A Numerical Insight Into Android Market  

Google Play Store used to be called Android Market. A market where you can do all the shopping for your smartphone for free as well as against monetary transactions. Shopping from the play store enhances the usability of your smartphone multiple times as smartphones are not about making the calls and using the calculators. Different apps from this android market help you explore the panorama of smartphone use cases. Your smartphone might be worth thousands of dollars, but the actual usability comes only from the apps you use in it.  

Google Play Store has millions of apps registered in it that can be downloaded by android users. If you are also one of the android users, you would be well familiar with this platform. But, have you ever wondered how many people out there are using this platform, how many apps this platform carries, or how huge the complete network of Play store is. Today’s blog is going to be all about interesting facts and statistics about the Google Play Store. So, when you step on the platform next time, you know how immense the platform is.

Major Google Play Store Statistics in 2022

1. Total Number of Apps on Google Play Store 

  • The Play store had a total of 3,298,329 apps on its platform as per the 1st quarter of 2022. 
  • The apps keep coming on and getting off the platform.
  • The last and first quarters of 2021 and 2022, respectively, experienced a difference of 30% in the total number of apps available in the store. 
  • In the fourth quarter of 2018, Play Store had the fewest apps in recent years, with a number of 1,977,776. 
  • The fourth quarter of 2021 carried the maximum apps in the history of Playstore, with a number of 4,677,402. 
Number of available apps in the Google Play Store from 2nd quarter 2015 to 1st quarter 2022
Number of available apps in the Google Play Store from 2nd quarter 2015 to 1st quarter 2022 Statista

2. Top Ten Mobile App Categories Available on Play Store 

There are tens of mobile app categories on the play store. However, some of them top the list in terms of app availability and the number of downloads. The following list interprets the top ten categories having the maximum number of apps. We will provide you insight about the number of free and paid apps in these categories as well. 

Rank Category Total number of apps Number of Paid AppsNumber of Free Apps 
1.Education 263,68213,551250,131
2.Business 171,5401,679169,861
3.Music & Audio161,6822,882158,800
5.Entertainment 142,4913,978138,513
7.Books & References 120,3058,010112,295
8.Food & Drinks113,451660112,791
9.Shopping 107,987283107,704
10.Personalization 104,15016,36787,783

3. Number of Apps Released per Month

  • Tens of thousands of apps are released every month on Google Play Store. 
  • The latest reading of February 2022 indicates the upload of 81.3K apps on the Play store. 
  • The maximum number of apps were registered in March 2019, with a figure of 141.4K. 
  • November of 2021 accounted for the least apps uploaded, with only 68.9K apps. 
Average number of new Android app releases via Google Play per month from March 2019 to March 2022
Average number of new Android app releases via Google Play per month from March 2019 to March 2022 Statista

4. Total Categories of Apps on Play Store 

Category Number of Apps Apps with above 50K downloads Paid apps Average price 
Education 263,68219603 (7%)13551 (5%)$ 6.47
Business 171,5406242 (4%)1679 (1%)$ 13.78
Music & Audio161,68211425 (7%)2882 (2%)$ 5.46
Tools153,51621892 (14%)7770 (5%)$ 7.74
Entertainment 142,49120102 (14%)3978 (3%)$ 6.12
Lifestyle122,46111026 (9%)2528 (2%)$ 7.31
Books & References 120,30511026 (9%)8010 (7%)$ 5.97
Food & Drinks113,4513189 (3%)660 (1%)$ 13.67
Shopping 107,9877125 (7%)283 (0%)$ 13.80
Personalization 104,15013195 (13%)16367 (16%)$ 1.90
Productivity 100,8137429 (7%)3794 (4%)$ 9.66
Health & Fitness 913506319 (7%)2480 (3%)$ 6.81
Finance 8336411836 (14%)1544 (2%)$ 8.84
Travel & Local702044847 (7%)2490 (4%)$ 3.76
Casual 615689641 (16%)1672 (3%)$ 8.32
Puzzle 601448039 (13%)3020 (5%)$ 6.35
Arcade590225462 (9%)1991 (3%)$ 8.34
Communication 582125133 (9%)1141 (2%)$ 7.45
Social 501435003 (10%)481 (1%)$ 8.67
Sports 478093641 (8%)2412 (5%)$ 19.67
News & Magazines447753965 (9%)225 (1%)$ 4.50
Medical413262731 (7%)2446 (6%)$ 11.52
Photography 355977395 (21%)1063 (3%)$ 6.57
Maps & Navigation 333373400 (10%)1479 (4%)$ 5.90
Action 323866738 (21%)1261 (4%)$ 4.27
Simulation 2827210456 (37%)1060 (4%)$ 5.08
Auto & Vehicles 274441994 (7%)674 (2%)$ 8.47
Adventure 250414845 (19%)1762 (7%)$ 5.70
Educational247453682 (15%)2504 (10%)$ 3.38
Art & Design202092064 (10%)737 (4%)$ 4.74
Beauty 18857866 (5%)81 (0%)$ 6.61
Events 18853320 (2%)68 (0%)$ 12.59
House & Home18738984 (5%)195 (1%)$ 5.33
Trivia 149671756 (12%)365 (2%)$ 6.10
Video Player & Editors 141183620 (26%)581 (4%)$ 7.92
Role Playing137345406 (39%)995 (7%)$ 5.08
Board118152446 (21%)720 (6%)$ 4.63
Strategy 118013299 (28%)814 (7%)$ 6.96
Racing 117703452 (29%)333 (3%)$ 6.60
Word 117571915 (16%)393 (3%)$ 5.25
Card 97852830 (29%)532 (5%)$ 3.54
Sports Games86132406 (28%)418 (5%)$ 4.78
Weathers 85812628 (31%)336 (4%)$ 6.01
Dating 71161218 (17%)60 (1%)$ 13.27
Casino 67511861 (28%)341 (5%)$ 8.62
Music 61441339 (22%)194 (3%)$ 5.85
Libraries & Demo5686394 (7%)134 (2%)$ 10.07
Parenting 5022699 (14%)207 (4%)$ 6.09
Comics 2944699 (24%)184 (6%)$ 4.42

