The analytics section provides extensive information on the survey performance. No option to append internal notes to individual responses.
You can attain the needed sample size rapidly with the Panel services. More styling options should be there to ease customization. 
Export the reports in various formats with a click. 

Online Customer Review Tools

Every customer holds a voice, and the brands that make them feel valued and heard tend to be more successful. This is easy to understand as showing empathy with customers usually leads to better word-of-mouth marketing.

Online customer review tools allow you to collect reviews from customers and revert to them on a peer-transported platform. Grouped response analysis and forum management are some functions that these tools have developed to assist businesses in handling their online reputation better. 

44. Trustpilot

A Danish customer review site, Trustpilot, was founded in 2007 to host businesses’ reviews. Approximately one million reviews are posted on it every month, and the website provides freemium services to businesses. 

  • Choose it for: Develop website credibility, collect online reviews
  • Suitable for: Small to big businesses
  • Price: It starts at $200 per month, and a free plan is also available.


  • Trustpilot widgets embed the reviews on your website newsletter, email signatures, etc.
  • Import the reviews from the Google MyBusiness profile directly. 
  • Accumulate verified customer reviews to exhibit how your product helped their businesses.
  • Supports automatic fraud detection to avoid false reviews and unfair practices.
  • Schedule automatic review invitations to regularly gather reviews from the customers.
Customers can immediately search about your brand to read the reviews.The pricing can be a bit high for some users. 
It is one of the best review websites in the market.

45. KiyOh

KiyOh feedback

One of the widely trusted user feedback tools, KiyOh conduct independent assessments to get customers’ opinions relevant to your online real estate, such as app, website, or mobile platform. 

The best way to make your customers confident about your brand is by exhibiting active customer reviews on your online platforms. Moreover, it assists you with SEO to attain higher ranks for your site in search engine result pages (SERPs).

  • Choose it for: Gather and publish verified reviews.
  • Suitable for: Small to medium businesses
  • Price: It starts at €24.95 per month.


  • Consider the Kiyoh widget to publish the reviews on your site, invoices, emails, or socials.
  • You can see reviews on the Google snippets and in the SERPs.
  • Accumulate and publish customer reviews on your product page and shop. 
  • Send personalized invitations to your customers via WhatsApp, mail, Facebook, SMS, or other channels. 
  • The search engines index the reviews that help in SEO. 
Embedded email invites ease review accumulation.Analytics sections need improvement to study and handle the reviews. 
Gather reviews from various channels simultaneously.

46. Feefo

This tool assists in building the best customer experience. Moreover, Feefo links them directly with the customers to accumulate authentic reviews. Actual feedback states real insight, and this tool offers clients the tools to make robust customer relations and better, well-informed business decisions. 

  • Choose it for: Review collection.
  • Suitable for: Small to medium businesses
  • Price: It starts at €79/month.


  • It offers an integrated sentiment analysis engine to get insights from the reviews. 
  • Use the Feefo hub to handle reviews across all channels and revert to customers. 
  • Set up alerts as per the NPS score submitted by the customers to act on it rapidly. 
  • Craft and send personalized review requests to customers through SMS or mail. 
  • Supports built-in reports to track your review campaigns’ performance. 
  • Append seller and product ratings to your Facebook Ads, SERPs, and Google Ads. 
  • Schedule texts to deliver the SMS at the exact moment to enhance response rates. 
Capture video and photo reviews to enhance customer engagement. Steep pricing structure
Gather reviews for your offline stores and site from the same tool. Reporting UI and reviews need improvement for better control. 

47. ReeVoo

ReeVoo, a ‘smart’ feedback collection tool, helps gather user reviews, customer stories, and related business content. This tool claims that its software accumulates at least one response or new story from real customers every three seconds. That’s a perfect way to start a quote.

It’s one of the best customer feedback tools that offer potential buyers insights into others’ experiences to assist them in making buying decisions. 

  • Choose it for: User-generated content, and collect reviews.
  • Suitable for: Small to big businesses


  • Exhibit the user-generated content and reviews on your pages, utilizing ReeVoo widgets.
  • Publish the reviews on Facebook and Google to magnetize new customers. 
  • It offers both the options to collect product and seller reviews. 
  • It holds an authentication system to pass just genuine reviews and avoid spam.
  • Send the review invites to the confirmed customers to accumulate star ratings and data relevant to their experience. 
  • Gather reviews from your authentic consumers to ensure credibility. 
Easy setup and usage.No option to append reviews to your social profiles or email signatures.
Anti-fraud detection is pretty effective in filtering false reviews. 
Offers highly authentic reviews from verified customers.

