Just a few years ago, no one would have thought that in the coming years, machines would be able to act, behave, and do tasks just like human beings. Today, artificial intelligence is one of the top technologies used in almost every industry. AI is not just limited to industry scale but plays an integral role in our daily lifestyle. 

In our smartphones, almost every mobile application leverages artificial intelligence for excellent customer experience. AI-based mobile applications are in huge demand as they help startups and businesses improve their business processes and take futuristic and data-driven designs to ensure business growth and success. The global mobile artificial intelligence market size is expected to grow at a CAGR of 26.9% from 2023 to 2030

If you are also an entrepreneur looking for an idea to develop an AI-based mobile app, then this blog is for you. This article will explore 100+ innovative artificial intelligence app ideas for Android and iOS in 2024. So keep reading!

100 Unique Artificial Intelligence Ideas for Mobile Apps

Building unique AI-driven mobile app ideas requires innovation, practicality, and an understanding of user needs. Here’s a diverse list of 100 unique AI App ideas for mobile apps:

1. AI-Based eCommerce App

If you are running an online e-commerce store, developing an AI-based app for your store would be one of the best decisions you have ever made. AI is helping today’s online retailers by delivering a streamlined UX and collecting business and user data for better business decisions. Amazon’s e-commerce mobile app is the best example of AI usage. The e-commerce giant uses machine learning to improve product selection, UX, and logistics. It helps increase customer retention, seamless automation, and more targeted marketing & advertising.

Here is a good explanation of how Amazon is using artificial intelligence
Amazon Go, which works on the principle of Grab and Go uses AI as an advanced shopping technology

2. AI-Based Based News App

Although many news apps are available, a few have incorporated artificial intelligence. An AI-based news application can understand the user’s interesting topics and showcase the news that is relevant to the user. E.g., if a user is interested in business topics, he will see almost every business-related news and vice versa. The app can also leverage the user’s geolocation to provide news of the user’s locality.

3. AI-Based Language Learning App

Investing early in AI for language learning is a way to earn millions of users and revenue. Duolingo is the best epitome of the AI-based language learning app. There is a vast user base of working professionals and students using such apps to groom their communication skills in multiple languages. Using AI in a language-learning app can analyze the user’s performance, create dynamic tests, enhance motivation, and improve the overall experience.

The AI Behind the working of Duolingo a Language Learning App

4. AI-Based Voice Assistant App

Do you know that nearly every 3rd search made on Google is through voice? Users appreciate better and more convenient ways of searching; that’s why voice searching is in high demand. Whether it is a music app, OTT platform, ecommerce app, and any other type of app, the voice assistant is being used everywhere. A voice assistant app can perform phone tasks without users’ touch. For e.g., users can say “Play the Imagine Dragon Song” on the Spotify app, and it will start playing it.

5. AI-Driven Chatbot

AI chatbots in mobile app

A chatbot is a human-made computer program that can initiate and carry on a human-like conversation with humans. The AI-driven chatbots can handle all the queries that a user may have regarding your service. While the initial chatbots had generic answers due to pre-programmed scripts, today, the newer chatbots are coming with pre-built machine learning and artificial intelligence, by which they can learn from experiences and resolve highly advanced queries on the spot. Chatbots are highly helpful in e-commerce apps as they can collect data, improve customer engagement, increase customer retention, reduce customer care and support costs, and much more.

6. AI-Based Geo Tracking App

Although many Geo location or Geo Tracking apps are available in the market, the AI-Based Geolocation apps are still in demand as they can help businesses search for potential points of interest, such as stores, supermarkets, spas, party venues, etc. These apps are called the GeoInterest app that works on a smartphone and guides the users through detecting and locating different places of interest determined by you on a trip.

Apart from this, an AI-Based Geo Tracking app is also used to improve efficiency in operations. For e.g., Uber heavily used AI and many logistics companies to improve operational efficiency, analyze road traffic, and optimize routes.

Science at Uber: Improving Transportation with Artificial Intelligence

7. AI-Based Weather Forecast App


People who travel a lot always find themselves searching the weather conditions of the region they are traveling to. But AI-Based weather forecasting apps can help determine the accurate forecasting of climate in the preferred locality.

For e.g., NowCast weather forecasting app use ML to predict forecasts and offer weather reports with high-end proficiency. AI also helps to gather information regarding any change in weather conditions.

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8. HR Apps Based on AI

Very few people know that the recruiters and human resource teams of companies also use smart software to ease the hiring process. AI helps eliminate blind hiring and filters the application based on the requirements. Using machine learning software, HRs can examine applications on specific parameters. The resumes can be filtered by certain keywords and required skills.

