Are you thinking about how we can save money on groceries? If yes, then you are in the right place.

Here, you will learn how to save money on groceries. Yes, you can earn while shopping for your groceries. 

Before that, we would like to know, have you ever considered using mobile apps to save money on groceries?

If your answer is no, it’s okay. We will help you know about such grocery mobile apps in this post. 

Best Apps To Save Money On Groceries

Obviously, heavy food or grocery bill lays a significant impact on your finances. Here you will know some tips for saving money on groceries and other food items. It will help you raise your disposable income and your savings. Moreover, you can enjoy eating out, get free food, or save extra money for other monthly expenses.  

First, check out the procedure on how we can achieve this, which will help you save time and money, and that is also hassle-free while shopping for grocery items. 

How Do Grocery Apps Help You Save Money?

One of the best ways to lower grocery costs is to use mobile apps. Apps that assist you in saving on groceries have attained popularity, which is good news for any grocery shopper. 

When you restock your kitchen, you can download a few money-saving grocery applications before heading to the grocery store to save an amount. 

You can follow some ways to reduce your budget for food and save money on groceries. 

1. Prefer Budget Supermarkets

Prefer Budget Supermarkets

Yes, you read it right. Budget supermarkets are a sure-shot way to lower your food budget with no hassle. The best part about them is they only offer one option, and you can take it or leave it. 

They just offer affordably priced products like a normal supermarket. 

2. Set a Budget and Stays with It

Set a Budget and Stays with It

It’s a good way to set a budget for yourself, as it will offer you some work and help cut some wastage of money while grocery shopping. 

You shouldn’t prefer a too low budget, as it will not solve your purpose of lowering your weekly grocery expenditure, and it may lead to a shortage of daily essentials that may make you rush to the store repeatedly. 

3. Stop Picking Big Brands

Stop Picking Big Brands

Buying a normal brand is one more best way to lower your grocery budget. 

The products will never disappoint you and are as good as you want. 

In fact, when you compare the cost of your branded and unbranded products, you will be surprised to know they have high costs. 

4. Evaluate Your Food Spending While Shopping

Evaluate Your Food Spending While Shopping

When you start putting food items in your cart, you forget to calculate your spending and go out of budget. 

So, for that, you can evaluate the cost on the go. This way, you will get to know how much you have spent even before you pay. If it exceeds your budget, you can pick out some items to come back within your set budget. 

Best Apps To Save Money On Groceries

Various apps are there on the app stores to help you save money on groceries, but their work is different. 

Apps Help You Save Money

Though there are two basic categories, let’s check out the working: 

  • Offering coupons and more savings at the POS, scanning and uploading the receipt post-purchase for cashback rewards, etc.
  • Various app categories assist in reducing grocery expenditure. 

Let’s check out a few:

1. Checkout 51

Checkout 51 App Logo
Available On: iOS & Android
Downloads10 million+
Published byCheckout 51

Using this app, you can turn your grocery receipts into cash rewards. Also, it permits you to select the rebates before shopping and uploading receipts as a purchase proof. 

Moreover, you can link your loyalty cards to your account from many partners. 

Checkout 51 updates every Thursday around 12 am. So, during the weekdays, you may notice some offers disappearing. So, you need to check all the new offers and discounts on Thursday, pick them up, and purchase them that day to get the benefits of the reward. 

This grocery coupon cashback app’s rebates are competitive, and it permits redeeming various offers many times, which proves to be beneficial in bulk purchases. 

2. App Logo
Available On: iOS & Android
Downloads 500 thousand+

Primarily, this app is known for printing coupons. 

This app has been updated with a new section that permits you to automatically scan the deals to your rewards card. This way, you can get the coupon discount at the register, which is visible on your receipt. 

This states that there’s no requirement for clipping. Also, the app has a separate section that reveals more coupons.

Additionally, this app holds a link with various top retailers and can also be used for shopping centers. 

3. Dosh

Dosh App Logo
Available On: iOS & Android
Downloads 1 Million+
Published by Dosh

The Dosh app allows you to link your credit and debit cards with your Dosh account and automatically earn cash back for shopping. There’s no requirement for preselecting offers or scanning receipts as this app observes your expenditures once you link your cards. 

Moreover, Dosh is free for both the app stores, Android and iOS. 