5. Total Number of Apps Downloaded 

  • With the increasing number of smartphone users, the number of apps downloaded every year is also drawing a positive curve for a couple of years. 
  • Starting with 55 billion downloads in 2016, Google Play Store supported downloads of 111.3 billion in the previous year (2021).
Annual number of app downloads from the Google Play Store worldwide from 2016 to 2021
Annual number of app downloads from the Google Play Store worldwide from 2016 to 2021 Statista

6. Top Ten Apps Downloaded from Play Store in 2021

TikTok topped the list of most downloaded apps from Google Play Store in 2021 with 656 million downloads, followed by Instagram and Facebook with 545 million and 416 million downloads, respectively. Below are the top ten most downloaded apps from Play Store in 2021. 

App Number of Downloads 
TikTok656 million
Instagram545 million
Facebook416 million
WhatsApp395 million
Telegram329 million
Snapchat327 million
Zoom300 million
Messenger268 million
CapCut255 million
Spotify203 million

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7. Apps with Highest Revenue in February 2022

Coin Master was the highest revenue-generating app in February 2022, with a revenue of $100.06 million. The application is followed by TikTok and Candy Crush Saga. Below is the list of top ten revenue-generating apps in February 2022. 

App Revenue 
Coin Master $100.06 million
TikTok$81.98 million
Candy Crush Saga$58.31 million
Garena Free Fire – Illuminate$31.15 million
Roblox$30.14 million
Clash of Clans$27.64 million
Genshin Impact$27.3 million
Gardenscapes$21.87 million
Homescapes$20.38 million
Evony: The King’s Return$18.87 million

8. Rating Distribution of Play Store Apps

Rating distribution of apps in the play store helps users get an idea about the service and standard of the app according to the use case. If the app is able to meet the expectation of the user regarding the respective functionality, it is often rewarded with a 4-5 star rating by the user. On the other hand, the apps which don’t manage to serve the purpose receive meager ratings like 1-3 stars. Below is the rating distribution of apps on the playstore: 

Rating Number of apps 
No rating 2,136,954
Less than 2.526,841
Ratings of apps on Google Play as of January 2022
Ratings of apps on Google Play as of January 2022

9. Top App Trends in Google Play Store in 2022

Smartphone apps are composed of several kinds of technology instilled into them. The technology to be used in the smartphone is decided on the basis of the type of app and its purpose. Following are the top ten trends that are being instilled in the apps available at Google Play Store: 

10. Price Distribution of Apps in Play Store 

Most of the apps on the Google Play Store are free for android users. However, a fraction of apps requires the fees and charges to be operated. Following is the price distribution for a number of apps on the Google Play Store: 

Paid app price distribution in the Google Play store as of March 2022
Paid app price distribution in the Google Play store as of March 2022 Statista

11. Most Popular App Categories in the Google Play Store 

According to the 1st quarter of 2022, the Games application on Play Store tops the list of most popular apps on the platform. The Game mobile apps secured the 13.63% share of available apps on the platform, followed by Education apps securing a share of 10.41%. You can find the list of ten most popular app categories with their respective share attached below: 

App category Share 
Games 13.63%
Education 10.41%
Business 7.17%
Entertainment 5.44%
Music & Audio 4.85%
Food & Drink4.71%
Shopping 4.69%
Lifestyle 4.63%
Productivity 4.11%
Books & References 4.07%
Most Popular App Categories in Play Store
Most Popular App Categories in Play Store

12. App Usage by Age 

Every generation is engaged in using smartphone applications. Let it be baby boomers or Gen-Z; everyone uses the application as per their use case and interests. However, a difference can be experienced in the contribution of different age groups in the usage of smartphone applications from the Android Play Store. According to Research, Millennials are the most significant user segment of Android apps, while Boomers are the smallest one. Following data interprets the app use case by different age groups around the globe: 

Age group Monthly hours spent on apps 

13. App Usage by Countries 

With 1,182 billion hours spent on mobile applications, China tops the list of App usage. India secured the second position with 669 billion hours, followed by the USA, having a 194 hours use case in 2021. Following is the list of the top ten countries with maximum hours spent on mobile applications in 2021. 