9. AI-Based Fitness App

Workout Planner Fitness AI

AI has also gained momentum in the fitness industry as well. The very common use of AI is in fitness equipment such as Smartwatches by Apple, Fitbit, and other companies. These are making home workouts smarter and better. AI-based personal training also gained popularity during the coronavirus breakdown period when people could not go to gyms. AI-based trainers can operate like human trainers, and they will advise you on a pose, exerting force, etc. You may also have a one-on-one setting and receive feedback throughout an exercise on your posture.

10. AI-Based Photo Editing App

Luminar Neo: The Ultimate AI Photo Editor Ever?

Hundreds of photo editing apps are available in the market, but only a few are leveraging artificial intelligence. AI photo editing apps speed up the editing process and make it easier to improve the look of your photos. AI can do in seconds what could take hours if done manually using Photoshop. Users can even try different hairstyles and makeup without actually taking a salon appointment.

Convert Your App Idea Into Reality

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11. AI-Based Storage Space Cleaner App

File storage apps are available to help users manage their smartphone storage space and remove unnecessary data. However, finding every unnecessary file and then deleting it manually can be a very time-consuming and strenuous task. But AI can easily find junk files, duplicate files, photos taken accidentally, or data that has not been used for a long time. These files can be deleted with a single click, and users can manage space efficiently.

12. AI-enabled Cost Tracking App

A cost-tracking app with AI can be helpful in managing your business expenses, generating reports, and doing other tasks. AI can help find the relevant information that you want to know about expenses within any time period.

13. AI-Based Meal Planner App

An AI-powered meal planner app can help you create a customized meal plan that meets your body’s nutritional requirements. Considering the different parameters of your body, such as weight, height, body mass index, calories, age, etc., can create a meal plan suggested by an expert nutritionist. This mobile app idea is worth a try, as there are very few AI-powered meal apps on the market.

Ria an AI nutritionist used in HealthifyMe Fitness app

14. AI-Based Calories Counter App

Mobile app developers are using AI and its underlying technologies to develop an app that can count your calorie intake. You can create an app that can count the calories by just taking a photo of the meal, and AI will automatically detect the ingredients of that dish and calculate the total calories of that diet. The users don’t even need to manually enter the dish’s name.

15. AI-Based Cyber Security App

AI can help with many difficult problems, and cybersecurity is also one of them. It can be used to automate threat detection and can help in challenges like vast attack surfaces, 10s or 100s of thousands of devices per organization, hundreds of attack vendors, and masses of data. ML performs three major tasks in cybersecurity which are Regression, Clustering, and Classification.

16. AI-Based Content Creator App

Not every business can hire a professional content writer for content marketing purposes. Developing an AI-based content creator app can be a boon for such online businesses. You may be wondering whether AI can actually match the human content creation quality, but obviously, it can’t. However, it can give you fantastic marketing benefits. AI-powered technologies use NLP for understanding content and can understand the SEO tactics used by powerful search engines to provide you with highly SEO-optimized content. It can also help in content ideation as millions of content pieces are already available on the internet, and creating new and unique content is always tricky.

An AI-Powered Content Platform – MarketMuse

17. AI-Based Market Prediction App

An AI-powered market-based app can help analyze your market niche’s demand and competition. Artificial intelligence, in collaboration with machine learning, can analyze the ups and downs of the market shares and provide useful insights.

18. AI-Based HealthCare App

AI-Based healthcare apps can benefit patients and providers if used to improve care, manage chronic disease, identify early risk, and optimize workflow. There are many applications of AI in healthcare practices, such as Robot-assisted surgery, virtual nursing assistants, workflow assistance, fraud detection, dosage error reduction, connected machines, clinical trials, preliminary diagnosis, image analysis, and data security. It can also use the combination of historical data, diagnosis, and medical intelligence for the discovery of new drugs.

19. AI-Based Training App

Among innovative AI app ideas, an AI-based training app stands out by offering personalized fitness plans tailored to individual goals and capabilities. Using advanced algorithms, the app provides real-time feedback on exercise form and progress, ensuring users achieve optimal results. It also adapts routines based on user performance data, maintaining engagement and effectiveness. This app bridges the gap between personal trainers and accessible home workouts, making fitness personalized and efficient.

20. AI-Based Performance Analysis App

In any MNC or big company, it is highly important to monitor and track the performance of your employees and check whether they are giving full productivity to work or not. Using AI, it is possible to build apps for businesses or educational institutes where employees, HRs, or pupils can enter information, and the app will provide meaningful insights.


21. AI-Based Language Translator App

AI based translator app DeepL
Deepl App

Such apps are highly useful for those users who travel frequently. An AI-based language translator app can record, detect and translate the language of the person speaking into the desired language and vice-versa. This makes it simpler to communicate and interact with people across the world without hiring a translator.