Dosh has a relationship with multiple fast-food chains, cosmetics brands, clothing stores, and more and adds new partners frequently. So, you have various chances to earn for varied purchases.

4. ReceiptHog

ReceiptHog App Logo
Available On: iOS & Android
Downloads 1 Million+
Published byReceiptHog

Using this app, you can save lots of money on your grocery purchase, and you will get a chance to earn more when you win sweepstakes prizes, level up, and accomplish short surveys. 

This app captures an image of your receipts from a restaurant, store, or cafe. Next, you earn rewards, like coins and more. At last, you can cash out with Amazon gift cards or PayPal. 

This app permits you to join a diverse community that gets paid for uploading images of their receipts for market research. 

5. SavingStar

SavingStar App Logo
Available On: iOS & Android
Downloads 1 Million+
Published by SavingStar

When you want to save money on your purchases but don’t have time or don’t want to clip the coupons, The SavingStar app was useful

The grocery coupons of this app permit the users to earn cash back on their grocery purchases at various retail locations.

user was earning cashback rapidly with the grocery savings app. 

In this app, users just needed to scan their loyalty cards at the grocery store while they checkout to redeem offers. 

Users take photos of their receipts and then submit them to this app for the stores without any loyalty cards.

user was getting savings on the app account and can cash out to your bank account, PayPal, or gift cards. 

6. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards App Logo
Available On: iOS & Android
Downloads 10 Million+
Published byFetch Rewards

This application permits you to scan your receipt from any grocery store to earn points for your purchased items. 

This app is counted among the top apps for saving money on groceries. 

Additionally, it pays the users when they take a picture of their receipt with specific offers. You can find varied offers varying from snacks, dairy products, alcohol, and more. 

7. Ibotta

Ibotta App Logo
Available On: iOS & Android
Downloads 10 Million+
Published byIbotta, Inc.

One way to earn cashback rewards is to use Ibotta apps to purchase specific grocery items from its partners. Besides allowing you to buy groceries, this app also offers other category products like travel, beauty, health, and more. 

The Ibotta app has partnered with 300+ retailers, including various grocery stores. 

You can link store loyalty cards to your app account to automatically earn on the purchases with this app. 

With Fetch Rewards, you will not score many discounts, but it’s an easy app to save money on groceries if you scan your receipt. 

8. NCP

Ncp App Logo
Available On: iOS & Android
Downloads 1 Million+
Published byNational Consumer Panel, LLC

This app permits you to simply turn your shopping receipts into amazing rewards with just a capture. 

You can take a picture of your receipt from grocery stores to hardware stores. 

Next, you can share your pictures of your receipts using this app and earn reward points to redeem them for selective gift cards. 

If you forget to scan your receipt, you can do that within 14 days of your purchase. 

9. Rakuten (formerly eBates)

Rakuten (formerly eBates)
Available On: iOS & Android
Downloads 10 Million+
Published byRakuten Rewards

When you want to save money on your groceries, you can try this app, as it’s widely known for the same. 

This app includes various grocery shopping stores, and some offer coupons and cashback. 

With Rakuten, you can join for a free account, shop your daily essentials, and get rewards and more. 

10. Drop

Drop App Logo
Available On: iOS & Android
Downloads 1 Million+
Published byDrop Technologies Inc.

The Drop comes with cashback offers on groceries. Also, you can get gift cards even for playing arcade games within the app. 

Moreover, Drop assists the users in finding games on the app stores, and every game holds a task. When you complete the game task, you will get the points to even cash out for gift cards. 

The best thing about Drop is it offers numerous ways to earn like, shopping, playing games, taking surveys, cashback offers, and more. 

11. Shopkick

Shopkick App Logo
Available On: iOS & Android
Downloads 10 Million+
Published byShopkick

A mix between the mystery shopping side and a reward app, Shopkick allows you to earn kicks by completing many tasks. 

Shopkick comes with various opportunities to earn. Using this app, you can earn rewards without even spending money, and it’s a potentially free and versatile way to save on groceries. After you get enough points, you can redeem them for gift cards.

12. Target (formerly Cartwheel)

Target (formerly Cartwheel) App Logo
Available On: iOS & Android
Downloads 10 Million+
Published byTarget Corporation

The Target app is the easiest way to shop and save on your groceries. 

