The year 2023 has turned the consciousness of the public toward healthy habits. The importance of workout can’t be ignored for a healthy lifestyle. The fitness apps or workout apps take the much-needed charge to ensure that busy professionals don’t forget to stay physically active.

Do you know that there will be 84 million fitness app users in 2021, which were 62.7 million in 2018 only?

The craze for workout apps is increasing over the current years at great speeds. Hence, multiple software companies are offering workout apps to global customers. Whether it is about the best exercise bikes, running sessions on treadmills, strength training, home gym equipment, etc., it is easy to complete your daily fitness regime using these workout apps. Let us help you know all about the workout apps in 2023 for iOS and Android.

What Are Workout Apps?

The workout apps are dedicated software applications that help individuals reach their fitness goals. These apps have different workout programs to match different business goals. Many workout apps offer recipe ideas and options to follow workouts from supporting devices working on iOS or Android. These workout apps have the necessary features like dynamic warm-ups, cross-training sessions, workouts, etc. Not to miss the variety of new workouts in these apps, including Pilates, meditation, yoga, etc. Let us now move to the leading workout app statistics.

Fitness App Market Size

It becomes easy to understand the usefulness of workout apps with the leading statistics. Some of the amazing figures are:

  • Revenue in the Fitness Apps segment is projected to reach US$19.33 billion in 2023.
  • The segment is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2023-2027) of 14.34%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$33.04 billion by 2027.
  • User penetration is anticipated to be 9.76% in 2023 and is expected to increase to 12.21% by 2027.
  • In a global comparison, the most revenue will be generated in China, with an estimated US$5.457 billion in 2023.
commonly used workout apps
Commonly used workout apps market share in percentage
Workout Mobile Application

25 Best Workout Apps In 2023

Ready to jump into the amazing world of the best free workout apps with our top picks for iOS & Android. Let’s Explore:

1. Apple Fitness Plus

 Apple Fitness Plus

It is one of the popular workout apps for iOS devices. It includes different workouts, including meditation, Pilates, yoga, strength exercises, etc. The instructors in the background ensure that beginners and professionals can use the app according to their needs. It is easy to add classes to the library, see stats on Apple Watch, options to do group workouts with other Apple Watch wearers, etc.

Pricing starts at 9.99 monthly.


  • Can connect quickly with Apple Watch
  • Offers a range of classes
  • App content is updated regularly

2. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club

It comes as one of the popular and free workout apps in 202 for iOS. It offers workout filters by muscle groups like glutes, legs, abs, core, arms, shoulders, etc. Further, the focus of the workout can be selected from equipment, yoga, strength, mobility, endurance, etc.

It is a free iOS app.


  • It offers free content
  • Availability of home workouts
  • Different classes are labeled by the intensity

3. Peloton


This popular iOS workout app offers interactive classes to take care of the sculpt and strength workouts. The fun of workout in live classes and adding your friends get doubled when you get the motivational instructors at your disposal. It is easy to add multiple classes together. Not to miss are the Peloton programs, which offer longer classes schedule to achieve fitness aims.

Pricing starts at 13 USD monthly.


  • It offers a variety of motivational classes
  • It offers live classes option to join with friends
  • It becomes easy to stack and save classes later

4. Sweat: Fitness App For Women

This workout iOS app started with the “Bikini Body Guides” and then grew as a full workout app. It is a dedicated app that takes care of the fitness needs of women and has top trainers like Stephanie Sanzo, Kelsey Wells, Chontel Duncan, Britany Williams, etc. It is easy to switch between the programs and start taking on-demand classes.

Pricing starts at 19.99 USD monthly.


  • Works seamlessly on the Apple watch.
  • Offers a range of nutrition plans.
  • It is an easy to follow app and offers a range of training plans, trainers, etc.

5. Centr


It is a dedicated workout app for iOS which combines exercises, meal planning, and mindfulness. It is supported by actor Chris Hemsworth. It offers daily workout videos, different meal plans, guided meditation, and sleep tips to take care of physical and mental health. It comes with a seven-day free trial.

Pricing starts at 29.99 USD monthly.


  • Range of training programs
  • Offer meal plans
  • Variety of home and gym workouts

6. Strava

Strava app

It is a popular name when it comes to the top running apps for the iOS system in 2023. It is ideal for walkers, cyclists, runners, etc. Further, it offers easy tracking of more than 30 activities which include yoga, paddle boarding, swimming, alpine skiing, rowing, bike rides, etc. This app tracks the progress of the user and doesn’t offer direct workout schedules. Some of the exclusive options in the app are to use Strava Beacon, which keeps the user safe while keeping in touch with friends, family, etc., and tracking the user’s live location.

Pricing starts at 5 USD monthly.


