Managing time in professional and personal lives is one of the key tasks for civilized people. While the work-life balance is a thing of the past, it comes down to productivity at work. If you think it is not a big issue, you must know that more than 80% of the employee’s workday includes “low-value activities only? 

It all comes down to the need for quick solutions that can offer real-time insights into time tracking and time management for different employees. These solutions should be easy to implement, affordable, and full of features for any small or big business. Let us know everything about these time tracking apps in detail.

What Is A Time Tracking App?

Time Tracking App

Ideally termed as one of the widely used apps in the world, the time tracking app is also called the time entry software. Being a self-explanatory term, it helps businesses keep a track of the working time and create a unified platform for all types of important business decisions. These apps are optimized by adding new features according to the business needs.

The common aim of increasing the business revenue and market presence, the time tracking apps give employees clear details of their most focused, motivated, and energetic days.

Did you know: More than 30% of the employees still use manual entries and data management which are time-consuming processes?


Hence, recording the time being spent on different tasks and projects is the need of all such businesses aiming to increase their productivity.

The time tracking app is one of the types of the enormous family of apps. It is a perfect solution for modern businesses that have a mix of regular office employees, work-from-home employees, and freelancers. It is preferred by the professionals that get paid on an hourly basis. Let us know more about their work.

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How Does Time Tracking Software Work?

Any business aiming to implement the time tracking software must know about its working in detail. If you think that it working may be complicated, it is not as you’ll get to know in the steps mentioned below:

How Does Time Tracking Software work

1. Creating The First Project & Task

It is easy to sign-up for the time tracking software and starts creating the first project. Once the project is created, it is time to create different tasks, which are the small versions of the big project. It makes the clear vision of the big project to different team members. It not only bifurcates the work but helps managers bifurcate the project progress.

2. Starting The Time Tracking

The timesheets are the first step in the time tracking of these specific apps. These allow options to add, delete, or edit time entries against different tasks. It becomes easy to add notes to specific tasks in the time tracking app. All the time tracking is collaboratively represented in reports.

3. Having The Desktop Apps

The desktop apps can eliminate the manual work as all data can be quickly managed on the desktop versions of the time tracking apps. These apps can collect the background data, websites opened on the system data, and other activities data efficiently. 

4. Reports Creation

The reports creation helps track the time of large teams and is one of the favorites of the managers. It becomes easy to back the business decisions based on the time tracking app reports. The web timesheets can help quick task management in the time tracking app.

5. Power Of Integration

The time tracking apps offer a range of integrations for optimizing the work benefits. Like any other app, add-ones can make the work smooth and significantly improve the business’s productivity.

6. Creating Invoices

It is easy to create invoices using time-entries for transparent billing. It becomes quick to determine the hours spent on billable projects and non-billable projects. The users can get paid based on the working hours with no conflict of interest.

7. Free Or Paid Versions

It is easy for any business to start with a free time tracking software and then slowly move to the paid ones based on the needs. Many companies still use the free time tracking apps as these are satisfying their current professional needs. 

Benefits Of Time Tracking Apps

If you think that time tracking apps only manage the teams, let us have a quick look at the detailed advantages of using these apps:

1. Project Management

The time tracking apps can manage big projects by assigning small tasks out of them. It helps improve the estimation and total costs of the projects. Hence, no need to invest in separate software.

2. Seamless Communication

The reports created by the time tracking apps help share the precise project status with different team members. It further makes it easy for the managers to communicate the expenses at different points.

3. Increased Profitability

It becomes easy for businesses to get an idea of the over-doing or under-doing of the project. This visibility of the project progress helps seamlessly increase profitability by offering quick gaps to work on.

4. Managing Overlooked Work

The commonly overlooked work like travel, meetings, task management, etc., can be seamlessly managed by the time tracking apps. It gives a clear idea of the work going into the business, ensures complete charging from clients, and helps balance the team priorities. It further helps gauge the team utilization, improve internal processes, etc.

5 . Focusing On Productivity

It becomes easy for the teams using the time tracking software to concentrate on the important work. The benefits over manual task management, elimination of interruptions, mobile device compatibility, etc., streamline the entire work.

6.  Accurate Billing

Time tracking apps create flawless records that offer accurate and transparent billing. All the manual errors are eliminated with the use of an automated time tracking app over the guess estimations or memory-based methods. 

7. Working On Inefficiencies

Time tracking apps can help determine the key distractions like content switching, activities stealing the focus, and personal or professional inefficiencies. The process of capturing every single movement helps lock productivity.

8. Understanding Capacity

It is easy to understand the workload and determine the healthy capacity of your workers. The time tracking apps helps workers stay away from overloads, overworking, and hence balance the time and effort of teams for healthy productivity.

