Are you an adult pet lover seeking a delightful gaming experience? Now you can have your adorable virtual pets on your smartphone or tablet. Virtual pet apps are magical worlds where you can adopt and care for cute, lovable creatures. Whether you’re a kid or a grown-up, these apps are fun!

You can feed, play, and even dress up your furry friends with virtual pet apps. They need your love and attention, just like real pets! Whether you’re into fluffy kittens, playful puppies, or mythical creatures, there’s a virtual pet app for everyone.

So, if you’re a pet lover or just looking for a delightful gaming experience, dive into the world of virtual pets and let the adventure begin! Check out our list of the best virtual pet games online, available for both Android and iOS. Start caring for your virtual pet and experience the joy they bring.

What Is A Virtual Pet?

Also known as an artificial pet or digital pet, the virtual pet is a sort of artificial human companion. People keep them just for enjoyment. They keep a virtual pet instead of a real one. 

It can be attained through a virtual pet app. Such apps are AI pet apps that provide the fun of having a pet right in your arms. Using such apps, you can raise them, teach, feed, train, and clean them. You can even play various exciting games, whether a cat or dog or any other pet animal. 

Virtual pet games are popular not only among children but adults also. 

How Does A Virtual Pet App Work?

Such games are usually played free of cost through websites or apps. You just need to sign up. These apps generally include a virtual community. The users play such apps and earn virtual money that they can spend on pet items or food. 

The Market of Virtual Pet Apps & Games

  • The total revenue of the simulation game market reached US$16.01 bn in 2022
  • Total revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022-2027) of 7.67%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$24.14bn by 2027.
  •’s report revealed that the average time spent in mobile pet-related apps increased by 75% year over year in the first quarter of 2022

15+ Best Virtual Pet Apps

We have listed the top 18 Android and iOS virtual pet games to raise pets with friends. Let’s check them out:

Top 9 Virtual Pet Games on Android

There are over 1.5 billion Android users present all over the globe. Thus, the number of game users also increases eventually. To have the best game for your business, you should also focus on contacting a Top Android app development company. The team of experts from these companies can help you better with the development of the game that can stand out in the market.

1. Bubbu – My Virtual Pet Cat

Downloads: 100 Million+

A digital pet cat gaming app, Bubbu is an emotional, cute, and adorable cat game. You can have fun with Bubbu anytime and anywhere. 

Players can dress the cat, play, and bathe Bubbu. This app comes with 30 mini-games, a house builder element, and a fashion game element. 

In-app Products$1.13 – $112 Per Item
Published By Bubadu

2. Moy 7- Virtual Pet Game

Downloads: 50 million+

This virtual pet game was developed by Frodo, who has developed various other virtual pet games also, like My Corgi, My Chicken, and more. All such app games are played in the same way, except the pet you need to choose. 

In this game, the pet is an octopus named Moy. The game comes with a cluster of mini-games and various other things that one needs to take care of their digital pet pets. 

PriceFree (with ads)
In-app Products$1.3 – $4 Per Item
Published By Frojo Apps

3. My Boo: Your Virtual Pet To Care and Play Games

Downloads: 100 Million+

With a well-known virtual pet, Boo, you can enjoy countless hours. It’s like a real pet that demands lots of attention and care. You can wash it, feed it, make it sleep, and play with it. Besides, the app comes with 20+ mini-games that will entertain you. 

In-app Product$2.2 – $116 Per Item
Published By Tapps Games

4. Happy Pet Story: Virtual Pet Game

Downloads: 100 Million+

A unique and amazing virtual pet app, Happy Pet Story is a zero-player game with various levels. It may look different at the first glimpse, but you need to wait to enjoy it. Your pet will fight with monsters, earn gold, collect loot, and perform a lot to help you enjoy playing. 

In-app Products$0.40 – $11 Per Item
Published By Happy Labs

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5. Talking Tom Series

Downloads: 15 billion+

From the developers of top-rated virtual pet games, like My Talking Tom, My Talking Angela, My Talking Tom 2, and more successful titles, this app arrives in virtual pet simulation games. 

This digital pet gaming app permits players to feed their Tom, talk with it, feed it, and perform many more exciting activities with Tom. Besides, this game comes with many mini-games and customizations. 

In-app Products$1.33 – $120 Per Item
Published By Outfit7 Limited

6. Cthulhu Virtual Pet 

1M+ Downloads

In this game, you will help Cthulu evolve from infancy through adulthood from the comfort of your pocket. You can use the points by playing the in-app games and use them for feeding, health, and making them happy.

