Countless business minds are exploring new platforms and ways to build online stores to sell shoes online and make money. No wonder for such thinkable minds because the business world stretched its limits rapidly with technologies. However, people are also adapting online purchases from their comfort zone. If your entrepreneur mind steps into building an impressive online store, that will take the business to the next level. 

No need to wait anymore. Delve into the demonstrations to learn how to sell the shoes online, build the online store, where to make the store, and other information to help you develop your own happening and profitable store. 

Let’s get started now- 

Online Shoes Selling Industry Market Stats 

The online shoe-selling trend is constantly increasing, and countless people are showcasing interest in that as well. The marketplace is reaching the next level. Read the stats to know the industry’s facts- 

  • The footwear marketplace is expected to reach US $101Bn in 2023
  • The online shoe-selling revenue has increased with an expected CAGR of 10.7% over the past 5 years
  • According to the ‘State of Apparel & Footwear in 2022 survey, 11862 shoppers figured out that 89% of customers spend on clothing and footwear. However, 74% of footwear purchases occurred online. 

These facts explain the growth of the online shoe-selling marketplace. 

Benefits of Opening an Online Store for Shoe Selling 

Opening an online store to sell shoes is very profitable with optimum benefits. Read to know the benefits- 

1. Cost Reduction 

When you open an online store to sell shoes, this will help in cost reduction immensely. Entrepreneurs can invest less in marketing, business operations, production, management, and deliveries. Online stores will store entire data inside, and you can manage everything through the enriched features of the store only. Nothing is needed to get done from outside; the online store is enough for entire business processing. 

2. Vast Market Approach

Through the online store, the business can approach the vast marketplace. There are no bars for the geolocation. Target the marketing wherever you want and manage with the deliveries only. If the management is appropriately settled, entrepreneurs can target nearby locations and far away places to sell shoes only and expand the business plan. 

3. Strong Customer Base 

Currently, everyone believes in online stores to make purchases. Suppose you set up the online store appropriately. In that case, it will help balance the customer base and improve it when the customers get optimum and satisfying services, improving the customer base for business. The existing ones will stick to the brand, and new ones will get attracted through the positive image escalated in the marketplace. 

4. Easier and Quick Marketing Campaigns 

Running the marketing campaigns for your online store is much simpler and more convenient. Entrepreneurs can run ads and market through social media to optimize their online stores. Such more straightforward marketing campaigns will market the products and brand quicker, bringing expected results as soon as possible. 

5. Simpler Management 

Managing the online store is easier because it is the only space to maintain. The entrepreneur can easily manage everything from production, order management, costing, revenue, and production through the e-commerce store features. The functionalities and parts of the online store will ease the business person to sustain appropriate selling marketing. 

6. Convenient for Entrepreneurs and Customers 

Both entrepreneurs and customers are at ease with online storage facilities. Customers can purchase their required products through online stores easily. Also, the entrepreneurs can easily manage the orders and deliveries with the store and streamline the business process. 

Types of Online Stores to Build for Shoe Selling 

Types of Online Stores to Build for Shoe Selling

1. Single Brand Online Store 

It means building a specific brand online store for shoes. In this store, the business will promote and sell the particular brand of shoes. Such a platform or store is built to promote and grow the specific brand’s customer base. 

2. Multi-Brand Online Store 

In the multi-brand online store, the entrepreneurs used to sell shoes from different brands. The customers will get a variety of shoes in a variety of styles. Such stores have better chances to increase sales and generate more customer base. 

3. Niche-Specific Online Store 

It means creating an online shoe store that sells shoes based on their type or category. Suppose the store sells just athletics shoes, sneakers, sports shoes, vegan shoes, handmade shoes, etc. 

4. Customized Shoe Online Store 

The customized name itself suggests its feature. Customers can customize their shoes in such stores according to their needs and demands. They can make designer shoes, make some creatives, add cushion pads, or style them. These stores allow customers to create shoes in their design & style. 

