Technology has taken over the daily lifestyle. When it comes to modern applications, these promise to bring the best to the users; out of all the applications available in the market, iOS and Android applications for health and fitness are ruling the world.

Do you know that the revenue of fitness apps will increase by 84% in 2020? 

Let us know all about the health and fitness apps, what these are, and about the dedicated apps for men statistics. We’ll cover the top men’s health and fitness apps list, followed by a quick guide to selecting the perfect app for daily use. Not to miss are the quick steps to create a men’s health and fitness app for iOS or Android and the cost. Let us start with a quick understanding of the fitness app.

What Is a Fitness App?

Applications are a set of computer programs aimed at a specific goal. These can be created for any operating system like Android or iOS. The fitness apps are the specific apps related to fitness topics, exercise apps, nutrition and diet apps, physical training apps, etc. These apps work ideally on different platforms like Android or iOS.

The fitness apps guide the users through the instructions for detailed exercise schedules, counting calories, and recording the statistics about workouts. Further, some fitness apps are connected to dedicated nutritionists or personal trainers who help users follow a specific routine. Some fitness apps offer workouts like fitness classes and running along with the beat.

The global markets are exponentially rising regarding men’s health and fitness applications.

Do you know that the daily active users of fitness apps have grown more than 24% in the first half of 2021 globally?

Let us explore more about these fitness apps by understanding the statistics.

What Market Stats Say About Health & Fitness Apps for Men?

It becomes easy to understand the fascinating world of men’s health and fitness apps with the help of market data and app statistics. A quick view at the men’s health and fitness app statistics reveals that:

  • In April 2020, the health and fitness app downloads spiked to 276 million globally.
  • The annual spending on health and fitness apps will have crossed 2 billion USD by 2021.
  • Germany has observed the biggest consumer spending on men’s health and fitness apps with 99.5 million USD.
  • In 2020, more than 71,000 new health and fitness products were launched globally.
  • The calm app remained the top global product for consumer spending for men’s health and fitness apps in 2020.
  • The world’s most downloaded health and fitness app in 2020 was “Aarogya Setu.”

Most Popular Health & Fitness Apps for Men

Some of the popular health and fitness apps for men are:

1. Headspace


It is a mindful meditation app that works as a personal meditation studio. This app aims to release anxiety and stress. Hence, users prefer to calm down and relax during life’s difficult times. Users have agreed to sleep well and relax after the sessions on Headspace. This app works seamlessly on Android and iOS systems like iMessage, Apple Watch, iPhone, and iPad.

Available on: Android, iOS


  • Guided meditation, sleep melodies, and breathing exercises,
  • No option to skip sessions to maintain continuity,
  • The updated content app, and
  • Dedicated motivation and consistency throughout the app.

2. Nike Training Club App

Nike Training Club App

It is a dedicated workout app from the popular company Nike. It is an all-in-one fitness app that is suitable for different persons. The best part about this app is that it offers bug fixes and enhancements. Users prefer to go for this app for free workouts, wellness guidance, muscle strengthening, etc.

Available on: Android, iOS


  • It offers home workouts and mindful tips,
  • Offers a world-class Nike workout schedule,
  • Fitness regimes like mindfulness, cardio, bodyweight cardio, etc.,
  • Options to choose from wellness experts, athletes, and favorite trainers.

3. PUMA TRAC Run, Train, Fitness

PUMA TRAC Run, Train, Fitness app

This app comes from the sports company Puma which offers fitness coaching and home workouts. It doesn’t require any fitness equipment and offers features like running, training, etc., in one app only. It offers exclusive PUMA offers and events which help users join the PUMA community.

Available on: Android, iOS


  • Offers more than 120 workouts for different levels,
  • Has a database of the world-class athletes and Puma athletes,
  • Offers customized running and training content, and
  • Helps create a running and workout schedule.

4. Fitness (by Apple)

fitness by apple app

It is the dedicated App Store men’s health and fitness app that works effortlessly on Apple Watch, iPad, and iPhone. It is a perfect app for the Apple Watch users looming for the comprehensive platform to view total fitness. Users can prefer to go for the free Fitness app or can switch to Apple Fitness+ for additional features.