You can start shopping for your favorite items and get contactless delivery, even on the same day according to your chosen time. 

Using this app, you will access Target Circle offers, save more, get extra offers, and never miss any deals. This way, you can save and earn rewards also. Moreover, it integrates with the REDcard to offer you 5% savings on whatever you buy at Target, besides groceries also. 

13. Coin Out

Coin Out App Logo
Available On: iOS & Android
Downloads 500 thousand+
Published byCoinOut

A new member in the list of top apps to save money on groceries, Coin Out is the most favorable app. 

You can even pay just by taking pictures of your receipt. 

Moreover, Coin Out allows you to earn cashback online and offline. After you earn a minimum amount in your account, you can also cash them out or get a gift card. 

This app comes with a wide variety of stores from where you can shop and earn cashback. 

14. Makeena: Healthy Savings

Makeena App Logo
Available On: iOS & Android
Downloads 100 Thousand+
Published byMakeena

Akin to Fetch Rewards and Ibotta, Makeena offers you cash back when you click the pictures of the receipt of your purchases. 

Although, the most significant difference between these apps is the healthy foods. You can even earn cashback on shopping for fresh fruits, vegetables, organic foods, and other offers. 

This app is constantly expanding and crafting new offers for you to receive various cash backs. 

15. GrocerEaze

GrocerEaze App Logo
Available On: iOS & Android
Downloads 100 Thousand+
Published byGrocerEaze

This mobile app allows you to shop by recipe and craft your shopping list. Also, it permits you to add prices to the item database. 

If you catch up with a cheaper cost at one store, you can record it on the app, and it will keep track of it for you. 

GrocerEaze app also holds various features that facilitate easy sharing of meal plans and numerous recipes to purchase. 

16. Grocery Smarts

Grocery Smarts App Logo
Available On: iOS & Android
Downloads 100 Thousand+
Published byConrad Stoll

Grocery Smarts is crafted for people who like to bargain while shopping and holds constant updates on the new prices from stores like Target. 

This app adds more and more grocers and offers you savings on your shopping plan. 

It demands coupons to be printed instead of automatic scans, which is why some people usually don’t like it. 

17. Favado

Favado App Logo
Available On: iOS & Android
Downloads 100 Thousand+
Published byFavado

A grocery saving app, Favado performs was well in comparing prices. Its search mechanism was to find your nearby store offering the best price on a particular item, not on a specific brand. 

Additionally, this app came with a favorite brand feature that sends push notifications to you when your favorite grocery store items go on sale. 

18. Food On The Table

Food On The Table App Logo
Available On: iOS & Android
Downloads 100 Thousand+
Published byFood On The Table

It was one of the unique grocery-saving apps, Food on the Table, which allows you to create a shopping list, provide various recipes, inform you about the specific ingredient you need, and come up with the lowest prices ever. 

It was very helpful in adding your recipes; which can automatically search the ingredients you need. Additionally, it comes with other features like emailing your recipe, sorting the categories you want to shop for, and more. 

19. Grocery IQ

Grocery IQ App Logo
Available On: iOS & Android
Downloads 100 Thousand+
Published byGrocery IQ

This app was held one of the biggest grocery store databases and looked like a Food on the Table app. It permits you to search for the items you want. 

Also, it locates the users to specific stores where they can find the items they want at the best price. 

You just need to enter a reward card number, and the coupons will come to the surface that you can take off at the register only. 

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20. Honey: Coupons & Cash Back

Honey App Logo
Downloads 5 Million+
Published byHoney

While shopping online, whether it’s grocery shopping or other, everyone loves to get coupons and deals that can help you earn rewards on various stores. You can get all this at the Honey app.

This app is like a top shopping tool in America, and it helps save time and money. At Honey, you can get everything from coupons to cashback, and it comes with various ways to let you earn multiple rewards on your purchases.

Moreover, it embeds a mobile browser extension, which assists the users in shopping on store websites. It automatically pops up with the coupons (if available).

Also, with the Honey app, you can join a million shoppers and always stay all set to catch up with the new ways to save.


So, we hope you have got various grocery saving apps in your bag from which you can choose one. Such apps will help you save money even if you notice that. 

We hope you have got ways to save your money on groceries. You can share the name of the app you like the best.  Also if you plan to build a grocery app then do get in touch with us.

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