There are various grocery list apps in the mobile app market, but not all are worth it because of the complex user interface.

We all know such apps are operated by all age groups people, so the UI needs to be basic and preliminary. The users should find such apps easy to use and user-friendly. The users download these types of apps for their ease, so the apps shouldn’t include various complicated layers, as it may make the users leave your app. We should discuss many more factors before developing a mobile app.

This post will talk about how to make a grocery app. We will discuss the grocery list app, its needs, benefits, top features, development process, and a lot more.

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What Is A Grocery List App?

Grocery List App

An application that assists the users in creating a grocery list by helping include healthy foods items and ingredients that they need to buy is a grocery list app. Such apps come with various related features like weight loss ideas, fitness goals, the calorie content of the food product, nutrition level, and a lot more.

Why Do You Need Apps Like Grocery List Apps?

Well, there’s a well-known axiom, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” It clearly states that our needs lead to an origination, applicable here.

When we were facing some issues relevant to the grocery shopping list, like list misplacement, or when we forgot it at our homes and went out for shopping or missed items in the list and needed to visit the store repeatedly, such problems gave birth to a grocery list app.

We need apps with relevant features to get the resolutions for such pain points.

Let’s check out such top features we get in a grocery list app.

1. Co-Create And Share With Your Family

Using a grocery list app, you can create a grocery list yourself or your family members and share it with them. You can even edit the list, delete the items, and apply more changes that will reflect instantly. Also, the changes made would be notified to every app user through notifications.

2. Items Sorted

Yes, you read it right. You can sort the items on your grocery list using the features of the on-demand grocery list apps. Furthermore, you can reassign the products to distinct and respective categories or create customized categories as per your need.

3. Budgeting And Pricing Function

Now, you can add prices to the items and estimate the budget that may cost you when you buy from a store. This way, you can make adjustments and even cut the cost if you want before even heading to the supermarket.

4. Voice Input

A grocery list app needs to have voice functionality that can allow you to add, remove, or make a whole list using just your voice input. Moreover, being integrated with a voice assistant is becoming a must.

5. Custom Categories & Items

Creating a grocery list as per your requirement and well-categorized will help you make the related things easy. Also, you will get complete control over how to use it and for what.

6. Smart Suggestions

This feature lets you welcome suggestions on the food items you add to your grocery shopping list. It will speed up your job of creating a grocery shopping list.

Grocery List App Market Demand

  • As per statistics, by the end of 2022, US grocery app users are likely to reach around 30.4 million customers.
  • In 2018, approximately 75% of online grocery shoppers purchased daily essentials from online grocery shopping apps.

These are just a few, but you will learn about the increasing demand for grocery list apps when you catch up with more statistics. More and more interested business persons are trying their luck to grab a big chunk of their market share.

Benefits Of Grocery List App

Benifits of grocery list app

All the on-demand grocery apps work uniquely, perform differently from each other. Their exceptional real-time features permit users to craft location-based reminders, add recipes, customize item lists, and more.

So, if you are planning to develop a grocery list app, you should know the top benefits that the users may get using your app.

Let’s check out a few.

1. Create Organised Lists

A grocery shopping list app allows the users to create their well-organized grocery list as per the recipes and according to their choice, which reduces the stress of making a shopping list.

2. Share Lists Of Groceries

Using such a grocery list app feature, you can share your updated grocery list or recipe. Also, you can share it with your family members and friends to stay synchronized. You can make the changes in your list that will automatically get reflected instantly in your shared lists.

3. Customized Grocery List

You can easily reorder the list of your categories in your app, and you can add or remove items from the list. You can modify the list according to your requirements.

4. Easily Add Notes To The List

It’s one of the most exciting features of a grocery list app using which you can add notes to your list items; for example, you can add flavor, the quantity of a particular item in your list.

5. Recipes – Share And Create

Besides creating a grocery list, you can craft and share your recipes to plan your meal with the people you want. Again, you can also make changes as per your need that will get updated in your shared recipes.

6. Import Recipes

Moreover, you can post recipes directly from your favorite blogs or websites. This way, you will get access, and you can read it whenever you like and plan your feast accordingly.

7. Mindful Meal planning

One of the best features of an on-demand grocery list app is a meal planning calendar that allows you to shop your grocery items as per your meal plan.

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Must-Have Features That Startups Can Consider Before Developing Grocery List App

After knowing the benefits of a grocery list app, now, we will move on to the top features that a grocery shopping list app should include. So, the startups planning to develop such an app should consider these first.

