Salesforce is a renowned name in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software and tools. It is a platform that helps businesses to connect more innovatively and efficiently with their customer base, find more prospects, close more deals, and surprise customers with fantastic service deliveries. Customer 360, the complete suite of products, assists businesses in uniting their different practices like sales, service, marketing, commerce, and much more.

However, not every need of every business can be met with existing tools and software built by Salesforce. That’s why they allow anyone to build custom apps with their platform. Let’s talk all about this competency. 

What are Salesforce Apps?

With Salesforce Application Development Services, the platform aims to provide exceptional sales, marketing, and customer service processes which might not be possible with traditional Salesforce CRM tools. Anyone can build the app for any need or task to integrate automation into their operations. 

At the same time, Salesforce even provides two options for developing the app satisfying the different needs of one who is developing the app. Explore them as follows-

Types of Salesforce App 

Below are the two types of Salesforce App-

1. Apps for AppExchange

AppExchange is a platform that enables you to download salesforce-developed applications. So, when a person develops a public app that might meet the need of people to a great extent, he can upload it to AppExchange. Different monetization models in such apps bring good revenue to the owner’s pocket. 

2. Custom Apps for Internal Needs

Also, one can develop custom apps to meet their business’s internal and particular needs. These apps are dedicated to an organization, bringing innovation and rapidness to the operations of that specific business. Custom apps are developed on the demand of business owners. 

Benefits of the Salesforce Apps

Benefits of Salesforce Apps

There is a range of benefits that the Salesforce apps have been delivering to their target audience for a long time. Businesses around the world are already leveraging the benefits of  these software and technological solutions to enhance the quality of their operations. Some expected benefits of Salesforce apps are- 

1. Accessibility

Anyone with the proper credentials and access can operate the app from anywhere. If it is a custom app for a particular organization, the employees, management, and other organization stakeholders can access the app from different locations. At the same time, the app developed with salesforce can be accessed on different types of devices, making it more beneficial for the target audience having types of devices. 

2. Productivity 

Apps developed for a core reason enhance the productivity in that segment significantly. For example, suppose a business has developed an app for the marketing department. In that case, it will help them get all the insight about their customers in one place along with their buying habits and purchase behavior. All this data, when collected in a single location, can significantly enhance the marketing team’s productivity. 

3. Customization 

Every business and audience segment has unique needs that might need to be fulfilled with the existing apps and software. So, the Salesforce app helps develop customized solutions with the features and competencies chosen mainly. So, these apps help meet the specific needs of users and businesses.  

4. Collaboration 

Salesforce apps aim to instill collaboration between employees, organizations, and customers. Whether inside the organization or in the relations of the brand with its target audience, salesforce has something for everyone. These apps make sharing information in real-time, improving communication, gathering feedback, taking customer reviews, and entertaining customers’ complaints and demands very easy.

5. Security

Salesforce always keeps the security of its customers’ data at the center of the process. They implement Secure Socket Layer technology that protects the information using server authentication and data encryption. Moreover, using firewalls and other advanced technology helps prevent interference from an outside intruder. 

6. Insights 

Gathering insights about the customers, their behavior, and purchasing habits becomes very easy with Salesforce apps. The practice helps business owners take actions based on specific data, and thus the chances of meeting customers’ demands and fulfilling their expectations increase significantly. 

Apps ideas for Salesforce Apps to meet the requirements of different niches 

As we interpreted earlier, Salesforce is a technological solution that enhances the overall connectivity between the stakeholders. However, the statement might sound minimal and not define this platform’s capabilities to the fullest. So, let’s explore the niches where productivity and performance can be elevated with dedicated apps developed with salesforce- 

1. Marketing 

Marketing has been the core of the business operations of any firm. In this competitive landscape, marketing is the tool that encourages customers to choose your brand over any other. However, traditional marketing, like hoarding and banners for promotions, is less effective. So, digital software and tools are emerging as the better marketing means. The following type of app can be developed with Salesforce that can ensure the marketing in an entirely innovative way- 

Social media management app A social media management app that manages your brand’s presence on multiple social media platforms and users’ interactions with the brand on those respective platforms.
Campaign management appThe campaign management app can help manage marketing practices on different platforms. 
Lead scoring appThis app helps keep track of leads coming from each platform used in marketing practices. So, the strengths and weaknesses of each platform can be identified easily. 
Content management appThe content management app can help add and manage the content related to products and add information for better decision-making of customers. 
Event management appThe event management app helps ensure all the activities of an event, communicate with the stakeholders, and record the event’s effectiveness. 
Customer journey mapping app An app that can track the customers’ overall journey on the platform, their interaction with the products, the time they spent most on a particular page, etc. 
Marketing analytics appThe marketing analytics app helps track the performance of each marketing channel and make the necessary improvements. 
Email marketing appThe app assists in sending automatic emails to existing and potential customers regarding products and services. 
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Services

2. Service 

Services are the backbone of any business due to the fact that the quality of service that a business provides to its audience defines the loyalty and relationship between the brand and customers. Digital solutions play a core role in helping businesses elevate the quality of their services. Following are the different app ideas that can be developed with Salesforce to achieve the utmost service quality- 

