Undoubtedly, the pandemic has transformed our work lifestyle into work-from-home or hybrid work forms. Whatever form of working is being followed, most organizations have entirely shifted to remote working. At this edge, software comes into play, namely Slack, assisting users in performing better remotely. 

Besides, one more app is also picked mostly to let users improve their performances, Salesforce, a leading cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) software solution. 

The integration of these apps, Slack and Salesforce, will craft a new stage for users where they can communicate in real-time and increase productivity. 

This post will introduce Salesforce-Slack and how to integrate these apps to reap benefits. 

Salesforce Cloud

What Is Slack?

A business messaging app, Slack, helps people connect to the information they need. It brings people together to work as a team and enhances how organizations communicate. 

Slack works with two methods of communication: 

  • Direct message or DM (person-to-person contact) and 
  • Channels (group chat). 

The best part of this software is it helps remote teams build bonds, manage their projects, well-organize their work, and stay updated on task management.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce Cloud

A CRM, Salesforce helps businesses manage their bond with potential and existing customers, improve their interaction, and witness their bond flourishing with their company. 

Salesforce is best at:

  • Boosting sales easily.
  • Resolve customer issues efficiently.
  • Personalize messaging to dig for more qualified leads as a business grows.
  • Help find more customers, convert deals, and deliver the required best-quality services. 

Story Behind Salesforce-Slack App

The Salesforce-Slack app came to light when Salesforce acquired Slack in 2021. The target is to reap the benefits of these two. After Salesforce caught up with Slack, Slack became more than just a basic, formal messaging platform. Salesforce rolled various features into Slack to make it a one-stop destination for conducting everything from formal communication to case management. 

Options for Integrating Slack with Salesforce

a) Slack Integration Guide

This is one of the ways to integrate Slack with Salesforce; you need to install Salesforce to add it to Slack from the Slack App Directory.

b) Native Integrations/APIs

One more practice to integrate Salesforce and Slack is native integration/API. A pair of apps that offer a direct pathway of integration through APIs is a native integration. 

So, once we integrate Salesforce and Slack via native integration, data will flow between these two apps and be available to the employees. 

c) Third-Party Integrations

You can use third-party integration tools to integrate Slack and Salesforce, like:

  • Zapier 
  • Automate.io
  • Workato

Steps to Integrate Slack with Salesforce

1. Follow the Below Steps for Salesforce Slack Integration

Follow the Below Steps for Salesforce Slack Integration

1. Go to the Slack App Directory.

2. Click on CRM (from varied options in the side scroll-bar)

3. Click on “sign in to Install.”

4. Next, click on “Add to Slack.
>> Click on Step 1: Install Salesforce
>> Then, Step 2: Install the companion App from Salesforce AppExchange
>> Next, Step 3: Connect the Salesforce account in Slack. 

5. Click “Allow” to grant permission relevant to the integration  (responding to a pop-up window).

6. Open Slack (you will find Salesforce installed in your Slack Workplace).

2. Install the Slack App in Salesforce

You will need specific permissions for which system admins are authorized.

If you are a System Admin, you must ensure that the Slack for Salesforce has already been installed and configured as needed before installing the Salesforce app to your Slack workplace.

You Need to Follow the Below Steps:

1. Go to Salesforce App Exchange and search for Slack. You will get “Salesforce for Slack.”

2. Click “Get Now” and sign up for your Salesforce account by clicking “Open Login Screen.” 

3. First, Install the Slack app (as usually advisable) in the testing sandbox.

4. Then, install the Slack app in production (to avoid any integration issue over the production org (Salesforce users employ it the most to perform their routine activities.)

5. Click on “Install Here.”

6. Next, accept the pop-up terms and conditions.

7. Ahead, proceed by clicking “Confirm and Install.”

8. Select the “Install for all users” option (choose for whom you need to install the app).

9. Click on the “Install” button. 

3. The Final Step of Integration!

Now, we are at the final step of integrating Slack and Salesforce. 

Time to witness the magic!

The Final Step of Integration!

1. Integrate your Salesforce & Slack Accounts.

2. Move to your Slack workplace.

3. Then, in the Apps section, click “Salesforce Icon,” which will open a new chat window.

4. Click “Connect Account” under “Connect your Salesforce Account” on that chat window (a pop-up will appear requesting permission).

5. Click “Allow” (to grant permission).

6. Next, “Allow” again (for the Salesforce app).

After allowing the permissions, the integration will get complete. 

