In large firms with a wide employee connection or even small organizations with a workforce that would be geographically spread, Salesforce Chatter revolutionizes how employees connect. Salesforce Chatter is a tool for connecting and collaborating among employees. In the CRM industry, Salesforce holds a 19.8% customer base. More than the combined sales of its top 4 rivals. Employees may interact, share data, and swap files via Chatter. Like on Twitter or Facebook, you may also update your status. What distinguishes this, then?

What is Salesforce Chatter?

A business social network is Salesforce Chatter. Salesforce Chatter would be a fantastic add-on if you currently utilize the Salesforce platform. Your customers may safely communicate while working together and exchanging status updates. You may exchange information, follow individuals, and create networks for specialized groups. You have profile pages and information streams just like on Facebook or Twitter. You may create groups and control who has access to certain files.

Salesforce Chatter unites teams employing Salesforce by combining capabilities like file transfers and communications. Chatter might be useful if your team uses Salesforce and wants to interact more consistently.

Features of Salesforce Chatter

Chatter keeps employees informed about what is going on in their workplace.

1. Chatter groups

Chatter groups

Chatter groups are areas formed for teams or project participants. People might be divided into several groups or sizable areas for your full company. The owner of a Chatter organization is the one who forms it. This admin can control the permissions that other team members are granted.

Members of a group can exchange documents and records through Salesforce. Inviting people to engage in the conversation when adding clips to a group broadcast. Additionally, there is a provision for personal group talks. You may configure notifications for a time a Group updates for individuals who continue to use communication with Salesforce.

2. Actions and Endorsements

Actions and Endorsements

Users may initiate support cases, change orders, and approve expenditure summaries in Chatter. You can design custom events and perform anything from the same feed. Additionally, adding additional actions to third-party applications like Slack and Jive is possible.

Users of Chatter can modify sales prospects and create support cases. Data and records may be linked to internal operations, allowing you to track it all in one location. Certificates and approvals for important contributors can be used to motivate team members to participate.

3. Accelerate innovation


Similar to Facebook channels, Chatter has fed as well. Information can be posted for the benefit of the entire group. You may distribute documents, movies, pictures, and hyperlinks. A user may also choose to have an action assigned to them from a newsfeed post. Users may construct polls within feeds to get opinions on a certain topic.

The ability to group material into themes is also available. Topics dynamically assemble articles and data that are pertinent. Chatter customizes your feed based on your Salesforce activities.

4. Connect to Business Processes

From inside the community, you may be involved in production cases, update market opportunities, and approve project money. Connect documents and information to internal operations to increase productivity and reduce mistakes.

  • Any company process may be made social.

Make things social, including supply chains, product creation, and all aspects of sales, service, and advertising.

  • Add your own and outside apps.

Enable any activity, such as approving expenses or checking documents.

  • Add any object or item to the feed.

Incorporate contacts, marketing, sales possibilities, support issues, and customized objects.

  • Make your acts.

Give workers the option to respond quickly from the feed.

  • Integrate information from any external system.

Provide workers with the knowledge they require whenever they need it.

5. Salesforce Files

Salesforce Files

Center sales, support, and advertising around papers, videos, or presentations. Files are constantly up to date and accessible from anywhere, which boosts productivity and allows for the reuse of priceless assets.

  • Become a part of the business process.

As appropriate, files should be kept in project members or attached to account records, advertising strategies, or service issues. Over the past 20 years, Salesforce revenue has increased at a CAGR of 51.22%. The yearly compound sales increase over the previous ten years is 29.04%. Employees are more effective in selling, providing customer service, marketing, and innovating.

  • Stay mobile and synchronized.

Salesforce Files can let you stay in touch with your team. Synchronize data safely between all mobile devices. Your files are much more actionable, useful, and available than ever because of their accuracy and currentness.

  • Link any file.

You can quickly make files mobile and social using Files Connect by unlocking them from external sources. Users may link their Salesforce systems and processes with SharePoint files. With a single query, search across sources that are on-site or in the cloud. The first time, choose the correct file.

  • Always keep your information available and secure.

Since Salesforce Files was created using that Salesforce platform, it is completely safe and enterprise-ready. You may now access all of your data from any device.

6. Recommendations

salesforce file sharing

Without any need to search for people, papers, or data. According to your interests and actions, Chatter refreshes content about subjects, projects, or products and sends it to your customized newsfeed or profile page.

  • Employees and coworkers are connected.

Employers may link staff members with coworkers who share their interests and needs by putting them in recommended groups.

  • Consult a professional.

Using recommended expertise, connect your staff across organizational and workplace borders.

  • Customizing The Feed

Users receive suggested files, publications, and topics in their customized feed. The data is founded on their acknowledged and actual interests.

  • Put the needs of your users first.

Profile pages provide a wealth of data. The user’s interests, recommendations for certain fields of competence, and recognition certificates from other users are all displayed.

7. Mobile App

salesforce mobile app

Using the Inbound marketing mobile app on any device, you may upload to a group, obtain a file, or amend a services case or sales opportunity. Utilize personalized mobile activities to advance your goals wherever you are.

  • Access files, keep track of groups, and change information.

From the Salesforce android application, note group conversations and advancements, access files, and change records.

  • Make your group-based mobile apps.

Create highly individualized, team-based mobile apps with the Salesforce Mobile SDK.

  • You may access your stream anywhere.

Access your newsfeed from any phone app on a mobile device anywhere you are.

8. Chatter Thanks

Chatter Thanks are some of the most intriguing things available with Chatter. When necessary, it helps to send a brief message of appreciation to any of the coworkers. To send a thank-you letter to a coworker, you only need to access the Quick Actions menu, choose the Thanks choice, enter their name, and then pick Change Badge.

