When someone decides to travel, it means going beyond the regular boundaries. Exploring new and unfamiliar places is always exciting, but a plethora of activities come along with it. To make traveling full of fun, Travel apps have played a significant role in recent decades. Whether booking the tickets, selecting the accommodation, planning the meals, exploring the places, or getting a guide, travel apps bring convenience to your palm. Kudos to these traveling apps; you must only get up from your couch when leaving for the trip. 

Travel and Tourism Mobile App

How Mobile Apps Are Transforming the Travel and Tourism Industry?

Undoubtedly, the traveling apps are catalyzing the travel and tourism industry favorably. Traveling apps have made all this feasible, eliminating the time taking process of booking tickets, roaming in the new city to find hotels and unfamiliarity with the places to visit. People don’t have to think twice before planning a trip. You can book flight tickets, choose the best hotel to stay in, plan your food for different days, visit various travel destinations, and much more just from your smartphone. 

However, this transformation has not been achieved overnight. Neither is it like some company developed an app and converted the whole industry into digital. Today, different types of apps make the traveling experience sleeker. Transport ticket booking apps provide their services, while hotel booking apps make the accommodation services handier. Tour scheduling and management apps guide travelers, while fintech apps make the local currency available. 

Travel App Market & Industry Forecasts

Before discussing different mobile apps elevating the tourism industry, let’s glance at the industry statistics. The total revenue of the travel segment and industry is projected to achieve a valuation of USD 333.4 million this year. However, with travel apps making it easy to plan the trip, the industry is expected to project a CAGR of 11.05% and achieve a valuation of USD 507 million by 2026. 

Talking specifically about the point of interest, i.e., traveling app, the in-app purchase revenue in the Travel segment is set to achieve the valuation of USD 88.05 million in the year 2022. At the same time, paid app revenue in the same segment will reach USD99.61 million. 

The total downloads of traveling relevant apps are all set to reach the milestone of 2,308 million downloads in 2022. 

Benefits of Having a Travel App for Your Travel & Tourism Business

Benefits of Having a Travel App

Tourism is a burgeoning industry with an interesting CAGR. So, if you are already engaged in the industry, you must have experienced the spike. However, a significant change comes with this spike, that is digitalization. The tourism industry is getting digitized much faster than most other industries. To cope with the curve, you must deal with the customers how they are interested. 

Developing mobile applications for your business with the services you provide secures a range of benefits for you. The benefits are listed below but are not limited to: 

1. Provide Better Customer Support 

Whether you are running a hotel, restaurant, or traveling business, your service support is going to bring the customer. Mobile applications are a great source to transfigure the quality of client service you provide. Communicate to your customers through the app, take their feedback, provide the rating feature, solve the queries, address FAQs, and more. 

2. Reduce Paperwork 

Paperwork is one of the factors that forces one to think twice before planning the trip or specifically choosing your services. With your app, you can reduce or even eliminate the paperwork from your process. Filling in their details while sitting on the couch of their living area will not bother the users. So, provide convenience to the customers and convert them into your loyal clients.

3. Enhance Customer Loyalty

With the presence of hundreds of similar businesses in the same market, it has never been so difficult to retain customers. However, the challenges bring the solution with them, and here the solution is getting digital. Your business mobile application can increase the loyalty of your customers toward your business. Remain connected with your client base, keep sending them attractive offers, wish them on their special days, and keep inviting them for a visit. 

4. Offer Customized Services 

Make your customer feel special by offering customized services. You can get the specific requirements of your customers in advance via the app and fulfill their expectations. Make the necessary arrangements in their room, cook the pre-asked meal for your guest, give your customer the best seat in the traveling van, and much more. 

5. A Go-To Place for Any Query

Provide every information and insight about your service on one platform. Help the customers to choose your service by enhancing their user experience. It will make it easier for customers to make decisions. 

6. Acts as A Strong Marketing Tool

Your mobile app is going to act like a strong marketing tool. Highlight all the insight and services you provide in the app. Present your app innovatively in front of costumes, and it will market your services significantly among potential customers. After all, it is the information that everyone seeks and not catchy headlines. 

Classification of Traveling Apps as Per Their Purpose

Classification of Traveling App

As the article interpreted earlier, the traveling industry is getting digital by the contribution of different types of apps. So, here we are going to discuss different types of traveling apps which are transforming the tourism industry. 

1. Travel Itinerary Planning Apps 

Itinerary, the word itself suggests planning every aspect of a trip or journey. So, a travel itinerary app is one that does not focus on a particular service but assists you in the overall planning of your journey in one go. For example, you can fill up the details about your tickets, hotels, and destinations. The app will manage your complete schedule and ensure that you are not running off track. 

Leading Travel Itinerary Planning Apps 

a) Wanderlog

With 4.9 star ratings, Wanderlog is one of the most popular travel itinerary planning apps. The app provides insight into flights, hotels, attractions, best routes, order of places, guide, offline trip planning, and much more under a single roof. It allows you to set budgets, split bills, and track expenses. 