5. Reselling Online Shoe Store 

Everyone can’t buy new expensive brand shoes. Here comes the reselling of online stores in use. Customers can purchase second-hand branded shoes at a lower price through the stores. Such stores are in high demand because everyone wants to wear expensive shoes. 

6. Rental Shoe Store

 People love changing their shoes frequently. On the contrary, purchasing expensive shoes is not possible. Build a rental shoe store to meet customers’ requirements. These stores are specially built to put expensive shoes on rent. The rental amount can be according to days, weekly, or monthly as per the customer’s requirement. 

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How to Sell Shoes Online and Make Money? 

Are you thinking about how to get started with the online store? Don’t panic. We will help you begin selling shoes online and make money. Let’s talk now- 

1. Research the Marketplace 

Before you build the online store, decide first what shoes you want to sell and your target audience. It is very important to figure out what you want to sell, which is your niche. Identifying your niche helps in preparing for new marketing and selling strategies. 

Follow the required strategies to research the marketplace. Analyze current marketplaces like Amazon or eBay to understand how they sell and what strategies they follow. Also, survey customer behavior on the existing platform to know what you need to change and what is mandatory to add to the e-commerce online store to sell shoes.

Remember the marketing, because it comes to mind first after the store is built. If your product has excellent market plans, that will bring more possibilities for increased ROI. 

2. Source Your Shoes 

When you have researched what to sell and who is targeted from the online store, now is the time to decide where to source the shoes. The entrepreneurs can opt for different options like- 

  • Sell SecondHand Shoes- If you or your friends have a number of shoes, you are not interested in wearing, then sell them online. Those useless shoes can be useful to others, so try selling them and make money through your purchases. Before you sell, inspect the shoe properly to provide reliable products in the market.
  • Try Buying Shoes from a Wholesaler or Manufacturer- If you cannot manage second-hand shoe selling, try business with wholesaler and manufacturer cooperation. Tie up with manufacturers and wholesalers from B2B directories online and purchase shoes in bulk to sell them afterward at a retail price. 
  • Dropshipping- Dropshipping is similar to wholesalers, in which there is no need to purchase the bulk in advance. Although, do not keep the inventory. Dropshipping suppliers will receive a notification when customers place orders through the online store. Those suppliers are later responsible for order fulfillment and deliveries. 

3. Platform to Sell Your Shoes 

Have you figured out where to sell the product? You have a number of options, like owning the store, trying social platforms, or choosing any marketplace. 

  • Own the Store- You can build an online store for your brand to sell shoes online. A new online store definitely won’t provide a vast customer base compared to marketplaces, but at least the entrepreneurs have complete control of everything at the specific own brand store. Choose Shopify, Wix, or BigCommerce to build a website or store to sell shoes. Research for these platforms to decide which one is right for their requirements. 
  • Social Platform- Nowadays, social media platforms are reaching a vast scale marketplace, and everyone is expanding their business. The entrepreneur needs to create a profile on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. Market your profile on social media and boost your approach to selling as much as possible.
  • Choose Marketplace- Why don’t you choose a marketplace like eBay or Amazon? It is a trusted and reliable platform that does not even require more publicity or promotions. The leverage from such a marketplace is; the platforms are already packed with countless customer bases. It will cost to list the products and percentage on every sale.

4. Display the Product 

For the growth of shoe sales, showcase the products to customers. Display shoes in such a way that turns their heads. It would help if you showed how the shoes would look and how they are and informed them of their excellence to persuade them towards order placement. A business person should display their products in variations like-

  • Place Photos- Every customer would prefer to see the photos of products. Buyers expect to have at least 5-8 images to decide. Click high-quality images to influence customers for the product. 
  • Product Description- Besides the high-quality images, ensure to put an informative and influential product description for customers. Here use, copywriting to build reliability and bring huge differences. You need to research and know what customers are looking for and speak to them in their expected language to influence them. 

