In CRM, the market leader, Salesforce, has left a mark in the sales and marketing world of products and services rendering a distinct set of industries. Salesforce has made the companies realize the significance of employing consumer data for communicating with them by using real-time messages, continuously changing data, and more. The same level of consumer interaction by attaining the requirements and needs on time would finally assist these brands in maintaining them in the competitive business ambiance. Don’t you think, your mind is going around distinct questions. Like, where will the industry head this year? Which CRM features will push the sales team to reach better goals in 2020? Or which wild technology will put a huge impact on the marketing or sales workflow this year? And more.

You are lucky enough here as you need not be proficient with magical practices to be the first to know all such industry trend predictions. Only, you need to track the tactical shifts taken by the industry head in the global CRM market. Now, you are all set to foretell what CRM clients can expect to anticipate from providers.

So, now let’s take a dive into the top Salesforce trends that are to set in the future and will change the make-over of the sales force automation (SFA) industry.

Top Salesforce Trends In 2020

Artificial Intelligence

The increasing organizations today are reimagining extremely important workflows, as they start from guiding AI to scaling it. Early adopters, who have already made a Test and Learn environment are next planning to spread how they employ AI to render the value to employees and customers. Purpose-built AI, despite a one-size-fits-all strategy, attains smarter interactions with the machines that resolve human issues. The organizations hold the caliber to detect the alterations and optimize the operations like an outcome. Best use cases indicate that employing AI is less about pure automation and more related to enhancing human decision-making.

Sales cloud permits AI to recognize the best chances and offer robust outlooks through a sales analytics app and attract more perfection to the predictions. With its assistance, we can set automatic reminders to consider the potential leads, that’s why enhancing the opportunity of successful deals.

In 2017, Salesforce rolled out AI-powered Sales Cloud Einstein to render data-driven predictions, recommendations, and insights that assist in making better sales/lead decisions. It performs this, while constantly learning from our CRM data about the team performance, pipeline, and whitespace trends. Regarding manpower, time, and opportunity costs, we should incorporate saving that Einstein attracts to the board by automating data analytics. The following are some of the distinct developments since the past, that states that Salesforce is serious about data analytics and AI.

  • Voice-enabled Analytics
  • Tableau Software Acquisition
  • Development of 3rd-party Technologies

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Customer 360 Platform

Customer 360 Platform (1)The habit of crafting trusted relationships with customers is growing every year, as with the growth of technology and probability to leave honest product and service reviews, the businesses are relying on their current customers. Thus, support assistance divisions of all the companies are focused on offering top-class services to their clientele. This year, in 2020, the Salesforce Customer 360 trait will repay with the growth of our business. At the end of 2019, Salesforce unfolded Customer 360 Truth episode that permits merging information relevant to customers from all Salesforce apps in one spot. By allocating a unique ID to a user, we will be capable of looking at the history of past transactions and the profile details to understand how to provide the best solutions for any problems and reveal the top level of customer care service.

At Customer 360, customers anticipate connected experiences all across departments and channels. Being a top CRM, Salesforce facilitates our organization to attain these anticipations by developing online customer communities for the clients to share their notions and solve their issues. Such communities permit agents and link more easily with the customers all through a wide variety of channels and solve even the most important issues of customers in just a few taps. The design experiences across the channels to aid our business drive the customer delight and render the smooth experience they anticipate.

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The lightning Platform renders perfect services and tools to automate our business processes, combines with external apps, offers responsive layouts, and a lot more. From no-code developers to PTO-code tools, the enterprise services, and meta-design-driven, multi-tenant cloud architecture of the Lightning Platform states that we can target what makes our business better in terms of competition. The lightning Platform proffers easy tracks to craft and customizes business logic. We lead to easy development of all the apps employing clicks with tools, embracing Community Builder, App Builder, and more. Also, we can turbocharge our business logic along with the resolving tough issues with frameworks and code tools, such as Apex.

The strength of the Lightning Platform affirms that we can craft and develop our apps employing various strategies. We can utilize no-code integration calibers, like Salesforce Connect and the External Services Wizard to rapidly link various systems. We can also employ a complete suite of REST and SOAP APIs to meet special integration demands. Lightning is the next future and the organizations require to adopt smart change management ideas to assure a seamless transition.

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Launched in 2019, Salesforce Blockchain permits sharing verified sets of data to 3rd-party partners of an organization. It clutches the caliber to craft networks of 3rd-party partners along with the third party partners with organization, performs through networking apps, and many more. That’s why Salesforce Blockchain was famed in 2019 and it is predicted to be one of the Salesforce trends in 2020.

