Modern customers are looking for experiences over the pricing. Hence, it all comes down to how businesses treat their customers. Do you know that more than 90% of the companies agree that the great CX is their primary focus? CX or customer experience is about designing and nurturing the customer through their brand association. It is all about offering the ultimate customer experience for dedicated business apps.

Irrespective of any type of business app, it is crucial to go for these apps to have striking features aiming to improve the CX. Once you’re ready with the app’s basic idea, layout, and color scheme, it is time to start looking to make your app eye-catching. Let us go through the main app features that can be added to increase the customer experience.

Mobile App Features You Must Have For Great CX In 2022

With multiple apps getting released daily on the Google Play Store and App Store, your app needs to gain the customers’ attention. While discussing all the key strategies, it all comes down to the powerful app features that take charge to deliver the top levels of user satisfaction. So, here is the detailed list of the main components which are a must-to-have for your next business app.

1. Simple UI To Navigate


If you think that adding multiple features will work for the benefit of your app, think again! There is no alternative to simple designs. An extensive set of features on your app will make the customers lose interest in it and move away from it. Hence, the business apps need to have simple designs that help customers access information quickly. The screen must remain uncluttered with no ambiguity, solving customer experience worries. Hence, customers are encouraged to use simple business apps which offer intuitive navigation, even for the first-timers. 

2. Speed


If you think you’re busy, so are your customers. The customers can’t stay on your app with no time to wait, especially when it has a slow loading time. The customers will take no time searching for something better when they’re stuck with the consistent loading speed icons. Hence, it is essential to include the app features that aim to improve the app’s speed. This improved speed should work on multiple devices like tabs, laptops, and smartphones. Designing the graphics and making the design accordingly can help improve the app speed. The large tables and databases should be avoided, eliminating the speed issues.

3. Good Image Resolution & Attractive Graphics

Attractive Graphics

The app needs to strike the best balance between the app features and speed. Going for a good image resolution and attractive graphics doesn’t hamper the speed while making the app worthy for global customers. You can try the different image resolutions and decide on the perfect matching resolution for other devices. Not to miss are the attractive graphics, which can do wonders in attracting the customers and ensuring that they stay on your app. You can place the high-definition and colorful graphics for improving the customer experience.

4. Platform Independent

Platform Independent

Any business app needs to remain platform-independent. Hence, whether it is iOS, Android, or Windows, the app needs to perform with the same speed and have the same features. Hence, the developers and designers must consider the different screen sizes and resolutions on different platforms. The strict regulations of apps make it easy to upload the apps to Google Play Store, while uploading them on the App store may take some time. Thus, to increase the user experience, businesses need to make apps platform-independent.

5. Secure


With the increasing digitization, there are rising cases of internet security. Hence, customers are looking for secure applications which don’t save the customer data without permission. Further, your app shouldn’t save the customers’ credit card or debit card information. It is essential for app developers to protect their databases and features from possible hacker attacks. It is further important for businesses to get a hold of their private assets and prevent customer data from getting stolen. Companies must take the necessary steps to prevent the placement of malware into their apps or stealing the app logins.

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6. Search Function

Search Function

Do you know that most business apps miss the important search function on their interface? To make your business app user-intuitive, it is essential to include a search function. You may have multiple features on the app, but your customers may not get the chance to access them without the dedicated search functions. Hence, for any business app to win the customers’ trust, it must have a search option. There is no need for the customers to seek the help of the business’ contact center team when they can go for the user intuitive features.

7. Color Schemes

Color Schemes

Colors attract all of us, and the same goes for dedicated business apps. It is easy for the designers to experiment with the different color schemes during the A/B testing phase. Once you find the ideal color scheme, it is easy to go for it on your app. The unique but attractive color scheme can help businesses earn more clicks on their website and apps. It is easy to try the color wheel and go for the one which looks stylish and professional at the same time. Try the vibrant colors and select the one based on the customer reviews.

8. Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Is your app using push notifications? If not, then you’re missing important customer leads. The push notifications have multiple benefits over simple emails like lying ideal in the spam folder or difficulty in ending the emails. It is easy to send push notifications that reflect the business’ new offerings, deals, and other promotions. App developers can go for creating graphic or text push notifications which work better than traditional messaging. These push notifications are aimed at specific customers and hence offer curated content to them. It is easy for businesses to reach readers with timely updates about their preferences. Push notifications further draw the digital traffic back to the mobile app, and hence customers will continue engaging with the content. If you think these notifications can help drive the organic content only, think again! It is one of the powerful monetization tools which can add value to the advertising partner as push notifications come with guaranteed impressions. 

