Everyone is spellbound by trending ecommerce and wants to start a career in this, if you are one of them then this article is a must-read. You can become an ecommerce specialist and one of the foremost things to keep in mind is what education you are required to have. First, you need to comprehend what is eCommerce specialist is before you decide to become one. Ecommerce specialists are the individual who will be responsible for the accomplishment of strategy by implementing it for the eCommerce business. We’ll take a deep dive into this term in a bit.

Current Global eCommerce Stats & Market Size

retail ecommerce sales worldwide 2014 - 2024.png
Retail ecommerce sales worldwide 2014 – 2024

During a pandemic, everyone is preferring to shop from an eCommerce platform which affected the worldwide retail framework. Substantial growth has been recorded in the market statistic of the retail online market and all the credit goes to the digitalization of the current time. It’s predicted that there will be digital shoppers will increase by 2.14 billion at a worldwide level in 2021.

It is also forecasted that approximately 95 % of the population will use eCommerce to buy something in 2021. It is crystal clear with statistics that the future of online business is very bright as more and more people are using this platform for shopping. That is the reason why there is an increase in the number of small businesses investing in online business.

Around 93.5% of worldwide internet users have bought stuff from eCommerce sites. Around 9 out of 10 people have internet access and have made an online purchase. Online shoppers are increasing rapidly as people are buying with panic due to the covid 19 outbreak. It is also estimated that by 2040, around 95% of all procurements will be complete over eCommerce.

People prefer to shop online when no delivery charges are charged to them. According to Globalindex.com, around 53 % of people purchase a product from an online platform when they get delivery free of cost.

Around 74% of customers rely on feedback they receive from the social network while making a purchase.

What Does An eCommerce Specialist Do?

Ecommerce specialists are the individual who will be responsible for planning and execution of the eCommerce business of an organization. Online stores need to be managed and maintained by an eCommerce marketing specialist. For online store strategies are created and executed to make financial transactions possible on site, consequently, it improves overall performance, financial position and develops brand loyalty.

eCommerce business owner wants to optimize the online store’s strategy to increase sales but have no idea and are at one’s wit’s end. In this scenario, eCommerce specialist solves all their issue with expert knowledge. Ecommerce experts have an academic perspective with four-year certification in endorsing or in an applicable field. The eCommerce department is directly managed by an eCommerce specialist. In immense size companies, digital marketing managers administer eCommerce manager.

There are top tasks that are performed by an eCommerce consultant, check the list below.

  • Marketing campaigns for an eCommerce site to influence the buyer in making a purchase.
  • Ecommerce search engine optimization to increase traffic on website with top rank on search engine.
  • Marketing and management of the online site.
  • Optimization of web pages so it has good visibility for the audience.
  • Campaigns related to cross-selling, up-selling.
  • Manage marketing campaigns on various channels of the social network.
  • Handle email advertising to increase sales.

eCommerce Specialist Career Paths

As an ecommerce specialist, you have a lot of choices as career paths. Working through the most basic role and handling responsibilities will help you understand how much you can progress in the ecommerce industry.

eCommerce specialist career paths
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What Skills Does One Need To Become An eCommerce Specialist?

must have eCommerce Specialist SkillsTo perform better eCommerce specialist is required to have numerous skills with academic qualifications. When we talk about the skills of eCommerce specialists concerning resumes it consists of 13.5% includes a/b, while 9.3% of sales goals and 8.0% have specialization in YouTube. Here we have listed some of the top skills, check them below.

Analytical Skills

Individuals should have the ability to create a strategy by visualization of the complex as well as easy problems by analyzing web data. The analytical skill also includes Designing and testing solutions and should be able to make plans accordingly. If the expert individual uses this skill in business, it will bring more traffic on-site with more sales. Individuals should be able to recognize customers’ requirements through data analysis on demographics, cultures, and analytics.


Expert individuals should be better communicators with customers to build strong relationships. They should know what strategies will be suitable for an eCommerce site and will work effectively with the audience in a marketing campaign.

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking skill includes reasoning, problem-solving, evaluating. An eCommerce specialist should use data to research to find a suitable eCommerce strategy. They can’t take decisions on common ideas without any critical thinking.

Technical Expertise

Technical expertise includes that expert knowledge related to technical roles in IT required to perform a task. Technical abilities to use specific software or to work on precise equipment, machinery, and tools.

Deals & Marketing Information

An e-commerce specialist is required to find out the information related to customers’ buying journeys. For implementing an effective marketing strategy, it is essential to have a stable understanding of the promoting ideas. Customer needs are essential to consider before creating a marketing campaign. You will need a secure understanding of how to sell your products while earning possible benefits.

Website Optimization Skills

IT is essential to keep your site on top results of a search engine, to increase more traffic on the website. Many websites are following on-page and off-page SEO to increase the site’s ranking. You can do content marketing With SEO content as no online business will flourish without this. SEO content increases the number of clients to the online site, by appearing in the usual indexed lists of web crawlers.