Price Free 
In-App Purchase$1.00
Published ByNeurocreativa

7. Pou

500M+ Downloads

In this, you can take care of your alien pet. Feed it, clean it, and play with it, and it will eventually grow as the level increases. It also unlocks various wallpapers and outfits to satisfy your unique taste. 

Price Free 
In-App Purchase$0.99 – $24.99 per item
Published ByZakeh Limited

8. Duddu- My Virtual Pet Dog 

50M+ Downloads

Duddu is a super nice dog who lives in a wonderful world full of fun and adventure. You are responsible for feeding, putting asleep, entertaining, and looking after your dog in his lovely house. 

Price Free 
In-App Purchase$0.99 – $114.99 per item
Published ByBubadu

9. Cat Condo

1M+ Downloads

Build your own cat condo and populate them with cute furry feline friends. You can start the game with a small kitty, then combine, mix, and match your kittens to upgrade them into majestic cats. Here you can discover and unlock many types of cats. Complete all the achievements and gain the rewards. 

Price Free 
In-App Purchase$1.99 – $4.99 per item
Published ByZepni Ltd.

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Top 9 Virtual Pet Games On iPhone

There are multiple iOS games in the market; if you are aiming for one, you can contact a top iOS app development company to help you make one like any of those mentioned below or work on your new dream idea.

1. Cat Sim Online: Play With Cats 

Downloads: 8 Million+

We have learned about various virtual pet apps. Some apps arrive with realistic or 3D UI, and some just include 2D graphics and cartoony styles. Let you know; the Cat Sim Online app comes with a real virtual cat. Even with this app, you can play as a cat also. If you don’t want to take care of your virtual pet, you can yourself be a digital cat. 

In-app Products$1– $35 Per Item
Published By Turbo Rocket Games

2. Dogotchi: Virtual Pet

Downloads: 10 Thousand+

It is a retro-style simulation game started by Wildagotchi. You have to take care of the 12 adorable dogs, and each is unlocked with the progress. The more you take care of your pet, the happier it will be and result in fast growth. 

In-app Products$2.99
Published By Janusz Jankowski

3. Hellopet – Cute cats, dogs, and other unique pets

Hellopet - Cute cats, dogs, and other unique pets
Downloads: 5 Million+

The one who can’t pet but is in love with it can get their friendly companion here. 

With Hellopet, you can have dogs, cats, and many adorable animals running around your home screen. Also, you can create a fun room or home for your pets. Besides, you can unlock new items, pets, and rooms on this virtual pet app by buying or collecting cookies. 

In-app Products$1.99 – $49.99 Per Item
Published By Applepie Studio Inc.

4. Hay Day

Hay Day
Downloads: 300 million+

This app is one of the popular pet games on mobile, which looks like a Farm House app and gives an experience of a virtual pet. It helps build a farm, raise animals, customize and decorate a section of the country, and explore the Valley. You can play with your family and friends also. 

In-app Products$2 – $12 Per Item
Published BySupercell

5. My Cat! – Virtual Pet Games 

My Cat! – Virtual Pet Games 
Downloads: 1 Million+

Connect with your new virtual friend, a cat with adorable eyes and a cute smile. You can play with your digital pet anytime, feed it, make it sleep, take it for a walk, and a lot more. 

In-app Products$0.99 – $124.99 Per Item
Published By LiftApp

6. Dog Town 

10M+ Downloads

You can start your dog town by breeding and collecting dogs. You can also train your puppies, where they can learn many tricks. You can also use your voice to give commands. You can also customize the dog house where they live. 

Price Free 
In-app purchase$1.99-$11.99
Published byFRISMOS INC

7. Widget Pet 

10M+ Downloads

You can incubate and then hatch your pet. Your pet will share their stories of the day and tell you about the adventure. It is designed in beautiful light and dark modes. You can also select any color from your widget pet’s home. 

Price Free 
In-app purchase$2.99

8. My Tamagotchi Forever 

5M+ Downloads

In this app, you can raise your own Tamagotchi characters and share them with your friends for fun. The pet character requires daily care to stay healthy and happy. You have to feed, wash, entertain, and watch well to evolve them into a grown-up character.

Price Free 
In-app purchase$1.99- $23.99
Published byBANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe

9. Smolsies- My Cute Pet House 

50M+ Downloads

The game focuses on the cutest squishy pom-pom creatures and new virtual pets. In the game, you can hatch the eggs and collect all the pet Smolsies. You can feed, watch babies grow, and take care of them. There are also fun mini-games available in the apps that can be played, and coins and awesome gifts for pets can be collected. 