48. Birdeye

Birdeye offers a one-stop solution to build user-generated content, earn referrals, run surveys, and increase lead generations and conversions. You can craft listing on various platforms and track your rating across varied locations from the same tool. 

Also, with target surveys, you can accumulate real-time customer feedback to optimize their experience. 

  • Choose it for: Customer support, referral, UGC, surveys, and reviews. 
  • Suitable for: Small to big businesses
  • Price: You need to connect to get a quote.


  • Allow the use of the survey feedback ratings in your reviews.
  • Support live chat widgets to sort the customers’ queries in real-time and gather reviews. 
  • Built-in system to run referral and loyalty programs to earn enhanced leads. 
  • Send review invites and redirect the customers to the desired websites to publish reviews.
  • Track every location with an advanced analytics dashboard.
  • Send conversational surveys over SMS to uncover targeted insights. 
  • It offers a centralized inbox to handle customer communication in one spot.
  • Respond to customer feedback to respond to and resolve their issues.
  • Gather and handle the reviews from all the channels in one spot.
  • Craft and handle product listings across various locations. 
Highly scalable based on your needs and customer base. Integration APIs should be more to link workspace tools.
The review dashboard is easy to navigate and intuitive.We need improved social listening to filter our related data.
Customer feedback tool and integrated review management system at one spot.

49. FeedCheck


It attracts customer ratings and reviews to a single dashboard over the internet. You can analyze the reviews across many product listings to gauge the products’ perception in customers’ minds. 

  • Choose it for: Customer reviews.
  • Suitable for: Small to big businesses
  • Price: It starts at $129 per month.


  • Use the built-in analytics engine to view average review rank, total reviews, review time series, etc.
  • Run the competition analysis to get insights into the competitors’ product reviews. 
  • Respond to the reviews from a single dashboard on time. 
  • Grab and collate reviews in one place automatically from all the sources.
  • Set the automatic alerts about the newly published reviews. 
  • Compare your product reviews to your competitors to witness your products’ performance.
  • You can filter the data, track review resolution status, and group the reviews for enhanced management.
The competitive benchmarking feature is best for finding new product features that customers love.A costly tool compared to others on the list.
One of the fantastic tools to simultaneously handle reviews on websites like Target, Amazon, BestBuy, etc. 

50. NiceJob

It allows you to gather and manage reviews from 10+ channels to enhance your online reputation. Its AI-based engine automatically handles social media engagement to exhibit your user stories and thoughts to the right people and boost sales. It’s easy to set up and use, making it the best website feedback tool for any business. 

  • Choose it for: Social proofs, microsite, and online reviews.
  • Suitable for: Small to big businesses
  • Price: It starts at $75 per month.


  • Append recommendations link to website, social media channels, and email signature.
  • Also, you can send personalized recommendation invites via SMS and email.
  • Share the user stores across social media to increase engagement.
  • Use the NiceAI feature to send automatic reminders to people who haven’t given reviews.
  • Ask people to recommend your products to spread word of mouth.
  • Append user stores and ratings to your site using the built-in widgets.
  • The AI-based engine automatically shares the reviews on many listings and websites. 
  • Send automated review invitations to gather and publish reviews on Facebook, Google, and other review websites. 
Automated review collection assists shift target on feedback despite gathering it.There should be more customization and widgets options.
The AI-based UGC management systems ease the job.No social media listening tool.

51. Reputation

Reputation is another online reputation management tool that permits you to convert user stories, reviews, and listing into brand-building elements to attract new customers. From the product listing on various sites to survey feedback, you can attain all this and even more using this platform. 

  • Choose it for: Surveys, reviews, and listing management.
  • Suitable for: Small to big businesses
  • Price: You need to connect to get a quote.


  • Track and interact with replies, posts, and comments from a unified inbox across social platforms. 
  • Craft and send surveys to your consumers to accumulate feedback. 
  • Integrate the review requests into your surveys to boost review volume.
  • Immediately publish the reviews across your social channels and sites, like Google, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Check out the customer reviews on lots of third-party websites.
  • Append and handle listing across various platforms and locations.
  • Append a feedback sidebar button on your site to gather queries and suggestions. 
  • Moreover, it provides a dedicated review crafting service to assist you in building an online Google presence. 
  • Offers a built-in sentiment analysis engine for reviews’ analysis in real-time. 
  • Send review requests for every location via SMS and mail to increase the response rate. 
  • Track the performance of every listing location separately using built-in analytics to boost ROI.
User-friendly listing manager UISome users may experience minor glitches using it.
Offers various customer experience tools in one.
Centralized inbox to efficiently handle all the communication in one spot.