To put your profession on the proper track, consider enrolling in a Salesforce Cloud Program if you’re only starting in Salesforce.

9. Email Digest

You begin getting email notifications for various Chatter events as soon as you join the conversation. Although it can first bother you, you can always choose how frequently you wish to get email notifications. You may select the maximum number of alerts you want to receive by utilizing the Email Settings settings.

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Benefits of Chatter

The following are some of the main advantages of utilizing Chatter and how it could assist your workplace:

1. Clean up your email

Communicate with coworkers using Chatter’s news feed, public forums, file transfer, and online chat to reduce the number of communications you send and get.

2. Get away from meetings.

Not just any meeting will do. Working inside the cloud makes it easier than ever to collaborate in organizations in the social sector, avoid numerous pointless meetings, and make sure that the moments you can meet face-to-face are more productive and meaningful.

3. Share files easily

Uploading and sharing huge files on Chatter is faster than waiting for them to connect and send over email. As a result, you may see huge files directly in Chatter without having to download them.

4. Promote organizational cohesiveness

This could be especially useful for businesses when staff members frequently come and leave or are dispersed throughout many states or other nations. Employees who work remotely cannot engage in the common workplace activity of assembling at the neighboring water cooler. By communicating with remote employees, you can preserve a positive workplace culture.

5. Spark innovation

The advantages of Salesforce Chatter at Concentrix Catalyst include an innovative culture. You already do this when you utilize Chatter for the situations mentioned earlier. To keep everyone informed of developments and news that may influence their job and your bottom line, post engaging articles, films, sites, or other materials pertinent to your sector.

6. Chatter social tool


For the social media platform Chatter, there are three different licensing types. (Chatter Free, Chatter Only, and External Chatter (aka Chatter Plus).

  • Chatter External

To invite users to Chatter groups, use this license. Customers are those who use a company’s email system but not exclusively. Customers can only communicate with people and access information in groups to which they have been invited. They are unable to access any Salesforce data or objects.

Users that don’t have Salesforce licenses but want access to Chatter can utilize the Chatter Free license. However, they are unable to access any Salesforce assets or data. Such customers can only access normal Chatter items like persons, profiles, organizations, and files. Users of Chatter Free can also serve as moderators on Chatter.

Users of Chatter Free wouldn’t see tabs the same way other Salesforce customers do. Using the buttons in the Chatter publication’s sidebar, Chatter Free users have access to Chatter feeds, persons, groups, and files.

  • Chatter Only

Chatter Plus is another name for the Chatter Only license. It’s made for those who don’t possess Salesforce licenses but still require access to Chatter and several other Salesforce properties. In addition to having access to the regular Chatter users, organizations, and files, such users can also:

  • View customers and assets in Salesforce
  • Implement Salesforce CRM Content, Thoughts, and Solutions
  • Obtain dashboards and charts
  • Utilize and accept workflows
  • Create and monitor activities with the calendar.
  • Alter ten or more custom items.
  • Record addition to groupings

What is the Salesforce Chatter REST API?

The Salesforce Chatter REST API is typically used in mobile apps to provide groups, identities, status updates, real-time feeds, etc. Additional programming accessibility to files, topics, warnings, suggestions, and more is provided through Chatter’s REST API.

Although it exposes Marketing automation functionalities outside of Chatter, the Chatter REST API would be comparable to any other API, such as Twitter or Instagram. In Salesforce, it is typically utilized to provide unique user experiences. 

How to Use Salesforce Chatter?

It’s hardly unexpected that we would all discover ourselves snooping through Instagram and Facebook much as we’d like it because the temptation to be informed is so strong. But what if you were registering for a platform where every post and individual piece of data was truly useful, rather than just seeing pictures of someone else’s breakfast or “motivational phrases” of dubious provenance? Where was it assisting you in doing your work more effectively rather than distracting you?

The Salesforce Chatter platform. Whether you call it Facebook for businesses, social media combines nonprofit organizations or an exceptional collaboration tool. It’s the path forward for sales reps who want to operate more effectively and efficiently while maintaining a continual discussion that produces results.

Salesforce makes $21.25 billion in sales annually. However, over the prior fiscal year, sales grew by 24.27%.

You may want to accomplish each of these goals. The argument is that before beginning a journey, you must understand your destination. Additionally, you’ll have to teach your personnel to utilize Chatter following your set KPIs.


Salesforce Chatter offers businesses all the advantages of social networking. The program may reduce duplication of effort, boost a sales team’s productivity and response time, and enhance internal communications. However, since sending and getting emails is ingrained in workers’ regular job tasks, several firms suffer from poor user adoption.

Overcoming this difficulty requires getting support from important decision-makers and learning how to employ Chatter and its advantages. Chatter is strong enough to demand additional investigation of your company’s needs, even though it has a market value and isn’t perfect for many businesses. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does salesforce chatter cost?
  • All versions feature chatter without charging an additional fee. Non-Salesforce users can also utilize Chatter for $15 per user every month. The framework, the Thoughts and Answers functionality of Salesforce CRM, the Salesforce resource library, and read-only accessibility to customers and connections are all included with this premium Chatter subscription.

  • How is Chatter Different from social media Tools?
  • Although Chatter employs many of the same principles as websites like Facebook and Twitter, it is protected and private. A feed containing all the items you would like to follow, including people, organizations, accounts, and chances, is at the center of Chatter. You have the power. Chatter is not a tool for keeping tabs on Twitter, LinkedIn, or other platforms for social media.

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