Available on: iOS


  • Offers a streamlined summary tab to watch trends, workouts, and activity history,
  • Keep track of the total calories, exercise goals, total active time, visual graphical representation, etc.
  • Helps start a competition with friends on the sharing tab, and
  • Offers Apple Fitness+ for different kinds of fitness experiences.

5. Adidas Training

Adidas Training

Adidas is a popular name among fitness enthusiasts, and Adidas Training is no exception to that. It comes as a perfect fitness app that offers free usage and subscription-based features also. It has more than 180+ HD bodyweight workout videos, free workouts, personalized training plans, strength training, etc. The powerful workout creator helps users focus on workouts.

Available on: Android, iOS


  • Easy to seek help from professionals, quick to understand, and easy to use an app,
  • Offers creation and customization of the individual workout apps,
  • Easy to build muscles, get a toned body, lose weight, and
  • Offers options to choose from more than 180 exercises.

6. Google Fit

Google Fit

It is a dedicated app that tracks the health and fitness of the users. It works seamlessly for Android and iOS platforms. The latest updates have introduced minor bug fixes and UI improvements. Google Fit has collaborated with the American Heart Association (AHA) and World Health Organization (WHO) to offer heart points to improve health.

Available on: Android, iOS


  • Offers different workout options like walks, runs, route, pace, speed, heart rate, bike rides, etc.,
  • Monitors the fitness goals to achieve a healthy mind and heart,
  • Offers a detailed activity journal with options to add any other activity manually, and
  • A quick check-in to the app at any time from any place.

7. MyFitnessPal

myfitnesspal app

It is the dedicated health and fitness app for Android and iOS devices that offers water goals monitoring, weight loss management, fitness, nutrition diet, etc. It works like a comprehensive food tracker and health app. It is a perfect app that helps the user achieve health goals, find motivation and support, make smart food choices, etc. 

Available on: Android, iOS


  • Helps achieve health and weight goals by tracking food activity,
  • Prioritizes the balanced diet by customizing your macronutrient ratio goals,
  • Quick food logging with an extensive database of more than 1,000 restaurant dishes, and
  • Helps log store-bought food quickly to scan barcodes.

8. Map My Run by Under Armour

Map My Run by Under Armour app

It is a popular men’s health and fitness app which runs ideally on Android or iOS. It is a GPS running and workout tracker app. It is named in the top 10 apps for runners by The Guardian, voted as the “Best Running App Readers’ Choice” on, etc. Further, Map My Run is featured in TIME, Wired, TechCrunch, NY Times, etc.

Available on: Android, iOS


  • Seamlessly connect with the apps and other popular wearables,
  • Offers real-time audio coaching on GPS-tracked runs and customized voice for different body stats.
  • Can log more than 600 activities and connect with more than 400 devices for data collection, and
  • Offers MVP premium features with premium memberships.

9. Reebok Fitness App       

Reebok Fitness App

It is a popular men’s health and fitness app which tracks, plans, and analyzes fitness training. It is a perfect app for beginners and experienced to get the best out of the fitness regime. This app is compatible with Cross Trainers, Bikes, Reebok Treadmills, etc. Further, the Reebok Fitness app monitors the app accurately and helps keep users motivated.

Available on: Android, iOS


  • It records all statistics like calories, watts, time, distance, speed, etc., for post-workout analysis,
  • It helps share training successes quickly on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter,
  • It creates unlimited customized training sessions for different regimes, and
  • It offers in-depth analysis to track user data and review the progress of the previous workouts. 


cure fit app

It is a popular app that offers a holistic approach to mental and physical well-being. This app aims to offer hassle-free lifestyle care, medical care, easy yoga, seamless meditation, and fun workouts. The different trainer-led workout formats like HRX, Prowl, Strength and Conditioning, Boxing, Football, Yoga, Dance Fitness, etc., help users to find the perfect module according to their needs.

Available on: Android, iOS


  • It has more than 400 fitness centers in more than 27 cities,
  • It is easy to select from the top ten exciting formats for exercising in the workout in group classes,
  • Options to choose from more than 121 premium fitness gyms with dedicated fitness plans, and
  • It is easy to work out at home with the nation’s top trainers and live calorie tracking.