Paid Marketing (PPC Ads)

With SEO content your website also requires pay-per-click advertisement on other platforms. Being an eCommerce specialist, you need to make sure the website has approximate participation in paid endorsing platforms, for instance, Google AdWords. It will direct visitors to the website to increase sales.

Competitor Analysis

Being an eCommerce specialist you are required to identify the competitors and analyze their business strategies to determine their strengths and weakness. It helps businesses in getting early identification of threats and opportunities in the market. This skill helps in developing the strategy for the business that will make your website stand out from the crowd.

Copywriting Abilities

Copywriting ability of a website is consisting of its portrayal style of writing about a product that will draw the attention of visitors. SEO authors are professional in this, they can provide you with an alternate point of view with different styles of composing. You can hire or freelance SEO author if their knowledge is up to the mark with an understanding of writing content clearly for eCommerce.


An e-commerce specialist needs to perform the activity of endorsing the sale of goods, particularly by their showcase in retail online stores. merchandising denotes presenting products that are available for selling purposes in a creative way that induces customers.

Understanding Conveyance Systems

It Is utmost importance for an eCommerce site to check as you should give assurance to the site owner that products or services can be conveyed to the customer quickly and frugally. eCommerce business primarily upsurges an understanding with every point of the distribution system.

Hire ecommerce developers

Steps To Become An eCommerce Specialist

The eCommerce specialist career is forecasted to boost by 20% and develop 139,200 job opportunities across the U.S. from the year2018 to 2028. If you are still wondering about their salary, people in this profession get an average salary of around $48,852. You are required to follow essential steps to become an eCommerce specialist.

1. Understand How eCommerce Works

If you are completely new with the least knowledge of eCommerce then first you should get as much as knowledge you can get from various sources. It is like a dime in a dozen to find something about eCommerce online, you will get an amount of information about this buzzword. Before selecting a course from the available option, you need to make sure your selected course includes.

  • Updated with a new innovative set of techniques and best available practices.
  • It should provide SEO and other important features of eCommerce.
  • Your eCommerce course should be certified.
  • The problem-solving technique should be taught while keeping in mind the real-life problems of eCommerce.

You can start your course as an e-commerce specialist from an online platform to increase better understanding. Generally, an eCommerce specialist course provides certification after you complete the course. When you apply for a job, it will make an impression on the employer when you add it to your CV.

There will be no use of course if you only acquire a certificate without obtaining any essential knowledge. Also, you will get to know about important eCommerce metrics

Few Important eCommerce Metrics
NPS (Net Promoter Score) Email click-through-rate Cost per acquisition (CPA)
RFM (Recency, Frequency, Money) Average order value (AOV) Sales conversion rates
AOV (Average Order Value) Customer Retention rate Customer lifetime value (CLV)
Refund and return rate Repeat customer rate Ecommerce churn rate
Micro to macro conversion rates Social media engagement Subscription rate

2. Learn The Basics Of SEO

competitor research for dropshippingSearch engine optimization (SEO) plays an essential role for the eCommerce business to come off with flying colors. Around 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. Without SEO Ecommerce businesses will stay far behind the competition. SEO brings traffic on-site with top rank on a search engine, customers can find you on the search engine whenever they want.

Optimization of a website is done by SEO which increases more awareness among people with a user-friendly website. For organic search strategy, there are three types of SEO is available

  • On-page SEO, optimization of the page by content
  • Off-page SEO, Advertisement of the website on another platform.
  • Technical SEO, the website is optimized for web crawlers.

3. Become An Expert On eCommerce SEO

For becoming an SEO expert an individual is required to follow SEO techniques to generate organic searches to show your site on top. One can become an expert in SEO by handling more experience and more projects to bring traffic to the website.

Learning SEO is essential to improve the overall performance of the eCommerce site.

4. Get To Know Popular eCommerce Platforms

ecommerce platforms and their market shareThe software application is provided by the eCommerce platform to enable an online store’s full functioning at the global level. An eCommerce platform lets the online store owner manage the activities of the sales transaction. Different vendors provide different eCommerce platforms that are cost-effective for business owners. There are several popular eCommerce platforms are available in the market. We have listed the top platforms below:


Shopify ecommerce developmentShopify is an eCommerce platform that runs online and disconnected mode to build a website that comprises your eCommerce store. It’s not unbelievable that in 175 countries Shopify is working and offering a platform to thousands of entrepreneurs. Shopify is trusted by businesspersons when it comes to an eCommerce platform. Shopify allows business owners to sell digital products, tangible products, services, and talk sessions, memberships, ticketed experience, classes and lessons, rentals. If somebody is already running a business in a brick-and-mortar store and looking forward to taking their business online, with Shopify they can do this.


magento ecommerce developmentMagento is a faultless eCommerce platform for the creation of dynamic ecommerce or any extra kind of website as it is easy to download and work on it. Magento provides an eye-catching theme to grab the attention of visitors to a website. That’s why the theme of Magento plays an essential role.


bigcommerce ecommerce developmentWith Bigcommerce it is easy to Manage orders and add products for Online stores. BigCommerce has many pre-built plug-ins to frontend CMS and DXP systems such as WordPress, Bloomreach, Drupal. BigCommerce has an extensive number of native features that can ultimately save extra wastage of money by not depending on as many third-party apps.


woocommerce ecommerce developmentIt is the world’s leading open-source eCommerce solution designed for WordPress users. Open source provides freedom to owners by giving them complete ownership of their store’s content and data incessantly. You can choose WooCommerce for an online store, taking brick-and-mortar stores online.