User Experience Testing Tools

A blend of survey tools and functionalities is essential for effective user testing. This combination is generally found in user interaction tools that capture feedback, record user sessions, monitor remote testing, etc.

For any development phase that includes your product or service or site or app, user interaction testing assists you in moving to the next step confidently that your target demographic is likely to go.

52. Mouseflow

It records a user activity’s anonymized recording for all the website visitors, like a CCTV. Moreover, it can showcase all the clicks, mouse movements, scrolls, and more. Various ways are there to segment and filter the recordings. With heat maps and session recordings, you can know the visitors’ behavior on-site and use that information to enhance conversion rates. 

  • Choose it for: Recognize pain points and increase conversions
  • Suitable for: Medium to large businesses
  • Price: It starts at $24/ per month.


  • Grab real-user insights and recover the lost conversions using custom triggers.
  • Power up weak points in the customer journey by developing and optimizing lead funnels. 
  • Replay the sessions to know your users’ journey and learn from their behavior. 
  • Exhibit the issues and enhance usability through user behavior analytics treatment.
  • Uncover digital customer journey hotspots using distinct types of heat maps. 
View and filter the heatmaps using device type.Sometimes, heatmap images don’t render.
Effective form tracking.Old fashioned interface
Good customer support.

53. Freshmarketer

Freshmarketer has been crafted to use UX testing automation for enhancing conversions and increasing sales. 

This tool comes in two variations: a standalone tool and a part of the Freshworks bundle. If you already work with one or more software tools by them, it increases their utility. 

  • Choose it for: Personalizing messages using marketing automation. 
  • Suitable for: Small to large businesses
  • Price: It starts at $19 per month.


  • Handle contact details and understand user behavior through event tracking. 
  • Send personalized texts at scale and engage with the right messages across channels. 
  • Run the experiments on your website, enhancing user experience and lead conversions. 
  • Communicate flawlessly across chat and email from within the CRM.
  • Get an end-to-end view of all the customers and segment them as per their interests through contact management.
Segments lead quickly and import into the CRM.Contact sessions need improvement for quick segmentation. 
Generate the heatmaps to check the engagement and number of clicks. 
Conduct A/B tests with no coding.

54. CrazyEgg

Crazy Egg records the whole user session of a site visit so that businesses can learn the general patterns of people while browsing your site or investigate a specific point in the buyer’s journey where they are dropping off in real-time and their way of interaction with your products or checkout pages.  

  • Choose it for: Implementing site optimization and testing new ideas.
  • Suitable for: Medium to large businesses
  • Price: It starts at $24 per month. 


  • Learn how dark a page visitor goes before dropping off using scroll maps. 
  • Catch up with a virtual representation of where the users click on your site with the assistance of heatmaps.
  • Know how your site visitors respond to specific elements through user testing.
  • Attain a representation of separate clicks on your site with the help of confetti.
  • Understand how the users engage with your site’s distinct versions through Snapshots. 
It is helpful to visualize data on scroll maps.There should be an option to automatically select the ‘Compare Snapshots’ feature.
Easy set up with simple heat maps analysis.Users have to track the individual pages explicitly. 

55. FullStory

It is widely used to record all the user interactions from the entry point into your site or app with no tagging. User session data arrives in handy to exhibit hidden opportunities and learn about visitor behavior. Businesses use this tool to generate proactive insights and craft custom reports based on the user session data. 

  • Choose it for: Rendering a better digital experience through user data. 
  • Suitable for: Medium to large business
  • Price: You need to connect to get a quote.


  • Get deeper into the data and analyze it using conversion funnels. 
  • Add, manage, and remove events retroactively. 
  • Boost revenue by recognizing issues with real user sessions. 
  • Assign custom tags and descriptions to the events using defined events. 
  • Increase the organizational efficiency by remediating and troubleshooting bugs through contextual data. 
Know what exactly the users do on the site.Can’t separate specific customers.
Easily craft segments and monitor them. Can’t render sites on occasions.

Social Feedback Tools

Such tools are a bit different from run-to-mill customer feedback tools. They are primarily used to track user feedback through the listening feature of social media that assists brands in learning about how their customer or users are talking about their brand on social media platforms. 

This proactive approach allows you to handle examples of customer dissatisfaction harming your brand.

