A hearing aid was the innovation that helped to connect the deaf and hearing disabled to the world once again. Just like hearing aid changed the lives of millions of people, hearing aid apps changed the whole landscape for the capabilities of a hearing aid. In the early stage of hearing aid innovation, personalization was not possible, and users had to compromise if the hearing aid produced less or more sound than needed. However, the Hearing Aid apps changed the scenario forever and took personalization to the next level.

What Is a Hearing Aid App?

Hearing aid apps work as the control room for hearing aid devices. Every person with a hearing disability has personalized needs. So, hearing aids help meet these needs of patients by offering complete control over the device. Connecting the app with a hearing aid can decrease or increase the frequency of sound, monitor the noise in the surrounding, turn on or off your hearing aid, and much more.

Market Demand & Stats for Hearing Aid Apps & Tech 

The Hearing aid industry is broader than you think. The global hearing aid market has a value of $9.68 billion in 2021, which is expected to stretch to $17.68 billion by 2029, exhibiting a CAGR of 8.1% in the forecasted period. At the same time, around 15% of American Adults (that makes up to 37.5 million) have reported some sort of hearing problem. Simultaneously, it has also been identified that one-third of people who reported hearing loss problems owned hearing aids.

So, the industry is pretty big, and that’s why the development of apps to transfigure the capabilities further can be counted as one of the best business and growth opportunities. Many hearing aid apps are already leading the market with millions of users.  

Useful Features to Add in A Hearing Assistance Mobile App

You will see different features in different hearing aid apps as it totally depends on the developer’s or owner’s want for their app. However, based on the fundamental usability of the apps, you will find the following features among the essential ones-

1. Adjusting the Hearing Aid 

The major enhancement introduced by hearing aid apps in the industry was personalization and customization. The app makes adjustments accessible according to the needs of the user. You can adjust the volume, bass, and frequency of the app. You can turn on and off the aid with a tap on your smartphone. Some advanced apps even adjust the voice according to the noise in your surroundings. 

2. Create and Save Personalized Hearing Programs 

We often visit the areas where hearing others becomes challenging for even a normal person, let alone a person with a hearing disability. It might be cafes, restaurants, popular public places, concerts, parties, and celebrations. So, with certain hearing aid apps, users can adjust the level of volume that suits the environment. Further, users can save this setting, so they don’t have to manually make it the next time they visit the same place. 

3. Monitor Device Status 

The apps also share important insights about the device’s status. You can check the battery status of the hearing aid so that you never have to suffer from battery drainage when you need it the most. Simultaneously, you can also check the insights like how long you have been wearing the device, total usage hours per day,  week, or months, etc.

4. Find Your Hearing Aids

Losing hearing aids can be frustrating at times. So, your hearing aid app tracks the exact location of your hearing aid, so you don’t have to mess the whole house to find it. 

5. Integration with Other Devices 

With several upgrades, hearing aid apps can now transform your aids into earphones. You can connect the hearing aid with other bluetooth connectivity devices such as smartphones, television, and radio to enjoy music streaming, movies, gossip on calls, and much more. 

6. Equips Artificial Intelligence 

The application takes the smartness of your hearing aids a step ahead by equipping them with artificial intelligence. Now, your hearing aids can be smart enough to make decisions by themselves. For example, they can automatically be turned off when not in use. At the same time, by sensing the noise in their surroundings, they can adjust the volume automatically. 

7. Connect to Audiologists 

Surpassing the basic functions of a hearing aid app, some apps even connect you to professional audiologists where you can share your experience or problem to get consultation. For this feature, apps offer chatting, audio call, and even video call options.

How Do Hearing Aid Mobile Apps Work? 

Architecture of hearing aid app

Gone are the days when you could only turn on and off your hearing aid with those two buttons. Modern hearing aids are now armed with Bluetooth technology that allows them to connect to not only the hearing aid apps but to television, smartphone, radio, and other audio devices as well. Jumping back to the working principle of the hearing aid app, it is connected to hardware with Bluetooth connectivity. 

Once the app has established the wireless connectivity with the hearing aids, it gives you the overall control as per the installed features. It might be increasing or decreasing the volume, monitoring the usage time, changing the frequency, adjusting the bass, getting charging details, turning it on or off, and much more.  

