Many of us are using different mobile apps in our day-to-day activities. Do you know that the global mobile app revenue has amounted to 365 billion USD in 2018 and is set to cross 935.2 billion USD in 2023? There is a demanding market for multiple mobile apps present in different stores like Google Play, Apple iStore, etc. So is it right for these mobile app makers to enter these ever-challenging markets without any app market research?

Getting carried away with your design and development is common for developers, but only a few mobile app companies know the value of conducting detailed app market researchWith so many advancements in this sector, the core remains simple, i.e., to present the audience for what they’re looking for. Multiple tools and resources help conduct this market research. Let us know all about them, starting with the changes in this research method over time.

How Does Research Change Over Time?

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Do you know that there were 218 billion app downloads in 2020 compared to 178 billion app downloads in 2017? If you think that this change is only in the usage, think again as it is the technology leading the winds of change even in the booming app market research. Some of the noteworthy points in these dynamic trends include: 

  • Technology is helping businesses get straightforward and precise results from research by making the process quick, small, and accessible.
  • Integration of multiple data sources with a holistic view creates more meaningful insights and practical applications.
  • It is possible to ensure fluidity between quantitative, qualitative, and BI tools by integrating data collection and attendant analysis to establish a smooth base for research results.
  • The app market research and big data are the perfect combinations to locate insights at the intersection of apps with customers.
  • It is possible to conduct micro-surveys using self-service platforms. Further, agile research brings a test, measure, and learn approach to mobile app markets.
  • Implementing the right technology for respondents is necessary to brush out any frictions in their participation.
  • It is essential to pay attention to the changing communication technology catalyst for market research.
  • The impact of social media, the transition from paper surveys to online surveys, etc., is vital for witnessing upcoming changes in-app market research. Businesses must stay insulated from the impact of the double-edged sword of technology and should define limits to turn off while conducting market research.
  • Big data can help strike the perfect balance between qualitative and quantitative research data.
  • The era of the market survey partners takes charge of delivering the best for different businesses based on their expertise in handling market research, even for different apps. 

How Do You Go About Getting The Answers?

Getting The Answers

Starting market research can be one of the crucial and challenging parts for any business. The following five steps can be considered to get reliable and helpful answers from any app market research:

1. Speak To People In Every Part Of Your Target Customers’ Business

A single viewpoint can be disastrous for any marketing research as this process involves multiple contributors. The contextual inquiry can start the initial process of keeping all stakeholders on the same page. Further, it is essential to speak to the point of contact for different steps in the market research process. It is best to take feedback from the persons managing these challenges or those using the products daily. This step-by-step intervention further eliminates the loss of powerful feedback at any step in the process.

2. Don’t Miss Out On The Middlemen

Agencies often recommend, implement, and integrate the different apps for businesses. Hence, these agencies make an essential part of app market research. Ideally termed the wealthiest source of feedback, it is essential to include the app developers and dedicated account managers from these agencies. Note down all the daily challenges or product issues faced by them and work together in deriving powerful insights from the same.

3. Keep Things Focused 

It is crucial to make existing customer feedback a strong focus of your app’s entire market research process. It can help design particular questions for creating user surveys. It is necessary to find the specific answers that make it easy to collect the data and consolidate the feedback accordingly.

4. Make It As Easy As Possible 

Staying as easy as possible is the key for any marketing research. It is easy to go for the Google forms, Survey Monkey, Type forms, etc., that offer easy-to-use forms and surveys. The customers can give direct feedback or can hold discussions with the agencies. It should be easy for the customers and agencies to offer easy feedback.

5. Don’t Forget To Thank You

It may seem like the end step in the market research that keeps customers waiting for the results. It is essential to say thank you for keeping them inclined with your appreciation for keeping an active part in the market research activity. 

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How To Apply Your Research?