5. List Fair Prices 

Set the store with fair prices. To grow your e-commerce shoe business, ensure you deliver the best at the correct cost. Determine other marketplaces, know what they offer, and set profit margins but do not take extra customer advantages. Place competitive prices for products but maintain better quality. Keep a few things to figure out what price to mention, like- 

  • If the product is brand new, mention the cost, which the manufacturer or wholesaler suggests. 
  • Research well and find what the marketplaces are offering. Figure out and set a competitive price to establish in the industry. 

6. Build Online Store for Shoe Selling 

When planning to build an online store to sell shoes, the entrepreneur needs to know where to build an online store to sell shoes and make money. Entrepreneurs can build a personal online store, create a profile or account in the marketplace or sell their items on social media. If the entrepreneur decides on the wrong platform, that might limit sales growth. Consider the right platform to build an online store. 

You can build the stores on many platforms – Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, Shopware, and WooCommerce. All platforms have the same purpose but differ in terms of features and functionalities. 

  • Magento/Adobe Commerce- Magento is a renowned e-commerce platform known as Adobe Commerce Cloud, which is highly recommended by the tech-people. It is a well-versed service platform with a huge user base that can shop from thousands of stores. The platform provides flexibility with numerous features to customize the stores to sell shoes. 
  • Shopify- Shopify is a high user-base platform where you can build a store in just a few minutes. For those looking for ways to open exclusive stores with high status in the marketplace, shopify is your suitable space. To make the most out of Shopify’s features and create a truly exceptional store, consider engaging the services of a reputable Shopify development company.
  • BigCommerce- BigCommerce is best suited for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to build e-commerce stores on a budget. The entrepreneurs must pay monthly fees to host their stores on the platform. Entrepreneurs need not worry about hosting problems because an expert BigCommerce Development Company will build the best for you. 
  • Shopware- Try Shopware, an e-commerce platform for building online stores. Shopware service makes exceptional stores with manageable features. It is easier to use, especially for beginners. Although, entrepreneurs can use its customized features for required changes in their stores.
  • WooCommerce- WooCommerce will convert websites into incredible online e-commerce shops. Customers can build fully functional stores with all the necessary features. To achieve this, it is advisable to engage the services of a WooCommerce development company.

7. Package and Delivery of Shoes 

Make a strategy for the packaging and delivery of shoes. Entrepreneurs must care about packaging to take care of the product, which is also great for building a positive brand image in the audience. Keep in mind to create durable packaging and lightweight. 

Regarding deliveries, online store entrepreneurs can hire delivery persons. Otherwise, they can choose freelancer drivers to pick the orders as per availability and cost accordingly. 

8. Don’t Forget to Market 

Once the online store is built, it then comes to its marketing. Run the possible marketing campaigns because that will build more brand reputation in the marketplace. Invest in marketing plans like social media platforms, run ads, and follow digital marketing to promote well.

9. Keep Rectifying 

All who tried online shoe selling from e-commerce platforms might have found different loopholes, mistakes, and rectifications required. Learn from your mistakes and make the required changes for rectification to optimize the store. It is important to optimize the online store for a fully furnished and functionally online e-commerce store and keep rectifying. 

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Latest Tech Trends Can Be Followed in Online Stores for Shoe Selling 

1. Augmented Reality (AR) 


Augmented Reality (AR) is the key feature that can help in succeeding in your online store. Through AR Technology in e-commerce industry, the customers can see how the shoes will fit and look, and it displays the actual visuals of the shoes on you. It is the best feature to add and satisfy the customers with AR Tech.

2. AI ChatBots 


Currently, all web apps, software, and online stores, especially in the field of e-commerce, are leveraging AI to enhance customer experiences. These bots work through AI and answer customers’ queries instantly. Feature your store with chatbots so customers will get their queries resolved immediately. 

3. Voice Search Optimization 

The entrepreneurs can add voice search optimization features, which the customers can input through their voice and search for the required product accordingly. It is easier for the customers to find suitable products, and good for the business to have enriched features. 

Monetization Of Online Store for Shoe Selling 

To earn from online stores for shoe selling, there are various ways to make money. To monetize from an online store, like-

1. Cost for Advertisement 

Earn from the advertisement cost. If the store runs ads for any brand, then advertisement cost is an excellent way to monetize the store efficiently. The cost to advertise for one brand is profitable for both; the brand and store. 

