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The two big app stores, iOS and Android are globally recognized; however, these are not the only app stores offering the best free apps. There are numerous third-party app stores available other than Android and iOS that offer the best features and great apps at no cost. 

This article presents a compilation of the best alternate iOS app stores where app owners can launch their apps.

But Why Exactly Go For An Alternative App Store? 


The iOS devices alternatives might not offer as profitable of a revenue share model as App Store. Still, these third-party app stores pay well for downloads and often have more lucrative app deals to offer as compared to the popular app stores. 

Besides, third-party app stores rarely charge an app listing fee. They can promote your app better by featuring it as an app of the day or by offering advertising offers/discounts to the app owners. These alternative app stores offer apps the coveted spot in recommended app list. So, the apps that failed to make it to the Apple Store’s top ten charts can get recognized here. 

Apple iOS

Next, we take you through the best alternatives for iOS app stores, and many other app stores. 

Note: We advise you to stick to using official Apple store apps as it is secure and safe.

Best Third-Party App Stores For iOS

1. BuildStore: App Store for iOS


This platform is among the most-used third-party tweaked app store having more than 15K daily active users. Operating steadily since 2013, iOS users can sideload tweaked apps & games without jailbreak. Today, it is a safe and reliable store with more than 300 games and apps updated constantly. Around 20-30 new apps are added monthly. Few of these apps are not there on the Apple Store, making BuildStore a unique place to access those apps. The store doesn’t host malware, and it doesn’t accept apps with viruses. Also, all the apps go through a manual testing procedure, and it is impossible to damage your device as you use BuildStore. 


It has 300+ tweaks & apps, “Request an app” functionality, doesn’t require extra tools or specific skills, seamless account restoring, 24×7 online customer support, etc.

2. AltStore: Alternative App Store for iOS


Among the best third-party tweaked app stores for iOS devices, AltStore works without jailbreak. This app store doesn’t rely on developer certificates, which sets it apart from the other unofficial app installers, such as TutuApp and TweakBox. The app allows users to install .ipa files from any app/game they are looking for and not available on Apple Store. Riley Testut is the Altstore developer, and right now, there are just a few apps, but it’ll be supporting more apps. You can download IPA files and install them using AltStore. Meanwhile, to use AltStore, users will require downloading AltServer and an advanced firewall and Wi-Fi settings knowledge. Besides, the platform requires a Wi-Fi connection for installing and updating apps. 


It doesn’t need jailbreak. There can be no revocations as all the users own & create developer certificates; hence they can’t be globally revoked by Apple. It allows installation of third-party apps, offers open-code, and here apps are loaded as in Cydia Impactor.

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3. EonHub


This is yet another fantastic third-party app for iOS used by the jailbreakers as an alternate to install unofficial apps & games. It offers more than a thousand apps & games with unsigned apps, unique functionalities, tweaks, and much more, entirely free. Users can use this store without jailbreaking their iPhones. The interface is simple and constantly updated with new content. Also, the user interface of EonHub is simple and continuously updated with new content. Essentially, EonHub enables installing third-party content quickly without any jailbreak or installation. 


It is easy to use, no jailbreak required, constant updates, not necessary to install it as a simple open app in the browser and download the apps/games.

4. CokerNutX


Among the latest third-party iOS app stores, on CokerNutX, users can easily find thousands of third-party & unofficial apps, settings, games, and more. Unlike the official iOS app store, it doesn’t require using an Apple account to install CokernutX. There are no geographic restrictions to download apps. One of the most popular alternate iOS app stores, CokerNutX allows downloading tonnes of apps & games. It has a beautiful and easy-to-use user interface, doesn’t require jailbreak, is available for free, and supports all iOS versions, including iOS 13. 


It supports all iOS versions; jailbreak is not required. It is available for free, easy-to-use SSL encryption for security.

5. Cydia


Among the most popular third-party app stores for iOS, Cydia was only available to install for Apple devices via jailbreak; however, today, the jailbreak is not the only method, as there are various easy ways to install it. Cydia is compatible with all the iDevice models, the iOS versions, and most jailbroken devices. It’s also easier to use for the new users and has much easier installation. 


It is compatible with jailbreak devices, supports all the iOS versions, ease-to-use due to its user-friendly interface. 