Country Hours spent
China 1,182
India 669
United States194
Pakistan 133
Philippines 109

Market Overview: Google Play Store and Apple App Store 

Comparison factor Google Play Store Apple App Store 
Established in year 2008 (formerly known as Android market)2008
Total number of apps 3,298,3293,790,647
Total number of downloads (year 2021)111.3 billion144.4 billion
Revenue generated (year 2021) $48 billion$85.1 billion

The target audience for both the stores completely differs. Suppose you wish to develop an app and upload it to one of the stores. Here, your decision needs to be based on facts, targets, audience, and your vision of the app. If you wish to generate good revenue to satisfy the app development cost, you can use the Apple App Store. On the other hand, if your purpose is to make the app accessible to a broad audience, you must choose Google Play Store. 

How Apps Are Registered on Google Play Store? 

Before talking about the numbers, let’s know how the apps come on the store and are made available to all android users. So, the process of uploading the app is pretty simple and can be summarised all in four steps:  

  • Sign up for a Google Play Developer account: You can use your google account to set up a developer account. Once the developer account has been set up, you can use Play Console to manage and publish your apps. 
  • Accept the Developer Distribution Agreement: You need to accept the Developer Distribution Agreement in order to complete the sign-up and continue the process.
  • Pay registration fee: To set up a Google Play Developer Account, you need to pay a one-time registration fee. The charge of this registration fee is $25, which can be paid with credits and debit cards of MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover (for the USA only), and Visa Electron (outside of the USA only).
  • Complete the account: Provide your personal information and complete the registration. The play store will allow you once the registration has been completed, and you can manage and upload any app with the Play Console. 

Google Play Store Upcoming Statistics & Trends in 2023

It is difficult to predict specific trends in the Google Play Store for 2023 as the market is constantly changing. However, some potential trends that may occur in the next few years include the following:

1. Increased Emphasis on Personalization and Targeting: With the rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning, it is likely that the Google Play Store will prioritize personalized recommendations and targeted advertising to individual users.

2. Growth in Subscription-Based Business Models: With the success of subscription-based apps such as Spotify and Netflix, it is likely that more developers will adopt this business model in the future.

3. Greater Focus on User Experience and Engagement: As competition in the app market continues to increase, developers will likely focus on creating apps that offer a seamless and engaging user experience to stand out from the competition.

4. Expansion of Augmented and Virtual Reality Applications: With the growing popularity of AR and VR technology, it is likely that more apps in these categories will emerge in the Google Play Store.

5. Increased Competition from Alternative App Stores: While the Google Play Store is currently the dominant app store, alternative app stores such as Amazon Appstore and Aptoide are gaining traction and could potentially pose a threat in the future.

At a Glance 

  • Google Play store can be portrayed as the biggest store for applications. 
  • You can upload any app to store in 4 simple steps. 
  • Google Play Store carries around 3,298,329 apps for android users. 
  • Education apps are the biggest category as per the number of apps, with about 263,682 applications on the platform. 
  • 81.3K apps were listed on Google Play Store in February 2022 only. 
  • 111.3 billion downloads of apps were performed in the year 2021. 
  • TikTok was the most downloaded app in 2021, with over 656 million downloads.
  • China tops the list of most hours spent using mobile applications in 2021. 

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Wrapping Up 

To make smartphones really smart, applications are playing a vital role. With more than 3,298,329 apps, Google Play Store is the biggest market for the apps among Android users. The platform provides the application of all categories, which enhances the use case of the smartphone to the next level. Tens of thousands of apps are being uploaded to the play store every month. The apps supporting the education industry have secured the first position among the various app domains available on the play store. 

With the burgeoning user base of smartphones, the demand and space for mobile applications are securing an upward curve. With it, app development and uploading are also emerging as a big industry.

Frequently Asked Questions about Google Play Store Statistics

How do I reinstall the Google Play Store? 

Most of the time, the Google Play Store comes pre-installed on your Android devices. However, for any XYZ reasons, if you wish to re-install the Google Play store, Download the APK file for the same and install the play store from that file. 

How can I upload my app on Google Play Store?

>> Sign up for a Google Play Developer account
>> Accept the Developer Distribution Agreement
>> Pay registration fee
>> Complete the account

How much does it cost to upload the app on Google Play Store? 

You need to pay a registration fee of $25 to upload the app on Google Play store. 

Is Google Play store free to use?

Google Play Store is completely free to use. However, the apps you want to download from the store might charge you the fee.

How many apps does Google Play Store carry?

According to the recent data, Google Play Store has around 3,298,329 apps ready to install for its Android users. 

Does Google Play Store remove the apps? 

Yes, the apps are pulled down for several reasons. The developer can pull the app down due to any errors or changes. The Play Store itself removes a lot of apps which seems to be violating the policies of the platform. 

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