Field Service Management AppsThe app can help businesses manage all the resources in field service management activities. It includes processing job orders, automating scheduling, keeping track of service and repairing tasks, caring for customer service contracts, and much more. 
Customer Service Management Apps The customer service management app helps collect customer feedback, complaints, and suggestions from different platforms and entertain them with immediate effect. 
Appointment Scheduling AppsMeetings and appointments are necessary forms of communication in any business. So, Salesforce can help develop an app that keeps track of all the appointments and inform the members minutes before the time of the appointment. 
Mobile Workforce Management AppHybrid working is changing the concept, and developing a mobile workforce management app can be great. This type of app helps manage the work, productivity, and performance of numerous employees working from different locations. 
Chatbot AppChatbot app is a simple concept where a chatbot can be integrated into the platform to address the complaints and doubts of stakeholders. 
Salesforce Service Cloud

3. Human Resource

Hiring the right employees and retaining the existing ones has become very challenging in modern times. At the same time, bringing out the best productivity from resources is also equally challenging. Modern software solutions play a good role in overcoming these challenges and ensuring smooth operations in a firm. 

Social intranet app A social intranet app is an app idea that can help the organization to receive feedback, suggestions, complaints, and any kind of communication in one place. Be it the employees or clients of the firm, this platform helps gather all communication in a single place. 
Recruiting appA recruiting app provides a fundamental framework to track open jobs, candidate information, work experience, performance, comments, etc. 
Employee onboarding appIt is more like software that helps you to get new hires inside the company before their first day of joining. 
Application Tracking System (ATS) appThe app, based on Application Tracking System, helps track candidate application progress throughout the hiring process. 
Performance Management appThis kind of app keeps a record of annual performance tracking as well as the periodic performance of all the employees to make better decisions in the future. 
Learning Management System AppLearning management system apps are software applications for the administration, documentation, reporting, tracking, automation, and delivery of different courses. 
Compliance Management AppA compliance management app keeps all the rules and regulations of business in one place. It ensures that the employees follow the company’s code of conduct and that the business provides the guidelines set by the government.

4. Operations 

Coming to the operations, the more significant the business, the more complex the operations. The need for technological solutions that can simplify processes becomes crucial in this landscape. The following apps can be developed with the support of Salesforce to streamline operations- 

Delivery Management AppThe delivery management app keeps track of all the fleets employed in the tasks, their locations, expected time of delivery, etc. 
Inventory Management AppThe inventory management app can track all the incoming and outgoing inventory and the in-house stock.
Project Management AppA project management app can help corporates keep all information on a particular project in one app, making information sharing more accessible for all relevant stakeholders. 
Supply Chain Management AppThe supply chain management app records all the suppliers, their fleets, the time to receive the logistics, the number of products, and other similar data. 
Procurement Management AppThe procurement management app helps keep records of different service providers, perform the necessary comparison, and procure the goods that provide the best deal. 
Maintenance Management App A maintenance management app is software that helps organizations manage their maintenance activities by supporting planning, analyzing, monitoring, and documenting. 

5. Finance 

Finance must be well managed in an organization to secure profit and streamline all operations. However, businesses nowadays have many segments with heavy finances that a pen-paper are less effective. Software and applications are doing wonders in this landscape. Here are some of the apps that help manage the finance of a business better- 

Account Onboarding AppAccount onboarding apps help create a new account from different devices and thus streamline the process of the finance and sales departments. 
Commercial Onboarding AppCommercial onboarding app helps in multi-project setup and fulfillment. 
Budgeting and Forecasting AppThe app helps forecast upcoming expenses and prepare a budget to keep things on track. 
Financial Reporting AppA financial reporting app is software that records all the financial information, including salaries, transactions, and expenses. The app then helps to share this information with relevant stakeholders in one click seamlessly. 
Tax Management AppIt helps financial institutions and businesses to analyze the vast amount of data gathered by monetary transactions to help them make better decisions.
Expense Management AppIt is an application that helps simplify the receipt-to-reimbursement process by instilling automation. 
First Notice of Loss App The software allows customers to file a claim via mobile devices instead of calling the insurance company or the agents. 
Compliance App Compliance software is a logical grouping of documents needed to ensure compliance for a unique combination of phone numbers, countries, users, and number types. 
Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

6. Information Technology

While information technology is all about developing the app and software to instill advancements in their client’s operations, certain apps and software can even help IT organizations. Following are some of those apps that streamline the tasks for an IT company- 

Software Development AppSoftware development apps are the suites of different applications that helps developers to develop applications for mobile phones and computers. 
Licensing AppLicensing app is software that helps ensure that the developer’s digital product has all the required licenses according to its purpose. 
Quality Control AppThe app helps the quality analysis team streamline quality control inspection processes and ensures high-quality products and services. 
IT Asset Security AppIT Asset Security App is the software that ensures that the IT team integrates all security measures into the digital products being developed for the clients. 
Network Performance Management AppThe app helps monitor different aspects of network infrastructure, including servers, different devices, and endpoints. 

