Storytelling in the historical time was typically oral, collective with gestures and expressions. People of ancient times painted symbols mostly appear in their stories on cave walls as a method of helping the narrator recall the story. Storytelling is a two-way interaction between the storyteller and listeners.

Storytelling is an ancient art form and a valuable form of human expression

as per the report given by the National Storytelling Network.Digital Storytelling for elearning app

Storytelling is referred to as cultural activity as a means of sharing stories. Storytellers’ stories usually include plot, twist, perspective. Storytelling evolved and took part in numerous formats, people used to share stories while doing campfire, storytelling on the silver screen and now it is on digital screens.

Now it is time to tell your own story and be the next Roald Dahl, JK Rowling, William Shakespeare on the digital platform to improve the eLearning experience. In the competition of storytellers, a new evolution of storytelling added with the digital platform. This article provides an overview of digital storytelling and how the eLearning experience can be improved.

What Is Digital Storytelling?

Now in the 21st-century storytelling art is united with the digital platform and started a new term digital storytelling. It is a modern expression of storytelling & the new practice of everyday people who use digital tools to narrate their story. People share a story for the means of entertainment, education, cultural conservation, or introducing moral values.

Digital storytelling consists of writing skills, digital imagery skills with the narrator use numerous approaches of the interactive, narrative, sequential, photo essay, descriptive. Digital stories evolved the method of telling stories by including text, images, video, and audio, communicating essentials like maps, and social media elements like tweets. As per reports, a current report proposes that by telling their brand story perfectly, businesses have the control to upsurge the worth of more than 20 times of their product or service.

Why Storytelling Is A Great Strategy For eLearning?

digital storytelling app From childhood, humans are taught to learn from stories, qualities from a fictional character where stories narrate by elderly people. Stories can influence us, connect with us emotionally, motivate us, and be remembered. Every person has a different perception that’s why how they perceive it depends on their perception.

Information becomes more unforgettable when it gets associated with emotions and images, text, audio, video. An understanding that remembers by someone’s mind and attaches with them and their involvements, so they can share it and spread it informally.

Storytelling is a great strategy as it can change someone’s thinking.
It is also proven by reports that Every 60 seconds, 700,000 Google searches are made. 5.3 trillion advertisements are publicized online every year. The average customer processes 100,500 online words every day.

During the first wave of Covid19 lockdown time, Google trends collected its maximum valued search data from the past year and used it to create a video. Google trends grabbed the attention of a vast demographic and expressed a story that involved customers on a worldwide level and received 15,298,283 views.

How Storytelling Can Improve Your eLearning Course App

According to Paulo Coelho

The power of storytelling is exactly this: to bridge the gaps where everything else has crumbled.

Stories embrace massive control over human minds and make them feel emotional for a motive. Narrator’s way of narrating stories influence how we think, make sense of the story, how we see ourselves, how we persuade others. Now hereunder some points are listed of how storytelling can improve the eLearning course. The average person processes pictures 60,000 times quicker than text, in this situation companies are using data to make visually fabulous stories and more understanding courses. Brands are increasing their worth by sharing digital storytelling for eLearning courses.

According to the article of psychology today

in spite of all the excitement, however, the human brain has been on a slower evolutionary trajectory than the technology. Our brains still respond to content by looking for the story to make sense out of the experience. No matter what the technology, the meaning starts in the brain.

Enhanced listeners engagement

  • Users get connect emotionally.
  • Sharpen interest.
  • Learners feel more connected and relate to the content.
  • Motivate learners to start taking action.

Instructionally complete

  • Provide more relatable content.
  • Easy to remember information can be easily provided.
  • The complexity of information is eliminated
  • The better link between theory to practice.
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Ways To Creating An Effective Digital Story

Digital stories increased their popularity in the educational field during lockdown consequently increased the demand for eBooks, podcasts, videos. There are numerous tools available that can help you in creating an effective digital story. It’s not rocket science; you need to follow some tips for Creating an Effective Digital Story that will solve a storm in a teacup.

1. Start With The Right Idea And Scope

It is very essential to initiate the story about the story of the subject or person’s life. what you would like to share with your audience, choose only one type of story instead of selecting numerous types. You can’t try to take all the characteristics of someone’s life or about a subject, as you know you are not supposed to write a novel. Your story should be of a short time that includes only 4 to 5 minutes.

When only one topic is selected by the story creator, they will better at conveying the single feature about what they want to convey. The right idea and scope of the story should be ended with a short conclusion that reveals a small, personal truth.

The story idea you can right about recovery stories, Love stories, Discovery stories, A place in your life, accomplishment stories, about someone important, product’s invention story, struggle story, eLearning story, brand story.

2. Show Instead Of Telling

This thing should keep in mind while writing the script of the story. Emotions are linked when the narrator narrates the story to listeners. The storyteller does not tell what they are feeling instead of this effective narrator shows emotions through body language. If the narrator is feeling motivated, influenced, upset, then the emotion will be shown instead of telling.

3. Less Is More When It Comes To Visual Effects

The visual effects can carry relationships among ideas. It is essential for creators that they keep in mind that effects should serve to improve the story. Overuse of visual effects will make the audience more exhausted that’s why less is more when it comes to visual effects.


Today, if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, you also have to be a storyteller

according to Richard Branson an English business magnate, investor, and author. You can make people feel emotional, attach, engage with your brand by telling them a story about the brand’s struggle, performance, good deeds.

It is the right time to Jump on the bandwagon and start digital storytelling and Make hay while the sun shines as digital storytelling is the latest trend.

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