22. AI-Based Food Delivery Apps

Although many food delivery apps are available in the market, a few use AI in their operations. Using AI, many roadblocks or tasks can be easily managed, such as assigning delivery partners, giving estimated delivery time of food orders, headaches of taking orders, resolving customers queries, availability of the restaurants, and much more.

Food delivery dispatching for optimising delivery routes

23. AI-Based Travel App

The travel industry always appreciates new technologies in its operations. AI usage in travel and tourism can help travelers in many things, such as personalization in trip planning, better travel experience, analyzing customer pricing preferences, automatically resolving travel queries, and dynamic pricing.

24. Roadside breakdown or Car Accident AI App

A car accident or roadside breakdown app can connect you with the nearest hospital or garage, helping you in every circumstance by tracking your location. AI will list all the reputed car service companies and healthcare providers based on the users’ location.

25. AI-Based Jewelry Store App

The major purpose of a jewelry store app is to buy, sell, and evaluate jewelry and gemstones. The main essence of a mobile app is to allow customers to evaluate, download, buy, sell, or assess the authenticity of gems and jewelry. By using artificial intelligence, you can give better information to buyers. The app would be able to take and analyze a photo of a gemstone and give the results in the form of an assessment of its dimensions, size, color, and imperfections.

26. AI-Based Sports App

As one of the innovative AI App Ideas, an AI-based sports app transforms athletic training by delivering customized workout plans and real-time performance analysis. Leveraging machine learning, it tracks and evaluates players’ movements and techniques, offering actionable insights to enhance skills and reduce injury risks. The app also features advanced game analytics, helping athletes and coaches develop smarter strategies. This technology-driven approach elevates sports training, making it more efficient and personalized.

27. AI-Based Repairing App

Many experienced technicians or mechanics encounter situations in which they require support and solutions for repair. Here, as well, AI can help. Its technologies, augmented reality and virtual reality, can be utilized to train them with the tools which are used in rare conditions and are also expensive. Metaio app offers an AR-based repair tool for Audi. Many such apps are still in the development process.

28. AI-Based Interior Designing App

AR and VR are the two-child technologies of AI, which are in very high demand because of their real-life uses. Using AR & VR, you can design every room corner without even buying a piece of furniture. All this is possible with your smartphone. You can look around your living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc., place the furniture items, and get a 3D view using VR. This saves your money and exonerates you from regular visits to the furniture shop and trying different colors on the wall.

Ikea Place App images (1)
Develop AR Shopping App Like IKEA

29. AI-Based Construction App

AI is not limited to just interior designing. It can also help complete the construction of the building. The project developers can have a view of the building in a 3D format using AR. The app can also have tracking features to scan the construction site with your iPhone. For e.g., all the electrical lines and pipelines on the construction site will appear where they will be placed using only an Apple iPhone or iPad.

30. AI-Based Matrimony Sites

AI is not just limited to dating apps; it can also be used in matrimony apps where people are looking for their life partners. Among the innovative AI app ideas, matrimony apps can take input on the preferences of the user, such as height, job, locality, caste, religion, career industry, etc., and provide results accordingly. Shaadi.com harnesses this technology and is continuously ruling the market, showcasing the potential of AI in transforming how people find compatible life partners.

31. AI-powered Vedic Astrologer App

The AI-powered Astrologer App is a celestial companion offering personalized horoscopes, predictive insights, and compatibility matching. It harnesses AI to analyze birth charts, providing accurate readings on love, career, and health. Users can explore cosmic events, receive daily reminders, and engage in real-time conversations with an AI astrologer chatbot for instant guidance on life’s journey.

For Example:- Astrolona AI and Bhrigoo – AI Horoscope apps are based on this same idea

32. AI-Based Homemade Remedy App

There was a time when homemade cures were in trend and could treat health problems without taking medicines. You can build an app in which you can mention the homemade cure ideas and can also allow users to share their homemade treatments. AI can analyze which treatment is getting more success, and then it will be shared with more users.

33. AI-Powered Personal Finance Manager

Introducing the AI-powered Personal Finance Manager! This cutting-edge financial tool leverages the power of artificial intelligence to help you manage your finances like never before. With the AI-powered Personal Finance Manager, you can easily track your income, expenses, and savings in one place. The intuitive interface allows you to categorize your transactions, set budgets, and view detailed reports of your financial activities.
For Example- MoneySense is a leading-edge mobile app that uses artificial intelligence to help users manage their personal finances effectively. The app provides a user-friendly interface that allows users to track their income, expenses, and savings in one place.

34. AI-based Smart Home Automation

AI-based smart home automation refers to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to automate various tasks and functions within a home environment. With the integration of AI, smart homes are capable of autonomously controlling and managing various devices, appliances, and systems, making the home environment more convenient, efficient, and comfortable for the occupants.
Some examples of AI-based smart home automation include:

1)   Energy Management: AI can analyze energy usage patterns in the home and automatically adjust the thermostat, lighting, and other energy-consuming devices to optimize energy consumption and reduce utility bills.