Best Hearing Aid Apps in The Market

There might be hundreds of apps that can connect to a hearing aid. However, a fraction of them are actually helpful and equipped with some functionality. Go through the following list of most popular hearing aid applications and know what they are offering-


CompatibilityIOS, Android

Having occupied a download base of more than a million, myPhonak is one of the leading hearing aid apps on the Google play store. The new functionalities and designs of myPhonak bring the seamless experience of hearing to the palm of the disabled person. The application provides the personalization options like controlling the volume, noise reduction, microphone directionality, setting programs, wearing time, activity levels, heart rate tracking, and much more. 

ReSound Smart 3D

Compatibility IOS, Android

Just like the former one, ReSound Smart 3D is also a hearing aid connectivity app stretching the functionality of the hardware. You can make a lot of adjustments through the app. Having connected the app with your hearing aid, you need not bother even when your hearing aids are lost. Moreover, you can adjust the volume, mute the hearing aid, adjust speech focus, adjust treble, edit and personalize programs, essential monitoring, and much more. 

Oticon ON 

Oticon ON LOGO
CompatibilityIOS, Android

Oticon ON is also one of the most popular hearing aid apps that help users control their hearing aid completely. Let it be controlling the volume, switching the listening programs, monitoring the battery status, or tracking the location of your aids; Oticon ON has got it all covered. The app has over a million downloads on the Google Play store. 

Convert Your App Idea Into Reality

Let’s Build A New App Together

What It Costs to Develop a Mobile App for Hearing Aid? 

A commitment to the cost of app development can never be made. Simply because the cost depends on a range of factors. You can get your app developed for a few thousand dollars as well as a million dollars. However, each dollar that you spend on app development will pay you the worth with better features and user experience. Some of the factors that determine your app development cost are-

To keep a rough estimate for the cost of such app development, it would cost you anywhere between $30,000 to $60,000 to develop an app with the necessary features and functionality.

Why Emizentech for Hearing Aid App Development?

why Choose emizentech

Stepping on the digital business journey to attract passive income requires an app on the first step. For the same, you need an app development team to develop the app for you. Here, you might find hundreds of companies and freelancers willing to do the task for you. So, there ought to be some reasons for choosing Emizentech. Yes, there are. Let’s go through them one by one.

1. Experience  

Experience teaches us to be perfect, and it is something that can only be earned and not bought. Emizentech has over a decade of experience and has completed many similar projects for its clients. So, we know about challenges and their mitigations. 

2. Everything Under One Roof 

You might go for a freelance worker that can save you some pennies. But at the same time, you will be bound to choose the framework which is familiar to the person. On the other hand, Emizentech offers you everything under one roof. So, you can develop your app using whatever framework, for whichever platform, while exploring the complete landscape of Tech stack.

3. Pre- as Well as Post-Support 

We work for you not only during the deal but before and after the deal as well. Before getting into the agreement,  you might have doubts and queries. So, we offer you an hour of free consultancy with our project manager to discuss your idea. Moreover, once your app has been developed, we don’t end the relationship there. You will get ample support from our team even after the product delivery. 

4. Creative Minds 

Creativity is the key that will help your app achieve competitive advantages. With experience comes creativity and innovation. Our team is full of creative minds that will suggest innovative ideas to make your app a better choice for users than those already available in the market. 

5. Cost-Effective Solution 

Having worked on hundreds of projects, we know the areas where we can save your cost without compromising usability and functionalities. So, we focus on cost-effective solutions rather than spending the dollar in vain. 

6. We Work as A Partner 

Most importantly, we don’t treat you as a client during the project but consider you the project partner. Your viewpoints are kept at the center of interest to work on, and your idea is represented in the project. 

The first step is the hardest. So take it with us, and we will make it easy for you. Book your appointment for free counseling and begin the digital journey. 

Final Glance 

With the burgeoning market of hearing aids, the hearing aids app development also emerges as a significant business opportunity for those digging for a passive income source. People are more interested in IoT than ever. Popular apps in the industry like myPhonak and Oticon ON are already earning well with a download base of millions. 

Developing the hearing aid app can be the best idea for you if you are also looking for something that can give you a decent side income without investing much time daily. Get your app developed, arm it with the latest features, market it, maintain it, and you are ready with your new income source. 

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