PublisherTravelchime Inc.
Review & Ratings4.9/5
Downloads10 Million Approx
Available OniOS & Android
b) TripIt 

The app has over 5M downloads on the Google Play store. Once you have booked the tickets, hotels, meals, and guide and decided on other parts of the trip, submit the details in the app, and it will present your complete trip schedule in no time.  

PublisherTripIt, Inc.
Review & Ratings4.8/5
Available OniOS & Android
c) Sygic Travel
Sygic Travel

Sygic Travel is a step ahead of the previous apps in terms of usability. Besides providing itinerary planning, the app also offers worldwide offline maps, photos & descriptions of over 50 million places, 360° videos, accommodation options, suggestions about tours/activities, and much more. 

PublisherTripomatic s.r.o.
Review & Ratings4.6/5
Available OniOS & Android

2. Tickets Booking App

Moving to the dedicated app, ticket booking apps are the one that assists users in booking tickets. Here tickets refer to every activity that requires a ticket, whether traveling or entering a museum. However, you might need to download different apps for niche ticket areas, but the apps have definitely got you all covered. 

Leading Tickets Booking Apps 

a) Ixigo 

Ixigo is a train journey dedicated app. The application allows you to book tickets for trains running all over India in no time. You can even book the tickets at the last moment and enjoy the trip. Check the details about your existing booking, PNR, track the train’s location, and much more with the app. Ixigo is trusted by more than 100M users on Google Play Store. 

Publisherixigo – IRCTC Authorised Partner, Flight Tickets
Review & Ratings4.7/5
Available OniOS & Android
b) Expedia 

Whether it is hotel accommodation, flight tickets, car trips, or a combo of everything, Expedia has covered everything. You can book the tickets for any activity and attract the best and most exciting features. The app is available for both iOS and Android users.

PublisherExpedia, Inc.
Review & Ratings4.8/5
Available OniOS & Android


c) Skyscanner 
SkyScanner Flights Hotels Cars

You can consider Skyscanner as the competitor of Expedia as this app also provides similar services to that of the former app. With Skyscanner, you can book flights and accommodations and rent a car. More than 50M users trust the application on Google Play Store. 

PublisherSkyscanner Ltd
Review & Ratings4.8/5
Available OniOS & Android

3. Accommodation Booking Apps

Hotel booking is one of the prominent parts of any trip. However, getting suitable accommodation at the right price in an unfamiliar city might be equally challenging. So, accommodation booking apps allow the users to select from thousands of rooms in the city and select the best one. The prices are also well compared and thus reasonable. 

Leading Accommodation Booking Apps 

a) Booking.com

Entertaining more than 500M users on the Google Play store, the app is one of the biggest accommodation booking apps. Having done with booking rooms and hotels, the app now offers services in flight tickets and car rentals as well. 

PublisherBooking.com Hotels & Vacation Rentals
Review & Ratings4.8/5
Available OniOS & Android
b) Hotels.com 

Hotels.com is a dedicated app for accommodation. However, the app provides a range of accommodation options to its users that are difficult to get in any other app. With Hotels.com, you can book rooms, resorts, vacation rentals, motels, B&B, apartments, and more. 

PublisherHotels.com LP
Review & Ratings4.8/5
Available OniOS & Android
c) Trivago 

The app has marked 50M+ downloads on Google Play Store and provides accommodation booking services to its users. The app has listed the hotels for different customers’ niches based on price and luxury. App also allows the users to compare the hotel prices on various websites and book from the most affordable one. 

Publishertrivago N.V.
Review & Ratings4.8/5
Available OniOS & Android

4. Travel Insurance Apps

Taking extra precautions is always good. So, Travel Insurance App makes your trip safer by offering after-loss services. The accidents such as baggage loss, theft, trip cancellation, loss of passport, medical emergency, bounced airline or hotel booking, etc., are very common. However, getting compensation for loss can give you relief to a significant extent. You can get travel insurance via different applications offered by banks and insurance companies. 

Leading Travel Insurance Apps 

a) Goose Travel Insurance
Goose Travel Insurance

The app is one of the most popular travel insurance apps in the landscape. The app allows you to buy travel insurance in mere 60 seconds and enjoy the trip without tension. The app offers emergency travel medical insurance of up to $5 million when traveling abroad in the USA, along with coverage in case of trip cancellation and interruption. 

PublisherGoose Services Insurance Inc.
Review & Ratings4.4/5
Available OniOS & Android
b) Allianz TravelSmart 
Allianz TravelSmart

Allianz TravelSmart is the best app for Allianz Travel Policyholders. The app provides complete access to the travel insurance plan file, manages the claim, tracks the flights, receives updates about flight delays, and offers 24-hours assistance. The app has more than 50K downloads on the Google Play store. 

PublisherAllianz Global Assistance USA
Review & Ratings4.6/5
Available OniOS & Android
c) AIG Travel Assistance 
AIG Travel Assistance

By serving its niche market, AIG Travel Assistance has also managed to secure space for itself in a competitive market. The app is only accessible to corporate or business travel policyholders; thus, individual policyholders can not use the app. Other than the insurance, they also keep the important tracking of your trip such as whether you have reached the destination safely, country or destination report, contacts to emergency health service providers, etc. 