9. User Feedback

User Feedback

There is always a scope for improvement, even in your best shot! The same goes for your business app. Hence, the next app feature which should be a must in your app is the dedicated user feedback. Who else can give it except the customers who use it daily? Hence, the customers can quickly connect with what they expect from you and can go for sharing this information for the betterment of app functions. It is easy for the app developers to put a feedback option on the app and star ratings. The customers can quickly share the feedback, working as new inclusions or exclusions from the app.

10. Updates


Once your mobile app has relevant customer feedback data, it’s time to use it for the app updates. Your app must have the option to include quick updates, which range from different features inclusion of new functions to the existing features. These updates can be added to the existing apps using data patches made available on the dedicated app store. Customers feel engaged with the apps, which regularly offer updates.

11. Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

Multiple users log into their social media accounts daily. So why not go for the dedicated social media integration on your mobile app? It is easy for app developers to include social media integration on their app platform for increased user interaction. Hence, irrespective of whether they have the same app or not, it is possible for businesses to bring people together using powerful social media. Multiple customers searching your app content will promote it to their social media friends, which works as unpaid advertising for your business app. It is easy to increase the growth and reach of your business app, and it increases the customer experience as the social sharing buttons can be added on the side of your business app.

12. Responsive App Design

Responsive App Design

If asked about the current trends in app development, the responsive app designs are leading the way. As it is impossible for the app developers to design the mobile app for different screen sizes and resolutions, the responsive app design does the right work. It ensures that the app features fit properly on laptops, mobiles, and tabs screens. Hence, while designing a perfect business app, it is important to make it highly responsive based on the type of devices used by the prospective audience. All you need to do is examine the screen resolution and size of the popular devices and create the app design accordingly. Hence, your customers will like your app.

13. Compliance With GDPR Standards

GDPR Standards

Does your app development team know about the General Data Protection Regulations? GDPR standards aim to protect the personal data of the app users from the European Union. Hence, irrespective of your business location, if you’re targeting the EU markets, making your app strictly compliant with the GDPR standards is important. While it may need a bit of extra hard work to make every bit of your app compliant with the GDPR standards, the resultant app can gain the trust of EU customers quickly as they feel secure about their security and privacy.

14. Machine Learning Attributes

Machine Learning Attributes

You will soon be bombarded with huge data from different sources. So what are your plans to accommodate the machine learning attributes in your business app? It can help your business make timely predictions based on demographic data, and hence you can easily analyze the customers based on the user behavior pattern. Businesses, especially e-commerce, can leverage the benefits of machine learning. The customers will feel good about the apps when they know that the content is specially curated.

15. Integration Of Augmented Reality In Multiple Systems

Augmented Reality

Is your business app using augmented reality? It is the modern technology which the customers like. When it comes to the different avatars and applications, augmented reality is leading the way for ARKit for iOS and ARCore for Android. It is easy to incorporate the real and virtual worlds for your customers and help them unleash the potential of the digital world. Adding augmented reality features can work wonders for businesses in increasing customer satisfaction levels. 

16. Integration With Stronger, Robust Ecosystems

robust application

It is important for your app to be a part of the bigger and more robust ecosystem to help customers get the best out of your app features. With the power of the Internet-of-Things, it is easy for businesses to incorporate different types of hardware and software into their app. Your app can complete the customers’ needs by offering a bigger role in the ecosystem. It is easy to align your app with modern technologies, protocols, and standards, which improves interoperability. Advanced technologies like BLE and beacon can come with the help of your app developers.

17. Mobile Screen Touch Features

Mobile Screen Touch

Your mobile app needs to incorporate the dedicated mobile screen touch features. Your customers will feel valued when they get through the elevated experience of the gestures, swipes, and taps. The mobile screen touch features can lead to the app’s success and maximize customer interactivity. All you need to do is ensure that your customers don’t feel the need for the mouse-keyboard setup. The main mobile screen touch features can optimize the app’s functioning and improve the user experience.

18. The Ability For Apps To Work Offline

Offline app

Does your app work seamlessly without an internet connection? The customers are looking for dedicated apps which can run without internet connectivity. This offline connection shouldn’t hamper the data security of the app. Hence, your app development team must consider the offline functioning of the app by storing data and functionality based on the purpose and requirements of the app. With the increased use of the offline medium, it becomes easy for the apps to gain customer eyes over the existing competition. 