A technology that ensures to change the way we share information, buy and sell things as well as test the authenticity of the information we depend on every day. Blockchain can lead to profound alterations all across a wide range of sectors and industries, reimagining how we perform so many things. By employing Blockchain technology, as a connective tissue between distinct decentralized data stores, we can make things really interesting. Blockchain can be employed to record and encrypt any sort of transaction embracing an exchange. Furthermore, a transaction list is replicated all across various computers in approximately real-time, despite being stored on a central hub. The ledger is accessible to a network only that belongs to the partners who share the tasks of maintaining and updating it. There exist no point of control or the central authority, along with no 3rd-party mediators. Digital signatures and cryptography are employed to prove the participants recognize and authenticate transactions.

Organizational Mobility

The journey of the users is becoming easy by the in-trend mobile purchases, all through easy interface design that stepped in years ago. Salesforce constantly evolves in this track and will carry on this year. Among the top mobile Salesforce opportunities in 2020, a mobile app assists in managing the CRM instance on the way for all the users belonging to a system and building mobile applications and web-ages with Salesforce SDK using minimal code.

With the commencement of fifth-generation mobile networks, 5G is attracting a new standard for secure, fast, and reliable mobile potentials. It also points out the inequality between enterprise mobile and consumer-grade experiences. The adoption is a lasting challenge for Sales Cloud customers that affects sales performance. The top companies are implementing mobile-first employee experiences that defeat the technical obstacles that stay between selling and sellers. With its fresh mobile SDK, Salesforce has spread its mobility ahead of the field service agents. It’s the time to set the priority of the unsatisfied needs of the sellers.

hire salesforce developers


In this era, it is not sufficient to employ a product from the pack, as it is. While customization was always employed in Salesforce, an increasing number of business industries are demanding particular functionalities and altering the product as per the specific requirements, keeping the track of various distinct tools needed for a specific business to run. This year the speed of business growth will be more rapid than ever. That’s why business owners need to revolve around the better organization of their CRM. Like with any software tailoring, we will require professional consultation to be sure that everything is all set as per our needs. Picking the right Salesforce Consulting partner will map the business success. So, when developing this pick, we should remember to check the certification and offer the preference to the professional Salesforce partners, as that will aid us in meeting our needs and will also help in saving money and time.

Multi-Org Approaches with Salesforce & Heroku

HerokuThe Multi-Org approach permits customers to hold various Salesforce Org. Apps and data break down into distinct Orgs depending on various factors, such as product lines or business units. Salesforce Multi-Org strategy assists us with data separation, lowers the risk of increasing Org limits, enhances time to market, offers the freedom to innovate, eases Org-wide setting management, diminishes the risk of the teams to be impacted by the shared updates, reduces the complexity inside a single Org, etc.

Heroku assists Salesforce to share the data with our Salesforce deployment by developing Heroku apps. Heroku Connect unites the data in our Postgre database that embraces the account details, contact details, and more in Salesforce databases. From developing integrated apps with Lightning Platform and Heroku, attaining a sole customer view in Sales and Service Cloud by integrating the siloed 3rd-party systems or linking the Salesforce 360, product information, and invoice all across many integration patterns, Salesforce products along with 3rd party systems, the possibilities of integration are endless. A proficient and professional Salesforce partner aids us in improving scalability, flexibility, reliability, and speed up digital transformation and integration.

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Marketing Automation

This demands to be mentioned separately, because, in 2020, we may come up with the habit of awarding the resources to strategic targets while simultaneously, enhancing regular tasks with no human interference. Marketing Sales Cloud will aid to improve the marketing campaigns by permitting us to send the automated emails, segment the customer data for an enhanced personal experience offering targeted discounts, and much more. Thus, it will be on the marketers and business owners track, in 2020.

Digital Transformation

It lays stress on each industry. Be your business produces revenue all through digital media, client services, or physical goods, the technological innovations hold the caliber to flip your source of production, customer service, and distribution. Relying on our business, our customer can be a consumer or can also be a B2B client.

Today the customers are linked and empowered through digitization. They are linked round-the-clock and are expecting that same 24*7 access to the organizations gets increased. The key aspects behind this alteration in consumer behavior are social media and mobile devices.

Wrapping Up

Like the most eminent figure in the CRM market, Salesforce innovations give birth to its trends in all the varied industries. We anticipate the betterment of the current Salesforce features, and the new releases, to offer more growth to the businesses that employ salesforce development and salesforce consulting services to achieve their business goals.

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