If you are a regular marketing cloud user, you prefer a salesforce marketing cloud email studio to store your data. But you have to know how many marketing cloud lists are there and how they differ from data extensions and when we can use them. This article will provide you with a good understanding of the marketing cloud list.

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What Is a Marketing Cloud List?

Ok, let’s start with defined lists. Lists are a default way of storing data in Marketing Cloud Email Studio. You can set different attributes for your customers by using lists, which represent a collection of customers and provide a simple method for audience segmentation. These attributes are used to store the position of the customer in a given list.

You can only use Lists if you have less than 500,000 members. Lists work best to manage a relatively simple customer model that does not contain other commercial or transactional information. In the lists, you can manage personal data.

Lists in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Types of Email Studio Lists

In Marketing Cloud, two types of lists are understandable, these are suppression and publication lists.

1. Publication Lists

Publishing lists to control which emails your customers receive. Publishing lists allow subscribers to control what types of communications they receive, such as future exit sends from a particular list (it helps to imagine an email preference center here).

If no publication list is selected at the time of sending, the all-member list is used by default. You can find a list of all members as well as a publication list in Marketing Cloud’s email studio.

Suppression Lists

In the suppression list, you choose a subset of clients to not send certain communications. On this list, you can filter out email ids that act as “do not contact” lists and do not receive communication for your email campaigns.

In Email Studio, it’s easy to select suppression for guided sending, user-initiated and triggered emails. Whichever method you choose, choose Suppress List from the Audience menu before hitting Send.

You can create a suppression list in Marketing Cloud by importing customers into your suppression list or exporting them to a file.

We hope you learned about lists in Salesforce marketing cloud. If you need any professional assistance regarding a Salesforce project then get in touch with our Salesforce development team.

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