2. Subscription Fee 

Apply a subscription feature in the online store, which provides more discounts, offers, and rewards on every purchase. The subscription fees will be the income of the online store. So imply a subscription system in the store. 

3. Cost on Every Purchase 

The online store can make money through the cost of every sale. The store can demand the brand to give a certain percentage of the total cost on every purchase. A certain amount on each order is a good process to monetize. 

4. Collaborate with Other Brands 

There are a number of shoe brands that exist in the marketplace. Providing an online store to shoe brands takes a certain cost for collaboration. The cost is a source to monetize the store and generate revenue. 

5. Delivery Charges 

The store will demand delivery charges as well, which is also a great way to monetize and earn well through the store. 

Cost To Build Online Store for Shoe Selling 

The average cost to build an online store to sell shoes will start from $5000 and can go beyond $150k. The budget for building the online store depends upon what you need to include. If you demand to add enriched advanced features and functionalities in the store, like voice recognition, AR, or subscription models, that will cost a bit more. 

The cost varies on e-commerce platform fee, hosting, SSL certification, e-commerce designs, payment processing cost, testing, and support & maintenance after deployment. Therefore, the client should speak with the developers and e-commerce development company to understand the cost of creating an e-commerce website or app. 

Why Emizentech for Online Store Development? 


The new entrepreneurs are wondering, “How to sell shoes online and make money?” Well, that’s no big deal in the digitized world. Emizentech can help to build an online store on the e-commerce platform or personalized web/app. It is challenging to build an online store or optimize it per the requirement. 

You better call professional e-commerce development company to make it possible and build something worth standing against the competition. The team works on agile development methodologies and brings the best quality results. 

Every developer has years of experience, and they are capable of managing simple to complex online store development projects. Also, the team will keep updating clients (daily reports, weekly and monthly updates). Rely on Emizentech to work on advanced technology and build a worthy online store to sell shoes.  


People are much more concentrated on their looks and appeal. Shoes make the person look more attractive, and therefore everyone is keen to purchase new ones frequently. Therefore, entrepreneurs have shifted towards online shoe selling businesses. Building an online store for selling shoes is a great ideology, but that requires experts to create something unique and worth standing in the marketplace. 

We hope the above demonstrations helped you enough, and now you are prepared with plans & strategies to build the online store for shoe selling. Do not wait any more because the business opportunity is actually incredible. Consult with experts of Emizentech ASAP. Your consultation with skilled experts is absolutely Free, so share your ideas and let’s discuss the possible leverages to avail for business growth and expansion. 


Q. How Big and Profitable Is the Online Footwear Market?

The online shoe-selling industry has reached a valuation of $28.6 Billion in the past five years. The online shoe-selling revenue increased the expected CAGR of 10.7%. The industry is constantly increasing its value, and the demand will skyrocket sooner. 

Q. How do I start building an online store for selling shoes? 

If you want to build an online store for selling shoes and make money, consider a few things- 
1. Create your own personalized store; otherwise, find the e-commerce platform to build an online store. 
2. Find the niche and analyze the competition for the same in the marketplace. 
3. Decide on which business model you want to deal in. (Business Model – Wholesale Commerce or drop shipping). 
4. Find the best development team to build the online store. Look for the experts working in Emizentech, and get an up-to-mark store with advanced features as well. 
5. Consult with the developers and find the best online store development company. 
6. Do not forget to take after-deployment services for support and maintenance. 

Q. How can I market my online shoe store and attract customers?

If you want to market online store for shoe selling, then try these- 
1. Influential marketing
2. Social Media Marketing 
3. Run Loyalty Programs 
4. Do Promotions 
5. Provide Discounts and Offers to the customers

Q. How can I track the performance and success of my online store?

You can track the performance of your online store through Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Also, you can build CRM Tools like Salesforce. These all will help to know about what’s running in the business like conversion rates, return rates, bounce rates and many more. Afterwards bring the required changes for the best possible results.

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