PublisherAmerican International Group, Inc.
Review & Ratings3.1/5
Available OniOS & Android

5. Travel Guide Apps 

It’s always a good idea to be with someone who knows the actual heritages and wonders of the place. Several travel guide apps provide you with the best guide, driver, transportation, and tour services to make your experience even more fantastic. They cover all the famous and essential spots of the city while taking care of your preferences. 

Leading Travel Guide Apps 

a) GetYourGuide: Tours & Tickets 

With more than 5M downloads on Google Play Store, GetYourGuide leads the travel guide industry. No matter which city in what country you are visiting, you can always rely on GetYourGuide. You can communicate your preferences, and they will prepare the schedule accordingly. 

Review & Ratings4.7/5
Available OniOS & Android
b) Tripadvisor: Plan & Book Trips 

With its panorama of services, the app has more than 100M downloads on the Google Play store. No matter where you plan to visit, get in touch with Tripadvisor, and they will handle the rest. Whether travel guides, local guides, hotels, activities, experiences, transportation, scheduling, food, or anything, they cover everything. 

Review & Ratings4.5/5
Available OniOS & Android
c) Viator: Tours & Activities 

Another leading app that provides complete support on your trip. Just tell it the destination and rest everything will be taken care of. The app is trusted by over a million users on the Google Play store with a 4.8-star rating. Choose the service after going through the thousands of reviews existing users give. 

PublisherViator App
Review & Ratings4.9/5
Available OniOS & Android

6. Currency Conversion Apps

If you plan to have a trip abroad, the first thing you need in your pocket is the local currency of the visiting country. However, gone are the days when you had to fill out long forms, visit travel agents, or contact the banks to get the local currency. Plenty of apps are providing this service at your fingertips. But, you need to be careful about the fintech app as it demands access to your money. You can consider the following apps for the same: 

Leading Currency Conversion Apps 

a) Xe Currency Converter & Global Money Transfer
Xe Currency Converter & Global Money Transfer

With this app, you can exchange your currency with money from more than 130 countries. Add an unlimited number of recipients in the app and send or receive money instantly from the other users. You need not worry until and unless you have covered these 130 countries. More than 10M users have downloaded the app on Google Play Store. 

PublisherXE.com Inc.
Review & Ratings4.4/5
Available OniOS & Android
b) MyCurrency

With access to the currency of more than 180 countries, MyCurrency is a free currency converter app. You can even set up your preference list in the currency to get conversion at first glance. The app focuses on bringing all the world’s currencies into your smartphone. 

PublisherROQAPPS Software GmbH
Review & Ratings4.5/5
Available OniOS & Android
c) Exchange Rates & Currency Converter
Exchange Rates and Currency Converter

The app serves multiple purposes to its audience. Whether it is taking a glance at your favorite currency, calculating the prices in foreign countries, visualizing the historical change in exchange range, or converting your regular notes to the currency of a different country, this app has covered it all for you. 

PublisherUniversal Currency
Review & Ratings4.4/5
Available OnAndroid

7. Transportation App

You might prefer to travel in your taxi but also might be unfamiliar with the taxi services of the new cities. No worries, transportation apps have got your back. You can use several apps to book a car, taxi, or even bike with or without a driver. 

Leading Transportation Apps

a) Uber

With over 500M downloads on the play store and a user base worldwide, Uber is undoubtedly one of the market leaders in the transportation app category. The user interface of the app is very simple and can be used easily by a beginner. You can book bikes, three-wheeler taxis, cars, sedans, SUVs, and even luxury rides. Moreover, the app helps to get a ride on competitive races. 

PublisherUber Technologies, Inc.
Review & Ratings4.6/5
Available OniOS & Android
b) Ola, Rides Done Right
Ola, Rides Done Right

With access to 250+ cities worldwide, Ola cabs have also established a strong presence in the transportation market. The app connects over 2M drivers from different cities, which will take you to the destination. Ola also lets you choose the ride of your preferences according to comfort and budget. Take intercity as well as intra-city rides with Ola.  

PublisherANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Review & Ratings4/5
Available OniOS & Android
c) Lyft 

With over 50M downloads, Lyft also contributes efficiently to the transportation industry. The app provides you with 9 different ways to choose and reach your destination. Whether it is an affordable two-wheeler ride or a treat to yourself, Lyft covers everything. 

PublisherLyft, Inc.
Review & Ratings3.9/5
Available OniOS & Android

8. Language Translate Apps

There is nothing like a universal language in the true sense. If we talk about English, you can come across billions of people in hundreds of countries who don’t understand it. But, with the presence of Language Translate apps, the language barrier is no longer a barrier. Get a good language translation app, and you will never be stuck anywhere, at least due to the language. 

