A leading cloud eCommerce platform, BigCommerce is perfect for well-established and fast-growing businesses. Merging enterprise functionality, market-leading performance, and an open architecture and app ecosystem, Big Commerce allows businesses to increase online sales with around 80% less time, cost, and complexity than on-premise software. 

BigCommerce strengthens B2B and B2C eCommerce for 60,000+ SMBs, about 2,000 and more mid-market businesses, and industry-leading brands. 

The target of BigCommerce is to assist merchants in increasing sales at all stages of business growth. 

What Is BigCommerce?

An open SaaS platform, BigCommerce is leading a new eCommerce era. Using BigCommerce, you can explore infinite possibilities to develop, innovate, and grow.

With BigCommerce, you can craft creative and appealing store experiences with attractive design tools and control operational complexity using this secure and easy-to-use eCommerce platform. Also, BigCommerce helps outperform the competition by delivering rapid commerce experiences that keep customers visiting again.

Key Features Of BigCommerce

Now, you can create a differentiated, robust commerce experience without compromising stability, security, or scalability. The strength and openness of the BigCommerce an eCommerce development platform empower the users to optimize their business for ultimate growth. 

Let’s Check Out The Core Features Of BigCommerce:

1. SEO & Analytics Optimization

BigCommerce comes with in-built SEO features that assist businesses to improve organic exposure. Its analytics dashboard provides customer insights and page visibility along with product-level performance. 

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2. Website Customization

A highly-customizable platform, BigCommerce includes pre-built responsive templates that assist you in quickly and easily developing an eCommerce store. 

Furthermore, stencil permits developers to customize shopping cart templates for added control. 

3. Payment & Inventory Management

BigCommerce arrives with many 3rd-party payment services. They accept payments from big providers, embracing PayPal, and more. This feature permits businesses to decide which service is best for them.

4. Application Integrations

This eCommerce platform integrates with the external apps and maintains a tested and 3rd-party approved marketplace. A well-stocked application marketplace and an active app developer community assist businesses to emerge with custom elements or required features that can enhance their websites.

5. Cross-Channel Commerce

Using BigCommerce, you can integrate with top marketplaces to sell where most customers are shopping. You can even catch more customers on social channels, automatically update in-store sales with native POS systems, switch between storefronts using a single login, etc.

6. Scalable Catalog

You can manage your product catalog within the BigCommerce push and control panel from an external system using the Catalog API. 

7. Reporting & Analytics

You can drive the impact of real-time business with critical metrics for customer data, orders, marketing, and more.

8. Backup & Restore

Keep your store’s data centers, and a backup data center separated to reduce potential failure. 

9. World-Class Uptime

BigCommerce performs on a High Availability (HA) infrastructure, which facilitates the delivery of 99.99% uptime, performance, and resiliency for the merchants. 

10. Certified Secure

This eCommerce platform is PCI DSS 3.1, Level 1 certified and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified as both a service provider and merchant.

11. API Performance

BigCommerce supports 400+ calls/second, making it easy to conduct 24,000 product updates in under one minute.

12. Multi-Currency

BigCommerce allows you to fulfill global shoppers’ needs by accepting payments in 100+ currencies and providing local payment methods through any gateway you want. 

13. Multi-Language

You can localize the frontend of BigCommerce in any language using translation available through APIs for 3rd-party translation services and apps. 

14. Cross-Border Fulfillment

You can natively integrate with ShipperHQ to permit the right quoting for cross-border shipping. 

How Bigcommerce Works?

Bigcommerce is like a tool that helps people create and manage online stores where they can sell products. Here’s how it works:

  • Setting up the Store: First, you sign up for Bigcommerce and choose a template for your online store. This template gives your store a nice look and layout.
  • Adding Products: You can then add pictures and descriptions of the products you want to sell. This is like putting items on the shelves of your online store.
  • Managing Inventory: Bigcommerce helps you keep track of how many of each product you have in stock. So, if you sell out of something, it can automatically show that it’s sold out on your website.
  • Payment Processing: When someone wants to buy a product from your store, Bigcommerce handles the payment process securely. It can accept credit card payments and other methods.
  • Shipping and Delivery: After someone makes a purchase, you can use Bigcommerce to print shipping labels and manage the shipping process. This helps you send the products to your customers.
  • Managing Orders: Bigcommerce keeps track of all the orders that come in. It helps you organize and process them, making sure you don’t forget to send anything to your customers.
  • Website Hosting: Your online store is hosted on Bigcommerce’s servers, which means they take care of the technical stuff like keeping your website running smoothly and secure.
  • Customization: You can customize your store to make it look unique and fit your brand. You can also add features like reviews, discounts, and more.
  • Analytics: Bigcommerce provides tools to track how your store is doing. You can see which products are selling well, who is visiting your site, and other important information.
  • Support and Updates: Bigcommerce offers customer support if you have questions or run into problems. They also regularly update their platform to add new features and improve security.