7. Sales 

Sales is a firm’s practice that determines the business’s overall performance and profit. Having digital tools and software in place can significantly bring more carts to the billing counter and increase sales. Following are some app ideas that can be bought to reality with Salesforce to increase sales- 

Sales forecasting appAs the name suggests, a sales forecasting app takes a record of the demand for certain products in the market, past performance of products, etc., and forecasts the sales of a particular product to help manufacturing and stocking. 
Sales Performance Management AppThe sales performance management app helps to record the performance of members of the sales team, initiatives taken, results given by the sales team in different periods, etc., in one place. 
Sales Enablement AppThe sales enablement app helps the sales team from the start of the sales process through the end. 
Sales Reporting AppThe sales reporting app keeps all the sales data and forecasted details to share with the relevant stakeholders. 
Account Management AppAn account management app is software that helps manage sales across different divisions, touchpoints, and locations. 
Document Generation and E-Signature AppAs the name suggests, these are the software that helps store and generate documents and put the E-signature of relevant authorities on those documents. 
Lead and Assign task appThe lead and assign task app helps the manager to lead all the tasks and assign the work to team members. 
Salesforce Sales Cloud solutions

8. Engineering 

Engineering and infrastructure have boomed in recent decades, generating the need for software solutions that can help sync steps with burgeoning technologies. The following apps can be helping hands in the same- 

Engineering change management appThe engineering change management app helps create, review, and gain approval for engineering change requests, engineering change notifications, and engineering change orders. 
Design collaboration appThese apps help the creative teams to work collaboratively in real-time by instilling communication and working together on different tasks. 
Product lifecycle management appThe PLM app manages the overall information and processes across the supply chain across the entire product or service lifecycle. 
Resource management appThe resource management app tracks, optimizes, and schedules the human and material resources required for project management. 
Training management app Training management apps are the software companies use to streamline the training management processes by fostering better design, organization, and maintenance for their training programs. 

9. Manufacturing 

Manufacturing is among the most significant industries around the world, and globalization has caused big complexities in this industry. Supporting technological solutions has become crucial to ensure the efficient production of goods and providing them in different markets. Let’s go through some of the tools that can be developed using Salesforce and elevate the operations of the manufacturing industry- 

Production Management AppProduction management apps or software are used by manufacturing companies to track, manage and organize their production. 
Order fulfillment appOrder fulfillment apps help manage inventory and orders, fulfill orders, assist with inventory control, and print invoices. 
Equipment Tracking appIt is more like an asset tracking software where the equipment and assets can be logged into the system with digital profiles. Any damage or loss of this equipment is also logged into the app. 
Lean manufacturing appThe lean manufacturing app helps manufacturers to foster synchronization of operators, maintenance, materials handlers, and production steps. 
Safety management appBy providing access to the OSHA health and safety checklist, risk management templates, hazard identification forms, and safety tips to work in the manufacturing workplace, the safety management app helps ensure the safety of workers. 

10. Administration App

Irrespective of the industry and business, the administration department has a lot of paperwork and management work. Thus, digital administration solutions help in managing these tasks more efficiently. Following are examples of app ideas that can instill smoothness in administration apps- 

Data Backup and Recovery App The admin department of any organization holds a massive amount of data regarding the supply, logistics, employees, customers, transactions, and much more. So, a data backup and recovery app helps to recover the data lost accidentally or due to any error.
App for Automation These are the apps that foster automation in repetitive tasks to increase the overall productivity of the organization. It includes data entry, records cross-checking, etc. 

Why Emizentech for Salesforce App Development?

Emizentech is a team of Salesforce-certified developers with years of experience in providing Salesforce Consulting Services. We have included a broad range of Salesforce services in our portfolio, helping our client base to know their customers better and strengthen their relationship with them. Developers at Emizentech have expertise in developing different types of technological solutions to address various problems that arise across the departments in any firm. In this long journey of ours, we have achieved multiple certifications from Salesforce, which include- 

  • Certified Developer 
  • Certified Salesforce Perform App Builder 
  • Certified Pardot Consultant
  • Certified Salesforce Administrator


Each and every landscape in the market is witnessing technological advancements and Salesforce is syncing steps with the same. Today, Salesforce provides Customer Relationship Management Tools, allowing them to develop digital solutions according to their customized needs. Whether marketing, sales, manufacturing, or admin tasks, salesforce-developed apps are helping industries in every landscape. Automating the tasks has become significantly easier with customized apps offered by Salesforce. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Why do businesses need custom apps in Salesforce?

Business goals and visions differ from firm to firm; thus, the technological requirements also alter. Random apps and software might not be able to satisfy these needs, and thus the businesses require custom apps in salesforce that can be designed according to the need of the firm.

Q. How can businesses ensure their custom app are secure and compliant with regulations? 

Practices like regular testing, secure code practices, adherence to Salesforce security guidelines, etc., are some of the best ways for a business to ensure that their app is secure and compliant with regulations. 

Q. Can businesses develop custom apps in-house, or should they outsource development?

If the business has the necessary resources required to build an app, it can be a good option to utilize those resources. On the other hand, outsourcing the development can be the best option to ensure that skilled people are working on the project. 

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