2)   Security and Surveillance: AI can analyze video feeds from security cameras, detect unusual activities or intrusions, send alerts to the homeowner, or trigger automated responses such as turning on lights or sounding an alarm.

3)  Voice-Activated Assistants: AI-powered virtual assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant can control various smart devices in the home through voice commands, providing convenient and hands-free control over tasks such as controlling lights, adjusting temperature, or playing music.

35. AI-powered Personalized Beauty Advisor

An AI-powered Personalized Beauty Advisor app is a digital platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms and data-driven insights to provide users personalized beauty recommendations and advice. The app typically uses a combination of user input, such as skin type, hair type, and beauty preferences, along with data analysis and machine learning to generate tailored recommendations for skincare, makeup, haircare, and other beauty products.
For Example– Revieve is a company that offers personalized digital beauty experiences powered by AI and AR. They have launched an AI Makeup Advisor that engages consumers with an AI-powered selfie.

36. AI-Gased Virtual Parenting Assistant

An AI-based Virtual Parenting Assistant App utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to support and guide parents in their parenting journey. The app uses machine learning algorithms to assist parents in making informed decisions and improving their parenting skills through personalized recommendations and suggestions based on the child’s age, developmental stage, and individual needs.
The use of an AI-based Virtual Parenting Assistant App can provide several benefits to parents, including:

1) Personalized Support: The app can provide customized recommendations and suggestions based on the child’s unique characteristics and developmental stage, which can help parents make informed decisions and feel more confident in their parenting approach.

2)  Time-saving: The app can streamline parenting tasks, such as tracking developmental milestones, managing sleep and feeding schedules, and monitoring health and wellness, which can save parents time and effort.

3)  Access to Expert Advice: The app can provide expert advice and resources on various parenting topics, empowering parents with knowledge and help them make informed decisions.

37. AI-based Personalized Music Composer

An AI-based personalized music composer app uses an AI algorithm to create music tailored to an individual’s preferences and needs. It has various potential uses in the entertainment industry, music production, and therapeutic settings. It also enhances the user experience in music streaming platforms, assists musicians in the creative process, and be used in therapeutic interventions.
For Example– it can be used in music therapy sessions for patients with mental health conditions, such as depression or anxiety, to create calming or uplifting music that can aid in their treatment.

38. AI-Based Dating App

By integrating AI into dating apps can enhance their performance of it. The app can analyze who you are attracted to and understand the behavior of individuals providing suggestions that are tailored to their preferences, increasing the likelihood of finding a suitable match. Also, with this, AI recommends to the users which of their photos is more effective at getting the matches. 

For Example– Tinder is using AI in the dating app, which lets it achieve a high level of personalization and accuracy in matchmaking. 

39. AI Smart Banking App

AI as a platform powers the smarter bank. With the integration of AI in the banks it helps them identify key insights in a vast amount of data, calculate risks, and automate routine tasks. This ensures increased productivity, reduces risks, and dramatically improves customer service. 

For Example– Bank of America is using AI in their banking apps; the virtual assistant named Erics is present. 

40. AI-Powered Mind Map App

Integrating AI in Mind Map Generator is a powerful tool that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to generate mind maps that can help you structure your ideas and thoughts in clear and organized ways. It is the easiest way to make project plans and accumulate and refine valuable ideas to create your own metaverse of ideas. 

For Example– MindNode is a mind-mapping tool that can be used by Apple users. 

AI app Idea

41. AI-Powered Camera App

An AI camera does automatic scene recognization. Once you point the camera in the right direction, the AI camera app enables the setting behind the scenes for the killer shots. Or we can say that integrating AI in phones helps in better photos by intelligently identifying objects and scenes by automatically adjusting the camera settings. 

For Example– Photoshop Camera uses AI to utilize a ton of creative effects. 

42. AI-Based Video Editing App

There are many things that can be possible with the help of integrating AI. By using an AI-based video editing app, you can have time-efficient automated editing, enhanced visuals, and personalized experiences. They help in recognizing objects and generating subtitles, creating dynamic effects, transcribing speech, and many more. 

For Example:- InVideo helps in making professional videos directly on the computer. You can also upload existing footage, select templates, and many other options. 

43. AI-Powered Vocabulary App

AI algorithm in the vocabulary app can analyze user data such as their past performance, learning preferences, and pace to personalize the learning experience. AI vocabulary apps can also provide customized vocabulary lists, study materials, and quizzes that are personalized to the individual user. 

For Example:- WordUp is an AI-powered app that hones your language abilities. It combines enjoyable components such as snippets from movies or TV shows. 