9. Client Value Assessment

It becomes easy to assess the client’s value with the use of time tracking apps. Hence, the businesses can add the costs according to the expectations or processes for multiple clients.

10. Calculating Work Rates

It is possible to aggregate the total project costs based on the time taken in the completion of projects. Hence, businesses can set the work rates according to the data from the time tracking apps.

Best 25 Employee Work Time Tracking Apps

It comes down to the quick list of the top-performing 25 time tracking apps that are used by global businesses. These include:

1. Toggl

It is one of the top time tracking apps that offers dedicated time management and reporting. It is available in the free version and 15USD per user per month pricing. 

2. Harvest

It is a web-based time tracking app that offers reports, analysis, invoices, integrated workflows, etc. It is available in different pricing including 10.80USD, 12USD, etc., per person per month.

3. ATracker

It is an easy-to-use time tracking app with a visual dashboard, color-coded reporting, task-switching capabilities, etc. It has free and different pricing plans like 2.99USD, 4.99USD, etc.

4. TrackingTime

It is dedicated time tracking software that measures team productivity, a flexible reporting engine, and managing team’s workload. It is available in the free version and 7USD per user per month. 

5. RescueTime

It is an efficient time tracking app that offers alerts and manages uninterrupted workflows. It is available in the free version and 9USD per month.

6. Time Doctor

It is a SaaS-powered time tracking app that offers internet usage features, screenshots, keystroke logging, etc. It is available in different pricing plans ranging from 7USD to 20USD.

7. Spica My Hours Pro

It is one of the user-friendly time tracking apps that have advanced customization, a detailed user dashboard, customizable reports, etc. It is available in free and 7USD per month pricing options.

Spica My Hours Pro

8. Toggl Track

It is a one-click time tracking app with team-friendly features, user interface, intuitive organization, core functionality, etc. It is available in two options 10USD, 20USD per user per month, and a free version.

9. QuickBooks Time

It is a time tracking app that can be seamlessly integrated with QuickBooks. It is available at 20USD per month and an additional cost of 8USD per user per month.

10. Harvest App

Harvest APP
Harvest App ios/android

It is a perfect time tracking and expense management app. It has a cross-functional interface, itemized invoices, and more than 70 integrations. It is available for free and 12USD per person per month cost.

11. Replicon

It is the best time tracking app for complex setups and big businesses with an advanced time clock system. It is priced at 40USD per user per month. 

12. Timely

It is one of the best visual time tracking apps. It is available in different pricing options of 10USD, 18USD, and 26USD per user per month.

13. HourStack

It is an intuitive time tracking app that has a simple calendar interface, different workplaces, etc. It is available in two pricing options including 12USD, 15USD per user per month, etc.

14. Timeular

It helps find the progress tracking, set new goals, and manage the time spent. It is available in different pricing options including 5USD, 9USD, per month, etc.

15. Timing

It is a perfect time tracking app that helps boost an individual’s productivity and has time analysis, detailed reporting, smart task identification, etc. It is available in different pricing options including 8.90USD, 11.90USD, 16.90USD, per user per month, etc.

16. Timeneye

It is an ideal time tracking app for quick Microsoft integration, automated suggestions, etc. Its pricing starts at 7USD per user per month.

17. Tick

It offers dedicated time tracking and time management optimization. It is available in a free first project trial and unlimited plan of 149USD per month.

18. Float

It is one of the simplest time tracking apps that offers straightforward scheduling, visual team planning, etc. Its pricing starts at 12.50USD per month per user.

19. Avaza

It is a time tracking app that offers a wide range of features and complex functions. It is available in the free version and multiple paid versions ranging from 5USD to 19USD per user per month.

20. TrackingTime

It is a one-click time tracking app that has strong project management features, detailed reporting tools, etc. It is available at free pricing and 7USD per user per month.

21. ProofHub

It is a time tracking app that is ideal for project management. It is available at flat pricing that starts from 50USD to 99USD per month.

22. Clockify

It is one of the popular and widely used time tracking apps having a centralized dashboard, team-friendly features, easy-to-use timer, etc. It is a free app.

23. Hubstaff

It offers easy and accurate time tracking for different businesses. Its pricing starts at 14USD.

24. TimeCamp

It is a perfect time tracking app for small and big companies irrespective of budgetary needs. It is available in free and paid versions including 7USD, 10USD, etc., monthly.

25. DeskTime

It is an automatic time tracking software that is ideal for freelancers and multiple teams. It is available for free and paid versions charge 3USD to 7USD per month based on features.

Best Features Of Time Tracking Apps

Some of the key features of any time tracking app includes:

1. Time Tracking

One of the primary features of any time tracking app, it captures and maintains the total work hours of the persons working on a specific project.

