Developing mobile apps integrating with the Salesforce platform is what we call mobile app development on the Salesforce platform. In this process, we use Salesforce functionality and data via mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones. 

Various platforms exist in the app development market, but why choose Salesforce? Let you know it drives various benefits you can’t find in other app development platforms. Such as mobile apps developed on the Salesforce platform let users access and interact with its data and functionality on the go, which helps boost productivity and efficiency. Besides, by using such apps, organizations can expand the reach of their Salesforce implementation ahead of the desktop, bringing a seamless user experience. Also, with these apps, companies find engaging with their employees and customers better. 

This article will discuss the top ways to develop mobile apps using the Salesforce platform, how it will benefit your business, the use case of app development you can build with this CRM platform, and more. Let’s start with them. 

Why Should You Choose Salesforce to Build Mobile Apps? 

mobile app development at salesforvce platform

A complete open-source platform, Salesforce makes the mobile app faster and easy. Its wide range of features, like creative app design and marketing tools, security, and scalability, make it a widespread and emerging app development platform. 

Besides, the best part of developing mobile apps on the Salesforce platform is that it lets you customize your app layout, improve its functionality by integrating tools and services, get a complete 360 view of customer data, better time management, and more. 

The winnings don’t end here. The robust BI power of Salesforce offers users easy and quick data analysis capability. Merchants can enhance customer relationships or understand their customers better to personalize marketing services. Also, you can track the progress of your business venture over time and address the room for improvement. 

Altogether, you should go with Salesforce for your app development needs to improve your customer experience, increase engagement, attract more leads, and convert them successfully. 

Top Ways to Develop Mobile Apps on Salesforce

However, you can develop your mobile app on the Salesforce platform in several ways. Here, we have curated a list of top ways you can choose for easy and faster mobile app development on Salesforce. 

1. Mobile SDK

A package of pre-built UI components, sample apps, and APIs, Salesforce Mobile SDK, facilitates the developers to build native apps for Android and iOS platforms. Such mobile apps let the users access and manage Salesforce functionality and data. 

Use Cases: With Mobile SDK, you can develop custom apps for various industries, like:

2. Low-Code App Builder

Salesforce low-code builder is a tool that permits users to develop custom apps with little or no coding simply using a drag-and-drop interface. It makes the app development process more accessible and faster, even for non-techies. 

Use Cases: Using Low-Code App Builder, you can create custom apps for varied industries, like:

  • Digital banking
  • eCommerce apps
  • Management system
  • Field inspection
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Marketplace
  • Social apps
  • File management
  • Listing directories

Gartner predicts, by 2024, low-code development will be responsible for over 65% of app development activities. 

3. Lightning Platform

Low-code development platform, Salesforce Lightning, allows developers to create custom apps using various programming tools and languages. The developers use its wide range of pre-built components to build mobile apps that integrate with Salesforce data and processes. 

Use Cases: With Lightning Platform, you can build custom apps for various industries, like:

  • Education management apps
  • Human resources management apps
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) apps
  • Supply-chain management apps
  • Financial services app
Note: Don't get confused with the Lightning platform and low-code app builder. Both are related tools but different. The former uses various programming languages and tools to develop custom apps, and the latter facilitates custom app development with low code.

4. Third-party Tools

Developers can use various third-party frameworks and tools to build mobile apps using the Salesforce platform, including PhoneGap, Xamarin, and React Native. Such tools permit developers to only once write the code and, next, deploy it to varied platforms, including Android and iOS. 

Benefits of Developing Mobile Apps on the Salesforce Platform

1. 360-Degree View of Your Potential Customers

One integrated CRM platform, Customer 360, brings together your company and customers from anywhere. The single view of customers will enable your teams to create well-connected, personal customer experiences that build robust relationships. Mobile app development on the Salesforce platform allows you to access Customer 360. You can include this platform with your existing goods and services to data on customer behavior. This way, you can get a scope to improve customer interaction and customize experiences. 

2. Improved Functionality

The merchants look to the system holding improved functionality, making their business operations seamless. With Salesforce, you can integrate with various third-party apps and services. Like, to help your marketing department get customer signatures right on the spot, you can integrate Salesforce document signature software.  

3. Easy Notification and Updates

Obviously, no one wants to miss any opportunity coming their way. Here also, through in-app alerts and notifications, you and your staff can respond to approval requests or react to the app conversations directly. Companies that conduct most of their jobs by collaborating with their team would find this benefit helpful. The app development on Salesforce will assist you in reaping the most out of CRM, having complete visibility into the processes and groups. 

4. Better Time Management

Salesforce’s various preparation tools and detailed customer information assist in effective time management. Developing an app on the Salesforce platform will let you stay prepared for clients’ needs which will help you arrange assignments accordingly. You can visualize your yearly, seasonal, and day-to-day timetable efficiently using the constructed calendar feature of Salesforce. And so forth, you can create a future profit plan beforehand. 

5. Easy Customization

The app developed on the Salesforce platform can be easily customized. You can customize layouts to let them showcase data to the users tailored to their needs. Besides, you can customize navigation that may ease multiple items added to the menu and personalize the actions making them group-centric, which helps save time. 

6. Substantial Lead Generation

Mobile app development on Salesforce eases the lead generation process as it has various perceptive functionalities that improve sales operations. The Salesforce mobile app timeline incorporates lead details, requirements, and activities to meet. To ensure easy procedure management, you need to examine these steps. 

7. Availability of Business-Centric Information 

App developed on the Salesforce platform allows data entry into the CRM as soon as it’s accumulated. When the sales department closes the accomplished sales, the data is instantly transcribed onto the CRM. 

8. View Customer Data from Anywhere

Suppose you are set to attend an upcoming meeting. Before that, you need to recap the plan. Thus, you need to wait for some Salesperson to get access to essential data. With mobile apps developed on Salesforce will provide you with details of your previously connected customers. You can view relevant files and documents, quotations, interactions, and everything from anywhere, even while traveling.

“88% of IT leaders currently use or plan to use low-code development in the next 12-18 months.”, Salesforce Research.

What is the Cost of Developing Mobile Apps Using The Salesforce Platform?

Well, the cost of Salesforce mobile app development starts from $20,000. But, varied factors can affect the price, like advanced features you want to include in your app, MVP functionality, app availability on various platforms, custom UI, and more. Such factors may add to the cost, so while deciding your app development budget, consider these points also.


While wrapping, we hope you find this article helpful to reap the most by developing apps on the Salesforce platform. You can try any mode for app development, like low-code app builders, lightning platforms, mobile SDK, third-party tools and services, and more. Salesforce incorporates everything you need to enhance customer engagement and boost efficiency and bottom lines. So, why wait? Hire a Salesforce application development company to build your mobile app today!

Alternatively, connect with us to get guidance and consultation on developing an app on the Salesforce platform, why to choose, and its benefits. And get the best pathway toward your project’s success. 

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