56. Sprinklr

Sprinklr, a social feedback tool, provides the globe’s complete enterprise Social Media Management System (SMMS) through the cloud to assist large brands craft, manage, and optimize critical social experiences that customers prefer across 2-+ brand sites social channels. 

  • Choose it for: Build insight-driven strategies to render a better customer experience. 
  • Suitable for: Medium to large businesses
  • Price: You need to connect to get a quote.


  • Lower the cost by automating the routine inquiries with conversational AI bots.
  • Respond instantly with data-driven, personalized 1:1 customer support. 
  • Interpret data on one platform from all channels for conducting research. 
  • Automate processes and workflows and drive first-contact resolutions. 
  • Link with customers on 30+ modern channels and enhance engagement. 
Quickly respond to customer requests on various channels.Analytics need more customization and details.
Work efficiently on various cases at just once. UI can be crafted more logically. 
Automate the conditions and triggers to send the surveys.

57. Brand24

A social media analytics platform, Brand24 tracks your picked keywords across various top social media platforms. This platform monitors hashtag performance and calculates social media reach based on the quantity and number of keywords and brand name mentions.

Also, its AI-driven sentiment analysis assists in protecting brand reputation, finding marketing insights, and enhancing customer service. 

  • Choose it for: Tracking competitions and getting immediate access to social mentions.
  • Suitable for: Small to medium businesses
  • Price: It starts at $49 per month.


  • Flexible exporting can convert your data into xls, PDF files, and infographics.
  • Get all the details about who’s talking about your brand using the mention analysis. 
  • Get to know what people say about your brand using the mention feed. 
  • Know about customer behaviors using sentiment analysis.
  • Recognize the sudden alterations in the discussion volume with the assistance of the discussion volume ch
Simple to use.It’s a hassle to set up the grouping tool. 
Instant information updates.
Real-time monitoring of social media.

58. HubSpot

A versatile platform, HubSpot takes care of top customer-facing business processes. HubSpot holds a wide range of offerings that assist with the tools for conducting social media marketing, search engine optimization, customer support, web analytics, and content management. Moreover, HubSpot integrates perfectly with NetSuite, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SugarCRM, and other relevant software.

  • Choose it for: Data enrichment and handling various forms in a single system.
  • Suitable for: Medium to large businesses
  • Price: It starts at $45 per month.


  • Allow quick analysis through an in-built data analysis. 
  • Set the follow-up actions and reminder tasks with your leads.
  • Craft smart forms that can adjust to a user’s browser history.
  • Whenever someone fills a form, it sets up automatic email follow-ups.
  • Deploy limitless forms to transform anonymous visitors into leads. 
Integrates smoothly with other HubSpot appsThe reporting system should be more refined.
Easy installation and deployment.The styling requirements should be more flexible. 
Powerful segmentation options.

59. Hootsuite

It supports direct social network integrations for the top social platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram. It’s a well-rounded social media management platform that can manage all the tasks a social media manager works on. 

With Hootsuite, businesses can organize keyword-related content and schedule their posts to meet suitable targets. This way boosts revenue through social media marketing. 

Choose it for: Scheduling the posts across various social networks and saving lots of time. 

  • Suitable for: Medium to large businesses
  • Price: It starts at $49 per month.


  • In-built analytics help measure your performance across all social media networks. 
  • Real-time collaboration with real-time recommendations and viewing upcoming scheduled content. 
  • Make new posts and schedule on various social platforms simultaneously using the publishing feature. 
  • Interact with the users in a single team from a different network.
  • Attain an overview of every social media channel and monitor the posts.
Your receive notifications on your phone.Posting various photos on Instagram can be a bit inconvenient.
You can customize posts for every platform. Can’t tag personal LinkedIn accounts. 
Schedule the posts for the whole month in advance. 

60. Sprout Social


The power of Sprout Social can help you connect with the people who love your brand. It is a social media management and optimization platform for agencies and brands. Their platform offers the companies a single hub for analytics, social media publishing, and engagement across social profiles. 

  • Choose it for: Customer support, satisfaction, and usability through social media management.
  • Suitable for: Medium to large businesses
  • Price: It starts at $99 per month.


  • Get better marketing outcomes by increasing your social reach through employee advocacy. 
  • Built-in analytics to make strategic decisions across the organization.
  • Effectively scale and streamline social engagement efforts with a unified social inbox.
  • Uncover actionable insights and trends with the assistance of social listening.
  • Plan, craft, and deliver social content as a team. 
Sophisticated content schedulingNot too user-friendly.
Assign the tasks to the team members easily.You need to follow a big learning curve.
You can find all your social notifications in one spot.