1. Enables Users To Track Spending

Each of us looks for a solution to check out our current spendings. That’s why one such feature that may allow app users to track their spending is included among the must-have features of the grocery shopping apps.

A grocery list app should offer a personalized experience to the users, and the shoppers should get an effortless shopping experience. For that, you need to include such a feature in your grocery shopping app.

Moreover, you can also offer top tips on lowering down shopping expenses. By providing this, you can stand uniquely from your competitors.

You should emerge with every feature that can offer the users a personalized experience.

2. Quick & Easy Sharing

The sharing feature in a grocery list app is essential to ease users’ grocery shopping. If one person creates a shopping list, he can share it with other family members or anyone in the supermarket.

So, the sharing feature allows users to share their lists through a single tap.

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3. Grocery Shopping List Reminders

A perfect grocery shopping app reminds the app users to buy the daily essentials they need the most or run out soon, like bread, milk, etc. Also, the users get the help to craft a required grocery list with minimal typing or effort.

Such a feature also shows the app users the grocery items that are likely to come in use based on their past purchase history. You just need to consider the app’s built-in reminders and keep the users reminded when they are running out of their groceries.

4. Grocery Coupons And Loyalty Programs

Not just the users, even you stay excited about the coupons to save your bucks on shopping. The next feature is the grocery coupons, as it offers users a simple way to convert virtual coupons into savings.

The online grocery shopping apps find or generate related coupons based on the past shopping history or the user’s location to assist them in family budgeting.

When the users add something to the on-demand grocery list app, the app notifies the users if there are any grocery coupons available to load or print to the grocery store loyalty card. The app needs to automatically load coupons and stay updated with ever-changing discounts and sales.

5. Barcode Scanner

This feature of the app assists users in finding the products with minimal effort and time. To scan their items, users need to put their phone’s camera at the grocery item’s barcode and check the items’ costs on their phone’s screens. They can append grocery items to the e-shopping cart or basket. The barcode scanner feature offers information relevant to the nutritional value of the specific item or any dietary recommendations.

The barcode scanner feature assists users in eating healthier food and attaining their targets to stay healthy. This helpful feature helps users manage conditions and weight, like high blood pressure, diabetes, and celiac disease.

Development Process Of Grocery List App

When you build a grocery shopping list app, you need to know the development process from scratch to clarify everything. You can hire a mobile app development company to develop this app.

Let’s check how mobile app developers perform their job.

We can deduce that in simple steps.

1. SOW Document

Firstly, you need an SOW document that your chosen mobile app development company will prepare for you with every essential feature you need that you require in your app. After that, your picked mobile app development partner will proceed.

2. Outlines And Deadline

Next, after you prepare documents, you will know the expected output that will be entirely a mockup frame of your complete production process. This app feature will permit you to witness your app’s outline, and you will get to know about the rise and fall of the performance graph.

3. Design The Wireframes

After you craft deadlines and outlines of the entire process, your development partner will check it thoroughly; your creative design team will craft a wireframe of your app that will offer you a clear idea about your app’s look.

4. Backend Development

After completing your app’s wireframing and designing, it’s time to approve your app’s design. Your app developers will start the development process taking over the sprint, and they will link the database and handle the UX/UI interfaces.

5. Quality Analysis

When your app is all set to launch, the QA specialists will ensure that every minute detail gets covered, even a minor bug to know the status of the app’s quality.

6. Deployment Or Launch

After your app successfully passes the quality analysis process, you can release it on your preferred platforms. Android and iOS platforms hold their irrespective strategies that your developers will take care of.

Required Team To Develop A Grocery List App

After understanding the development process of a grocery list app, let’s now know about the team you need to develop an app.

1. Business Analyst

The most important part of your development team, a professional business analyst, will supervise your app from the starting only. A business analyst is asked to analyze the impact of the modification, document, and back the communication between related groups and stakeholders, catch up on the business needs and start with a change.

2. UI/UX Designer

Our grocery list app needs to be user-friendly and easy-to-use; a UI/UX designer makes sure your app design appears innovative and engaging enough to make the user stay longer with your app.

3. Software Engineer

The solutions you want for your app development process regarding the platform you choose and everything is decided by a software engineer. His role is significant for your app as it’s too tough to develop a mobile app without their help.

4. QA Engineer

A QA engineer plays a vital role in your app development process; for instance, if your creative designer or skilled developer makes a mistake, a QA specialist will always be attentive and keep it on track before the app launches in the market.

5. Project Manager

Lastly, a project manager monitors the app development process. He always stays updated with every stage of your project and takes complete care of it.

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Top Ten Grocery List App

Now, we will jump onto the top grocery list apps collecting popularity in the mobile app market.