Leading Language Translate Apps

a) iTranslate Language Translator 
iTranslate Language Translator 

Having a medium that can work as a translator between you and your counterpart can be a wonderful gift. If you are a frequent traveler, you can not go to learn all the languages. So, iTranslate Language Translator allows you to speak in your native language and will translate it into any secondary language. You can command the app to say the secondary language to communicate with the person. The app so far has 46 languages functioning in it. 

Review & Ratings4.7/5
Available OniOS & Android
b) SayHi Translate 
SayHi Translate

By translating more than 50 languages, SayHi has acquired more than a million downloads on the Play Store. The app neither shows the advertisement nor charges you anything for the service. You can receive the translated language notes in voice and text format. 

PublisherSayHi – An Amazon Company
Review & Ratings4.7/5
Available OniOS & Android
c) TextGrabber

TextGrabber is a little different from the previous apps. If you have problems only with reading the second language, TextGrabber is the best solution for it. You can scan the texts from the app, and in moments, the screen will present the texts in your language. No more suffering in reading hotel menus, train or bus schedules, and instruction of a specific place.

PublisherABBYY USA Software House Inc
Review & Ratings4.5/5
Available OniOS & Android

9. Travel Finance App

You can take the finance when you don’t want to compromise your savings while traveling. Many banks and firms provide finance, especially for traveling. You can easily download their dedicated apps and apply for the same. We have listed some of the sources you can get help from.

Leading Travel Finance Apps

a) Discover Mobile 
Discover Mobile

With more than 10M downloads on Google Play Store, the Discover Mobile app is one of the most trusted sources for getting travel finances. The platform offers you a loan of up to $35,000 with APR (Annual Percentage Rate) ranging from 5.99% to 24.99%. You can demand a tenure of up to 84 months to repay the loan. 

PublisherDiscover Financial Services
Review & Ratings4.9/5
Available OniOS & Android
b) Sofi 

Sofi can be another choice to get a loan for travel. The firm gives you the fund the same day the loan is approved. So, it helps you make your trip happen. The interest rates provided by the platform are often lower than most credit card providers. The firm also has an application with more than 100K downloads on Google Play Store. 

PublisherSocial Finance, Inc.
Review & Ratings4.2/5
Available OniOS & Android
c) TripMoney

TripMoney is a part of the India-based travel company MakeMyTrip. The company provides you with a loan, especially for your vacation and traveling, so your trip doesn’t become a burden for your pocket. You can also insure your trip through the app. The firm provides the loan at comparatively lower interest rates. 

Review & Ratings4/5
Available OnAvailable on Android, coming soon on iOS

10. GPS & Navigation App

You can not be familiar with every place you are visiting. But your smartphone is. To ensure that you don’t get lost in the narrow streets of a new city, or you don’t get confused on your way back to the hotel, there are a lot of GPS and Navigation apps that you can use. It will tell you everything about the roads and pathways and the famous and must-visit places you should include in your trip schedule. 

Leading GPS & Navigation Apps

a) Google Maps 
Google Maps

If Google operates in something, it always tops the list. Similarly, Google Maps is one of the biggest, most used, and most popular navigation apps you can use on your trip. Let it be the highlights of places, way back to your hotel, or designing the trip schedule, and Google Maps supports you everywhere. 

PublisherGoogle LLC
Review & Ratings4.7/5
Available OniOS & Android
b) Komoot: Cycling & Walking Maps

Komoot is slightly different navigation and GPS app. You can get insight into a city from any random app, but Komoot lets you explore something different. The target audience of the app is people who enjoy tracking and off-roading. The app will navigate the different tracks and pathways for biking. The app has been downloaded by more than 10M people from Google Play Store alone. 

Publisherkomoot GmbH
Review & Ratings4.7/5
Available OniOS & Android
c) HERE WeGo: Maps & Navigation 

The app is designed especially for travelers. So, it is one of the best apps you can have while traveling. The features like finding the point of interest (ATM, restaurants, hotels, banks, hospitals, parks), tourist attractions, updates and pricing about city transport, travel options available in the area, path navigation, and much more make it one of best multi-purpose GPS apps. More than 10M android users are using the app. 

PublisherHERE Apps LLC
Review & Ratings3.6/5
Available OniOS & Android

11. Photo & Videography apps 

Trips and journeys are about creating memories; photos save it well for us. However, getting good photos is never an easy task. But, some apps can definitely help transfigure your pictures and their quality. Try different modes, and your Instagram is ready to rock. 

Leading Photo & Videography Apps

a) Open Camera
Open Camera

Open Camera is a free camera app that helps you make custom settings and click photographs. You can expose your camera functionality such as scene modes, color effects, white balance, ISO, a selfie with flash, HD videos, exposure lock, auto-repeat mode, handy remote control, etc. The app has secured more than 50M downloads on Google Play Store. 

PublisherMark Harman
Review & Ratings4.1/5
Available OnAndroid
b) Camera +2
Camera +2

This camera app is available only for iPhone users to provide the best manual control. Users can adjust ISO, shutter speed, and white balance and use various preset options through the app. You can even shoot in RAW format and edit it for the best outputs. 