Apply Your Research

Turning the answers into actionable feedback remains a pain point for many businesses. However, when it comes to the app market research, a straightforward yet highly effective three-step strategy can work in the following ways:

1. Identify Common Themes

It starts by identifying the common thread in the long list of responses. Hence, start by grouping the responses to different themes using spreadsheets, filtering, or traditional print and post techniques. It helps quickly prioritize and create an app road map based on common feedback elements. Prototyping the mobile app and collecting feedback can be a practical easy to identify the common themes.

2. Break Things Into Manageable Chunks 

Once the groups are identified, it is time to break these into more manageable chunks. This bifurcation helps businesses get carried away with the feedback while concentrating on improvements with their business vision at its core.

3. Build In A Way That Works For The Future

Scalability and interoperability options need an open window for the future. Hence, it is crucial to make future-ready decisions and manage the crossroads of sticking to the current development stack or re-architecting it according to the research feedback. 

Helpful Market Research Tools & Resources

Market Research Tools & Resources

Businesses need high-end tools to determine if the apps will be successful in the current competitive markets. Let us go through the popular tools and resources that determine opportunity existence, product positioning, consumer behavior after launch, etc. 

1. Think With Google Research Tools

It offers detailed insights about the product searches on Google. It also offers details about the key markets suitable for the launch and seasonal passes. Hence, it offers end-to-end details for dedicated investigation for potential viewers and potential markets for the upcoming apps.

Pricing: Free 

2. Census Bureau

Census Bureau
Census Bureau

It offers free US census data that can be filtered by age, year, location, and income. It is easy to use the shortcuts that offer all critical features like data visualization, viewing potential targets for the app, etc. The perfect way of using the Census Bureau is to find the NAICS code for the Business and access the Tables tool, followed by using the filter and industry in the sidebars.

Pricing: Free

3. Make My Persona

As reflected by name, it is a proprietary tool to create a buyer persona for the new app. It helps define the ideal beneficiaries of the app by picking the app name, selecting the age of persona, identifying career characteristics, identifying challenges, etc. It is a perfect tool for app market research.

Pricing: Free

4. Tableau

It helps businesses “connect to virtually any data source.” It offers the perfect data visualization with clean insights, appealing to stakeholders, and effective communication with product feasibility. It offers a granular and generalized look into suppliers and potential marketplaces.

Pricing: Available in 3 options- Tableau Viewer- 12USD/user/month, Tableau Explorer- 35USD/ user/month, and Tableau Creator- 70USD/user/month.

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5. Statista

It takes data from reputable global reports from different websites and offers easy results for marketers, app designers, and researchers. It offers industry-specific data at no additional fuss of managing different sources.

Pricing: Free and two pricing options

6. ClaritasMyBestSegment


It is one of the preferred tools that offer the area’s inhabitants’ lifestyle habits, demographic information, etc. A quick snapshot of the audience segment ensures all details about education levels, employment levels, lifestyle traits, household income, etc.

Pricing: Free and pricing available on a request basis

7. SurveyMonkey

It is a powerful app market research tool that creates in-depth market surveys to understand consumer preferences. It offers a global survey panel, reporting dashboard option, survey translation services, etc. 

Pricing: Free and different pricing options based on features.

8. Typeform

It helps run surveys that fetch answers directly from genuine customers. It is a mobile-optimized platform that creates customer research forms with a conversational and casual approach. There are options to form rating scale questions, short-form questions, multiple-choice questions, etc.

Pricing: Free and three pricing options

9. Upwave Instant Insights

It is a consumer research tool part of Upwave’s brand marketing company that offers detailed customer survey insights. It offers data visualization on the distributed survey over the targeted audience.

Pricing: Available in three options- Basic at 2USD/study participant, Extended at 3USD/ study participant, and Advanced at 4USD/study participant.

10. Loop11

It is a dedicated user experience testing platform that offers user experience changes based on device, testing information architecture, studying user intent, testing website usability, etc. It offers quick information that how customers are browsing websites.

Pricing: Available in three options- Rapid Insights at 63USD/month, Pro at 239USD/month, and Enterprise at 399USD/month.