6. Xabi


Xabsi is an alternate app store for iOS that supports all the latest iOS versions and iDevices. Both 32-bit and 64-bit users can install these apps as an alternative to the Apple App Store. Xabi consists of thousands of unique apps not to be found on the official Apple app store. However, you might require jailbreaking for the device to use this third-party app store.


It is easy to use and compatible with all the iOS versions. Xabi offers both free and premium features. 

7. Tweakbox


This third-party app store is an alternate for iOS. The users can install any modified app without the Apple app store. It is easy to use and has a quite attractive design. Tweakbox consists of various apps & games that are not easily found on the official Apple app store. It comes with encrypted SSL, and here you get all apps and games for free. Tweakbox supports all iPhones and iPads. 


It is easy to use and offers thousands of games & apps. Tweakbox provides a user-friendly user interface and supports all iPads and iPhones. 

8. App Valley

App Valley

This is a new alternative to the Apple app store and allows users to download various apps, games, ringtones, emulators, improvements, and a lot more for free. AppValley is a safe and reliable platform that offers constant updates. It works on iOS 13 without interfering with the security features provided by Apple. Downloading this app doesn’t require jailbreaking the device. 


App Valley is an easy-to-install app. It has a user-friendly interface compatible with almost all iOS versions and offers thousands of free apps and games not available on the Apple app store.

9. Getjar


This platform offers millions of apps that can be downloaded via the corporate client and from the site’s mobile version. The biggest con of this platform is too much advertising. It is among the best third-party iOS app stores and can safely download games & apps on iPhone using the Getjar app store. 


Getjar is easier to use and offers fast and secure downloads. It has millions of apps that are available on the app store. 

10. iOS Heaven

iOS Heaven

Among the best app stores for iOS, this platform offers thousands of apps available on the iOS heaven web page. Users can directly install these apps from a web browser or as an IPA archive. No other iOS store needs to be downloaded to operate iOS Heaven. Many apps are available on its web page.


It is easy to use and offers fast-loading and downloading speed. It allows you to download your favorite software from the web app directly. 

11. Tutu App

tutu app

Jailbreak is a free app store created for iOS and Android devices. It enables installing apps & games from the official Apple Store for iOS and Google Play Store for Android devices. The app offers many features that allow getting paid apps directly for free. To install this platform, Jailbreaking the iOS device is not needed. 


This platform doesn’t require jailbreaking, and it offers fast downloading speed. Here you can install premium apps for free. 

12. Appland


Appland is the ideal app for iOS device holders looking for one of the best and most flexible iOS third-party app stores. This app store comes in many forms, both in an app and web, and allows creating your app store for iOS and works globally. 


Appland targets users as per the region and generates huge revenue. 

13. Topstore


The best third-party app store for iOS; on Topstore, the users can download various apps, games, Mod games, Tweaked apps, and a lot more for free. The app allows downloading any app or game and works on any iPhone, iPad, or iPod that runs on iOS 8. The app users can easily use this app without jailbreaking their devices.


This platform offers more than a thousand apps that are easy to use and install. It has a simple user interface, supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and is compatible with almost all iOS versions.

14. Tutubox


Among the best third-party tweaked app stores, Tutubox is a great platform that allows access to the most required emulators, tweaked apps, hacked games, and jailbreak tools for iOS. It is easier to access thousands of apps & games through this platform without having to jailbreak your device or get regularly revoked. It doesn’t involve downloading fees and works excellent on all the versions of iOS that run the iOS 13 version or higher. Here, users get tweaked apps like Pandora++, Instagram++, Twitter++, YouTubeMusic++, and top emulators like Delta, Happy Click, GBA4iOS, Provenance, and game hack GTA iSpoofer, Sniper 3D, Minecraft, Real Racing 3, Last day on Earth, and Shadow Fight 3. It allows installing tools like Electra, Odyssey, H3lix, Phoenix, and unc0ver without using a PC from Tutubox.


This app offers significant features which might be missing on other app stores. It is an entirely safe and reliable store for iOS devices. Also, it is a free app, and here you can download your desired stuff at no cost at all. This platform is compatible with all iOS devices, and no jailbreaking of the device is required to run this store. Users can use without Apple ID and password. Also, Tutubox has fewer revokes and offers excellent customer service. 

This list contains the best third-party app stores for iOS. You can download the iOS app store from the names mentioned above and enjoy premium apps for free as per your requirements. 

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