11. Samsung Health

Samsung Health

It offers basic but all necessary features for the men’s health and fitness apps. It has multiple trackers which help users lead a healthy lifestyle by tracking activity history, achieving weight loss, analyzing exercise schedules, etc. The different trackers offer the much-needed customized settings to achieve the exercise goals.

Available on: Android, iOS


  • Helps quick view of the different health records on a single Samsung Health screen.
  • Manages different activities like outdoor exercises, indoor exercises, mountain climbing, cycling, running, walking, etc.,
  • Offers support in more than 42 languages like Chinese, English, French, etc., and
  • Compatible with all the leading Samsung-powered devices.

12. HealthifyMe


It is a dedicated nutrition and calorie counter which works ideally as a weight loss coach. This app offers smart meal plans to help users shed extra calories. The dedicated coaching offers accelerated fitness goals, step counter, meal journal, sleep monitoring, etc. 

Available on: Android, iOS


  • Helps track weight goals, hand washing, sleep monitoring, step counter, meal journal, water consumption, daily calorie intake, etc.,
  • Comprehensive coaching app for beginners and professionals,
  • It offers home workout plans to manage weight, and
  • Offers new trackers and an immunity-boosting plan.

13. Seven


It is a famous men’s health and fitness app which promises to bring the best results while exercising for only seven minutes daily. It is easy to select from the available fitness plans like getting strong, losing weight, and getting fit. This app is based on scientific studies to offer maximum benefits of exercise.

Available on: Android, iOS


  • Offers quick workout at any place without the need for any additional equipment,
  • Allows ultimate levels of support and encouragement while competing with friends,
  • It is easy to create customized health and fitness schedules, and
  • Some of the popular workout schedules have more than 200 exercises for detailed training.

14. Fitbit


It is another famous name in the men’s health and fitness apps that offers activity, sleep, and nutrition tracking. It offers the much-needed support and community activity to users, tracks heart rate, manages stress, and helps them sleep better. Further, users can access free video and audio workouts anytime.

Available on: Android, iOS


  • Offers a 90-day free trial for Fitbit premium users with 240+ video workouts, customized health programs, and personalized guidance,
  • Offers sleep tools, meditation tracks, nutrition programs, workout sessions, etc.,
  • Helps users earn milestones by setting goals, earning achievement badges, celebrating milestones, and
  • Seamless working with different Fitbit watches, scales, Fitbit trackers, and other smartwatches.

15. Sworkit       

Sworkit app

It is a workout and exercises planning app with free and subscription-based models. The different workout plans make it easy for the users to find the perfect health regime. Further, it has unique sessions for kids, young ones, and adults and works as an overall health and fitness app for the family.

Available on: Android, iOS


  • Successfully delivered more than 10 million workouts to existing users,
  • Ideal for the users looking to level up endurance, improve flexibility, gain muscles, tone up, or weight loss,
  • It is easy for the users to enhance the existing fitness plan, new users, and the busy health-freaks, and
  • Ideal for kids’ workouts and helps maintain the health of the kids.

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Other Health & Fitness Apps For Men

Let us go through some of the other names in the top health and fitness apps for men.

1. Sweatcoin

It is the exclusive health and fitness app for men which offers daily motivation for walking, comes with improved features, and in-built bug fixes in the latest upgrades.

Available on: Android, iOS

2. TruBe

TruBe app

This app offers virtual and in-person training from top-rated trainers. It has completed more than 27,000 fitness journeys till now and is a popular on-demand health and fitness app.

Available on: iOS

3. Strava

Strava app

It is a health and fitness app that tracks activity and maps different routes. It helps users find new places to explore, oversee training regimes, and race with the community virtual segments.

Available on: Android, iOS

4. Les Mills On Demand

This health and fitness app offers access to more than 1500+ workouts, no need to select workout equipment, specially designed workout schedules, etc. The association with the leading trainers makes it easy for beginners and professionals.

Available on: Android, iOS

5. Fitplan


It is a recommended personal trainer app that has one of the largest databases of personalized trainers. This app has more than 12 different fitness regimes, which makes it an ideal health and fitness app.

Available on: Android, iOS

6. SleepCycle

SleepCycle app

It is a unique snore recorder and alarm clock application that helps monitor sleep patterns. It further detects coughing, sleeping, talking, etc. It helps users wake up easily.