19. ‘How-To’ Screens

How To Screens

You may have an experienced team of app developers, but you shouldn’t consider your customers highly tech-savvy. Hence, any modern business app needs to consider the quick adaption of the app features. So, what is the solution for this? The simple solution is to start including the “how-to” screens on the app. It will guide the customers throughout their journey on the app and will ensure that they don’t miss the important features in any case. The customers don’t feel intimidated as they don’t have to reach customer care for every query. It works best for the new updates or the out-of-the-box features and helps customers throughout the process. Hence, customers feel valued and remain stuck to your business app.

20. Chat Support/Callback Functions

Chat Support

What do your customers do when they’re stuck at some point? The quick and effective solution for solving customer issues is to go for the chat support and callback functions. Your dedicated and skilled customer service team can take charge to solve the customer issues while ensuring them about your best services always. Businesses can try different in-app support features like chat support and callback functions. The customers can quickly chat with the company’s representative or request a callback according to their suitable time. The team then contacts the customer through the selected mode and helps them solve the issues. It can significantly improve the customer experience.

21. Battery Preservation

Battery Preservation

Have you ever thought about the battery usage of your app? If not, it is time to bring the battery preservation features to your business app. No customer wants to use an app that drains their battery like anything. Hence, your app development team must create apps that abide the battery life. This improved battery life further ensures sustained device usage in the long term. If the customers know that your app doesn’t feed on their device battery, they’ll go for it.

22. Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication

Data breaches are increasing with the increase in digitization. Hence, the need of the hour is to strike a balance between data protection and data accessibility. Going for the multi-factor authentication can handle much of it. All you need to do is add access to your app using multi-factor logins, platforms, etc., ensuring that customers remain accessible to the app data without worrying about the security. No customer will prefer an app that is prone to data breaches and takes no step in increasing the data security.

23. Scalable Text

Scalable Text

Coming to the front end of your business app, it is vital to include scalable text. It is easy for the customers to read the large text over the complicated small ones. With no squinting at the device for viewing the app content, the scalable text can significantly contribute to improving the user experience. The responsive web design further ensures that the text on the website remains bigger than the ones on mobile devices. Apps can go for making the content around the text pieces to keep users engaged on their platform. The developers can start using the scalable text by selecting the matching font, increasing the hierarchy to match, and optimizing the white space to match the app design.

24. Automatic Speech Recognition

Speech Recognition

Have you ever thought of bringing the speech recognition feature to your business app? Automatic speech recognition is more than a simple feature now as it is helping businesses establish their compassion for the users who’ve hand injuries or some sort of disabilities. The users having their hands full or are simply not able to use the taps or swipes for a limited time can also use this speech recognition feature; hence, if you’re looking to earn the trust of your customers, bank on modern technologies like automatic speech recognition.

25. Multi-Device Synchronization

Multi-Device Synchronization

It is easy for users to use the app on different devices with a responsive design and multi-platform support. To ensure a seamless multi-device experience, it is crucial to incorporate the dedicated synchronization feature in your app. Hence, it is important for app developers to ensure that the app remains synchronized on multiple devices while offering the optimum user experience. There is no need to spend a long and tedious time setting apps on different devices and hence is a unique feature for the apps used on multiple official systems or devices.

26. Data Caching

Data Caching

Last but not least is data management. Data caching is gaining momentum when storing a subset of the device data in the primary storage. This technique helps your business validate the previously collected data, and hence your app must support continuous data caching. App developers must understand the validity of the cache layer before implementing it in the app. A successful data caching will yield a high hit rate as the data being searched is already present. If you’re looking to improve the app performance, reduce the database costs, and take the load from the backend servers, data caching can do a lot for your business app. Your customers can get the optimized app performance even during peak times if you incorporate dedicated data caching. Hence, it improves the customer experience.

Wrapping Up

Hence, it is easy to conclude that the companies have clearly understood the expectations of the modern customers. With the average revenue of 775 million USD for every one billion USD company, any company can go confidently for improving their CX with dedicated apps. With a large section of customers using different digital channels, any competitive business needs to have an excellent CX app.

The detailed list of the CX app features helps businesses get in the right direction for improving their way for the quality customer experience in the coming future. Improving the customer experience using advanced technology like AI and machine learning can help businesses optimize their revenue and market presence.

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