The purpose of the owner of any application is to make money using the program they’ve created. There are a lot of monetization platforms available. Still, the most straightforward approach to make your app profitable is to use mobile advertising.

Joining a mobile ad network can benefit app developers by selling ad space to advertisers as a passive approach to monetizing their apps.

If you plan to create an app, app monetization tactics are a crucial consideration.

Your skills in programming and marketing may be excellent, but without a solid app monetization strategy, your ambitions to become a successful app publisher will fail.

Top App Monetization Platforms

Mobile app developers can use monetization services to generate revenue from high-quality ads in a simple and accessible way. And if you’re still unsure about which platform is best for your project, here’s a list of the top six.

1. Google AdMob

Google AdMob is one of the most famous mobile app networks. Millions of advertisers use it.

You have to set up some ad space in your app. Advertisers then place bids for your ad slots. The system chooses the most profitable for you and the advertising that your users find engaging.


  • Google AdMob is one of the top mobile ad networks because of the security provided by a comprehensive ad verification system.
  • You can measure users’ interactions with the ad in your app due to a strong collaboration with Google Analytics.
  • The ability to customize the broadcast duration and number of impressions is another appealing aspect of the platform.
  • You can use ad network mediation to deal with many ad networks at the same time.

2. MoPub


MoPub is another top ad network. It organizes advertisements with an auction payment method. Inventory Packages is a new targeting solution from MoPub. Brands may segment inventory and reach target demographics using Inventory Packages, which are collections of ad inventory with shared features.


  • It is also possible to design customized ad units and launch and organize advertising campaigns within mobile applications.
  • Twitter has owned MoPub since 2013. They specialize in comparing promotional offers from around 200 networks and DSP platforms in real-time.

3. Chartboost


Chartboost, which specializes in cross-advertising solutions, is one of the most popular networks among mobile developers. This app monetization platform enables game producers to sell ad space in their games to one another and launch cross-platform adverts.


  • Each project’s revenue can view.
  • It is simple to set up and use.
  • You may create advertising and campaigns that target a wide range of groups and target audiences.
  • A vibrant ad-type solution
  • The cost of advertising is low, and even a beginner may use the platform.

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4. Unity Ads

Unity is one of the major ad networks for mobile apps. You may buy some unique ad types here, such as playable creatives. Interactive commercials featuring gameplay aspects are known as playable ads. The viewer sees a video and a mini-version of the game in their feed. A call to action (CTA) at the bottom encourages users to install the app.


  • If a game is created using the Unity platform, no other SDK (Software Development Kit) integration is necessary.
  • A wide range of formats is supported.

5. Tapjoy


You can use the Tapjoy service to monetize your app by rewarding users for installing it. For installing the app or watching advertisements, the user is rewarded.

Tapjoy, which is used to monetize mobile games, is what you’re searching for if you’re a mobile app developer in the gaming industry. It’s a mobile ad network with a surprising amount of features and options.


  • It’s an in-app advertising unit that monetizes users by rewarding them for interacting with ads.
  • It is the foundation of modern app monetization. It provides a versatile and effective alternative for publishers with worldwide audiences.
  • It enables app developers to monetize their apps by ensuring that users enjoy views, increasing user engagement.

6. Facebook Audience Network

Facebook Audience Network

Our list will complete by one of the top app monetization platforms. Meet Facebook Audience Network, a platform for advertisers to reach people who use mobile apps other than Facebook and Instagram.

Various alternatives include native position, banner or insert placement, video inserts, and video with bonuses. When users click on ads in their app, publishers get a part of the money from Facebook ads.


  • The advertisements are displayed on a different platform.
  • Audience Network placements are less expensive than those on Facebook and Instagram. So, your average CPC decreases.
  • As a result, you’ll be able to buy more spots and expand your reach over time.

7. AppLovin


This app monetization platform holds everything that we need to grow our apps. It uses predictive algorithms and machine learning to match users to your application perfectly. It connects the apps with users on a global scale while building a personalized experience for them. 


  • It connects with users who engage for a long.
  • Moreover, it uses an interface to check the performance and ways to optimize it.
  • It increases your app’s value with advanced monetization solutions. 
  • Furthermore, it offers all the impressions the chance to improve earning potential. 