Dating App

44. AI-Based Insurance App   

AI in real estate is used in chatbots that can help customers file claims, answer policy questions, and even recommend products based on customers’ needs. AI also helps in evaluating risk more accurately by analyzing large amounts of data such as historical claims data, credit scores, and social media activity.

For Example:- Snapsheet Cloud is an insurance platform that automates various parts of the claims process, such as reducing the time it takes to calculate appraisal and receive online payments. 

45. AI-Based Real Estate App

AI in real estate companies used to innovate buying, selling, and investing in property. It can do a tenant screening, much like it is used for customer service in other industries. AI Chatbots and assistants are some tools that are used by the general public and agents for common questions and collecting contact information to generate qualified leads. 

For Example:- TRIRIGA is an app that is launched by IBM and uses AI in real estate to efficiently manage office space. 

46. AI-Based Image Recognition App

Image recognization is a subset of computer vision. It uses AI and ML for classification, segmentation, and detection, as well as tagging images. It also identifies various digital objects, images, logos, videos, attributes, places, and buildings. 

For Example:- Google Lens is now almost used in every smartphone, and users can easily search for any detail from any image. 

47. AI-Powered Accounting App

Some accounting software programs are using AI to automate repetitive tasks, including Recording data in the correct accounting formats. it also helps in increasing efficiency in essential and foundational routines and practices in a way that ultimately leads to better business decisions.

For Example:- Quickbooks Online uses ai to automate data entry, provide insights into the business’s financial health and categorize business transactions.

48. AI-Based Shopping Assistant App

live Shopping Mobile App

AI is integrated into shopping sites or apps; this specially developed algorithm makes suggestions based on learning user behavior. It is also used in-store for assistance, price predictions, and product categorization to inventory tracking, supply chain management, and logistics.

For Example:- Amazon Alexa Voice AI helps customers with their online shopping needs.

49. AI-Based Self-care App

Integrating AI in self-care apps, it enhances the usage of such apps, such as can customize the results as per the user’s requirement and skin type by using Faqs. 

For Example:- Healthily, it is the world’s first medically approved platform designed to promote self-care. This app has been built to cater to the personal needs of customers, which is achieved by combining responsive AI tools and trusted insights. 

50. AI-Based Shopping List App

AI in shopping list management apps helps users to get a pre-made list according to previous purchases and activities. This reduces the time for analyzing what to add or not; you just need to put the extra things that are needed other than the things present and can remove the items from the list which are not required. 

For Example:- The Frooty app helps you while you’re shopping at the store. Smart AI cost predictions, magic auto sorts, an experimental in- Store item locator, and products are some features of the app. 


51. AI-Powered Delivery Management App

AI in the delivery management system enables the feature of analyzing your customer data and identifying specific preferences and needs. That allows them to provide you with personalized services tailored to each customer. It automates and optimizes many aspects of service delivery, such as scheduling, dispatching, and tracking. 

For Example:- NetworkON is an AI-powered delivery management software to deliver exceptional digital experiences for your customers.

52. AI-Powered Money Management App

With the integration of AI in money management apps, one can link all their financial accounts, such as bank accounts and investment accounts, and can easily track their financial activities. They can also analyze spending patterns and help the customer to identify the areas where they can save.

For Example:- Cleo is an AI budgeting app that makes it easy and more fun for you to create budgets and manage personal finance. 

53. AI-Enabled Smart Agriculture App

Using AI in the agricultural app help to yield healthier crop, control pests, monitor soil and growing conditions, improve a wide range of agricultural wide range of tasks in the entire food chain supply, and organize the data of farmers.

For Example:- A German startup PEAT started PlANTIX, an AI-based application for identifying nutrient deficiency in the soil, fertilizers that help to improve the harvest quality, and many more. 

54. AI-Powered Recipe Generator App

The AI-powered recipe generator app allows users to enter the ingredients they have without quantities, and by analyzing this, the AI chef will generate a list of customized recipes. This saves the unwanted time that is consumed in thinking about what to make. 

For Example:- LetsFoodie is a virtual heaven where culinary dreams come true. 

55. AI-Powered Document Scanner

Integrating AI in a document scanner uses an advanced version of optical character recognition(OCR) to classify a document by reading metadata. This technology has automated the scanning of files, classification of documents, and accurate processing. 

For Example:- iScanner is popular AI-powered document management and scanning app. 

56. AI-Powered Plant Care

Integrating AI in plant care gives multiple features such as a light meter, a watering calculator, and a care tasks system to ensure the plants get just the right amount of light for their photosynthesis. Alao with it has an AI assistant that can answer plant-specific questions any time of the day or night. 

For Example:- Gro is an AI-powered indoor gardening system that helps backyard gardeners grow fresh herbs and vegetables year-round. 