61. Agorapulse


A top social media management tool, Agorapulse allows businesses to handle their social media messages, recognize key influencers, schedule and publish content, and craft insightful reports. 

Moreover, it offers a unique social inbox system that allows social media managers to respond to and prioritize all customers’ communication, queries, and complaints. Also, it integrates with top social media platforms for posting. 

  • Choose it for: Collaborating with the teams, handling and organizing social media inboxes.
  • Suitable for: Small to medium businesses
  • Price: It starts at $99 per month.


  • Get the friendly and fast customer service you want anytime.
  • Catch up with insights and trends about your brand with social listening.
  • Handle all your social media messages using a unified social inbox.
  • Craft engaging, actionable reports with the assistance of insightful analytics.
  • Plan, schedule, and collaborate on content through intuitive publishing.
Canva integration is possible.Doesn’t support batch delete and edit.
Supports UTM trackingSometimes Facebook messages don’t sync.
Well-crafted UI.

62. BrandMentions


A social media monitoring tool, BrandMentions assists businesses in analyzing competition, handling brand reputation, and more. It offers an effective way to monitor your brand over the Internet.

  • Choose it for: Enhance your market strategy.
  • Suitable for: Small to medium businesses
  • Price: It starts at $99 per month.


  • Get customer feedback 24/7 and know the requirements of your audience.
  • Monitor your brand’s and competitors’ performance using the social media tracker.
  • Catch up with new mentions on your market insight and brand in your inbox.
  • Shape customer perception and make it under control using reputation management.
  • Get immediate alerts whenever someone talks about your brand. 
Simple dashboard.Custom PDFs need more details
Easy tracking digital impressions.
Intuitive management panel

63. SocialBakers

Now a part of Amplify, SocialBakers is an AI-powered social media marketing platform best for all-sized agencies and brands. Moreover, it specializes in driving customer personas, using advanced content intelligence, and emerging with the best influencers for your brand. It allows you to optimize social media management and track social media conversations to offer the best customer service. 

  • Choose it for: Driving business growth and learning about customer personas.
  • Suitable for: Small to large businesses
  • Price: It starts at $200 per month. 


  • Access an unambiguous attribution of your efforts with the assistance of in-built reporting and analytics.
  • Discover essential trends to know your audience using social media intelligence.
  • Research profoundly and plan your investments using AI-discovered marketing personas. 
  • Handle all your social media activities with the assistance of social media tools.
  • Arrives with an all-in-one toolbox for inspiration, discovery, and content tracking.
Directly export data to a client report.Reports should include more details.
Easily craft and schedule content.The dashboard fails to display a lot of data.
Measure KPIs using various features.

Video Feedback Tools

Such tools allow you to know about customer needs; you get to know what they did and their experience while interacting with your brand, product, or services. It makes you grab user experience pretty closely. 

Besides, you can merge this with dull, unattractive surveys that mix in and don’t interfere with the customer experience. This approach permits customers to share in-moment opinions and discover more valuable insights than email surveys. 

64. Loom

It merges the video’s expressiveness with the messaging convenience. It’s a perfect way of communicating with co-workers and family. Businesses catch up with benefits using this screen recording tool to know how users and visitors interact with their web page CTAs, site features, and other visual components of user experience. 

  • Choose it for: Collaborate with the team members and record videos in different workspaces. 
  • Suitable for: Small to large businesses
  • Price: You need to connect to get a quote.


  • Craft sales pitches and close deals without your presence.
  • Incorporate videos with your pull request to pace up the feedback process. 
  • Send videos immediately without typing or scheduling.
  • Get deeper into details using visual decisions and visual feedback.
  • Be both formal and fun with various takes as you want during recording. 
No software configuration or setup is needed.You can’t directly upload videos to Google Drive or YouTube.
Easily cut and edit snippets from the recording.Need video cropping or merging features.
Simple usage and recording videos. 

65. Screencastify

It’s a free screen recorder crafted by the Chrome browser from Google. You don’t need to download it to let this screen recording tool run, and users can edit, record, and share videos faster.

You can save videos automatically to Google Drive from where you can share ahead. Brands use this video feedback tool to learn the customers’ experience with their products or services and improve them. 

  • Choose it for: Customer support, creating tutorials, training videos, and product demos. 
  • Suitable for: Small to medium businesses
  • Price: It starts at $29 per year.