1. Mealime

Mealime App Logo

Now, with this app, you can plan your meal easily, help you create a grocery shopping list, make your cooking stress-free, and more. It’s available on Android and iOS app stores.

2. Bring!

Bring! App Logo

With this app, you can plan your grocery shopping with anyone you want. Moreover, you can plan your meal well-organized. You can find this app on Android and iOS app stores.

3. Opt Up

Opt Up! App Logo

This grocery shopping app helps assign nutrition scores to almost every grocery item on the shelves, suggests more innovative swaps, and offers recommendations based on your past purchases. You can also take the benefit of loyalty programs and rewards.

4. Cartwheel

Cartwheel App Logo

This application eases your store trips and allows you to order online, collecting exciting deals in one place. Also, using this app, you can craft a list of your grocery items. You can download this app from the Android or iOS app stores.

5. List Ease

List Ease App Logo

It’s like a digital version of a schedule planner, crafted especially for your kitchen. If you stay worried about leftover food, it will help you prepare a stock list and grocery shopping list that can save your time, effort, and food.

6. AnyList

AnyList App Logo

Holding a 4.9 rating on the app stores, Anylist is widely known for creating a grocery shopping list. It comes with an Autocomplete feature that suggests some everyday items while you type and then organize them according to the categories.

7. Our Groceries

Our Groceries App Logo

If you want an easy-to-use grocery list app, you can use the Our Groceries application. Also, it helps create shopping lists that you can access on all your devices simultaneously. The app is available on iOS and Android.

8. Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi Family Organizer App Logo

It comes with an attractive and user-friendly UI that eases not only you but all your family members to jot down the grocery shopping list items. Also, it comes with email reminders that make you remind of your important events.

9. Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh App Logo

This app makes your grocery shopping easy through your phone. You can drag and drop the grocery items to add them to your list to fill your cart. It also offers grocery delivery service direct to your doorstep.

10. Yummly

Yummly App Logo

Using this app, you can click a photo of the ingredients you have in your hand to catch up with new recipe ideas or even browse dishes from the websites you like. Also, it automatically adds the items to the organized list.

How To Find The Best Grocery List App Development Company?

You need to keep an eye on the key factors that can assist you in picking the best mobile app development holding the caliber to deliver you the custom mobile app you want for your users.

Let’s check out some of those factors.

1. Customer Reviews and Feedback

When you choose a company to develop a mobile app, you need to check out customer reviews and feedback. This way, you can find the best one suiting your business objectives.

2. Security Of App Idea

You should be sure that the company you choose will keep your unique money-making app idea intact. Some companies don’t hold security measures that lead to a leak of app ideas. The brand should sign a non-disclosure agreement with you to ensure your app concept’s security.

3. Perfect Delivery Management

If you want flawless and effective mobile app development, your chosen company should keep you updated with every minute detail relevant to your app. They should communicate with you regularly and deliver your product timely and safely.

4. App Designing Standards

You need to hire experienced app developers and creative app designers who can deliver a top-class custom mobile app to you.

5. QA & Testing Measures

Many custom mobile apps catch up with technical errors and bugs. So, the app development companies need to follow the latest manual and automation QA and test measures to ensure the final product is bug-free and error-free.

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Cost To Develop An App Like AnyList

The grocery list app development cost depends on the functionalities, features, and platforms you choose.

You can hire a professional mobile app development partner to deliver you the best product you want.

Well, the expected cost of developing a grocery shopping list app ranges from $10,000 to $30,000 and even more, depending on various factors.

Let’s check out the factors affecting the app development cost:

1. Platform

While developing an app, you also need to think about the platform. You should choose which platform you want your app to run as iOS is a little cheaper than Android.

2. App’s Features & Functionality

The more you add features and functionalities to your app, the more you will increase the cost. So, you need to consider this factor too.

3. Integration Points

An app can be integrated with an enterprise system or can be standalone.

Obviously, the integration points may cost you more but remember that it will save you time and money in the long run.

4. Complex VisualAids/Animation

If you want to include visual animations into your app, it will cost you a bit more. Also, visual aids will make your app engaging and attractive, leading to more downloads. You can try invoking some animations and making them cost-effective.

5. Maintenance

Yes, after releasing an app, you will need to upgrade it and maintain it to make it run smoothly, and this will add up to your app development cost.


We will wrap up now with the hope you find this article helpful and informative with various answers related to making a grocery list app.

Now you have at least a little understanding of making a grocery list app. Next, if you are interested in developing a grocery list app, you need to connect with a mobile app development company to help you turn your dream app ideas into reality.

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