57. AI-Driven Virtual Stylist App

AI-powered stylist app gives shoppers preferred product suggestions based on style preferences, body type, occasion, and event. A virtual stylist app also helps client define their personal style within their budget.

For Example:- Save your Wardrobe is an AI-based stylist app that offers personalized recommendations for fashion products. 

58. AI-Enhanced Sleep Tracker

The app uses AI algorithms to analyze sleep patterns, collecting data on factors such as sleep stages, sleep duration and interruptions, heart rate, and even your bedroom environment to deliver insights directly to your phone each morning. 

For Example:- Sleeptracker-AI is an app that analyzes and monitor your sleep pattern and habits to provide you with daily update and tracking for a better sleep cycle ahead. 

59. AI-Powered Career Advisor App

AI in career services provides personalized career guidance and support to users. It enables counselors to access and analyze vast amounts of data, identify patterns and trends, and make more accurate predictions about the future of work. 

For Example:- Career AI is a hiring assistant tool that automates and streamlines the hiring process. It allows users to create detailed job profiles and generate interview questions. 

60. AI-Driven Fashion Recommender App

Integrating AI in fashion can be a useful option as it can provide multiple benefits, such as generating design concepts based on specific inputs, such as fabric, style, and color; it also can be integrated into the printer that can generate ai based designs for printing. 

For Example:- FindMine is an AI-based fashion app that uses images and text to recommend the choices of the users. 

AI cta

61. AI-Based Food Waste Reducer App

These apps, with the help of AI, analyze the place where the food is no longer required and inform the distributor to collect and redistribute it so that it can be used again and not be thrown away. 

For Example:- Food Cowboy is one of the examples that is using AI to reduce food wastage. It connects with all the farmers, food banks, and grocery stores to redistribute the surplus food that otherwise is thrown away. 

62. AI-Driven Traffic Navigator App

It is an app that is designed to navigate the complexities of traffic and transportation; it provides real-time updates on the traffic, route suggestions, and essential information to help you reach your destination efficiently and safely. 

For Example:- AI traffic is a traffic guide app 

63. AI-Driven Charity App

Integrating AI into nonprofit organizations can analyze their supporters’ behavior. With the help of these apps, the data of the donation amount can be calculated and can atomate the system like scheduling meetings or sending out customized thank you emails. 

For Example:- Dataro is a donor scoring software that helps in collecting funds and raising more from your existing donors. 

64. AI-Powered Pet Care Advisor App

These are the apps that are used to detect diseases in pets vis photos and can get virtual consultations with expert veterinarians. The technology looks for potential issues with eyes and skin and, most recently, the joints of pets.

For Example:- Toto, an AI-based pet care app that has an AI chatbot integrated support, veterinary consultations, pet care product delivery, and many more. 

65. AI-Powered Public Speaking Coach App

It is an AI-powered speech coach or AI public speaking coach app that provides you with judgment-free data on your filler words, pacing, eye contact, and many more. 

For Example:- Orai is a mobile app for iOS and Android that uses AI to help improve users’ public speaking skills by allowing users to practice their speeches and receive real-time feedback.

66. AI-Powered Parking Finder App

AI parking is a video analytics app that can automatically detect the occupancy status of a parking spot, identifying whether it is occupied by someone else or is free. 

For Example:- Where to Park is an AI-powered app that helps find a parking lot with the help of AI CCTV cameras and real-time analysis. 

67. AI-Driven Event Planner App

To provide a personalized experience, AI is integrated into the event planning apps that analyze attendee data and even help find the perfect venue. AI-powered chatbots can answer attendee queries in real time, freeing up valuable time for event planners. 

For Example:- AI for Events is an AI-based app that can give you snapshots of data in real-time as your event is taking place. 

68. AI-Based Virtual Wine Sommelier App

With the help of AI in the wine sommelier app, users can scan wine labels, wine lists and pick the wine based on reviews and taste profiles. It also helps on monitoring vineyards and identifies areas in need of irrigation, fertilization, or pest control, thus improving grape yield and quality. 

For Example:- Vivino App is an AI-based app that builds the taste and flavor profile of every individual based on their user history and the wine they have interacted with digitally.

69. AI-Driven Noise Canceller App

The automatic AI noise canceling function constantly analyzes environmental ambient sound components and automatically selects the most effective noise canceling mode. This help in better clearance while on important calls or meeting. 

For Example:- Krisp’s noise cancellation cancels background noise and reduces echo during your calls. 

70. AI-Powered Password Manager App

By integrating AI in the password manager app helps to store, generate, and manage complex passwords of various online accounts. It employs advanced encryption techniques to safeguard user data, offer automatic password suggestions, and simplify login processes across devices. 

For Example:- Bitwarden is the best app for free password management, while the paid versions add extra security and storage tool. 