  • Collect fast check-in videos to stay linked with your learners.
  • Edit videos smoothly to craft a perfect piece.
  • Improve one-to-one interaction with the learners by appending videos to your schedule.
  • Assign and gather video submissions securely from individuals by creating and sending magic links.
  • Record and share videos easily using your browser extension.
Append titles, images, and texts to videos.The video editor is a bit slow.
Directly save videos to Google Drive.Can’t add custom sounds to videos. 
The browser extension helps control everything.

66. CloudApp

CloudApp enhances a video and image sharing platform for social media, a screen recording, and feedback software. Moreover, it includes features that support screencasts, HD video, marked-up images, GIFs, screenshots, and images. You can use its output for marketing and sales on social media, software development, product design, and customer success and support.

  • Choose it for: Unifying sharing and recording videos with screenshotting annotations. 
  • Suitable for: Small to medium businesses
  • Price: It starts at $9.95 per month.


  • Improve your marketing campaigns by using videos, GIFs, and screenshots in your marketing emails. 
  • Craft personalized images, GIFs, and videos to stay linked with your stakeholders.
  • Offer deeper context by drop-in in annotations into your videos. 
  • Append screen-recorded videos to enhance bug reporting and append speed to any problems. 
  • Rapidly release products using asynchronous screen recording and enhancing collaboration.
In-built online trends to get guidance.It can be complicated to craft annotations.
Embed screenshots easily into emails.Redownload the app after every update.
Store details directly to the cloud.

67. VideoPeel

A remote video recording platform, VideoPeel allows businesses to capture, analyze, share, and respond to videos from their customers. It assists firms in increasing the amount of their user-generated video content by approximately ten times so they can drive 20% and more traffic, conversions, and customer insights. 

  • Choose it for: Making buyers’ experience more authentic and remotely capturing videos. 
  • Suitable for: Small to Medium businesses
  • Price: It starts at $69 per month.


  • Grab 163 different video types for other business targets.
  • Handle permissions easily using a signature or a single click.
  • Submit videos without signing up or logging in.
  • Request videos from your stakeholders or audience across various channels.
  • Customize the in-built video campaign templates to increase submissions.
No chances for fake reviews with videos.Can’t send testimonials back to the customers.
Leave video reviews with the link in the browser. Some customers find it uncomfortable being taped. 
Leave reviews easily using the phone. 

68. Verbate.co


It’s like any other software for customer feedback on the list. But, despite responding to queries in writing, people prefer smartphone videos to answer back. It includes a global target group of customers testing your products, offering you in-the-moment feedback from their offices and homes. Verbate is also an expert at engaging team feedback and creating video content for marketing purposes. 

  • Choose it for: Designing video surveys for online research.
  • Suitable for: Small to large businesses
  • Price: You need to connect to get a quote.


  • Attract consumers into the boardrooms and use consumer closeness programs to promote actions.
  • Pick the best concept or positioning route and use concept development studies to optimize it.
  • Know precisely how and where your product is used from start to finish with user experience journeys. 
  • Let the group members know about every detail with the pre and post-tasking for the groups. 
  • Optimize the products before or instantly post the launch through real-life or in-home product usage testing.
Invite people through SMS.Can’t edit the video’s title.
Simple to use interface.
Upload the respondents’ details through CSV.

What Are the Methods of Customer Feedback?

Before collecting feedback from your customers, you will know the areas for improvement and everything about your products or services. 

So, identifying your desired results and marking the process to reach the demands is a worthwhile investment of your and your customers’ time. 

You need to hold a clear intention; otherwise, feedback would not serve your purpose. 

So, before you start, you need to talk to your team and get the answers to some questions below:

  • What part of the customer experience would you put on priority for improvement? Here, you can focus on the customer journey that may benefit from customer insights. 
  • Next, you may surface the plan for feedback data you accumulate. Collecting customer feedback would be useless unless it attains the change we want. 
  • Which customer feedback channel performs as expected for your targets?

For example, as per your customer survey, they find it tough to get your products’ UI pretty tough. So, before gathering feedback, be sure that you invest in fixing it. 

The top effective customer feedback methods are:

Customer Feedback Surveys

It’s more challenging to develop a helpful customer survey than we think. 

You can ask your customers a ton of questions. 

The best you can do is, pick between short slider surveys that may help you target specific issues and pop up on your website or big, traditional ones. 

Furthermore, you should follow some best and easy practices before you complete a survey:

  • Create thoughtful, open-ended questions.
  • Avoid loaded or leading questions. 
  • Just ask questions that may help meet the goals.
  • Craft consistent rating scales. 