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2. Automated Invoicing

It is easy to count the work hours using time tracking apps and create accurate invoices. The modern time tracking apps can create and send invoices to clients.

3. Notifications

The notifications regarding important deadlines approaching in near time, users forgetting the logins, app checking at the start of the day, etc., should be offered by the time tracking apps.

4. Integrations

Time tracking apps must integrate with the existing software packages including HR, accounting, projects-related software, etc. 

5. Reporting & Analytics

All the modern time tracking apps have dedicated reports and analytics tools to reach effective decisions backed by data.

6. Users Management

It ensures that managers can effectively create teams. Time tracking apps offer access management along with different types of users.

7. Project Management Features

All leading time tracking apps have dedicated project management features like monitoring overall progress, setting deadlines, task assignments, etc.

8. Timesheets

These are the attendance sheets that report details of the billable hours including vacations, holidays, time offs, present/absent, etc.

How To Choose The Best Time Tracking App?

Out of all the possible options available in the market, it is important to select the best time tracking app for your business needs. A quick guide for the same includes:

1. Range Of features

It is important to have a look at the intuitive features of the time tracking apps that makes it easy for businesses to get the most out of them. Businesses must go for apps that have color-coded menus and drag-and-drop functions.

2. Seamless Integrations

No app can work alone and hence it is important for any time tracking app to seamlessly integrate with other existing software. Some of the best examples include account management software integration, HR software integration, accounting software integration, etc.

3. Automated Time Tracking

There should be no need to turn on and off the time tracking when the automated time tracking features can do them all for different businesses. While there is a certain time tracking apps that work offline.

4. Affordability

Last but not least are the total costs involved in the time tracking apps. Hence, after going through the features, integrations, automated features, etc., the pricing of these apps should be verified for accommodating them in the existing budget range.

Cost For Developing Your Own Time Tracking Apps

cost to develop

Businesses may feel it difficult to find a time tracking app that goes on all their business needs. Hence, it comes down to the development of the specific time tracking app that serves the needs of specific businesses only. App development is often overlooked as the biggest expense due to obvious reasons.

A detailed look over the time tracking app development reveals that the costs are due to the range of the features needed in the app. It further depends on the quality of the user interface that can be a hit or miss among teams. Hence, affordability or expensive terms can get related to any time tracking app with the hit and trial of the features, interface, and budgets.

The average cost of developing a time tracking app ranges between 5,000USD to 50,000USD. All you need to do is justify the need for the time tracking app development followed by the main features of the app thus needed. Once done, it is important to go through the testing, prototypes, etc., to make your time tracking app a success.

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Wrapping Up

With more than 90% of the employees agreeing to waste time on the clock only, time tracking apps are a must for increasing business productivity. It all starts by understanding the aim and features of these apps. It becomes easy to understand the working of time tracking apps and understand the benefits of these apps. Some of the top contenders in the top and best time tracking apps of 2022 include Toggl, Harvest, ATracker, TrackingTime, RescueTime, etc. 

It becomes easy to understand the time tracking apps by going through the top features of the latest apps. It becomes easy to select a perfect app for your time tracking needs based on the quick guide. A detailed look at the overall costs of the time-tracking app development ensures that businesses can choose the existing app or create one according to their budgets and needs. 

Emizentech remains a top solution for different types of app development support and services. With so much to offer, it becomes easy to bring the best of optimized app development for increasing revenue, increasing customer satisfaction, and market presence in one go.

Frequently Asked Questions On Work Time Tracking Apps

What Is The Best Paid & Free Time Tracking App?

There are multiple paid and free time tracking apps available in the market. The best-paid app is Hubstaff which offers a plethora of features in different pricing plans. When it comes to the free time tracking apps, actiTIME is the ideal solution as it is equipped with all necessary features at no additional costs.

Is There An App To Track Hours? 

There is a free time tracking app named Clockify that can track hours easily. It can be used with individuals and teams based on user needs. It is available on the mobile version for iOS, Android, desktop versions for Linux, Windows, Mac, Google Chrome extension, etc. It helps weekly reports on time management, a single dashboard for all information, etc.

How Do You Keep Track Of Time Spent On Tasks?

It is easy to keep a track of time spent on tasks to reduce the time-wasting activities and optimize workflows. You can go for the free options having minimal features or the advanced options having enormous features in the time tracking apps. All these apps are easy to use.

Does Google Have A Time Tracker?

Yes, Google has a time tracker named Harvest which is a simple time tracking and timesheet management tool. It is easy to track time simply with Harvest for Google Workspace. The other features of Harvest include easy onboarding of new users, sign-in with one click only, and quick exporting time reports to Google Drive.

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