Available on: Android, iOS

7. Aaptiv


This app offers unlimited access to certified personal trainers, seamless training from any corner of the world, expertly-crafted music playlists, etc. It offers a range of physical activities. 

Available on: Android, iOS

8. Charity Miles

Charity Miles

It is a leading men’s health and fitness app which is ideal for walking and running. It becomes easy for the users to earn money for charity while walking or running only.

Available on: Android, iOS

9. Fooducate

It is a famous calorie counter and diet tracker which are backed by science. It is recommended by the leading doctors, dieticians, fitness trainers, etc., and is available for Android and iOS users.

Available on: Android, iOS

10. 8Fit


It promises to be a personalized fitness and nutrition app offering dedicated meal plans. It is available in more than six languages like Italian, Portuguese, French, German, Spanish, English, etc.

Available on: Android, iOS

11. Happify


It is a health and fitness app that is backed by scientific activities to build great resilience, overcome negative thoughts, and reduce stress.

Available on: Android, iOS

12. Fitbod


It is a popular men’s health and fitness app which has more than 250,000 customers. While the app quickly learns from the previous sessions, it helps focus on the right parts. 

Available on: Android, iOS

13. obé Fitness

obé Fitness

It is the live and on-demand men’s health and fitness app which offers HIIT, Sculpt, Yoga, and Pilates. It is ideal for Android and iOS devices and offers more than 7000+ on-demand sessions and 20 daily LIVE classes.

Available on: Android, iOS

14. Le Sweat TV

Le Sweat TV

It offers easy-to-understand workout classes for a range of regimes, including HIIT, cardio, strength, athlete’s yoga, etc. There are options to download the videos for offline viewing.

Available on: Android, iOS

15. TRX Training Club

TRX Training Club

It comes as a one-stop solution for different fitness regimes. It offers options to replay, re-live, on-demand videos, etc. It is available for Android and iOS users. 

Available on: Android, iOS

How to Choose the Best Fitness App?

After going through the top names in the best men’s health and fitness apps for iOS and Android, choosing the best fitness app may become difficult. Hence, the quick guide to finding the ideal app for your fitness apps is:

  • Certified fitness experts: First and foremost feature to look for in any health and fitness app is the availability of credible instructors. The path to achieving the best results and safety during the fitness regime becomes smooth with the availability of fitness experts.
  • Fitness goal: It is important to select the health and fitness app that matches the users’ fitness goals. These can be weight loss, weight gain, diet plans, etc.
  • Budgets: Not all men’s health and fitness apps are free. Hence, it is important to select the app according to your budget. Some apps are free, while others are available on a subscription model. Users can further go for the free trial period for the expensive apps.
  • List of equipment: Health and fitness regime seems impossible without some dedicated equipment. Hence, it is important to look at the required equipment like kettlebells, dumbbells, yoga blocks, etc. Users can go for the health and fitness app, which goes perfectly with the existing equipment.
  • User review: It is important to go through the dedicated list of the existing user reviews. These reviews can be the much-needed light to select the perfect app according to your needs.

Steps for Developing a Health & Fitness App for Men

After going through the quick ways to choose the best fitness app, it comes down to the quick steps to develop the health and fitness apps for men. So, here are the steps to develop a health & fitness app for men:

  • Conducting market research: This is the first step that defines the type and features of the men’s health and fitness app. It is important to go through the competitors, solve existing user problems, strengths or weaknesses, etc. All the data thus collected from the market research can offer a comprehensive analysis to define the routing plane for the development of men’s health and fitness apps.
  • Required features for the first app version: After doing the market research, the next step is to look for the desired features in the health and fitness app for men. It is important to prepare a detailed list of the required features and shortlist the ones that give a competitive edge over the competitors.
  • Selecting the development team: After the list of features is ready, it is time to move to the selection of the app development team. Multiple options in the available vendors help find the ideal men’s health and fitness app development team according to the needs. It is important to look at the previous experience of the app development team, relevant years of the market development team, positive customer feedback, availability of senior developers, favorable time zone or hourly rate, etc. Hence, selecting the ideal development team that can be the perfect technical partner during the app development process is important.
  • App development process: The app development process for any men health and fitness app can be divided into four steps which include:
  • a. Analysis: The analysis and the planning stage require dedicated cooperation of product owners, software architects, UX/UI designers, business analysts, etc. The app prototype is designed after market analysis, app development approach, architecture creation, etc.
  • b. UX/UI design: In this step, user flows are designed, the best ways for application interaction are created, the user interface is designed, and all the necessary branding elements are included.
  • c. Development stage: This step implements all the decided features, and the required software architecture is created.
  • d. Testing and deployment stage: It is important to test the apps before releasing them on the market. Hence, it helps detect if the app is bug-free or not and offers a seamless user experience.
  • Dedicated market strategy: Men’s health and fitness apps require a dedicated market strategy like any other app. A complex marketing strategy can be created while the app is still developing. Some key marketing channels include app advertising at events, paid ads on in-store, Facebook, Google, niche influencer integration, social media marketing, fitness company cooperation, etc. Further, keeping a record of the key marketing metrics is important.
  • After-development support: The development process for any app requires dedicated support. Hence, it is important to keep working on the men’s health and fitness app and address the key pain points. Some common steps during the support include functionality improvement, listening to customer feedback, adding new features, etc.

Cost for Developing Health & Fitness Apps for Men

It all comes down to the total charges for developing the top men’s health and fitness apps. Different factors define the overall costs and total hours to develop these apps. Hence, it becomes imperative to have a quick look at these health and fitness apps for men. The main factors affecting the app development costs for health and fitness apps for men include:

  • Platform choices: The primary concern while developing health and fitness apps for men includes the type of platform of the health and fitness app. While Android and iOS remain the top contenders, many look for web apps for a comprehensive health and fitness solution. It is easy to go for the cross-platform app development strategy, which works perfectly for Android and iOS platforms. It eliminates the need for native codes, increasing the platform-specific app’s cost and time. 

A close look at the native health and fitness app for Android, iOS, and web requires 750 – 1200 development hours at 200,000USD – 300,000USD charges. The cross-platform app development for all these three platforms requires 600 – 800 hours, while the costs range from 150,000USD to 250,000USD.