  • Introduces community vibes
  • Offer multiple sports tracking
  • Offers a 30-days free trial

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7. All Out Studio Workout App

All Out Studio Workout App

It comes as a popular workout app for an iOS system that focuses on different workout schedules. It is a free app that offers different workouts based on the user’s skill level. Hence, no need to worry when you can go for the All Out Studio Workout App, which is available for Android users also.

It is available as a free app with in-app purchases.


  • Offers a range of at-home workouts
  • Offer workouts based on skill level
  • Have association with skilled trainers

8. Aaptiv Workout App

 Aaptiv Workout App

Aaptive Workout App offers a range of workouts, including yoga, cardio, etc., which can be completed at home only. It is easy to download the app, take the fitness quiz, and start using it to achieve your fitness goals. It is an engaging application that motivates users to take care of their fitness while eliminating any clutter.

It is available as a free app with in-app purchases.


  • Set up complete workout schedules
  • Pairs audio cues from instructors and personal trainers with songs
  • Engaging app when compared to the pre-recorded workout apps.

9. Jillian Michaels My Fitness Workout App

Jillian Michaels My Fitness Workout App

Whether you want to work on your butt, back, legs, abs, etc., Jillian Michaels My Fitness Workout App takes care of it. It offers a free workout session of seven minutes which can go up to 45 minutes when switched to the premium app version. Not to miss is the opportunity to select the beginner or professional level to save time and effort for the user.

It is available as a free app with in-app purchases.


  • Offers quick sync of instructions with music.
  • Premium plan offers access to 10, 20, 30, and 45 minutes burn 
  • Offers a range of areas to target for fitness regime.

10. Daily Burn Workout App

Daily Burn Workout App

It is a perfect workout app for iOS when it comes to selecting the workout of your choice. This app is popularly called the personal fitness instructor by the users. It can be quickly synced to the Roku, Apple TV, or any other streaming device. Not to miss is the option to select from different programs and explore the world of workouts with the Daily Burn Workout App.

It is available as a free app with in-app purchases.


  • More than 1,000 workouts
  • Options to choose from 15 different programs
  • Content is regularly updated by adding new instructors and workout sessions.
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11. 8fit Workout App

8fit Workout App

This app understands that the process of keeping your body in shape is a combination of workouts and good meals. Hence, the 8fit workout app is the dedicated workout app that works as the one-two punch for keeping the user fit and abiding by the meal plans according to the user’s health needs.

It is available as a free app with in-app purchases.


  • Pairs meal plans and exercise routines.
  • Helps users to revive their metabolism
  • Works bi-directionally when it comes to keeping you fit

12. TRX Workout App

TRX Workout App

It is a dedicated workout app that promises to take the basic bodyweight exercises to new levels of difficulty. The different workout plans on the TRX Workout app ranges from 20 minutes session, 20-40 minutes session, more than 40 minutes session, etc. Further, it is super easy to sync the TRX Workout app with Apple watches or any other wearable device.

It is available as a free app with in-app purchases.


  • Range of bodyweight exercises
  • Offer a large collection of training videos
  • Offers workout sessions with a break of 30 – 45 seconds

13. MD TV Workout App

It is a dedicated workout app that houses the training from the high profile trainers like Anja Gracia, Astrid Swan, etc. Created by popular Mike Donavaik, it offers a range of new workouts to follow. Users can start using the MD TV Workout app quickly to start browsing different sessions.

Pricing starts at 19.99 USD monthly.


  • Created by LA-based trainer Mike Donavaik
  • Have high profile trainers like 
  • Offers new challenges and workout schedules regularly.

14. MyZone Workout App

MyZone Workout App

It is a dedicated workout app that focuses on tracking the heartbeat during different workout sessions. This app further focuses on the percentage of the maximum efforts, calories burned, and the beats per minute of the user. Not to miss is that this app offers the option of social sharing of workout progress with your friends, which becomes the motivation for others. It is easy to pair this app with the heart rate monitor for the best results.

It is available as a free app with in-app purchases.


  • Tracks the heartbeat of the user during a workout
  • Keeps a strict track of the workout progress
  • Offers sharing of workout progress with friends on social media

15. MyFitnessPal Workout App

MyFitnessPal Workout App

It is a dedicated workout app that pairs workout and nutritional plans. Based on the workouts and the user body type and workout type, the MyFitnessPal Workout app offers the ability to scan food barcodes or enter them into the app for quick calorie calculations. Hence, if you want to become aware of your eating habits, this app can do wonderful things for you.

It is available as a free app with in-app purchases.


