Are you already reaping the benefits of Salesforce Marketing Cloud or just looking for ways to get started with Automation Studio Marketing Cloud?

Well, if your answer is yes, you are at the right spot.

This post will help you learn about Automation Studio Activities. Automatic Studio is a Marketing Cloud app that one can use to execute data management activities and multi-step marketing on a triggered, immediate, or scheduled basis.

In Automation Studio, activities execute specific actions, such as extracting or transferring data or sending an email.

Let’s check out the Automation Studio activities.

Automation Studio is a great tool in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. One can do a lot of tasks through Automation Studio. It helps us perform different tasks from a single tool and with very effective results.

You can manage multi-step marketing and also manage data with the help of Automation Studio.

Basically, We Have Two Tabs In Automation Studio

Overview: All automation is present here or if you want to create an automation, you can create it from the Overview tab.

Actions: Activities are the actions that we have configured in Automation Studio as per our requirement. All activities whether they are being used in automation or not reside here.

Activities are reusable in Automation Studio. In multiple automation, we can use one activity.  each movement for its configuration

Automation Studio Activities

The activities present in Automation Studio are given below.

Send Email Activity: This activity is used when we want to send email to data extension in Marketing Cloud. We just need to define our target audience, a template to be sent, and a suppression audience if any.

Salesforce send email activity: This is similar to email send activity but instead of sending an email to the audience present in the standard data extension folder, it is used to send an email to the salesforce data extension.

Import Activity: For importing data from any other source like FTP, Salesforce reports, etc., then this activity is not used. We can import data into data extension using import activity.

If our user is integrated then we can also import Salesforce objects or report data in a data extension. To import Salesforce data, you must create an import via Email Studio > Interactions > Import.

Imports created in Interaction will automatically appear in Automation Studio.

File Transfer Activity: We can use File Transfer Activity to move a file from Marketing Cloud to another location. We can use this activity when we want to transfer, unzip, encrypt or decrypt a file.

Data Extraction Activity: This activity is used to extract data and can also be used to convert an XML file to a comma-delimited, tab-delimited, or pipe-delimited file for import into salesforce marketing cloud.

Script Activity: Script Activity is used to execute server-side JavaScript in the salesforce marketing cloud. We primarily use Script Activity when we want to host and run resources for cloud landing pages.

Wait Activity: This activity helps to wait for automation or its activity only as per specified time.

Validation Activity: This activity helps with validation to avoid unexpected data being used or proceeding in Automation Studio.

Filter Activity: Filter Activity is used to filter data according to the filters defined in Email Studio. We need to first create a data filter in Email Studio and then use that filter to configure it in the Automation Filter activity.

The Filter activity automatically creates a data extension in the folder where the source, to which the filter is applied, exists.

SQL Query Activity: This activity runs just like SQL. If we want to get or filter data from another data extension and want to save the data in another data extension then we use SQL query activity.

SQL gives us more flexibility than the filter activity because we can reduce the number of fields in the target data extension and only bring them into our query.


We hope you find this guide useful and that it allows you to quickly learn about Automation studio in Salesforce. Please contact us if you require any other professional Salesforce development services.

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