You now have Slack, and Salesforce integrated to meet your jobs more efficiently. 

You Can Also:

a) Search and Share Salesforce Records in Slack

It will help you search for custom objects if your Salesforce system admin has configured those objects in Salesforce. Click for more

b) Set up Salesforce Alerts in Slack

A Salesforce application may not have access to every channel in your workspace, and Salesforce alerts in public and private channels will appear as the messages for you. 

To accomplish this, you need to follow the steps

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Benefits Of Integrating Slack With Salesforce

1. Provides Timely Updates

With Slack Salesforce integration, your teammates will not lose any alterations made to Salesforce data. All sales and customer service reps on Slack will access personalized updates in real-time. This way, the employees wouldn’t need to log in to another system leaving their current job to stay updated. 

2. Eases the Coordination

With Slack Salesforce integration, employees can use Slack channel rights for business activities optimization. Also, users can communicate with various teammates outside the customer-facing Slack conversation to ensure you have the right revert for anyone who approaches your business or company. 

3. Easy File Access And Sharing

Employees can find and review every Salesforce document linked with their existing clients, prospects, or new cases with no need for current Slack channels with the Slack Salesforce integration. 

4. Effortless Quote Management

When a suggestion or quote is forwarded for review and a decision of acceptance or improvement, the administration, sales operations, and management departments find it exciting. But, on the other edge, the employees need to spend some time, hours, and even months to know the status, whether it’s accepted or rejected for changes. 

But, with this integration, the employees will get such data in their Slack inbox from where they can reply to these alerts. 

5. Prioritize Tasks Easily

With the Slack Salesforce integration, Slack will participate in the routine processes and offer you helpful details about upcoming tasks without making you leave your Slack workspace. 

6. Automates Routine Tasks

Salesforce Slack Integration enables users to ease their routine jobs, lowers the workload, enhances performance, and diminishes the chances of mistakes. 

Besides, you can standardize voicemails, emails, appointment scheduling, lead prioritization, call logging, and other daily activities. 

7. Boost Revenue

When customer details become easily accessible, internal cooperation and coordination among the departments improve. The entire data is widely accessible, which may lead to reduced response time. With Salesforce Slack integration, we can quickly catch prospects, analyze leads, keep track of timelines, and observe sales operations in real time. All this improvement will ultimately boost profitability. 

8. Ensures Desired Reporting

Integrating Salesforce and Slack eases data analysis, leading to more effective and accurate reporting. Tools make numerous reports production simple, like complete sales reports. 

9. Increases Customer Engagement And Experience

The benefits above will result in improved customer support. Through this integration, employees can rapidly resolve customers’ issues, increasing brand awareness. 

Common Issues that Arise when Integrating Slack with Salesforce

Worldwide, users have faced issues while integrating Slack and Salesforce. 

a) Multiple Apps Make the Process Complicated

To integrate Slack with Salesforce, you need to install the Salesforce app for Slack and the Slack app for Salesforce. 

Well, this leads to process complications as various versions of the Slack app for Salesforce have been released earlier. As all of them are not currently active, the Salesforce app exchange documentation still connects to them, leaving the users confused. 

b) Technical Issues And Bugs User Experience

Users have witnessed frequent bugs on the Salesforce App exchange in the Slack app. This app creates permission issues, unexpected errors, and data recovery problems during deployment. Such factors may affect the user experience and make it tough to integrate these two apps. 

c) Does Not Perform With Salesforce Essentials Users

The integration of Slack and Salesforce doesn’t work if you are a Salesforce Essential user. You need API access to configure the Slack app for Salesforce that Salesforce Essentials doesn’t have. 

Simply put, Salesforce Essentials users can’t send or receive messages or set bulk alerts in Slack, 

Although, in Slack, they can search for Salesforce records and set up channel alerts and “My Alerts” from Salesforce. 


Salesforce Slack integration benefits businesses and companies by allowing users to automatically exchange their thoughts, files, and opinions with their colleagues and various departments while transmitting Salesforce’s data to the communication. It improves productivity, thereby boosting revenue. 

Now, as you know about Salesforce and Slack integration, options for integration, steps, benefits, and more, you can make the best possible decision for your business. Still, if you have some confusion or need extra explanation, you may connect with Salesforce consultants hiring a Salesforce development company. They will help you and guide you perfectly to make an informed and best decision for your company. 

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