AI cta

71. AI-Powered Travel Expense Tracker App

With AI-powered tools, users can easily track their expenses in real-time. Using a mobile device, travelers can quickly enter their purchases into an expense management platform, allowing them to easily reconcile all receipts afterward. 

For Example:- Yokoy is an AI-powered travel app that streamlines your travel and expense management and automates travel allowance and timely reimbursements.

72. AI-Powered Study Buddy App

It uses advanced AI algorithms to understand your selected text or problem and provides you with relevant hints to help you solve it. Along with it, it also provides the study buddy who has the same problem or is on the same page in their studies. 

For Example:- StudyBuddy is an AI-powered digital learning assistant that creates engaging and effective learning for learners. 

73. AI-Driven Mood Journal

These are the applications that track mood designed for people experiencing mood swings. Understanding your feeling leads to improving your emotional well-being. You can also record or write about what’s happening. You can use the journal whenever you want to. And if you keep on using it, you’ll automatically see the difference in your feeling. 

For Example:- Mindsera is an AI-powered journal that uncovers hidden thought patterns. 

74. AI-Driven Coding Tutor App

AI-powered coding tutorials can help learners create and complete programming tasks faster, more efficiently, and with higher Accuracy. AI tools are revolutionized the way learner approach coding.

For Example:- CodeTutor is an AI coding app that teaches how to code by building projects and answering your questions every step of the way. 

75. AI-Based Legal Advice App

AI Lawyer is a revolutionary new app that provides instant legal assistance and protection to users, all powered by advanced artificial intelligence technology, whether you are fighting against parking tickets, bank fees, or robocalls or just need information on how to navigate the legal system.

For Example:- OneLaw.ai is an AI-powered legal research platform that uses NLP to analyze and understand legal documents. 

76. AI-Driven Asset Tracking App

AI in asset management and tracking can be used for multiple purposes, such as automated inventory management. With the help of this, businesses can track their asset. It can also be used for predictive maintenance. This means that AI can analyze data to identify potential issues with critical equipment before they occur. 

For Example:- Radiant RFID is a tracking system that harnesses the latest radio frequency identification to locate assets in a wide variety of environments.

77. AI-Based Hotel Management App

AI in the hotel management app enhances hotel revenue management by predictive modeling to analyze historical data and predict future demand, optimizing pricing. It can also assist in dynamic pricing as per demand and occupancy.

For Example:- Allora.ai, by SHR group, help hotels with a dynamic suite of hotel management software.

78. AI-Powered Digital Detox Assistant App

An AI-powered Digital Detox Assistant app helps users to cut from the real world. It identifies your usage of all the devices and, according to that, helps in the breaking schedule of using smartphones or digital devices helps in lowering the stress level. 

For Example:- Digital Detox, an app that disconnects from your phone in order to connect with yourself, others, and the world. 

79. AI-Driven Sign Language Translator

It is a real-time video chat and translation tool that can recognize the most common signs and help an ASL speaker communicate more easily with someone who doesn’t know the language. It is also capable of translating American Sign Language into English in real time. 

For Example:- SLAIT is a sign language translator tool that was started in the year 2021. 

80. AI-Powered Home Robot Controller

AI robots for home perform a variety of tasks such as laundry, cleaning, and providing care for elderly or disabled people. You can control this with the help of a phone also and can give commands to them. They are also made to adapt to the environment.

For Example:- The Roomba vacuum cleaner robot is used to clean floors, carpets, and rugs. 

AI cta

81. AI-Based Crypto Trading App

AI trading bot is a computer program that uses machine learning to trade cryptocurrency in a way that is effective and beneficial for the user. Ai trading bots can gather masses of knowledge about the state of the market before executing a trade. 

For Example:- 3Commas is a crypto investment platform that offers manual and automated trading strategies.

82. AI-Based Food Freshness Checker App

With the help of this app, you can understand food and beverage storage. It will help you maximize the freshness and quality of the food item. By doing this, you will able to keep items fresh longer than if they were not stored properly. 

For Example:- The food freshener Checker app manages refrigerator and food stocks to maximize the freshness of your food and minimize waste of the food. 

83. AI-Based Entertainment App

AI is one of the growing things in today’s world; AI algorithms can be used to generate new forms of content, such as virtual reality experiences, interactive video games, and personalized news articles.

For Example:- AI Dungeon is a glimpse of the future of ai in media and entertainment industry apps. It lets you create a story in seconds. 

84. AI-Powered Gaming App

AI in gaming refers to responsive and adaptive video game experiences. It is especially important as developers deliver gaming experiences to different devices. It includes anime, fantasy, adventure, or mystery. 

For Example:- Chess is one of the leading game apps that uses AI technology to improve your game skills and help you train. 