8. Fyber


A mobile growth platform, Fyber crafts innovative ad monetization solutions that the leading mobile app publishers trust. It offers real-time auctions to the advertisers with no need to integrate RTB (Real-Time Bidding) technology. As FairBird solution of Fyber permits traditional ad networks whose SDK doesn’t back RTB to participate in the mock bidding, can simulate real-time mode by estimating price according to the historical data.


  • It includes a unique team of professionals for integrating SDK into partners’ apps. 
  • Its AutoPilot system permits optimizing advertisement revenue sources automatically.
  • Its products offer an alternative that leads to superior results by building optimized connections between top brands, mobile audiences, and mobile-first advertisers.

9. Appodeal


An app developers-focused app monetization platform, Appodeal, targets saving the developers from resolving the issues relevant to mobile traffic monetization. This way, it makes the developer spend their time performing their routine job. 


  • It can log and enable test mode.
  • Admob integration.
  • It comes with placements that permit tracking an ad and handling it as per its location. 
  • It holds a flexible and easy analytics system with a large set of controlled parameters in the Dashboard. 

10. Leadbolt


A widely-known app ad network for advertising, attracting users, and mobile traffic monetization, Leadbolt performs with various advertising formats and has attained different loyal users. 


  • GDPR support is available.
  • It can craft a unique banner layout based on the advertisement data it gets through the ADK. 
  • It comes with a referral system. 
  • You can view analytics using a personal account with a dashboard by applying simple filtering. 

11. PubMatic


A programmatic monetization platform, PubMatic comes to unite app owners, users, and advertisers by offering them a comfortable advertising tool. By rendering top results for publishers and buyers, the monetization and ROI, respectively, this platform assists the clients in realizing the full potential of their digital advertising strategies. 


  • It arrives with various filters like device definition, location, user targeting options.
  • It utilizes accessible bigging technology and allows enhancing the terms of monetization and achieving the best price. 
  • GDPR support is available. 

12. InMobi


It is a global app monetization platform that offers increased ROI in mobile marketing and advertising. It assists the marketers, brands, and app owners in attracting users at distinct stages of their interaction with the program. 


  • It arrives with a vast selection of advertising and configuration possibilities on the server. 
  • The SDK permits preloading ads for future display.
  • SDK collects geolocation data. 
  • It sends data to the server that the server can control. 

13. AdForm


It comes with the caliber to let users derive insights from the campaigns and emerge with the right conclusions. It analyzes their user behavior and attempts to understand how their advertisements will catch up with clicks. 


  • It allows adding the keyword phrases and search words to the personal ads. 
  • AdMob integration.
  • It offers SDK for Unity and Android.
  • It controls the accumulation of geolocation from the app. 

14. Google Ad Exchange

Google Ad Exchange

A technology platform, Google Ad Exchange, allows buying and selling media advertising inventory from various ad networks. The real-time bidding helps determine the costs for the inventory. 


  • Publishers get access to preferred deals, blocking and filtering, and many other premium features.
  • It comes with advanced targeting technology that leads to more engaging ads.
  • It helps receive quick monthly payments anywhere all over the world.
  • It offers access to demand across various ad networks and demand-side platforms. 

15. OpenX


A mobile ad exchange, OpenX Mobile offers 900+ premium app publishers access to worldwide advertisers with a broad range of ad formats and integration choices. 


  • Publishers can increase their sales through private marketplaces and open auctions with access to premium mobile demand. 
  • While offering rich media ads power, it’s still optimized and lightweight for mobile. 

16. IronSource


A mobile app monetization platform, IronSource helps in creating amazing apps and user experiences. It works with leading gaming mobile app publishers. 


  • It scales up your user base with ROI-positive campaigns.
  • This platform helps increase the app’s ARPDAU and boost the value of users with robust ad mediation and impactful ad formats.
  • It makes optimization easier and quicker with analytics that assists in understanding your app’s performance better.
  • The creative production tools here help boost artistic performance and delight users. 

17. Smaato


A real-time mobile advertising company, Smaato offers publishers access to RTB ads, ad servers, private market capabilities, etc. Moreover, it assists them in increasing ad revenue with Dynamic Demand. 


  • Free ad server.
  • Self-server platform.
  • Clean, protected marketplace.
  • Top-quality customer service.
  • Omnichannel platform.


You can get access to the display, contextual, and native ads through the ad network. It often seems like the best alternative to AdSense and is the most preferred platform for mobile traffic monetization. 


