The lifeline of any organization, Customer Relationship Management, always looks to enhance their business efficiency by smoothing their process. A Cloud-based CRM, Salesforce is taken into account to be the best CRM system that has attained global adoption by businesses all across distinct industry verticles. It is so as the strong CRM provides organizations with everything that’s needed to offer exceptional customer service and finally leads to rapid closure of the sales deals.

As there exist other applications, like MailChimp, Gmail, and more that are being employed by the organizations for handling many business activities, integrating them with Salesforce Integration is imperative to handle and execute such activities with ease. For successful integration, the businesses should connect with a reliable Salesforce Consultation Partner. Other than this, various other 3rd-party apps exist on Salesforce AppExchange that are configured by the brands to smoothen their business operations.
Important Points About Salesforce Integration

Needs to Meet Before Salesforce Integration

Businesses that adopt Salesforce should integrate it with distinct apps frequently. As integration is unique, some basic requirements should be given due importance before integration. Let’s check them out:

Type of Integration

For all the integration project, you should be well-versed with the type of integration included. For example, real-time integration is embraced when a new record is made, the information instantly gets updated. Although, batch integration emerges at particular time intervals.


It is essential to know who will assist with the troubleshooting if any issue emerges with the integration system before accomplishing the goal. However, sometimes the problem gets resolved by itself, but in certain cases, research and human intervention are needed.

Frequency of Data Transfer

The frequency of data transfer between the system or app and Salesforce should be taken into consideration that are involved for integration. To start with, you will need details to shift from one framework to next. After knowing the data needed to adjust and target around the development course, finally, you will need to think about the data transfer frequency.

Benefits of Salesforce Integration with Business Apps

Benefits of Integrating Salesforce with Business AppsCRM users can access all the features of the 3rd-party app with Salesforce integration within Salesforce CRM despite shifting between Salesforce and other applications. With a clear picture of Salesforce Integration, now, it’s time to know about the benefits that business entities will reap by Salesforce Integration:

Enhanced Productivity

By integrating Salesforce, you can attain manual automation of data. Along with this, the errors that emerge during manual data complications will get reduced considerably. Or we can say, the error-free and fast results will be attained with ease.

Automated and Codeless Workflow

When the systems and apps work together, the organizations can accomplish their business targets all through point and click workflow automation.

Easy Data Access

By the integration of apps, you can access data from the other apps also. This offers businesses with useful data that can be analyzed to squeeze out meaningful insights for finalizing better business decisions.

Produces Insightful Reports

An effective Salesforce Integration allows businesses to achieve access to meaningful and managed reports. This strengthens the businesses to craft informed and structured decisions.

Customer Retention

Integrating Salesforce with business apps increases the chances of appending more functionality for the customers that make them stick to the app entirely. The more you target connecting their routine tools, the more your app will become important for them in their daily business that in-turns lead to enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Improved Online Sales

When you will integrate Salesforce with your business apps, your companies will witness an enhancement in their online sales revenue and amplify the sales process at a faster pace.

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Strengthen Bonds & Grow Business Cooperatively

An exceptional platform, Salesforce AppExchange when used allows the user to interact and build a relationship with the partners to acknowledge the best practices and take their business to the next level.

Get Entire Customer Data at One Spot

When integrating Salesforce CRM with customer service and supporting apps, it assists in smoothening the connecting points of customer communication. This way the processes become simple that enhances the overall efficiency.

Assist in Resolving Issues

If your business gets stuck with a problem that is impossible to be resolved, Salesforce integration with your business apps will back in overcoming those hurdles.

Eases and Fasten Returns

Well, Salesforce integration with eCommerce solutions permits the customers to return a product easily and quickly or get satisfactory service.

Wrapping Up

The organizations can take advantage through a perfectly managed Salesforce integration, but a failed one may lead to losing a good client. A little planning can ease business understand and ignore the mistakes that may result in failed integration. So, for a perfect and well-managed Salesforce implementation and integration service, you need to hire a Salesforce Consulting company. You may connect with Emizentech as we assist our clients by crafting a path towards success.

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