Bigcommerce is a user-friendly platform that helps people create and manage their online stores without needing to be experts in web development or e-commerce. It takes care of many of the technical and logistical aspects, allowing you to focus on selling your products online.

How Would You Find Using BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is not an eCommerce that a beginner can master within minutes. It comes with numerous features and functionalities that make the usage process simple. 

Still, if you have developed a website or used other eCommerce platforms, you will not find it challenging to use BigCommerce. On the contrary, if you are a newbie, you would need to learn it. Being a starter, you would find it complicated to learn technical terminology. So, expect some hard work. 

While working with BigCommerce, you may find its design interface quite challenging. Also, to set up your eCommerce store and to begin operating and maintaining it, you will need to navigate both its frontend and backend. 

On the front end, it states the modification of the storefront’s aesthetics. 

On the backend, it indicates appending products and managing elements, such as shipping and discounts. 

BigCommerce has welcomed a new feature, Store Design, that makes the store designing process more straightforward. 

BigCommerce comes with various SEO features that ease beginners to ensure their website performs well in Google. Such SEO features include

  • Unique URLs: Ensure that your pages hold their URLs.
  • Optimized URLs: Auto-populate SEO-friendly product, category, and other pages’ URLs.
  • 301 redirects and URL rewrites: You can rename a product whenever you want. That page’s auto-populated URL will automatically reflect the new tag. Also, the old URL will redirect to a new one. 
  • Microdata: You can embed rich snippets or microdata in your product page to improve your search result listings with different details, like pricing, ratings, stock levels, brand, and more.

BigCommerce Pricing Plan

BigCommerce comes with 15 days free trial; you can use it and decide which plan you need. 

UsePlan CostUseIncludeExpected Online Sales/year
Standard$29.95/monthSell online using your appealing online store. Unlimited file storage, products, and bandwidth. 

Unlimited Staff account.Various sales channels, like Google Shopping, POS, Online storefront, etc.,24/7 tech support Charges no payment processing transaction fees

Up to $50k
Plus$79.95/monthUse marketing tools to grow your online business Unlimited file storage, products, and bandwidth. 

Unlimited Staff account. Various sales channels, like Google Shopping, POS, Online storefront, etc.,24/7 tech support Charges no payment processing transaction fees

Up to $180k
Pro $299.95/monthUse a complete set of features to scale your online business.Unlimited file storage, products, and bandwidth. 

Unlimited Staff account.Various sales channels, like Google Shopping, POS, Online storefront, etc.24/7 tech support Charges no payment processing transaction fees

Up to $400k
EnterpriseContact Sales team Use the best full-service open platform to strengthen your team’s success.Unlimited file storage, products, and bandwidth. 

Unlimited Staff account.Various sales channels, like Google Shopping, POS, Online storefront, etc.24/7 tech support 

Charges no payment processing transaction fees

Source: Bigcommerce

How is BigCommerce Intregating AI for Ecommerce?

BigCommerce is using artificial intelligence (AI) in e-commerce to help businesses grow. They’ve partnered with Google Cloud to create AI-powered tools like product description writing and personalized storefronts. This means businesses can save time, improve SEO, and offer customers customized product recommendations. BigCommerce is also enhancing its analytics with AI, helping merchants better understand their performance and customer trends. This move comes at a time when AI adoption in retail is on the rise. By automating tasks and improving efficiency, AI can help businesses save time and money, making it a valuable tool for e-commerce success.

How can EmizenTech help you with BigCommerce?

As an e-commerce development company, we can assist you with BigCommerce by creating a customized online store tailored to your specific needs. We’ll design an attractive and user-friendly website, integrate essential features like payment gateways and inventory management, and optimize it for search engines.

Our expertise ensures a seamless shopping experience for your customers, helping you boost sales and grow your business. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to enhance your existing BigCommerce store, we have the skills and experience to make your e-commerce venture a success.


BigCommerce includes almost everything that is going right with SaaS eCommerce platforms. By allowing 3rd-party development and embracing more features and functionality, BigCommerce provides an end-to-end solution that you can customize well. 

We hope this post stands helpful to you to start your eCommerce business with BigCommerce and emerge with the best eCommerce store that can meet specific business needs.

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