The release of apps specialized in helping users with routine jobs has made our lives easier. Now, there’s no need to go out of our house to meet our day-to-day requirements, like buying groceries, recharging our devices, booking tickets, and a lot more. Instead, we just need to operate the apps and get our stuff to our home or anywhere we want, and it helps save our time.

This post will discuss one such on-demand service, online grocery delivery. We will start with its introduction, working, benefits, and let you know the names of the best grocery delivery apps USA shining in the crowd of numerous apps worldwide.

What are The Best Grocery Delivery Services?

The grocery delivery services provide everything that we can buy from the stores. But such services ease our job by availing the groceries we want right at our doorstep.

Various best and widely known grocery delivery services in the market offer a wide range of daily essentials.

We will know about some popular on-demand apps for grocery delivery ahead in this post.

Before that, we will know how grocery delivery service apps work.

How Do Grocery Delivery Service Apps Work?

Grocery delivery apps facilitate users to choose and order grocery items directly using the app.

Many on-demand grocery apps in the USA are subscription services, which means users need to pay a monthly or annual fee along with the cost of groceries. Moreover, the customers hold an option to tip the delivery drivers.

Most online grocery delivery mobile apps save the previous orders listing that helps in the next orders.

Furthermore, if you choose an item out of stock, the retailer will notify you later once available.

Such apps carry many more features; we will later check out some best names in this segment.

Who Could Get Benefitted From Grocery Delivery Services?

During the COVID days, various authentic disease control centers recommend not stepping out of the homes unless necessary, especially if the person is not vaccinated yet.

Here arrives the need for delivery apps that assist in reducing the crowd in the stores and help protect people’s health.

The grocery delivery apps are beneficial for:

  • People with weak immune systems usually avoid going out during pandemic situations.
  • Specially abled people who find it tough to go to the stores.
  • Busy parents.
  • People with mental issues find shopping stressful, and more people like this.

Top Grocery Delivery Apps and Services

We dived into deep research and pulled out some names of the best grocery delivery apps in the USA.

Let’s have a look!


Available on: Android & iPhone

About: Instacart permits the users to shop from their favorite grocery stores while tasting the comfort at their homes, using their devices.

The users choose the products they need and schedule a delivery. Moreover, using Instacart, the users get their orders to their doorsteps faster. Even the shoppers can schedule the next day delivery, or after some days, as they find it convenient.

Furthermore, grocery shoppers are facilitated to pick their items from the stores themselves and still allow them to order from anywhere and get the delivery anytime.

  • Operates in 40,00 stores
  • Serves 5,500 cities
  • Products 500+ million

Amazon Fresh

amazon fresh

Available on: Android & iPhone

An Amazon Prime Subscriber can reap the additional benefits of the Amazon Prime app. It offers extra services in 40+ cities, including shopping for groceries, restaurant foods, and almost everything.

Moreover, you can order non-food items also, like household items, electronic appliances, apparel, and more.

Now, Amazon Prime collaborates with top supermarkets that provide exclusive discounts and offers to their users. So, it’s now simple to enjoy easy returns and refunds also.

  • Usually, it offers delivery within two hours or as the user schedules.
  • Serves 2,000+ cities
  • Membership needed



Available on: Android & iPhone

A widely known grocery delivery app in the USA, 7NOW offers a wide range of household and other products to the users, like groceries, baked food, personal care items, etc.

Using 7NOW, you can get your orders delivered to your doorstep anytime as you need, in about 30 minutes. This app is available in 200+ cities and across 40+ metro areas, like Detroit, Fort Collins, Miami, New Haven, Chicago, New York, etc. Also, this on-demand grocery app is growing in more cities and locations.

  • 24*7 Delivery
  • 3,000+ Items
  • Delivers in 43 metro areas and 514 cities



Available on: Android & iPhone

With Postmates, one of the top grocery delivery apps, you will get free delivery with no minimum cart value. Also, it permits you to take a 7-day free trial and cancel anytime.

Using Postmates, you can get your favorite food delivered to your doorstep from your favorite restaurants.

Besides, Postmates holds various supermarkets listed under it from where you can order your daily essentials and get home delivery.

  • Delivers in 4200+ Cities
  • Collaboration with 500,000+ national and local restaurants and retailers.


Available on: Android & iPhone, an online grocery app, is available in 100+ cities and crafted for smooth navigation through old devices also. It brings users their favorite groceries, spirits, restaurant orders, and more.

The app reveals strong results with top-level ratings, expertise, distance, delivery times, and more. Also, the users will get round-the-clock customer support over live chat or phone that is quite effective.

