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Well, talking about the dog lovers, most of them just family the dogs and carry their responsibilities seamlessly by becoming a pawrent. 

On the other edge, some pet lovers find it tough to adopt a dog being a working person. They find themselves unable to take their pets for a walk, play with them, and like that. 

So, this post will target those, especially the working pawrents. Here, you will know a fantastic solution that will help you conduct your dog’s jobs, making you free from dog-relevant jobs. 

Now, you can also home a dog and take care of their health, happiness, and much more simply by downloading the best dog walking app for iOS or Android devices. Through such apps, you can connect directly with the service providers offering such sort of services. 

Presently, many virtual pet apps offer pet sitting services, dog walking services, and akin jobs. Commonly, such mobile apps come with a set of functionalities and features that let the dog owners review the walker’s background, fix the appointments, and so on. 

Let’s read on and choose your favorite and the best dog walking app. 

What Is Dog Walking App?

What Is Dog Walking App

Let us explain it to you in simple words. 

Dog walking applications are similar to Uber for dogs. To run such apps, dog lovers need to sign up as dog walkers, take the dogs for a quick walk or a long run, and get paid for that. 

When we talk about the job of a dog walker, the person needs to hold considerable experience handling the dogs with love. Moreover, he needs to upload his photo with his name and a tagline or bio as some service providers prefer checking the background of their walkers.  

In brief, a dog walking app is worth it whether you are a job seeker or one who is looking for a dog walker for your pets

In fact, if you want to earn by walking others’ dogs, you can develop an app idea like a pet walking app

Why Do You Need Apps Like Dog Walking Apps?

Being a pawrent, we can’t leave our dogs alone in the house the entire day, with no outside walks for potty or socializing. This situation surfaces the need to hire a pet care service. For that, you require giving time to find a professional, trained walker with whom you and your pet can build trust and relationships. 

You can find a dog lover on a dog walking app available in the market. 

How Do Dog Walking Apps Work?

Not every dog owner, but some, explicitly the working pet parents, need their dog’s services, such as a dog walker, a dog sitter, etc. During the winter and summer vacations, the demand for such services reaches the highest point as it’s usually a time for family trips. 

Here, the dog walkers apps come into use as these attract convenience and ease in the lives of the dog owners and the dog walkers. Such apps assist a massive pool of individuals who are ready to offer their pet care services. 

The dog owners just need to check the reviews and pick the one that suits their requirements the best. These apps even let the users choose a dog walker for nearby areas with a completely secure payment mode. 

Best Dog Walking App

Rover and Wag might not be new to know when we talk about dog walking apps, and such top applications are widely used apps among the pawrents. Besides, there are more choices available in the app stores. 

Let’s check them out below:

Rover – Dog Boarding & Walking

Rover Dog Walking App
Available On: Android, iOS

A pretty popular dog walking and dog sitting app, Rover is crafted for Android and iOS. It arrives with a stack of robust features that keep the user relaxed while using its service. 

This app also keeps the dog’s owner posted with photos of his pet. And is featured with GPS tracking that allows the pawrents to track their dog-child. Even the user can message the dog sitters.

RatingFor Everyone
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Paway: Dog Walking Smart & Fun

Paway Dog Walking App
Available On: Google Play & App Store

The best and free dog walking app, Paway, offers users access to a helpful pawrents community and pro dog walkers. They are always set to share safety alerts and tips in real-time to keep pups safe. 

The usage of such an app will offer you a stress-free and enjoyable experience as it comes with various needed features.  

In-app Products No in-app purchases
Published By Paway

Wag! – 5-Star Dog Walking, Sitters & Pet Care

Wag! Dog Walking App
Available On: Google Play & App Store

Wag provides trusted pet care services, like vet care, dog walking, and pet sitting, a popular, Silicon-Valley-based application for pet parents. The worldwide service permits the app users to enjoy easy booking for pet care in their nearby areas. 

Busy pawrents can pick any of the two dog walking models offered by this app, one is for their shy dogs, Picky Pooch, and the other is Friendly Furball for friendly pups. 

Rating For Everyone
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Published ByWagLabs Inc.

Fetch! Pet Care

Fetch! Dog Walking App
Available On: Google Play & App Store

The dog walker application, Fetch!, comes with varied features, which permit monitoring dog’s location in real-time, photos sharing, report cards, and more. Above all, this app also assists in feeding shelter dogs in local areas. 

Fetch!, a famous dog sitting app, is a pro pet care service providing top-quality care to pets. Every pet care provider is trained and background checked. 

