Health tracking apps have been quite common since years now and today almost all the smartphone owners are using these apps to track their health and the health of their loved ones – to check the pulse, blood pressure, weight, exercise, sleep, etc. There are even wearables, wrist trackers, available and being used by millions of people today.

flo period tracking app

However, the period tracking apps related to women’s health were still missing from the market for a long time. However, in the last one of two years their emergence has been registered with their being several women’s health tracking apps, period-tracking and birth-control apps being available in the market.

Growing Market Trend For Women’s Health Tracking Apps

The mHealth market had been ruling the app stores since long time, with there being apps to track fitness, nutrition, diet, lifestyle management, disease management, and much more. However, the niche of apps like period tracking for women’s health had been relatively small for long, but in the recent past there have been a lot of apps developed to cover the women’s health requirements.

It was in March 2018 that Frost & Sullivan consulting firm shared this report that predicted female technology market to register the growth of up to $50 billion by the year 2025. And soon after in May 2028, we saw Fitbit, which is one of most popular wearable vendors, adding the female health tracking functionalities to its app. And soon after that the trend just caught up and today there are quite a few apps covering women’s health needs.

Now talking to women’s health and wellness apps, most of these apps are designed to enable women track their menstrual cycle, ovulation period, track moods, and the overall body condition, reminders to take the birth control pills, and a lot more. This way, the apps assist the women in minimizing the chances of unexpected pregnancies, offers better understanding of their bodies, and to find their reaction to various stages of their cycle and even works as an aid to get pregnant.

Venture Capital Funding in FemTech industry

The term “Femtech” was first used by Ida Tin, CEO of Clue. Clue is a popular period-tracking mobile app. Femtech refers to any technology that aims to improve women health and lives. So, period tracking apps comes under this broad category.

What is further interesting is that apart from women, these apps can even be used by their doctors. The information offered by these apps allow the doctors to have a better understanding of their patients’ health. There are times when this data can even be used by the partners so the couple can have needed help in their relationship.

87% of 18-to 24 year-old women used their phones to search for health and beauty how-to content in the past three months. ThinkWithGoogle

It is even a lot simpler to measure the accuracy of these period tracking apps, as it can be done easily through a number of criteria, like how accurate the app was to predict period, or track fertility, the educational information it provided, symptoms analysis, personalized content and password protection. Even though there are a number of period tracking apps available in the market, not every app succeeds in meeting user’s requirements.

If you are someone who is looking to develop a women’s health app or period tracking app for your business, then in this article we are discussing in depth about the various features and technologies that goes in the development of period tracking apps in order to make the customer experience positive. But before that let’s understand what is in for the investors of this app category?

Why Invest In Developing Women’s Health Tracking & Lifestyle apps?

If the reports by Grand View Research, San Francisco are anything to go by, then the women’s health market size all across the world is expected to be reaching $3.9 billion by the year 2026, that too at 17.9 percent CAGR. This technology allow women to be more in charge of their bodies and have this strong understanding of their health and wellbeing. Even in the mHealth apps category, the female health tracking apps comes as the fourth most popular among the adults and second most popular among adolescent women.

Popular Women’s Health Tracking Apps

Period Tracker – Calendar Ovulation Tracker

Period Tracker - Period Calendar Ovulation Tracker

This app is quite prominent among females of every age category. It uses emoji-like graphics for tracking not just your period dates, heaviness of flow, estimated ovulation dates, but also many emotions & symptoms like stomach aches, neck aches, sweet cravings. And the app icons shows the app on dashboard as P Tracker, so no one really knows what the app is all about if one gets a peek into the phone.

Clue – Period Tracker, Ovulation & Cycle Calendar

Period Tracker Clue - Ovulation and Cycle Calendar

This is one popular period tracking app which comes with several researched health articles and allows to track everything from how much sleep you get during your cycle, to how your hair of skin is behaving.

mySysters – Perimenopause & Menopause Symptom Tracker

mySysters Perimenopause & Menopause Symptom Tracker App

This app is designed for tracking erratic periods, and symptoms, like migraines, anxiety, and hot flashes. Mainly this app is created for mid-aged or elder women who can use this data to discuss their symptoms & treatments with their physicians.

Apple Health

apple health logo

This app comes already installed in the iPhone with this little pink heart icon. Using the app will allow to track periods. The app in itself is quite basic with minimal graphics. But it is easy-to-use, comes for free and it is pretty useful so it’s good.

