Adobe Commerce offers you a chance to enhance your customers’ time spent in your online store with the help of a variety of support tools. We tailor our recommendations for best practices, diagnostic and monitoring tools, and data to your specific site. Native connections with Adobe products like Analytics, Target, Experience Manager, and Creative Cloud help take customization to the next level. At the same time, these technologies make it easy to begin, run, and scale your business. 

Observation for Adobe Commerce

Observation for Adobe Commerce is a nerdlet from New Relic that lets you see how your Adobe Commerce site is doing now and in the past. A nerdlet is a custom app made with New Relic One’s ability to be programmed. It shows the most critical information about New Relic in an easy-to-understand way on a common timeline. In other words, it is a tool that helps you manage the performance of your Adobe Commerce site and figure out what’s wrong by combining log data from different sources. It shows both application log data and data from the New Relic observability platform in an easy-to-understand dashboard on a single pane of glass. The solution is based on New Relic Nerdlets, custom applications built with New Relic One’s programmability interfaces.

When problems arise, it can take time to figure out where they come from and learn how to fix them. The Adobe support team has a lot of tribal knowledge built up over years of looking at logs and command line outputs to fix problems. The tool uses this information to find essential signals on a standard timeline. You can make the timeline bigger or smaller, which lets you see your log data and helps you manage performance and solve problems.

With Observation, you can look at complicated problems that support has to deal with to help find their root causes. Instead of keeping track of different kinds of data, you can spend your time connecting events and errors to learn more about why performance is slowing down. The tool is meant to give you a clearer picture of some of the problems sites have so you can find possible causes of problems and keep sites running at their best.

Managed Alerts for Adobe Commerce 

Managed alerts for Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure and provided ready-made alerts from New Relic. These alerts offer step-by-step instructions on troubleshooting any issues that may have been detected.

We have set up essential dashboards and notifications to help you realize when your site is hitting critical storage and Apdex levels (users’ satisfaction with the response time of applications and services). You may be able to take action as a result of this information before you become aware of delayed response times or an outage. Using the articles offered in our support knowledge base, you can troubleshoot any issues with the alerts. The Managed Alerts page displays the most recent 20 New Relic Alerts, together with their status, the URL of the incident, and a link to an article in the support knowledge base. This tab allows you to stay up to date with the latest Alerts. It is possible to conclude that using this tool will, on the whole, improve the speed of your site by keeping you current on Alerts and automatically updating the site as necessary.

Site-Wide Analysis Tool

The Site-Wide Analysis Tool is a SaaS (software as a service) program that conducts “point-in-time” site analysis from beginning to end. All tool-related client site information is collected on a specified timetable every three hours to once a day. This means that SWAT regularly analyses data from customer sites. The Site-Wide Analysis Tool service is accessible to Admin users with the authority to access user role resources in production mode.  

site wide analysis tool dashboard
Experienceleague.Adobe : Site-Wide Analysis Tool Dashboard

Step 1: Verify permissions

Check to see if the Admin user account has access to the Site-Wide Analysis Tool through the user role that was given to it. The role resource (permission) for the Site-Wide Analysis Tool is not automatically provided, and it MUST be turned on for the user role, and each user account in the Admin must have its role.

Do the Following for The Custom Role that Needs to Use the Site-Wide Analysis Tool:

Choose the Site-Wide Analysis Tool role resource from the Reports > System Insights menu. 

swat role access

The Role Has the Permission to Use the Site-Wide Analysis Tool. 

  • Click Save Role.
  • Notify users who have that role in signing out of the Admin and signing back in.

Suppose you have checked that the user account has permission to access the Site-Wide Analysis Tool, and the user gets a 403 error when trying to access the tool from the Admin. In that case, your instance of Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure could have HTTP access control turned on. If you have HTTP Auth turned on, you can’t use the Site-Wide Analysis Tool Dashboard. See our Support article for more information on how to fix this problem.

Step 2: Access Site-Wide Analysis Tool

  1. Go to Reports > System Insights > Site-Wide Analysis Tool on the Admin menu bar.
  2. Read the rules for using the Site-Wide Analysis Tool, then click “Accept” to move forward. Every user must agree to the Terms of Service for the session. This step is done every time a user logs in.
swat tos

Terms of Use

  1. Select the tab you’re interested in viewing at the very top of the dashboard. 
  2. Site-Wide Analysis Tool information
swat information tab

Step 3: Generate a Report

  1. Click the Generate Report button located in the dashboard’s upper-right-hand corner.
  2. Mark the checkboxes next to each Type setting and Priority setting that you would like to have included in the report.
  3. Click Generate Report.

It is possible that the Site-Wide Analysis Tool Dashboard or the report it generates will not be updated for many days after a recommendation has been implemented.

swat report settings
DashboardShows the health of your system with current notifications and recommendations by priority.
InformationProvides customer contact information and a summary of current tickets, with detailed information about each installed Adobe Commerce product.
RecommendationsLists recommendations based on best practices to address issues detected on your site.
ExceptionsLists errors thrown by the application caused by abnormal conditions without an error handler.
ExtensionsLists all third-party extensions and third-party libraries.

Quality Patches Tool

It is a command-line program that delivers quality patches for Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source. The Quality Patches Tool.

It Gives You the Ability To:

  • Learn more about the latest quality patches and get general information about them.
  • Make use of the quality patches.
  • Remove any previously applied patches.
  • The Adobe Commerce support team and the Magento Open Source community work together to provide high-quality patches.

Only quality patches should be applied with the Quality Patches Tool. Patches for vulnerabilities can be downloaded from the Magento Security Center.

Let’s See how We Can Help You!! 

a) Experts-Led Team

Implementation, customization, migration, integration, and managed services for Adobe commerce are the responsibilities of our team of specialists.

b) Flexibility

Our eCommerce specialists are adaptable enough to accept ongoing enhancements and new releases. With a thorough comprehension of your needs, we chart out the entire course of your projects.

c) Extended Support

Our help is not exclusive to Adobe commerce. We have a team of Adobe Experience Manager specialists who can address various needs, including mobile app development, cross-channel marketing, and campaign management.


Adobe Commerce has the adaptability to meet all of your commerce requirements. The integration features of Adobe Commerce assist brands in reducing time to market, creating, managing, personalizing, and optimizing experiences from a single interface. With Support’s tools, you may construct versatile and scalable end-to-end eCommerce platforms for your business.

Ajit Jain

Ajit Jain has been working as a Magento specialist for quite some time now, and he has all the credentials to back up his claim to the title. In addition, he has extensive experience in designing and implementing high-performance, integrated, and complicated eCommerce systems. He has evidently used his talent to great effect at Emizentech in the Adobe e-Commerce development solutions.