Usability Tests

Usability tests bring deep insights to your brand, and it demands upfront planning and even more. 

With a precise strategy, you can know about customers’ challenges without even knowing and uncover the actionable insights that can enhance their experiences. 

You can even reward your user research participants like Google usually do. 

However, most of us prefer user testing for our web-based products, but it’s an essential implementation for any business. 

Email and Customer Contact Forms

One of the simple ways to accumulate customer feedback is email, as it’s a support channel for many brands. You can use every interaction to gather feedback. To increase the chances of getting a revert from a customer, you can do the below things:

Set Clear Expectations

Sometimes, we don’t get essential customer feedback as they don’t know it’s critical and don’t care. In fact, various companies exist that don’t want to hear from their unhappy customers. 

But, most customers like to participate in giving feedback if they are sure about getting a response. 

You can add a short sentence to your emails and tell your people how soon they can expect to hear back from you. 

You can write, “you will hear from us in the next 24 hours.” 

Organize Email Feedback

You can use team management tools where you can create “boards” that your entire team can access and contribute to catching up with the best customer feedback. It will ensure no helpful insights leaks down the cracks. 

This way, you will give your employees a precise roadmap to future customer interactions. 

Send Personalized Responses

To gather direct responses from your customers, ask them a simple question. Email allows you to send a one-to-one request; it’s the best way to get more candid feedback than a survey. 

You can send an auto-responder email to your customers asking a simple question. Also, if your customers need to know more about your services, you can inquire into that issue, what features they want to see, or just ask their reason for signing up.

This trick needs to ensure that your team holds a set of processes for reverting to such emails; otherwise, they would feel let down. 

Also, you can go with a help desk to convert every email into an opportunity to catch up with customer feedback with good ratings. 

Exploratory Customer Interviews

Directly reaching the customers gives way to conversations; else, it wouldn’t happen. 

Through qualitative stories from customers, quantitative feedback (data) gets enhanced. Such personal experiences assist a team in getting the feelings behind the customer decisions and the community responses to the company’s decisions. 

While talking to your customers, you need to keep track of the below tips:

  • Begin with open-ended dialogue: Open-ended questions would be best to start. Such queries ease your customers to let you know their experiences in depth.
  • Be specific while moving ahead: Start your conversation with broader impressions and go deeper while questioning them. Every slice of feedback they offer is an opportunity for subsequent follow-up. 
  • Stick to active listening: To get insight that may help your team, you should be an open and active listener. Keep the spotlight on them constantly, maintain eye contact, and keep aside the key takeaways that you get from clients. 

On-Site Activity (via Analytics)

Analytics lets you know what the customers don’t know about the usage of your product. Such analytics help you understand how your customers interact with your company, especially when selling a digital product or service. 

Social Media

You can get access to never-before candid customer feedback through social listening. Direct mentions or comments on social networks are one of the ways to gather customer feedback, as you can choose in-built polling tools. 

Instant Feedback from Your Site

You can gather instant customer feedback using an embeddable on-site widget without asking your customers questions. 

You can pull some articles into your webpage that may help your potential customers. You can gather data on the top articles despite asking your customers about their preferred articles. If they don’t find any article helpful, they could email your team, giving you a piece of valuable information. 

Importance of Customer Feedback

Before gathering customer feedback, you must know why you need it and what you can attain. 

This way, you will be all set to have a robust strategy for accumulating customer feedback targeting a realistic objective.

Why is customer feedback important for your business? Let’s know:

Locate Areas of Improvement in Your Product and Services

Listening to your customers about their experiences with your brand would help you identify the areas for improvement.

Sometimes, even a minute issue may stay unnoticed by development and delivery teams, which may cost your business various customers as it may hamper a seamless customer experience.

So, in this case, you can ask your customers and collect their feedback regarding your products, services, their experience, and satisfaction, which will assist you in analyzing the issues customers face while interacting with your product or services. 

Once you catch up on an idea, you can actively craft apt strategies and resolve those pain points. 

Helps Make Business Forecasts and Analyze Customer Perspective

Knowing your customers’ sentiments about your products and brand offers you more profound insights.

Sentiment analysis assists in analyzing written feedback, highlighting the ones mainly used and results in emotions they want to convey. 

Rich Source of Reviews and Testimonials 

Written customer feedback is best to use as testimonials, be it comments on social media, reviews on 3rd-party forums, your website, or survey responses. 