ShopwareShopware ecommerce platform was founded in 2000 and currently, it is positioned among the top choices of online retailers for developing an online store because of its user-friendly backend and frontend. Two more significant needs for choosing this eCommerce platform are its codebase upgrade that’s done using the latest technologies, like PHP Symfony and Vue.JS, and the entire redevelopment of its database structure.

5. Build PPC Campaign Management Skills

Pay per click is a paid form of advertising and is useful in increasing traffic to the website. The website has to pay a certain amount of money to the publisher on search engines when a click is done by visitors. PPC drives more traffic on the website which leads to an increase in sales.

Google Ads, Amazon Advertising, and Microsoft Advertising formerly Bing Ads have commonly associated search engines with pay per click. Right now, many social networks have also adopted pay-per-click marketing campaigns such as Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Twitter.

It is a prerequisite to know how this marketing campaign works.
You can go through a beginner’s guide to Google Merchant Centre to learn more about paid marketing. There are also different ways available to advertise the website’s product free of cost.

6. Learn How To Run Content Marketing Campaigns For Online Stores

easily readable contentContent marketing is a way to reach a targeted audience by creating, publishing, and distributing content. New customers get attracted to a company with free published content. Valuable information to consumers is shared and created with the purpose to increase the willingness to purchase products from the company in the future.

Content marketing is a great marketing method for eCommerce. Companies generate brand loyalty with a valuable set of information among the audience. Content marketing includes a diversity of set-ups, including news, video, white papers, e-books, infographics, email newsletters, case studies, podcasts, guides, question and answer articles, photos, blogs. You are required to learn content marketing campaigns for an eCommerce store to come off with flying colors. Content mapped to each stage of buyer’s journey:

  • Awareness – Awareness amid targeted customers is done by video.
  • Consideration – Whitepapers, Webinars, newsletters, events.
  • Decision – pricing, case studies, demo.

7. Build Email Marketing Skills

Email marketing is used for purposes of promotions, acquisition, sales, or knowledge sharing with customers or leads via email. It allows commercial owners to spread a communications mark to their customers and lets individuals stay knowledgeable of the finest business arrangements.

It is essential to have a standardized combination of administrative as well as an imaginative ability to be decent at rising business through emails. Email should be segmented according to age, location, content preferences, buying history, and many things that need to be put in place before sending emails to everyone.

8. Master Conversion Optimization Techniques

how to Optimize Conversion Rates for ecommerce storeThe connection amid a bigger conversion rate and higher revenue is undeniable. there is the least number of key techniques and tools are available that you can mix to attain conversion rate optimization. In the past 7 years online, mobile traffic has increased by around 222%. More than half of your online traffic is coming from mobile users. So, it is essential to get mobile-friendly.

Around 40% of users will return from the website if your website takes 3 seconds or longer to load. Streamline navigation with fast loading of the website is completely essential.

9. Get An Entry-Level eCommerce Job

Now you know what skills are required to make a career as an eCommerce specialist. When you get an entry-level eCommerce job you will get to learn basic things. You’ll gain experience to shape your eCommerce career when you’ll get the chance to deal with a diversity of customers. You need to consider the following set of questions, before getting a job:

  • What size of company do you prefer to work in, small businesses or enterprise companies?
  • Are you looking for a specific industry?
  • What are your plans for a future eCommerce business?

10. Start Your Own eCommerce Business

Ecommerce Business - 3rd Party AlliancesNow roll up your sleeves as you are completely ready to start your own eCommerce business. You need to apply your skills to the practical life of the eCommerce business. An entry-level job will give you the confidence and experience that you are required to have for your own business. Your skills with academics will add icing on the cake and we understand that it will be devastating at initial, but you’ll receive more liberty in the extended.


For becoming an eCommerce specialist, you need to give your best. Each step is a lengthy learning procedure and requires trial and error that will give you more and more experience. Don’t be afraid in taking new opportunities and try new things.

Whenever you feel discouraged, you need to think about how much it will bring benefits to you after all the effort you put in. Now you have to sink your teeth into eCommerce, to become successful in this respective field.

Also, Emizentech provides ecommerce development services in various verticals. So, if you work on an ecommerce project then we can help you hire an ecommerce expert.

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