Flo -Period Tracker, Ovulation & Pregnancy Calendar

Period Tracker Flo, Ovulation & Pregnancy Calendar

This app offers a huge library of greatly helpful articles on women’s health and one of its exciting features is that it allows asking the weirdest and most important questions totally anonymously.

Glow – Ovulation Cycle & Fertility Tracker

GLOW. Ovulation & Period Tracker

There is a lot of useful and well-researched information in this article that helps in conceiving. The Glow app can be used to track periods with ovulation calculator, and can record symptoms, everyday moods, so that the chances to get pregnant can be improved for those who are trying.

Essential Features To Include In Women’s Health Tracking Apps?

It is the features integrated in the app that makes it the most interesting and beneficial for the customers. It is the features, technologies and designing of the app that decides the users’ experience with the app, hence all of these should be integrated carefully.

So, let’s talking about the features first:

Basic Features Of Women’s Health Tracking Apps

  • Register with Social Profile
  • View Fertility window
  • Check cycle & get estimated date of the next menstruation
  • Get suggestions about upcoming PMS
  • Show number of days left before the next period
  • Push Notification to make daily log entries
  • Push Notifications for onset of the next phase of the cycle
  • Reminders to enter moods and take medications
  • Create Detailed health profile with details like: Weight, Height, Ailments, Allergies, Period date
  • Show days favorable for conception in fertility calendar
  • Get notification for upcoming periods, ovulation and fertility
  • Option to log symptoms to get improved predictions if the user have irregular periods
  • Countdown to the birth of the baby
  • Track weeks of pregnancy
  • Graphical view of insights like baby’s growth
  • View graphs of cycle, ovulation, fertility, and symptoms history
  • Log cycle and period duration, weight changes, and activity during the cycle
  • Get Medical and scientific information regarding periods and pregnancy
  • Receive daily health tips based on your data
  • Integrate app with Fitbit or other devices
  • Detect moods, physical and emotional patterns
  • Generate health report for doctor consultation
  • Consult with women’s health expert via video or live chat
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Advanced Features To Add In Women’s Health Tracking App


onboarding period tracker appTo ensure user onboarding it is vital to make an app that is convenient for the users. Choose either standard email & password approach for signing-up the app, or go for the social media signup and logins. Onboarding is the first crucial step in terms of user experience as it quickly gives the idea behind the app and helps to enhance the user experience and retain the user-base. Choose either between coach screens, instructional overlays, or in-boarding.

Detailed Health Profile

Often users dislike the entire process of signing up, hence offer this option to skip signup and instead create a simple user profile filling up the basic health details to use the app. It is advised that the app only gathers the necessary data needed from the user, like weight, height, allergies, ailments, & period date. Users like it when they are not burdened with too many questions to simply use an app. So instead prefer to collect only detailed required to offer personalized content and enhance the user experience.

Period Tracker

track periods via mobile app

This is a crucial feature for the women’s health & fitness apps, and it allows women to track their periods, track any changes, and their overall health during the menstrual cycle and it also enables them to evaluate the changes. It is easy to track present-day-of-cycle, fertility period, approx. date of next menstrual cycle, forthcoming PMS, and a lot more. Most of the period tracking apps have these options, like Track cycle, period, and PMS, log menstruation start date, end date and fertile days. There is also a fertility calendar offering favorable days for conception and the users can have predictions for the upcoming periods, ovulation & fertility. Users can also enter more symptoms to get improved predictions when having irregular periods.

Push Notifications

This feature is crucial to keep the users engaged with the app, by sending constant reminders. Not only it ensures user engagement with the app and increases reliability too. Now the reminders in such apps can be in three categories, like regular log entries, notifications for medications, notifications regarding start of the next phase of cycle, and a lot more. Also, there should be alerts regarding the potential health concerns and this can be done by evaluating the symptoms and identifying conditions causing them.

Symptom Tracking & Analysis

Symptom Tracker regularly monitors the symptoms & patterns to provide accurate reading and then enables the users to find more regarding health & risks. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning in period-tracking apps helps in analysing large amount of collective user data and also offers personalized insights into the safety of every user. The symptom tracking functionality helps in exploring more regarding the body, fertility, ovulation, period cycles, etc. And then the additional of wearable support in the app will enable the users to add health data to their daily logs automatically, like heart rate, blood pressure, weight, sleep time, and a lot more. So this way there is more data for analyzation.