Besides, every order you place will give you delivery points that you can use later or redeem them for credits on your next orders.



Available on: Android & iPhone

This grocery delivery app may not be widely available, but you can reap its benefits if it operates in your area.

FreshDirect serves in most Northerneastern states and provides prepared meals, groceries, and alcohol in some areas.

It offers high-quality and organic grocery items and delivers them within the time frame.

  • Available in New Jersey, New York, Washington D.C., Delaware, Pennsylvania, Connecticut.
  • No Membership needed


CheckOut 51

Available on: Android & iPhone

A unique on-demand grocery delivery app in the USA, CheckOut51 provides its users the loyalty points and rewards. It picks the ordered items from the physical stores. So, the chances are high that users can get exceptional offers weekly.

Also, you can earn some fantastic cashback every weekend.

Furthermore, CheckOut51 holds collaborations with top online and offline grocery stores, such as Shoppers Drug Mart, No Frills, etc.



Available on: Android & iPhone

Peapod has its grocery store, but its delivery service operates in partnership with other retailers. You can also find it in small cities and use Android and iOS apps.

Using Peapod, you can order your favorite groceries online, set the delivery time, and save money.

This app offers standard groceries, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, etc. It also provides meal kits from its brand.

  • Serves in 24+ US markets
  • No Membership Needed
  • Amazing Sign-up Deals
  • Locations: New England and mid-Atlantic states



Available on: Android & iPhone

Dumpling performs uniquely, not as the traditional delivery model, one of the best on-demand grocery apps. It makes a contract with various grocers and works with personal shoppers, and users are allowed to select a shopper who shops for them.

Dumpling provides its services through Android, iOS apps, and websites.

Customers can connect with the shoppers they select who know their choices or simply check their reviews and pick accordingly.

  • No Membership Required
  • Locations: 50 States
  • Offers Personalized Service

Walmart Grocery


Available on: Android & iPhone

The working of Walmart Grocery Delivery is relatively easy, and you can opt for any one option from two to order your groceries.

One, you can choose items you want from the Walmart Grocery website.

Second, you can download the Walmart Grocery App.

It’s available in many cities throughout the US.

Using this app, you can shop for various grocery items, such as organic food items, baked goods, pantry staples, etc. You can enjoy the same-day delivery or even schedule it at your convenience.

  • Available in 1,600+ cities
  • No Membership Needed



Available on: Android & iPhone

Kroger, the best on-demand grocery delivery app, offers a unique shopping experience, and it comes with various personalized discounts and exclusive promotions.

Also, you can find the closest Kroger store and shop.

Besides allowing you to shop various grocery items, it permits you to view your purchase history and craft standard orders to save your time and effort.

  • Offer Shopper’s Card
  • Get Access to Rewards & Savings
  • Personalized Offers
  • Exclusive Promotions
  • Smart Suggest Feature



Available on: Android & iPhone

Over the past few years, Shipt, a growing grocery app, is now available in 200+ cities all over the country.

After you sign up for a membership plan, you can choose the items you want, schedule your delivery, select an appropriate option, and check out. Shipt shoppers will deliver your orders to your doorstep after some time.

  • Serves in 72 Cities
  • Locations: Parts of Texas, the Southeast, Chicago
  • Membership Needed



Available on: iPhone

A personalized subscription grocery service, Hungryroot, targets delivering best-quality, fresh, and healthy food.

Moreover, users can get ready-to-eat foods also. You just need to take a simple quiz; the app will create your grocery plan and fill your cart. You can choose yourself also.

  • Membership Required
  • Locations: 48 States
  • Personalized Experience
  • Best Quality Ingredients

Imperfect Foods

Imperfect Foods

Available on: iPhone

One of the best on-demand grocery apps delivers fruits, vegetables, and other grocery items to your doorstep.

The app comes with exclusive deals and sales that you can’t find anywhere.

After you sign up, you are assigned delivery date. A fantastic feature of this app is it fills your cart as per your choices that you can modify later. This way, you can save your time from hunting and gathering your favorite grocery products.

  • No Membership Required
  • Locations: Midwest, Northeast, West South Central region, and all along the West Coast
  • Free Sign Up
  • Personalized Order
  • Hundreds of Options


We would like to wrap our list of top grocery delivery apps in the year 2022.

After reading this post, we hope you find a perfect grocery delivery app holding the features you need.

So, you just need to check the availability of that particular on-demand grocery delivery app in your area, the wide range of products it offers, the costs, offers, and everything as such factors matters while shopping for groceries or other category products online.

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