PublisherMarch Media Lab
Review & Ratings4.1/5
Available OniOS & Android
c) Adobe Photoshoot Camera
Adobe Photoshoot Camera

The application is meant for the advanced editing of videos and photos. You might have missed clicking the high-quality and attractive images. So, this app allows you to enhance the quality, color contrast, brightness, and various elements of your photographs or videos. 

Review & Ratings4.6/5
Available OniOS & Android

12. Virtual Tour Apps 

Getting a 360° view of the site can be a good idea to decide if it is worth visiting or not. Several virtual tour apps will take you to the exact location you plan to visit. Have a complete look at the place, live it from your smartphone and then decide the best one to visit. After all, you don’t have time to try real-time places one by one. 

Leading Virtual Tour Apps

a) Google Earth
Google Earth

The application has more than 100M downloads on Play Store. The app is offered by Google, allowing you to visit multiple popular places on Earth. Get access to 360° photos and videos to visiting the site virtually before visiting it physically. 

PublisherGoogle LLC
Review & Ratings3.4/5
Available OniOS & Android
b) Sites in VR
Sites in VR

Claiming more than a million downloads on the Google play store, Sites in VR is one of the best apps you can choose to have a virtual tour of different destinations. Explore the places with high-quality 360° photos and videos from your home, then decide about your interest.

PublisherErcan Gigi
Review & Ratings4.5/5
Available OniOS & Android
c) Egypt VR 360° 
Egypt VR 360°

The app is meant only for travelers planning to explore Egypt in the upcoming days. Still, it is worth mentioning as the app has covered almost every popular corner of the country. Let it be temples, tombs, spiritual, culture, hotels, or anything, take a virtual tour right from your smartphone. 

Review & Ratings4.3/5
Available OniOS & Android

13. Deal Alerts App

Traveling and trips are always exciting, but getting the best deals can multiply the excitement. It is always worth searching for good deals, but sometimes the task can be a headache. So, the Deal alert app removes this headache and brings the best deals you can grab for traveling. 

Leading Deal Alert Apps

a) HolidayPirates: Travel app for Cheap Holiday Deals 

HolidayPirates is a top-rated app in the category. The app identifies the combinations of flights, holiday packages, and hotels and provides the best deal for you. The app even allows you to search the deals by applying the filter of departure airport, destinations, travel dates, etc. 

Review & Ratings4.3/5
Available OniOS & Android
b) SkyScanner Flights Hotels Cars 
SkyScanner Flights Hotels Cars

With over 50M downloads, SkyScanner is the other useful app to get attractive and the best travel deal. The app can filter the dates and times in your chosen month so you can plan your holiday accordingly. Moreover, you can even make bookings through the app without any booking or hidden charges. 

PublisherSkyscanner Ltd
Review & Ratings4.7/5
Available OniOS & Android
c) Hopper: Hotels, Flights & Cars 

Hopper is another popular app that helps you take the trip at the most affordable price. You can tell the app about the trip you wish to have, and the app will tell you the best time to make the booking. The app has helped its users save $1.8 billion to date. 

PublisherHopper Inc.
Review & Ratings4.8/5
Available OniOS & Android

14. Social Media Apps 

While traveling, social media doesn’t refer to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Instead, it prefers the social media platforms that help you engage with other audiences and make your trip even more fun and exciting. There are several traveling social media apps such as the app store as well as the Play store. 

Leading Traveling Social Media apps 

a) Travello

With over 500K downloads on the Play Store, Travello can be considered the Facebook of Travelers. Once you have signed up for the app, you will see the posts of people traveling worldwide. You even connect with like-minded travelers to make them your companion on upcoming trips. You can also be part of different groups of solo travelers, Backpacker Asia, Digital Nomads, Female Travelers, and many more. 

PublisherTravello Pty Ltd
Review & Ratings4.5/5
Available OniOS & Android
b) Spotted by Locals
Spotted by Locals

Nobody knows the city better than the locals. Everyone has explored their city thousands of times, so they know about the places to visit, stay, and roam around. Spotted by Locals is the app that brings you insight into the city from its locals. You can read the suggestions and reviews of different places given by the real locals about their city. More than 50K android users are using the app. 

PublisherSpotted by Locals
Review & Ratings4.8/5
Available OniOS & Android
c) Withlocals 

Withlocals is the social media app that helps you connect with the best local guides of the city. You can surf through the list of local guides and contact them for your tour. Moreover, you can find the best food tours, walking tours, night tours, day trips, and bike tours from the app. 

PublisherWithlocals B.V.
Review & Ratings4.5/5
Available OniOS & Android

15. Couchsurfing Apps

Accommodation eats up a big part of our traveling budget. The Couchsurfing concept saves us from the same. A number of Couchsurfing platforms enable people to become the host in their city. So the traveler visiting their city can send the couch request to hosts in their city and crash on their place on the decided dates. 

Leading Couchsurfing Apps 

a) Couchsurfing Travel App 
Couchsurfing Travel App

More than 14 million travel enthusiasts are using Couchsurfing in 230,000 cities worldwide. So, there are chances that you can get a host in any city in the world you are planning to visit on your upcoming trip. The app even lets you meet the travelers coming to your town and join them on the trip. 