11. Userlytics


It forms a crucial part of the app market research as it offers usability of the website, site prototype, and mobile app. It uses screen recording and webcam to define buyers’ persona and disqualify participants based on screening questions.

Pricing: Available at custom pricing, Quick & Easy at 49USD/participant, and Annual Enterprise at 69USD/participant.

12. Temper

It helps businesses create questions, grab code snippets and pop-ups on websites. It can be quickly added as a widget on the block with options of “meh” face or frown face. It helps quick changes to questions.

Pricing: Available in four options- Hobby at 12USD monthly, Pro at 49USD/month, Business at 89USD/month, and 199USD/month.

13. NielsenIQ


It is a consumer intelligence consultant and retail consultant that offers consumer insight collection, identifies the best distribution channels, offers a range of products, etc. It helps businesses see the product launches from different perspectives and offers detailed forecasting based on generated data.

Pricing: Pricing is available on a request basis only.

14. Ubersuggest

It offers straightforward and quick content research and keyword research. It offers a list of suggestions based on input phrases. It has everything for a business starting from the top competitors, product searches, available space in the competitive market, etc.

Pricing: Free and three pricing options

15. Pew Research Center

It offers a range of free research options, including economic conditions, political attitudes, social media usage, etc. It offers interactive articles that quickly filter and shift data for detailed and generalized insights. It further includes topics on digital media, social trends, religion, technology, science, etc.

Pricing: Free

16. BrandMentions


It is a popular social media monitoring platform that helps businesses understand the latest trends. It offers a detailed sentimental analysis of keywords along with all recent social media posts related to them.

Pricing: Available in three options, Growing Business at 99USD/month, Company at 299USD/month, and Enterprise or Agency at 499USD/month.

17. Qualtrics Market Research Panels

It uses the online sample service to find respondents for different market researches. There are options to choose from Qualtrics’ built-in platform or selected survey software. It is best used after the identification of the target audience. 

Pricing: Available on a request basis only.

18. Qualaroo

It offers targeted surveys over six different channels like website, app, product, social media, mail, etc., at once. Some of the critical features of Qualaroo include professionally designed surveys, pre-built survey templates, in-depth audience targeting, survey language translation, etc. 

Pricing: Available in two options, Essentials at 80USD/month, Premium at 160USD/month

19. Semrush

Another top name in the app market research tools, Semrush helps unveil the competitor’s marketing strategy and tactics. It can analyze website traffic and offers insight into competitors’ competitive statistics. It further offers quick identification of backlink gaps and discovers keywords.

Pricing: Available in 3 options- Pro at 119.95USD/month, Guru at 229.95USD/month, and Business at 449.95USD/month

20. Ahrefs

It is a popular all-in-one SEO toolset that offers a range of services to understand evolving marketplaces. It offers everything from site audits, rank tracking, competitor analysis, keyword research, link building, etc.

Pricing: Free

21. Hotjar Website Surveys

It ensures that businesses can ask multiple questions from a specific customer’s suite. There are different forms of data visualization extracted from the popover and full-screen surveys. Some survey types include popover surveys, full-screen surveys, external link surveys, etc.

Pricing: Free 

22. Google Surveys

It offers detailed insights about user surveys. Ideally designed for market research only, it is a perfect alternative for the internet pay walls for websites that publish content. Many businesses have agreed on the quick, reliable, and real customers insights from the internet using Google surveys.

Pricing: Starts at 3USD 

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With a projected review of 935 billion USD by 2023 through paid download and in-app advertising, the app market is glooming like never before. The detailed app market research tools and resources promise to bring a bright future for the leading mobile app businesses. It is all about understanding the recent trends in consumer demands and tweaking your software product design according to these insights.

We’ve learned about the quick five steps for conducting detailed app market research followed by applying these research results in bringing the best apps. It is followed by a quick list of the top 22 tools and resources available in the market. Finally, the leading ecommerce development company like Emizentech offers much-needed help with their expertise in ecommerce development services.



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