Integration With Wearables

This functionality allows the app to incorporate valuable information from wearables, or the health devices. It will offer reliable data not just for the research to further advance the app but also for health & well-being of users.

Partner Sync

Several of the period tracking apps allow this option to its users where they can share a few details with their partners. Like the app Clue offers this feature Clue Connect. The app also allows to have this open conversation on uncomfortable topics like menstruation, fertility, premenstrual syndrome (PMS). However, apart from sharing health information with the spouses, the app should even allow sharing the details with their doctors too.

Community Support

It is crucial for apps like these to allow forming a community where the apps users can share their concerns and experiences with other members and ask for their feedback. The community allows to share the stories with built-in social network, connect with groups, and discuss the symptoms. This way the users’ engagement with the app can be increased a lot more. At the same time, there trust with the app will also increase.

Digital Consultation

Offering digital consultation offers users with a reliable communication channel. This, in fact, is a simple way to receive help online and also people find it a lot more helpful to discuss their concerns with a real specialist and have their review over their health scenario. And this way digital consultation can be greatly helpful. To offer great assistance to the users the app owners can try partnering with the medical professionals who will offer online consultation, recommend the treatment plans and also administer the medication via text messages or voice calls.

Pregnancy Tracker

pregnancy tracking app

In this feature, the users will be able to see a countdown to birth of the baby and they can also track the pregnancy week they are in.


This functionality offers graphical view for cycle, fertility, ovulation, and symptoms history. Also, it allows the users to analyze the cycle, weight changes, activity during menstrual cycle, and the duration of period. There is a graphical view of ovulation and BBT as well.

Information Sharing

This feature allows users to explore more regarding the body, fertility, ovulation, and their menstrual cycle. They will receive daily health insights based on the data and will be able to import data from the other devices, such as Health App or Fitbit.

Personalized Features

The users of Period tracking apps will be able to receive personalized insights based on the user’s symptoms & cycle phase. There will be easy detection of emotional & physical patterns and it generates health reports for the doctors.

Refer & Earn

This functionality allow the app owners to expand their user base and also allow other users to relish the perks in exchange for helping.

Monetization & Revenue Models For Period Tracking Apps

Going through the entire article so fast must have cleared you one thing that the popularity of period tracking apps or women’s health apps is huge at the moment and in coming times also it will experience immense growth. So, there is enough opportunity here to make money but exactly how? Here we are discussing the favourable revenue models that can help you earn money through these apps.

In-app Purchases

In this model, the users are offered a premium version along with features, such as profile customization, one-on-one communication with medical professionals, or it can even be an ad-free experience.

In-app Advertisements

This is the best way to start making revenues by having the in-app advertisement functionality integrated into the app. However, users can get easily annoyed with too many ads so take care factors like the number of ads, their duration and the place where the ads will appear.

Paid Apps

If you are confident about your app and truly believe that it will do great, then go ahead and keep it a paid app right from the start. This model works best with the iOS users as the revenue count on iOS platform is much greater.

Technology Stack For Women’s Health Tracking App Development

technology stack for mobile app
Application and DataUtilitiesDevOpsBusiness Tools
  • PHP
  • Cloudinary
  • Foundation
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • Realm
  • Swift
  • Amazon Cloudfront
  • Moment.js
  • Google Analytics
  • Mandrill
  • Google tag Manager
  • XCTest
  • Fitbit
  • Garmin
  • Apple Watch
  • Jawbone
  • Github
  • Xcode
  • Crashlytics
  • Fabric by Twitter
  • Datastax
  • GSuite
  • Zendesk
  • Invision
  • Sketch
  • Sumerian
  • SwiftLint

Required Team Structure For Developing Women’s Health Tracker Apps

To create a period tracking or birth control app, you need a group of development specialists, such as:

  • Project Manager
  • Android/iOS Developers
  • Back-end Developers
  • UI/UX Designers
  • Quality Analysts

What It Costs To Build A Femtech App For Period & Fertility Tracking

There are several factors responsible for the cost of these apps, such as:

  • Hourly rates of developers, differing from region-to-region
  • Design
  • Features
  • Number of Platforms

Now to determine the exact cost of an app is not possible, however, to give an app development rough estimate, the cost to develop a women’s health tracking app with basic features will be somewhere around $25000-$50000, whereas to create an app with advanced features and technologies and for both the platforms, the cost will be somewhere around $50000-$75000, when chosen Indian region for development.

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