PublisherCouchSurfing Inc.
Review & Ratings4.6/5
Available OniOS & Android
b) Airbnb

Besides the house rentals and activities explorer, Airbnb is one of the best Couchsurfing apps. You can connect the various hosts in secondary cities and book the accommodation for a couple of dollars or even free. The plus point is that all the hosts at Airbnb are verified, and you can even communicate with them before making the appointment. 

Review & Ratings4.6/5
Available OniOS & Android
c) Homestay.com

With over 50K downloads on the Google Play store, Homestay.com is a viral Couchsurfing app. The app has more than 50,000 registered homestays in 140 different countries around the globe. You can review user reviews and choose the best host for you. 

PublisherQuynh Dau
Review & Ratings3/5
Available OniOS & Android

Convert Your App Idea Into Reality

Let’s Build A New App Together

Super Apps vs. Dedicated Apps vs. Segment Apps

1. Super App for Travel

The “All in One” concept is preferred by all. Everyone likes to get different things they need under one roof. Super App is the one that is integrated with multiple use cases. Talking in the context of the traveling sector, the apps that allow booking flights and hotels, rides, restaurants, guides, and other services are Super Apps. 

Example: Goibibo 


It is one of the best Super apps for traveling as it allows you to book flight tickets and choose hotels, cabs, trains, buses, etc. 

PublisherGoibibo — Hotel, Flight, IRCTC Authorised Partner
Review & Ratings4.5/5
Available OniOS & Android

2. Dedicated App

Opposite to that Super App, a Dedicated app is meant for a specific type of service. It only has one use case: hotel booking, flight booking, cab services, etc. 

Example: Hotels.com


It is one of the best examples of dedicated apps. It only offers accommodation services. Being a dedicated app, it is free to explore a range of variety in that particular service, and thus, it provides accommodation services of different types.

PublisherHotels.com LP
Review & Ratings4.5/5
Available OniOS & Android

3. Segment App

When the app is dedicated not to some kind of service or product but to some sort of customer segment, it is called a segment app. 

Example: Nomadlist App

Nomadlist Apps

It is meant for the users who prefer to stay in different cities taking advantage of the remote work culture. Numerous apps engage the Nomads Social Communities and provide services for the same. 

FounderPieter Levels
Review & Ratings5/5
Available OnOnly on Web

Must Have Features of A Travel App 

Every dedicated app is meant to have its specific feature according to its service. However, we are here enlisting some features that should be available in every app irrespective of its dedicated service or sector: 

1. Login/Sign up

Login Sign up

There should be a profile-making option in every app. Customers have different interests, and making a profile will help the application take care of them. Moreover, it will help significantly maintain every user’s identity on the platform. 

2. Search Bar 

Search Bar

Whether it is hotel booking, flight booking, navigation, traveling, or any other app, it must carry a search bar. The feature will play an enormous role in enhancing the user experience with the application. 

3. Rating & Review 

Rating and Review 

Customers have the right to share their experience with the applications and services. Moreover, it is a helpful medium to inform new users about service quality. So, irrespective of the type of app, rating and review features need to be there in the app.

4. Offline Access 

Offline Access

Complete functioning without internet connectivity might not be possible, but every app should be usable in some way, even when there is no network or connectivity. For example, a navigation app should at least show the way back to home, which has been searched by the user frequently. 

5. Messages & Chatting

Messages and chatting as a form of communication should be present in the app. The user can talk to the driver if it is a transport app. Similarly, if it is a hotel booking app, the user can contact reception in case of a query or request. 

6. Notifications About Hot Deals 

Notifications About Hot Deals 

Different apps have different hot deals for their customers, but the user is not always on the app. So, the application should have the feature to inform the users about hot deals via push notification

7. Safe Payment Gateway 

Safe Payment Gateway 

The app should be equipped with a safe payment gateway option to make the necessary payments. Moreover, the payment partner should be reliable and well known to the users. 

How Travel Apps Work?

How Travel Apps Work 

The working principle of different traveling apps varies from each other. However, every application focuses on providing the user with specified support. The travel apps are mainly dependent on real-time service providers. Applications only integrate them on the digital platform, share the insight of their services, and provide a portal for the users where they can contact that real-time service. 

Example, there is an actual hotel named XYZ in Washington. So, a hotel booking application will not build its hotel. But, the app will list the XYZ hotel and the rooms, facilities, and pricing types. A good app will provide a portal where the users can log in to book a room. Here, the booking goes straight to the XYZ hotel, and the app only plays the mediator role. This way, the app has helped XYZ hotel to get the customer.

Steps to Create a Travel App 

Steps to Create a Travel App

1. Determine the Objective of Your App

As you learned above, multiple travel app categories serve a different purpose than another. So, when developing the app, you must first determine your objective. You should know about the problem you are going to solve. 