Price Free 
In-App Purchase$0.99-$69.99

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Steps to Build a Virtual Pet Android & iOS Apps

When making a virtual pet Android & iOS Apps, you have to follow some necessary steps in the development process. Here are five major steps you can take care of- 

1. Target audience and Purpose.

At the beginning of the development first thing that you have to take care of is the target audience, and mostly, these types of games are made for particular groups of children. So, ensure the things that you need to mention as the feature in the app by understanding the need and ease to access functions.

2. Discuss the Features:

Discuss the functionality and features that you want to include in your virtual pet apps. It can involve activities like grooming, feeding, playing games, and monitoring the pet’s health. 

3. UI/UX Design 

It is essential for any game to be attractive and especially the games whose target audience is children. It also results in a visually appealing and user-friendly design for your app. Also, pay attention to the user interface and user experience to ensure smooth interactions and easy navigation. Put various elements that are interactive to maintain the interest of the users throughout. 

4. Choose a Development Platform

Decide on the development platform for your app – Android, iOS, or both. You can choose native development (Swift for iOS and Java/Kotlin for Android) or cross-platform development using frameworks like React Native, Flutter, or Xamarin. After all, this, start developing the app based on the chosen platform and technology. Implement the core functionalities of the virtual pet, such as feeding, playing, grooming, and monitoring its health.

5. App Store Submission

This is the step where your game app is ready to launch in the market. Before that, do test the app, and once testing is complete and the app is polished, submit it to the respective app stores (Google Play Store for Android and Apple App Store for iOS) for review and approval.

6. Post-Launch Support and Updates

Monitor the app’s performance, collect user feedback, and provide timely updates to fix issues and introduce new features. Also, take care from the start about the company you are opting for the development of the virtual game apps if they provide post-launch support or not. It is a necessary process as after launch, the app comes in contact with a real audience, and many issues occur to the app.

How to Make Money with Virtual Pet Apps?

There are several ways to monetize virtual pet apps and generate revenue. Here are some common strategies:

1. In-App Purchases

This is a very easy option to monetize your app as most people, when engaged in the games, need more and more things to upgrade the game resulting in the purchasing the extra accessories and special features for their pets through in-app purchases. This can also include clothing, decorations, toys, or virtual currency to enhance their pet’s experience. 

2. Ad Revenue

You can integrate advertisements into the app. You can display banner ads, interstitial ads, or rewarded video ads. The revenue is generated in this when users view or interact with the ads. This can be beneficial as more users will get aware of your brand. 

3. Premium Features

You can always provide premium features in the app. Firstly provide a basic version of the app free and offer additional premium features, a subscription fee, or items for a one-time purchase. This can include exclusive pets, customization options, or access to advanced gameplay.

4. Sponsorships and Partnerships

You can collaborate with the brands, or you can sponsor their service within the app. This can be of different categories, such as branded items for virtual pets or sponsored events. These events can have one-time fees to register or to continue in the different can have entry fees. 

5. Data and Market Research

Businesses can collect user data with their consent and analyze user behavior and preference. You can also then sell this data to market research companies. Also, it can be used to improve your app and tailor the experience for users. 

How Much Does A Virtual Pet App Cost?

We can’t come up with an exact cost to develop an app but we may let you know an estimate. 

A survey conducted by Clutch on the number of hours needed to develop a mobile app showcased that the average cost to create a mobile app is approx. $171,450 with a considerable price range between $30k to $700k

A similar pattern goes with virtual pet apps and other apps of different industry verticals. 

How Can We Help You?

Investing in a virtual pet game can be extremely fun as well as profitable. The market audience for these games is constantly increasing. Also, there are different monetization models that can be used for profit generation. Thus, if you have an idea of developing one, don’t about how to start.

We at Emizentech, as a mobile app development company, can help you build your dream game. Our team of expert developers and designers are dedicated to delivering high-quality applications pushing our boundaries to meet your unique requirement. We work on multiple new technologies that enhance the performance of your virtual game app.


Playing a virtual pet app can be a lot of fun, and it’s a great way to have a pet without the challenges of allergies, costs, or time constraints. If you’re interested in creating your own virtual pet game, you’ve come to the right place.

Emizentech, a top game development company, can help you make your digital pet game a reality. We have the expertise and support to bring your app idea to life and create an enjoyable experience for users.

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