It assists you in motivating potential customers and prospects to purchase as old positive word-of-mouth is more effective marketing than ever. 

Helps in Making Top-Level Planning and Strategy 

If you know the right way to accumulate and analyze customer insights, you will be surprised to know how it can help you.

Apart from customer reviews and experiences, customer feedback is rich; raw data need you to strain out the details you need. 

This information is valuable as gold for you that you can use to craft high-level strategies and plan the best steps for your company.

How can customer feedback be improved?

Some feedback proves to be helpful, but others are not. Below are some tips that you can follow to get valuable customer feedback the next time.

Reach Your Customers

If you leave customers, they will not offer feedback on whether something is extremely good or seriously wrong. Although, you need to know about your middle ground also. Train your staff and become proactive to get feedback by asking directly and including feedback questions in your purchasing process. 

Include Simple and Short Questions

It’s always optional for customers to revert to feedback questions. So, you need to motivate them to make the process easier. So, be sure you choose simple, short, and less count of questions. You can consider multiple-choice questions, which is also a good option. This way, you can attract valuable suggestions and comments.

Put Forward the Right Question

Try phrasing your question in a manner that can attract helpful responses. 

Append Color and Humor

Appending images, color, and humor to your feedback questions, would be appropriate. But, be sure you don’t always do that. It will make the survey attractive to get answers quickly.

Do it Online

Release your feedback survey online that will ease the participation of everyone. Just offer your customers alike on your web page or an email and allow them to answer in just a few clicks, and it will make data collection and processing simpler for you. 

How Customer Feedback Can Improve Your Ecommerce Business

From increasing site conversion rates to decreasing customer acquisition costs and attaining more loyal customers, customer feedback is always essential for businesses.

Let’s check out a few ways in which feedback can improve your eCommerce business.

Craft more Superfans

Loyal customers who always want to recommend your products and talk about your brand to their family, friends, and colleagues are superfans. 

If you include an NPR survey in your eCommerce business, the superfans will increase talking about your brand and boost your brand awareness and sales.

Show That You Care

When you listen to customers and acknowledge them, you value them, which leads to increased positive customer experiences and improved customer retention rates. 

Also, when you treat your customers well, you will know more about them and their needs to serve them better.

Increase Online Conversions

You can increase conversion rates when you target optimizing your site based on your customer feedback and behavior. This way, you can improve your sales from new conversions. 

Offer Benchmark for Your Business

You need to measure something to improve it. While assigning KPIs to different individuals and teams in your organization connected to customer feedback or experience, you showcase that you prioritize it. 

Improve Customer Experience

You may know what your customers think about your business and products by measuring the satisfaction rates throughout the customer journey. You can start from the first they visit your site to when they place their order and get their orders. 

Then, you can analyze the results to know what excites them about your brand that they share with their friends on social media sites. You can use that information to increase your customer experience all across the board and make your customers happy. 

Improve Product Development

You should consider this, but it wouldn’t be easy to ask for this feedback. 

When you have a day off or are on weekdays, it’s impossible to get an objective view of your products. Also, unless you ask your customers, they won’t share any feedback. 

So, you need to ask them; you will catch up with it through support tickets. 

Reduce Customer Acquisition Costs

After knowing your ideal customers, you can offer a matchless experience to them. This can assist you in diminishing your acquisition costs. By providing them with a fantastic experience, you can make them keep buying from your brand. Also, they are likely to write your product reviews. 

Offer a Competitive Advantage. 

Brands that are customer-centric hold a top advantage over competitors.

You will have reduced customer acquisition costs, increased rates of repeat purchases, increased superfans, and expectedly better product reviews. Your business will catch up and maintain a competitive advantage by listening to, gathering, and valuing customer feedback.


So, customer feedback is essential as it helps you locate the areas of improvement of your products or services, boost your conversion rates, and thereby your sales.

With the wrap-up of various categories of customer feedback tools, you would find it easy to pick one that suits them best to your business needs. Moreover, keep track of the pros and cons, and you are all set to go. 

Also if you ever need professional assistance to implement customer feedback on an ecommerce website or app then get in touch with Emizentech. We have skilled and experienced team that can help improve your product and service offering by gathering customer feedback.

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CTO at Emizentech and a member of the Forbes technology council, Amit Samsukha, is acknowledged by the Indian tech world as an innovator and community builder. He has a well-established vocation with 12+ years of progressive experience in the technology industry. He directs all product initiatives, worldwide sales and marketing, and business enablement. He has spearheaded the journey in the e-commerce landscape for various businesses in India and the U.S.