2. Conduct In-Depth Market Research

You must know what you are heading to. Conduct in-depth market research. Find out about your competitors, their service, and the area of competitive advantages you can focus on. Be aware of the new trends and expectations of the customers to make a solid case. 

3. List the Features and Services You Are Going to Provide 

Once you are done with market research, list the features provided by your competitors and the features which will be your USP. After all, you must provide something extra to attract their audience. 

4. Hire a Good App Development Company 

As long as you don’t belong to a software development background, you will need a team that can develop the app for you. A good team might cost you a couple of dollars extra, but you don’t have to compromise with the team. Remember, your app’s quality will depend completely on the software development team you hire. 

5. Coordinate with The Team 

Instead of being the owner, be a part of that team. Engage in their work. Make sure everything is being done as planned. Check the prototype efficiently. Recommend the changes. Ask the doubts. 

6. Get the App Uploaded 

Once the app has been developed, upload it to the right platform. 

7. Market the App 

The most crucial step, don’t forget to tell people about your app. Use different mediums for marketing your app. Engage in social media marketing, promote the app, and spend on advertising. All these stunts are going to bring customers to your app. 

How Travel Apps Make Money? Revenue Models

How Travel Apps Make Money

Apps are meant to generate income as it requires a good investment to develop the app. So, if you have managed to create a versatile app and attract a good audience, an app has multiple income streams. The most popular income sources in an app are as follows: 

1. In-App Purchases

Many apps keep some of the features locked in their basic version, which users can access via in-app purchases. So, this purchase brings an excellent income to the app. 

2. Premium Version 

Premium versions are a popular way of generating income. By providing the basic version for free, developers attract the audience toward the premium version at a specific price with advanced features and accessibility. 

3. Advertising 

If the app has managed to attract a good audience base, giving space to advertisement generates a handsome income for the app. 

4. Commission 

Most of the apps in the traveling and tourism industry rely on a commission model. The app charges a certain commission from the service providers in exchange for customers they bring to the business. 

5. Listing fee

The listing fee is the alternative to the commission business model. Instead of applying a cut on every deal, some apps just charge a listing fee from the service providers to get their names listed on the app. 

Technology Required for Building Travel Applications

Technology Required for Developing Travel Applications

While developing a traveling and tourism app, the following tech stack can be taken into account: 

Application and Data

JavaScriptES6KafkaApache Spark
PythonRedisSwiftReact Router
Node.jsAmazon S3Amazon RDSAmazon Redshift
ReactAmazon EC2KotlingRPC
JavaSassMemcachedAmazon Aurora
NGINXAWS LambdaCassandraProtobuf


Google AnalyticsElasticsearchAmazon Route 53
Twilio SendGridTableauMapbox

Dev Ops

AWS Elastic Load Balancing (ELB)

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming the Travel Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the travel industry in numerous ways, making travel more convenient, efficient, and enjoyable. With the integration of AI and mobile app development, travelers can now access smart travel solutions that enhance their overall experience. Here’s a closer look at how AI is changing the travel landscape:

1. Smart Travel Search

AI-powered travel search engines like Google Flights and Kayak use machine learning algorithms to analyze vast amounts of data, helping users find the best deals, routes, and accommodations quickly and effortlessly. These apps offer real-time pricing availability and predict when flight prices will likely change.

2. Improving Business Travel Services

Business travelers benefit from AI-powered apps that streamline their trips. These apps can automate itinerary management, suggest optimal meeting times, and provide expense-tracking features. AI also helps optimize travel budgets by identifying cost-effective options for flights and accommodations.

3. Enhanced User Experience

AI-driven mobile apps offer a personalized experience by understanding users’ preferences and past behavior. They can suggest destinations, activities, and even restaurants based on individual interests, making travel planning more tailored and enjoyable.

4. Virtual Customer Service

AI chatbots and virtual assistants are available 24/7 to assist travelers with inquiries, booking changes, and troubleshooting. They can provide instant responses and solutions, reducing the need for lengthy phone calls or emails.

5. Enhanced and Personalized Recommendations

AI analyzes user data to offer highly personalized travel recommendations. Whether it’s suggesting local attractions, providing weather updates, or recommending nearby dining options, these apps ensure travelers have a memorable journey.

6. Flight and Hotel Price Forecasts

AI algorithms predict fluctuations in flight and hotel prices, enabling travelers to make informed decisions. Mobile apps with price forecasting features help users secure the best rates and avoid overpaying for travel arrangements.

7. Handling Delays and Cancellations Better

AI can monitor flight status and weather conditions in real time. If a flight is delayed or canceled, AI-powered apps can automatically rebook travelers on alternative flights, saving time and reducing stress.

Members in a Travel App Development Team 

Developing an app is not one person’s task; it requires a complete and experienced team. An app development team is mainly comprised of 5-6 roles. Following are the core profiles of a perfect app development team: 

1. Product Owner

The product owner is the person in charge of the app being developed. The role of the product owner can be observed in maintaining communication between the app development team and other organization members. 

2. Project Manager 

The project manager is internal in charge of the overall project. The core responsibility of the project manager is to ensure that the project is delivered on time, at a defined cost, and with expected quality. 