In-app Products No in-app purchases
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Barkly Pets: Dog Walkers’ App

Barkly Pets Dog Walking App
Available On: Google Play & App Store

Emerging with a trained dog walker in your nearby areas is made with Barkly Pets. Specially dedicated to pawrents, this app is best at scheduling daily walks to catch up with the same dog sitter every day. 

If your pet needs something special or shy, you can choose Barkley Pet, as it will suit such needs better.

In this app, every walker is background verified, ensuring they can attain your high standard. If required, the user can schedule free meetings with the local walkers before booking. 

Rating For Everyone
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Published ByPet Services Technologies LLC

Amiko – Dog walk tracker

Amiko Dog Walking App
Available On: Google Play & App Store

It is a simple app that comes loaded with fun features assisting in making walking more enjoyable for your dog child. 

This dog walking app allows the users to save their walks and review the details, like walk, distance, and duration. If anyone loves clicking pictures, he can click his pet’s image and share it with their near ones. 

In-app Products No in-app purchases
Published ByFoxtastic SRL

DogHero – Dog Sitters & Walkers

DogHero Dog Walking App
Available On: Google Play & App Store

It can be pretty challenging to adopt a pup. This dog sitting app, DogHero, is crafted to ease your role of being a pawrent, specifically for dog sitting and dog walking jobs. 

Using such a service of DogHero permits you to track your dog’s walk-in real-time through the app. Moreover, the app user will also be able to find potential nearby dog walkers and read the client’s review before booking. Also, they will experience a safe payment mode using the DogHero app. 

In-app Products No in-app purchases
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PetBacker – Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, Dog Boarding

PetBacker Dog Walking App
Available On: Google Play & App Store

This app assists pet owners in connecting with their pet sitters, dog walkers, and groomers with no fuss. This fantastic platform permits dog parents to find nearby pet care services and the pet communities to take care of their dogs and other pets in their absence. 

A trusted pet walker or pet sitter that you hire through this app will send your the clicks of your dogs to share with your family and friends. Also, you can join a pet-loving community and share whatever you like to be relevant to your pets. 

In-app Products No in-app purchases
Published ByPet Backer 

Pawshake – Pet Sitter, Dog Walker, Dog Boarding

Pawshake Dog Walking App
Available On: Google Play & App Store

One of the best dog walking apps, Pawshake connects dog owners to various dog walkers worldwide. You can check out the reviews shared by millions of pawrents appreciating the trusted dog walkers and their pet care services. 

Rating For Everyone
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Published ByPawshake, Inc

DoTimely Pet Sitting & Walking

DoTimely Dog Walking App
Available On: Google Play & App Store

Well, the pet care service is a good unique app business idea. If you like to be a part of this market and run your pet business, then the DoTimely app would be the right choice. This app assists with scheduling and invoicing the dog walking, pet sitting, and dog grooming business. 

Rating For Everyone
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Are Dog Walking Apps Safe?

The dog walking applications belong to a person or a brand that hires dog walkers and next matches that walker with the dog owners’ needs or the dog for whom pet services are required. 

The dog owners are allowed to review the profiles of different dog owners as per their experience and other given details.  

After that, the pet owners book a dog sitter, which they find best for their pets. 

Sometimes, it’s too risky to hire a stranger to take care of your pet as you do being pawrent. He might be doing this just to make money, and you can’t let it happen with your dog child. 

Whether you find a dog walker through an app or any brand or whatever be the source, you need to adopt some ways to check the background of your dog sitter. 

After reviewing the details mentioned on the specific app or website, you need to fix a meeting with the candidate you find suitable for your dog. Next, you should interview him asking relevant questions that may give you peace of mind regarding dog walking. 

Ask him about his training, experience, caliber to teach pets, communicate with them, etc. this will help you find the right candidate to care for your dog. 

Cost For Developing App like Dog Walking Apps

Well, the cost of developing an app relies on the complexity of an app, its features, design, and more factors. 

For example, if you want to develop a simple dog walking app, it may cost you from $40,000 to $60,000, an app with medium complexity may demand between $61,000 and $120,000, and a complex one may need the investment of about $120,000

So, firstly, you need to pick out the factors affecting an app development cost; after that, you can estimate an app development cost.  


So, whether you are a dog walker or a pawrent, finding the best app is not too challenging. You just need to check the reviews and ratings of the particular app you find suitable to download. 

Besides, if you are interested in the dog sitting app business, and want to enter this market then you should develop a pet app, and be all set to grab this popular app market share. 

You can connect with an app development company and forward your business needs. It will guide you on the right path towards attaining your business objectives.

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