  • Range of training programs
  • Offer meal plans
  • Variety of home and gym workouts

16. Freeletics Workout App

Freeletics Workout App

It is a popular workout app that combines different workouts like using weights, bodyweight training, running, etc. It has a collection of more than 140 exercises and 900 workout sessions. The AI coach doesn’t only learn from the experiences but offers dedicated coaching for training the app user.

It is available as a free app with in-app purchases.


  • Offers more than 900 workouts and 140 exercises
  • Has artificial intelligence-based coach
  • It learns from the experiences and offers quick feedback.

17. Daily Yoga Workout App

Daily Yoga Workout App

It is a renowned yoga app with more than 100 yoga and meditation classes. It offers a range of beginner tutorials and helps connect with other yoga practicing persons. Not to miss is the progress tracking on the Daily Yoga Workout app.

It is available as a free app with in-app purchases.


  • Offers more than 100 meditation and yoga classes
  • Options to connect with yogis and ask questions
  • Offers beginner’s friendly tutorials for ease of doing yoga.

18. Sworkit Workout App

Sworkit Workout App

It is a perfect workout app that seamlessly fine tunes according to the time and needs of the user. It is easy to choose from the workout goals like becoming strong, becoming lean, becoming fit, etc., and workout categories like stretching, yoga, cardio, strength, etc.

It is available as a free app with in-app purchases.


  • Helps pick a workout based on the available time.
  • It offers options to choose from the category and workout goals.
  • It is an easy to use workout app.

19. Seven Workout App

Seven Workout App

When it comes to the minimalists, the Seven workout app can be a much-needed help for them. It offers a seven minutes a day regime to keep your body fit using a chair, body weight, and wall only. 

It is available as a free app with in-app purchases.


  • Offers users to choose from a basic seven-minute workout, a seven-minute abs workout, and a seven-minute high-intensity workout.
  • It challenges the user to a strict workout regime
  • It gets reset to day one when any schedule is missed.

20. Quick Fit Workout App

Quick Fit Workout App

Standing by its name, the Quick Fit Workout app offers options to choose the workout regime from as small as four minutes to as long as more than fifteen minutes. Hence, it adjusts according to the user’s schedule while never compromising on fitness needs. 

It is available as a free app with in-app purchases.


  • Offers plans for four minutes to 15+ minutes.
  • Variety of workouts to choose from.
  • Options to choose from Quick 4, Quick yoga, Quick abs, ACSM workout, etc.

21. JetSweat Workout App

JetSweat Workout App

It is a popular workout app that offers users to filter from equipment, class focus, difficulty, class length, etc. It has classes from the top New York studios like Bodyrok, Sky Ting yoga etc., which makes it a hit among the masses.

It is available as a free app with in-app purchases.


  • It is easy to filter class length, difficulty levels, and focus
  • Offer classes from the top New York studios like Bodyrok, Sky Ting yoga, etc.
  • Offers two-way live streams.

22. Down Dog Workout App

down dog workout app

It is a dedicated yoga app that helps you take your workout sessions to the next level. Users can go for chair yoga, hatha yoga, yang yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga, etc., based on the focus body part.

Pricing starts at 3.99 USD monthly.


  • Multiple unique sequences for yogis.
  • Offer options in length and type of yoga.
  • Variety of yoga styles like chair yoga, hatha yoga, yang yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga, etc.

23. CardioCast


It is easy to select the 20, 30, 45, or 60-minute cycling rides using CardioCast. It pairs these workout sessions with a hit music playlist while keeping track of your heart rate. Some of the popular workouts are bodyweight, running cardio workouts, elliptical, walking, etc.

Pricing starts at 9.99 USD monthly.


  • Association with world-class instructors
  • Helps track heart rate and calories burnt.
  • Includes bodyweight, running cardio workouts, elliptical, walking, etc.

24. obé Workout App

It is a specific workout app that is ideal for kids, senior citizens, new moms, etc. Some of the key offerings of obe Workout app are boxing classes, yoga, sculpting, cardio, etc.

Pricing starts at 27 USD monthly.


  • Offers live and on-demand HIIT sessions
  • Options to choose from boxing classes, yoga, sculpting, cardio, etc
  • Perfect workout app for kids and senior citizens.

25. adidas Running: Run Tracker

adidas Running: Run Tracker

It is an all-in-one tool that is used by any runner, cyclist, or athlete. It tracks all the activities in one place, including walking distance, weight loss, and much more. More than 170 million people in 90 sports are already a part of the app. Users can also follow other athletes, join sports clubs, and keep themselves motivated for daily fitness routines.


  • All in one app for all the sports
  • Track running distance and all activities
  • Can be linked to the wearable devices
  • Weightloss and fitness monitoring
  • Personal records to mark all the achievements
  • Interval training for running, walking, and more with a personal running coach
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How to Choose the Best Workout App?

