Today, it’s not a luxury to use advanced technology to optimize core business processes, spot out new revenue opportunities, and craft experiences that are actually unique to every customer. Still, it’s undoubtedly a cost that one needs to pay to perform business successfully. 

Resultantly, nowadays, CRM software is readily available now than ever before, holding countless solutions and vendors competing to grab a considerable amount of market share. 

One of the widely-known CRMs available in the market is Salesforce. You can find various reasons depicting the popularity of Salesforce since it came into operations in 1999.

In this article, we will learn about Salesforce, the qualities that make it unique, the reasons to choose it, its advantages, and much more. 

Let’s get started!

What Is Salesforce?

The world’s #1 customer relationship management platform, Salesforce is a widely-used CRM that assists sales, marketing, service, commerce, and IT teams to work from anywhere and keep their customers happy.

Using a CRM platform, one can reach deeper into all the metrics and data and visually set up a dashboard showcasing data. Additionally, the user can have personalized outreach with automation. A CRM platform can also enhance customer service caliber to assist customers and sales teams to go beyond their efforts. 

Salesforce services permit businesses to make the best use of cloud technology to better connect with customers, partners, and potential customers. 

Using the Salesforce CRM, brands can market to customers, track customer activity, and much more. 

Why Is Salesforce So Popular?

A few reasons uncover the significance of Salesforce in recent years, regardless of company culture. 

Salesforce is accepted as an innovator worldwide, which has crafted something that allows companies to offer the expected experience to their customers. 

In the CRM space, Salesforce is constantly ruling; let’s know why:

Salesforce Platform

salesforce Platform

Salesforce is a single system that allows you to add on all its products, like Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, etc. 

Furthermore, it facilitates the development of apps on its platform, using an easy-to-pick, point-and-click interface (low code). 

Suppose you want to build an app that onboards consumers onto your product, facilitating you to make sure you have taken the needed steps and accumulated all related documentation. Here, a Salesforce Administrator is empowered to develop this app on their platform with the permission to interact with the current Sales and Service products. This platform is known as

Salesforce Implements Is AppExchange

salesforce AppExchange 

One more innovative idea that Salesforce implements is AppExchange. Just imagine the Google Play or the App Store; they allow you to first search for an app you want and install it to boost the functionality of your device. 

Likewise, AppExchange holds an identical concept, which extends Salesforce functionalities. You just need to find the app you want. Here, developers develop perfect apps to resolve the customers’ issues. 

Salesforce Mobile App

salesforce mobile

As the world is speedily moving towards mobile, it’s only connecting that Salesforce assists users who demand data access on the go, indicating the Salesforce Mobile App. It’s not a mobile app that offers just 5% of the complete browser app. Actually, it facilitates you the access to exact information as the full product. Also, you can fully customize it to craft a unique user experience. 

What Is Salesforce Used For?

What Is Salesforce Used For

Salesforce meets the varied needs of the organizations. Let’s review some major ones (we will discuss these in detail later in this post):

  • Offers improved customer experiences by knowing their concerns and requirements.
  • Use personalized marketing to attract more buyers. 
  • Delivers perfect shopping experiences as per the customers’ expectations
  • Respond rapidly to customer support problems on any channel.
  • Automates time-taking jobs by developing custom applications. 

Why Choose Salesforce?

What Is Salesforce Used For (2)

Next, we will check out some traits of Salesforce that are the grounds for choosing Salesforce. 

1. Customization And Scalability

After knowing CRM better, you will also agree to a statement, CRM software is an investment, which says that Salesforce holds the caliber to take care of the present needs of the business as well as its future ones. It is known for its capability and ability to scale up and build a customer base. 

Every business arrives with its specific needs, and the same goes with customers also. Besides being scalable, it permits customization to meet the business requirements. 

Salesforce statistics say about 86% of customers admit that personalization plays a vital role in purchasing decisions. 

Salesforce facilitates emails personalization that is sent to customers. Also, consider the unique purchase history of all the clients. 

Furthermore, businesses can use Salesforce App Cloud to develop and run their personalized apps. 

2. Partner Ecosystem

After becoming a Salesforce AppExchange partner, you can access a broad range of popular and free apps. Additionally, you can build apps for Salesforce and market them. It also permits access to various tools with easy tools-searching options. 

3. Multitenant Architecture

One of the most significant advantages of Salesforce is its performance, which stays unchanged whether it’s a large or small client. Every business client is permitted to access one platform and one infrastructure, and it states all customers hold standard hardware, networking, and software platform. Additionally, the multitenant architecture ensures that upgrades and updates are instantaneous with no involvement of customers. 

