We mostly head to the most recognized platforms, Google Play Store and Apple App Store, when downloading apps. After all, they have the most apps; however, you will be surprised to know that they are not your only options as there are several more app stores like Google Play and App store. There are many alternatives available that can be used to find the best app or game.  

Also, Google Play and App Store offer millions of apps, making it difficult to find the right app among many apps. However, the other app stores offer curated lists of apps as per different filters and sorting.

Note: We advise you to stick to using official Google Play store apps as it is secure and safe.

Top Google Play Store Alternatives You Can Use In 2022

1. Amazon App Store: Apps & Games

amazon app store

This is the most competent app store besides the Play Store. It is mainly the stock app store on all Amazon Fire devices with various apps available, consisting of big and famous names. Amazon App store also has all of Amazon’s multiple apps. Earlier, this was the only place where Amazon Prime Video could be downloaded. It’s an actual app easily installed on any Android device without any issues. Also, it runs concurrently with the other app stores if you are keen on using more than one. However, the Amazon app store can undoubtedly use some optimizations. But ultimately, it is more positive than negative.  

  • Pricing: It is available for free; however, the app prices vary.

2. APKMirror


Technically, APKMirror is not an app store but is an app repository. Users can find all kinds of stuff here, even some beta apps not there in Play Store. Also, the users can still receive updates from Google Play when a newer version is released, thus making it an ideal secondary source of apps and games. Despite not offering an entire store experience, APKMirror is recommended to find something specific. 

  • Pricing: It is available for free. 

3. APKPure


This third-party app store has many big names like Whatsapp, TikTok, Facebook Messenger, Brawl Stars, PUBG Mobile, and many others. This app store offers a clean and coherent UI with a proper search and a good collection overall. Compared to the Google Play store, it has many more categories of apps; however, some categories are slightly lighter in terms of good apps to install. However, the basics are easy to find here, such as Google apps like Gmail.

  • Pricing: It is available for free. 

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4. APKUpdater


Though not really an app store, it is known for its neat functionality. Here the users get to update their existing apps without needing another app store. This platform sources downloads from multiple sources to get you the latest updates as quickly as possible. APKUpdater’s UI is a simple Material Design sans any issues. It allows you to keep your devices up-to-date sans any hassle of having a full-fledged app store on the phone. It offers 

  • Pricing: It is available for free. 

5. Aptoide


This is among the oldest third-party app stores on the list and boasts of numerous modern apps like Nest, Facebook, Fleksy, YoWindow Weather, and several recent games. Still, what makes it appealing for users is its looser regulation for content. On this platform, it is easier to find an adult (NSFW) apps and games and even questionable apps, such as Show Box. However, your device must be loaded with an antivirus app to use this app store. 

  • Pricing: It is available for free. However, the app costs vary.

6. F-Droid


This is among the oldest and most trustworthy app stores. This entire website and app store is run by volunteers and relies on donations. It allows only free apps and has a policy not to push apps containing paid add-ons or adverts. F-Droid enjoys a solid customer base and is free of costs or users have nothing to lose when they upload the app to this store and test it.

  • Pricing: It is available for free. 

7. Samsung Galaxy Apps

Samsung Galaxy Apps

This app store is from the company that manufactures most Android phones, i.e., Samsung. Compared to the other app stores, Samsung Galaxy Apps have a smaller number of apps, which also allows apps to stand out. Also, all the Samsung Galaxy devices have this app store installed so that way there is an immediate and large customer base. 

  • Pricing: It is available for free. However, the app costs vary.

8. Humble Bundle

humble bundle

This is an ideal platform to source cheap mobile games. Its pay-what-you-want system allows you to source games for less than you’d usually buy. This platform offers tiers to grab more stuff if you succeed in piling up more money. Any app or game bought using this method can be downloaded; hence the system works pretty well. Some money also goes to charity. Meanwhile, despite not having a full-fledged store like Google Play, Humble Bundle runs bundles frequently. 

  • Pricing: It is available for free. However, the app costs vary.

9. 9Apps

9 apps

This is among the most popular Google Play alternatives. Its library is as huge as Google Play and offers various paid games and apps for free. 9Apps offers categorized sections and trending app listings that easily allow users to explore the most demanded apps & games and download them. The app store also offers a free, safe, and super-fast experience. Besides, there are mini-game sections enabling players to enjoy different games without downloading them.

  • Pricing: It is available for free

10. Yalp Store

Yalp Store

This unique platform uses Google Play Store APKs however you get these without actual Google Play store. It allows to search, install, and update apps directly from the source, and its UI is slightly old. But, overall, it works fine. Besides, it has additional functionalities for the root users. Also, it doesn’t require a Google account. However, that also means it might not save your purchases over the long term.

  • Pricing: It is a free app.

This was the list of Top Android app store alternatives. If you want to build your own app then Emizentech can assist you. We are a reputed app development company with a team of professional app developers for iOS as well as Android.

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