With Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Mobile Studio, you gain the ability to target your customers over SMS, Push, and Messenger from a single platform. 

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Today we will delve deeper into all the features and capabilities of Mobile Studio which is a service offering from Salesforce for mobile marketing and is offered as a package on top of the Pro version and comes with the Corporate and Enterprise editions. Is.

Mobile Connect: SMS

This channel can be used to create and send dynamic and real-time SMS from Marketing Cloud.

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We Can Send the Following Types of SMS

1) Outbound

This type of SMS can be sent as a promotional campaign to a predetermined audience on-demand or as per the schedule from the Marketing Cloud.

Content can be personalized using data from the Sales, Service, or Marketing Cloud in SMS. There is also a possibility to send these messages as Trigger SMS from any third-party system on-demand over REST protocol.

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In addition, these messages can also be used to send real-time 1-to-1 customer engagement or an automated promotional campaign as part of a campaign in Journey Builder or Automation Studio.

2) Text Feedback

With this option, you gain the ability to send a predefined text response in SMS with which a user interacts.

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Treat it as a two-way communication over SMS with the customer where the customer is asked to respond to the SMS with a certain keyword and then based on the input received from the customer, the next SMS from a set of predefined SMS is sent.

3) Vote/Survey

With this type of SMS, you can get a certain kind of feedback from your customers when they reply to your message with options like voting preference or survey score.

It is a one-time SMS that can be sent from Marketing Cloud prompting the customers to respond with their choice and then that option is entered into the system and can be used to make business decisions. Is. This can be a dichotomous response (yes/no, true/false) or multiple choice.

4) Mobile Opt-In

With this option, you invite your customers to be part of an ongoing campaign or a planned campaign in the future, where you prompt them to respond to your SMS or any other print media or digital advertisement with the keyword Huh.

If they do so, they are recorded as a participant in a campaign and all future communications will follow as planned as a part of that campaign.

This comes in handy when you want to encourage existing or new customers or prospects to be part of your communication network.

5) Capture Information

This type of SMS lets you capture your customer’s response to your text message, where you ask them to provide some details about you or your data like membership number or coupon code.

You store this information you receive from your customer in their profile attributes and use it as a segmentation criterion or as part of a campaign to form a business decision based on this information.

6) Email Opt-In

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With this option, you can invite your contacts or prospects to be part of your current or future email campaigns. It works on the lines of mobile opt-in. Send Email: With this option, you can invite people to receive a trigger email message.

You can send a one-time email in response to the request made via SMS. It lets you deliver rich content like product catalogs, data sheets, and more.

And you can take advantage of the graphic effects, longer duration, and persuasive capabilities of email instead of the limited SMS duration for communication with your customer.

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Mobile Push: Push Messages to The Mobile App

With this module enabled, you can send mobile push messages to integrated Android and iOS apps. Apps have to be built on Android or IOS SDK provided by Marketing Cloud.

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  • If you enable Mobile Push and integrate it with the mobile app you can achieve the following:
  • Manage a segmented audience of mobile contacts. Send targeted and personalized push notifications.
  • Send inbox messages.
  • Use beacon and geofence messaging for location-based campaigns.
  • View customer engagement with analytics. Automate your campaigns with Automation Studio.
  • Integrate push notifications into the customer journey using Journey Builder.

Group Connect: Send Notifications on Social Messengers

With this module, you get a chance to target your audience on public messengers. Use GroupConnect to send messages to contacts through messaging apps. Currently, GroupConnect supports the LINE mobile messaging app. To Create and send messages, review messaging activities, and manage contact subscriptions via using GroupConnect.

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Four Different Types of Messages in Group Connect.

  • Follow-up message: Welcome new contacts and request specialty information.
  • Outbound Messages: Send a message to a contact, such as a promotion, alert, or rich media message.
  • Feedback Messages: Automatically respond to a message sent by a contact using a targeted or random message.
  • In Contact Builder or Journey Builder, you can Create carousel messages.

We hope you just learned about all the services Mobile Studio has to provide and the practical use cases of each type of communication. It depends on your client and their digital marketing strategy which of these options and modules will work for them.

This is Salesforce Marketing Mobile Studio Cloud. If you ever need professional Salesforce consulting services then get in touch with us.

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