  • Display to Search (D2S) ad format
  • Mobile responsive ads
  • Contextual ads
  • suite
  • Native ads
  • Forbidden content
  • Marketplace

19. RhythmOne


A multi-platform Ad Exchange, RhythmOne assists mobile app developers and web publishers in boosting their revenue. Publishers get access to various demand partners within their network. Moreover, it offers multiple solutions to access that demand. 


It offers technological efficiencies at all stages to help connect buyers to sellers effectively and engage customers on formats spanning video and connected TV, display, and im-app. 

20. Index Exchange

Index Exchange

It facilitates publishers to increase their inventory monetization and user experiences with unique solutions. At the same time, buyers get access to premium inventory from leading publishers to ensure accuracy and quality. 


  • It ensures ads attain quality standards and ads get screened individually to avoid ad fraud and malware issues. 
  • It’s the low latency and most reliable technology.

21. StartApp


It offers a wide range of solutions for both publishers and advertisers. For publishers, it provides access to tier one traffic permitting them to monetize from various advertising campaigns. It supports apps on almost every platform, including Android, iOS, Cordova, and more. It provides multiple SDK integration solutions and account management assistance for optimizing the campaigns.


  • Social data platforms that help analyze social apps.
  • Classic SDK integration with S2S and C2S
  • Targeted offers and promotions.
  • Support all the development tools

22. TripleLift


A fantastic app monetization platform for in-app video ads, TripleLift supports native video and utilizes its proprietary technology to craft ad placements for publishers that go perfectly with the look and feel of all their apps. 


  • It offers products across various channels, publishers, formats, and partners. 
  • It develops direct relationships with publishers to render brands better performance and safe environments. 

23. Yieldmo


This app monetization platform delivers improved media, powered by ML to make intelligent buying decisions in real-time. Its ads are brand-safe, viewable, audience-friendly, and best at attracting user attention. One can directly integrate this platform with every powerful DSP through PMP, open exchange, or a managed service. 


  • It transacts through the pre-curated deals optimized to render KPIs. 
  • Its marketplace is always-on, dynamically curated, and privacy-friendly that can assist you in finding impressions that audience-based strategies need. 
  • It renders a top-quality creative brand experience through exceptional advertising formats crafted to perform all over the world

24. MobFox


It facilitates publishers to monitor and optimize the ad inventory with a single interface while utilizing features, like the MobFox SDK, Smart Mediation, their exchange, etc. Its Smart Mediation option helps monetize your in-app traffic with many ad formats. Moreover, it assists in increasing ad revenue for publishers by utilizing data to package audiences for private marketplace deals. 


  • Campaign Management Software
  • Performance Metrics
  • Social Advertising
  • Data Import/Export
  • Channel Management Software

25. AdColony


This app monetization platform combines premium advertisers part of Fortune 500 firms, proven technology, and top fill rates into an all-in-one publisher monetization platform. It provides the best display, video, and rich media ads that generate publisher app revenue and enhance the user experience. 


  • Automatic optimization
  • Multi-lingual support
  • It offers a personal manager to every client.
  • It arrives with a wide range of ad formats.

Benefits Of App Monetization Platform

Businesses can generate revenue from their online products or content using an app monetization platform. 

Some more benefits you can get from such platforms:

1. Access to Wider Audience

Your business can reach a wider audience using app monetization platforms that offer access to a global market and distribution channels. 

2. Ease-of-Use

Such platforms offer intuitive and simple interfaces that ease business setup and monetization efforts management. This saves effort and time, permitting businesses to aim at building and promoting their products or content. 

3. Comprehensive Analysis

App monetization platforms usually offer detailed analytics and reporting tools that can assist businesses in tracking their performance and identifying improvement areas. 

4. Customization

Various platforms provide a wide range of customization options, permitting businesses to customize their monetization efforts to their specific goals and requirements. This can incorporate options like targeting specific audiences. 

How Can We Help You?

Emizentech, a leading app development company, specializes in-app monetization and assists with monetizing your app through ads. 

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Your requirements decide the best mobile ad network for your business. The platform you choose for app monetization depends on many factors, including your niche and technology requirements.

Developers will need to strike the appropriate mix between monetization and experience to keep the customers happy. As a result, app monetization approaches must be open and fair. This will only benefit you in the long run. If you need assistance with optimizing your app revenue then reach out to Emizentech an app development company.

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