  • Fitness app types: Not all health and fitness apps are similar. Hence, while discussing the development costs of the men’s health and fitness apps, it is important to look at the type and goal of the fitness app. Some of the popular categories of the fitness apps are:
  • Meditation apps: These apps are ideal for sleeping, breathing, and mindfulness. These apps cost 10,000USD to 100,000USD.
  • Yoga apps: These apps include yoga for beginners, mixed yoga apps, and basic yoga workout apps. These apps cost between 10,000USD and 25,000USD.
  • Nutrition and diet apps: These apps include nutrition apps, workout apps, personal training apps, exercise apps, etc. These cost between 50,000USD to 100,000USD.
  • Fitness activity tracking apps: These apps include run tracking apps, cycling tracking apps, and gym tracking apps. These cost between 30,000USD to 125,000USD.
  • Wearable apps: These apps include pulse monitoring apps, oxygen monitoring apps, and heartbeat monitoring apps. These cost between 4,000USD to 50,000USD.
  • Location of the app development company: Another significant factor affecting the health and fitness app development includes the location of the app development company. Demographics play an important role when it comes to hiring professional app developers for creating high-end health and fitness apps. It is estimated that hiring app developers from Ukraine or India is highly cost-effective while hiring from Canada, U.K., and U.S. is expensive.
  • Acquiring the skilled team members: While it is not only about the region of the app development team, the type of skilled team members plays an important role in the overall health and fitness app development costs.
  • Cost addition based on add-on features: While all men’s fitness health and fitness apps for iOS and Android are based on basic features, many apps resort to specific features. Hence, all such additions are important while considering the overall app and development costs of the men’s health and fitness apps. Let us have a quick look at these features:
  • Live streaming: The on-demand videos and live streaming are the much-needed features in any men’s health and fitness app. It becomes easy for the users to go for these features, which offer real-time monitoring of the user workouts. It takes around 300-450 hours of development and 4,500USD to 6,750USD as development costs.
  • Gaming features: When it comes to the overall user engagement of the men’s health and fitness apps, gamification and AR/VR functionalities help make the app engaging, interactive, and profitable. It is easy to add reward systems like free monthly subscriptions, badges for specific achievements, bonuses for daily training, etc. The data collected from the men’s health and fitness apps can be used for creating deep-learning patterns which can offer workout plans or diet plans to the users. Adding AR/VR functionalities can be a bit costly but works best for the users. These features can be added in between 200 to 300 hours while the charges are 3,000USD to 4,500USD.
  • Push notifications: The integration of the men’s health and fitness apps with the push notifications helps users to be attentive, drive engagement, etc. Hence, these notifications help businesses increase conversion rates and drive sales. The addition of push notifications may cost 150USD to 300USD and the time required for the same is 10-20 hours.
  • Calorie counter: Any diet plan app is incomplete without a dedicated calorie counter. The food database thus generated helps users set their weight goals and enable meal logs. The addition of a calorie counter feature needs 80 to 100 hours while it costs 1,200USD to 1,500USD.
  • Workout planning: It is important for any men’s health and fitness app to have multiple workout plans. These can be muscle gaining plans, weight loss plans, or weight gain plans. Further, the navigation for these workout plans should be straightforward and simple, which helps users customize their workout plans quickly. It takes around 50 to 150 development hours and 1,200USD to 1,500USD to add different workout plans.
  • GPS: When it comes to the must-to-have features in any health and fitness app, GPS integration is one such feature. It is important to search the nearby gyms, real-time locations, etc. GPS integration costs 20-40 development hours and costs 400USD to 800USD.
  • Login details: Like any other app, it is important for the men’s health and fitness app to have dedicated login and personal profile creation features. The details like height, weight, etc., can be added for specific profiles, and social media logins can be added. It takes around 10-20 development hours and 150USD to 300 USD to add personal profile creation and login features.
  • Development stages: For making any user-interactive men’s health and fitness app, it has to pass through a list of the development phases. This defines the overall costs of the development of these apps and includes the following stages:
  • Development: It takes around 900+ hours and 13,500USD to 27,000USD.
  • Design: It takes around 150+ hours and 2,250USD to 4,500USD.
  • Technical documentation: It takes around 80+ hours and 1,200USD to 24,000USD.
  • Project management: It takes around 250+ hours and 3,750USD to 7,500USD.
  • Quality assurance: It takes around 280+ hours and 4,200USD to 8,400USD.

How Can We Help You?

Here are the top ways in which we can help you to create the high-performing health and fitness apps for iOS and Android:

  • Options to choose from fitness center app, personal trainer app, activity tracker app, calorie counter app, diet planner app, sleep tracker app, etc.
  • It is easy to create a men’s health and fitness app without the need for any technical knowledge.
  • A dedicated technical guide to help throughout the health and fitness app development process.
  • It is simple and easy to select the type of platform and add or remove the features like a tracker, shopping cart, login, etc., based on your needs.
  • It is easy to stack the different features without starting to work from scratch while creating your dedicated men’s health and fitness app.
  • Not to worry about the aftercare services when you can get the dedicated updates and upgrades for the possible bugs. Further, our team ensures that any third-party changes don’t affect the app functionality.
  • It is easy to start using cloud technology for your men’s health and fitness apps.
  • Our team offers competitor research on the current market trends while filling the gap between the need and available men’s health and fitness apps.
  • Our team offers 24*7 monitoring to update platforms, fix bugs, application security, and app stability.
  • We offer cost-effective methods to create effective men’s health and fitness apps for iOS and Android.


Do you know that the health and fitness apps earned 209 million USD in 2020 in the US only? It is easy to understand this fascinating world of men’s health and fitness apps. Starting with the quick definition of the fitness app, it is easy to understand the world of fitness apps. With the detailed statistics of the health and fitness apps, it is easy to understand the ideal app for your use.

In the detailed list of the top men’s health and fitness apps for iOS and Android, it is easy to find the top names of the industry. The detailed guide for selecting the best app makes it easy to find the ideal health and fitness app based on needs. Further, the quick steps to create these apps make it easy to understand the core functioning of these apps. The cost of developing these apps, along with the top ways that our team can help you, makes the thing easy for the users.

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