4. Security

It’s an essential business aspect that uses CRM. Since the start, Salesforce has focused on data security only, which other CRMs usually miss and lead to business data issues. Although, Salesforce comes with pre-installed security features that permit business owners to finalize who can access their data within their organization. 

5. Feature-Packed For Salespersons And Market

As Salesforce arrives feature-packed, this is also a big reason behind the popularity of Salesforce before other CRM software that lacks such features, like opportunity tracking, workflow creation, contact management, task management, customer engagement tools, collaboration tools, etc. Apart from these features, it includes features crafted explicitly for marketers, like email integration, marketing leads monitoring, and social media integration. And for Salespersons, sales communities, ales forecasting, and sales lead monitoring are helpful features.

6. Salesforce Cloud Offerings

Salesforce also provides various innovative SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions that facilitate businesses to utilize a common platform. It proves to be less expensive. Also, businesses experience their sales efforts improvements to several folds and better communications all because of the distinct Salesforce cloud offerings. Such offerings are Service, Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Sales Chatter. 

7. A Powerful Ecosystem

Salesforce holds an expansive ecosystem, including developers, customers, and partners. The Salesforce Success Community allows customers to connect, discuss relevant topics, ask questions, and give feedback to the company. 

The partner ecosystem of Salesforce consists of independent consultants, software vendors, and system integrators and offers customers all types of support, from software implementation to app development to managed services. It makes it simple for customers to find a skilled partner or hire a well-trained Salesforce administrator. 

8. Automatic & Upgrades

Regardless of how customized your Salesforce implementation is, the regular upgrades will never affect your hard work or break anything into your system. It is best for obvious reasons and remarkably lowers the downtime during a system update. 

Moreover, the best part of Salesforce is it automates all updates, so you don’t have to fret about manual upgradation of your CRM. 

9. Constant Innovation

Salesforce constantly improves its products and services following new and inventive ways. It’s committed to innovation and has been continuously ranked among the top CRM brands. 

What Are The Advantages Of Salesforce Over Other CMS?

Salesforce is used chiefly in CRM for its multiple advantages. 

Let’s check out why it’s usually picked over other CMSs. 

1. User-Friendly

The user-friendly nature of software makes it stand uniquely in the crowd. When we talk about Salesforce, this fact appears to be true. The CRM solution is crafted in such a way that even the brands that lack technical expertise can make the best use of its benefits. 

Moreover, beginners find it easy to use. Also, it’s competent to fulfill objectives and even arrives with a very-intuitive and straightforward UI. 

On the contrary, other CRMs demands coding skills and knowledge about other product updates. And, their hard-to-understand format gives rise to issues and difficulties. 

2. Accumulation And Usage Of Customer Information

The best part of Salesforce is that it holds the caliber to extract information in terms of quantity and quality. The user can check a substantial amount of customer information before even getting in touch with them. 

Besides, Salesforce assists in easy tracking of information that’s important to keep customer profiles well-organized. Also, the user can get useful information from just one location and can check the leads assigned to other representatives. It offers an entirely holistic approach to business management. This way, the company’s reps can easily manage a customer support model. 

3. User Resources

For easing the use and training the customers on its customization, functionality, and flexibility, Salesforce stands uniquely in the crowd of the best CRM solutions. Also, it offers various webinars, educational posts, and other informative stuff on varied topics. 

The aim behind offering various resources is to strengthen customers with the caliber to emerge with quick solutions in distinct ways. Besides, Salesforce offers customer-oriented tech service that assists the users in resolving complex issues. 

4. Time Management

Holding a complete range of available customer information and a broad range of planning resources at users’ disposal, users get the advantage of time management with the Salesforce implementation. You will get the entire detail needed to prioritize the work for customers, and it means that you can organize jobs for distinct accounts depending on the same criteria. 

5. Functionality & Integration

Besides offering exceptional services required for facilitating easy and quick data collaboration with various departments, Salesforce provides centralized customer information, statistical options, an array of reports, and the caliber to run on desktop, any browser, mobile devices, etc. 

Also, Salesforce delivers dependable data protection and security, ensuring the safety of sensitive information. Employers get all the resources needed for improved business productivity and efficiency, and customers also get better customer service. 


A company willing to grow and catch up with success may consider this software without wasting time. Using such a CRM solution, the teams will facilitate their jobs, explore and build their full potential, and quickly reach things. 

Salesforce is the most preferred CRM solution that provides immense advantages to its users. It’s a platform that has been used by many users and constantly offers assured benefits. 

If you have still not implemented a CRM solution, take the final decision today and bestow a positive transformation to your business. 

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