3. Business Analyst 

The business analyst performs the connecting role between the client and the developer team. Moreover, the business analyst understands your idea, lays out the requirement, provides the estimated project cost, delivers the prototype, and helps the client get the expected product. 

4. UI/UX Designer 

The UI and UX designer determines your app’s first impression and experience. They will ensure that the app is user-friendly and does not cause complications. 

5. Mobile App Developer

You will need the mobile app developer in the team while developing the application for iOS, Android, or both. Mobile app developers transform the UI/UX layouts into real-time applications. 

6. QA Engineer 

One of the most critical profiles of the app development team is QA (Quality Assessment) Engineer. The QA Engineer in the team conducts the repetitive test of the app and ensures to remove all the bugs. 

7. Sales & Marketing Specialists

Very few firms offer sales and marketing specialists. However, this part in your team can transfer your app’s performance by enlarging its reach to maximum users. 

How Much It Costs to Create a Travel App?

cost to develop

Stitching a price tag to the app development is not possible as it is highly variable. The app development cost is decided by accounting for several elements and factors. The cost of developing a tour and traveling app will depend on: 

  • The country you are hiring the developers from
  • Features you want to instill in your app
  • The time it takes for the developers to develop the app 
  • The platform you want to build your app for (iOS, Android, or both)
  • The time to launch the app
  • Type of theme you want to use (free or paid)
  • The experience and pricing of the app development team 

However, the estimated cost of developing a basic traveling app can vary between $40,000-$60,000

Tips to Consider While Developing a Traveling Mobile App

Tips for developing the travel app

You are going to invest a reasonable amount for app development. So, here are some of the tips that will ensure you are fulfilling your role appropriately: 

1. Don’t Compromise with Features 

Undoubtedly, app development costs depend mainly on the number and type of features you want to see in the app. But, it never means that you should compromise with the number of features. Always remember that features are the core competencies of your app. 

2. Chatbot

The chatbot can enhance the user experience significantly by providing basic support 24*7. Ensure to include it in your app. 

3. Check Prototype Properly

The prototype is going to be the raw product of your project. It will provide you with an idea about the appearance and functioning of the app. Make sure you test the prototype efficiently, as any changes in the project at this stage will not cause significant changes in cost or time. However, if you pass the prototype and want to make changes after that, it might cost both time and money. 

4. Talk About Your Complete Idea

Don’t just limit the conversation to the app only. Share your whole idea with the team so that they can understand your needs and deliver the product accordingly. 

5. Go for Multi-Purpose 

If you have a specified domain to provide the services in, go for it. But if you are going to be a middleman between service providers and customers, try to develop a multi-purpose app. 

6. Ensure USP

Your app must provide something different and extra to the users, so you must focus on Unique Selling Proposition. In your PR, you must have something to highlight and talk about to attract users to the app. 

7. Marketing & Promotion

Don’t forget to tell people about your app and its services. If people are unaware of your presence, they will not use it. So, communicate to the audience about your app, its services, features, and its usability. 

Why Choose EmizenTech?

Plenty of Freelance Developers and software development companies are willing to take your project into the market. So, what it is that satisfies your choice for Emizentech. Well, there is not one but a list of reasons that justifies the choice.

1. Experienced Team 

Experiences can not be bought but only earned. Our team has over a decade of experience that helps us understand your idea and meet your expectations. Having worked on different traveling app projects, we now are well aware of the challenges and their respective solutions, so your project doesn’t face a pause. 

2. Market Research

The market research team of Emizentech can be considered as its USP. Our team has conducted in-depth market research on the travel and tourism industry and the apps that can make a fortune. Our market research allows us to provide our clients the right guidance and recommendations. 

3. Strong Fundamentals 

We keep the fundamentals of every app very strong. Let it be the APIs integration, privacy and security features, chatbots, repetitive testing, and many other basics features; everything is ensured efficiently. 

4. Everything Under One Roof 

Whether you want to develop an app for android or iOS, GPS or hotel booking app, you get everything under one roof. We have teams for your different needs and preferences to deliver the product per your expectations. 

5. Support After Service 

We don’t accompany you until the app development, even after delivering the app. We provide you with the free support of bug removal from your app for over a year after delivering the product. 

Last But Not The Least

With relaxation in the rules and regulations regarding traveling and tourism, people are excited to break the pause of their national and international trips. However, the way people avail the services has changed dramatically. Everything is being preferred online, and so are the traveling bookings and planning.

In this portrait, different traveling and tourism roles come into the limelight. Booking tickets, renting taxis, choosing hotels, exchanging currency, and everything is being done online. So, if you are a service provider in the tourism sector, it is no longer an option but a necessity to make your service available via an app. Customers are going to reach you via your online presence. 

Developing a mobile app can generate an excellent passive income even if you are not engaged in the relevant business or industry. Just develop the app, equip the necessary features, work on the app for a while and then enjoy your sleeping income. 

In case of any query or further discussion, contact us, and we offer you an hour of free consultancy sessions so you make the right decision. 

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