It is easy to select the best workout app when you’re clear about the process to match it with your fitness needs. Some of the points to keep in mind while partnering with a dedicated workout app include:

  • It is ideal to go for the app having multiple levels of expertise to push yourself to the next level. Further, all these levels should be accessible to the user quickly.
  • It is easy to explore the free and paid apps with direct downloads and leverage the benefits of the free trials. Further, switching to the annual subscription over the monthly ones can help you save multiple dollars.
  • It is recommended to go for the well-rounded workout apps, which come with a great mix of different workouts to suit the fitness routines according to the mood.

How Do We Evaluate the Top Workout Apps?

To curate our list of the finest workout apps, we’ve undertaken a comprehensive testing process. Here’s a breakdown of our evaluation criteria:

  • Variety of Workouts: We assessed the diversity of exercises each app offers.
  • User-Friendliness: We gauged how intuitive and easy-to-follow the workouts are for users.
  • Content Updates: We monitored the frequency and quality of new workouts added to the platform.
  • Music Integration: We checked for features that allow users to sync the app with third-party music platforms for a personalized workout experience.
  • Offline Access: We evaluated the app’s capability to download workout routines, ensuring users can access them without Wi-Fi.
  • Cost Analysis: We conducted a thorough review of the app’s pricing structure, including download fees, subscription rates, and any additional costs.

Strategy to Develop A Fitness Trainer App

Creating a top-notch fitness trainer app requires a well-thought-out strategy. Here’s a streamlined approach to guide you through the process:

1. Determine the App Category

Begin by pinpointing the specific niche for your fitness app. This could range from yoga and meditation to diet and nutrition, activity tracking, or general workout routines. Your chosen category will guide the app’s design and feature set.

2. Feature Selection

Essential features for a fitness app might include:

  • User profiles containing personal data
  • Integration with social media platforms
  • A diverse range of exercises and meal plans
  • Activity and dietary log tracking
  • Compatibility with wearable devices
  • Secure payment gateways
  • Engaging push notifications

Remember, the features you incorporate will influence both user experience and the overall development cost.

3. Choose the Right Development Team

Once you’ve outlined your app’s specifics, partner with a reputable app development company. Ensure your team comprises skilled developers, designers, testers, and support staff to bring your vision to life.

4. Timeline Estimation:

Allocate time judiciously across various development stages:

  • Technical Documentation: 40-60 hours
  • Design Phase: 45-80 hours
  • App Development: Up to 10,000 hours
  • Quality Testing: 80-100 hours
  • Support & Maintenance: 30-50 hours

5. Monetization Strategy

Consider how you’ll generate revenue from your app. Potential monetization avenues include:

  • In-app advertisements
  • Freemium models with premium features
  • E-commerce integrations
  • Partnerships with fitness equipment brands or supplement providers
  • Referral and loyalty programs
  • Cashback offers

Cost of Developing Workout Apps

Want to know about the cost of developing a workout app? The investment largely depends on the desired features, such as exercise tracking or integration with wearable tech. Advanced functionalities typically command a higher price point. Similarly, the complexity of the design, whether minimalist or complex, can influence the cost.

The charges involved in these development phases include the hourly rates of developers and total time estimation for the development of the workout app. The estimated time and the estimated costs based on the different app development phases are:

  • Technical documentation: It takes around 80+ hours and costs between 1,200 to 24,000 USD.
  • Development: It takes 900+ hours and costs between 13,500 to 27,000 USD.
  • Design: It takes 150+ hours and costs between 2,250 to 4,500 USD.
  • Project management: It takes 250+ hours and costs between 3,750 to 7,500 USD.
  • Quality assurance: It takes 280+ hours and costs between 4,200 to 8,400 USD.

How Can We Help You?

Our team’s expertise is your ticket to launching one of the best workout apps in 2024. With our dedicated app development services, achieving both short-term and long-term goals becomes a breeze. Some of the top benefits of connecting with our team for professional workout app development for iOS include:

  • Exploring the workout market app for market statistics
  • Deciding the workout market app type according to the needs
  • Selection of the monetization model
  • Communicating between the parties
  • Defining the key features of the workout app
  • Technical documentation and design of the workout app
  • Dedicated workout application development
  • Quality assurance of the workout app development
  • Marketing and other update patches for improving the created apps.


With the revenue of the workout apps increasing up to 84% in 2020, investing in the top workout apps in 2023 for iOS can be a game-changer for any business. It is easy to understand the workout apps, workout app statistics, and the list of the top workout apps in 2023. 

It becomes easy to choose the best workout app out of the possible options using the given points. Testing the workout app followed by the factors determining the cost of the workout app helps understand all about the best workout apps. Our team offers the best support for dedicated app development.

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