85. AI-Driven Inventory Tracking App

AI-powered inventory management integrates with your existing enterprise resource management and business intelligence systems to provide early warning for problem stock so you can address these issues before they hit your bottom line. 

For Example:- Smart Purchase Orders is an ai based inventory management app that enables enhanced and instant forecasts based on real-time data.

86. AI-Enabled Smart Reminders Apps

AI-powered reminder apps are usually integrated with calendars so that they can send you notifications to reach the deadline or when you have an appointment coming up. It also helps you give reminders about birthdays and reminders for checking emails. 

For Example:- Todoist is a task manager and reminder app with a clean and simple interface loaded with features.

87. AI-Based School Management App

The school management software are using AI in their system to enhance the performance of the work. It helps create a personalized study schedule for each learner, considering the knowledge gaps, and also helps the management of various in-school document management. 

For Example:- Edisapp School ERP Software enables you to record and process all your school’s vital information about students.

88. AI-Driven Calendar Scheduler App

There are multiple benefits that an AI scheduling assistant can do. It can protect your habits, sync with the team calendars, assist in project management, for managing meetings for busy teams, and many more. 

For Example:- Reclaim is an AI scheduling assistant app that manages recurring events well.

89. AI-Enable Drone Controller App

AI in drone technology is an autonomous flight. AI algorithms can enable drones to fly autonomously without the need for human intervention. It enables drones to cover larger areas and perform tasks more efficiently.

For Example:- Dronelink is an advanced AI drone flight controller app for manual fly missions for maps, waypoints, orbits, panos, and many more. 

90. AI-Based NFT Marketplace App

AI integration into apps for NFTs can let us track them and analyze the market more. It has a vast amount of market data, historical trends, and user behavior to generate actionable insights and predictions.

For Example:- Starryai is an AI art generator app that you use to create NFTs. You simply enter a text prompt, and our AI transforms your words into works of art. 

AI cta

91. AI App Like ChatGpt

AI, apps like ChatGpt enable it to perform multiple tasks, such as about. Finding answers to multiple arduous questions and making prompts and can advise you on anything you are confused about. You can integrate it into your business to make difficult things easy in minutes. 

For Example:- Microsoft Bing is another app like ChatGPT that can be used for similar functions. 

92. AI App Like Mid-Journey

There are many apps like Midjourney that are integrated with AI. This, with the help of prompts, can make realistic images that can be used in various projects. You can make imaginary images also, like dogs sitting on clouds and having wings. 

For Example:- Adobe Firefly is one of the apps like Midjourney that releases an AI image generator. 

93. AI App Like DALL.E2

It is an AI model that can draw images from any text prompt. All you need to do just type your idea in the text, choose your favorite art style and let you make art photos for yourself; AI avatars also come in seconds. 

For Example:- Bing image creator is an app that is very similar to DALL. E2. which helps you create AI images. 

94. AI-Based Note-Taking App

Improved Accuracy is an AI-powered note-taking app that can accurately transcribe spoken words into text, reducing the risk of errors that may occur when manually taking notes. It is faster and more efficient than the traditional method. 

For Example:- Taskade was one of the first apps on the market to incorporate AI into its note-taking strategy.

95. AI-Based 3D Printing App

AI algorithms can effectively analyze the 3D model and continously compare it to the ongoing print process. The technology can also monitor essential parameters like temperature, pressure, and speech to ensure that they remain within the optimal range. 

For Example:- PrintSyst.ai is a management software solution designed to enhance the quality of 3D printing. 

96. AI-Driven Writing Assistant App

AI writing assistants utilize machine learning to help users through various steps of the writing process, including research, grammar and time checking, and localization. It also assists in making everything from writing emails to social content and blog ideas faster. 

For Example:- Notion is an AI-based writing assistant that helps create high- quality in just a few seconds. 

97. AI-Driven Personalized Nutrition App for Children

It is an app that can be utilized for planning personalized diet planform its users. Rather than working towards a generalized definition of healthy means, the app caters to the individual, helping users achieve their stated goals through its suggestions.

For Example:- Youniq is a US-based app developed by the company Youniq Health that uses AI to develop an intensely personalized diet plan for its users. 

98. AI-Powered Virtual Storyteller App

AI can also recognize similar stories that have already been published and analyze why or why not a story has been well received by readers. And also, AI can help with storytelling by identifying an audience’s emotional reaction to a story.

For Example:- Charisma is a plug-and-play platform for creating interactive stories with believable virtual characters. 

99. AI-Driven Natural Disaster Preparedness Advisor App

Artificial intelligence can leverage the massive amount of diverse types of data, such as geospatial data, social media data, and wireless network sensor data, to enhance our understanding of natural disaster forecasting and detection. 

For Example:- Flood AI is an app that is used for knowledge generation, and communication on flood relayed data and information. 

AI cta

100. AI-Driven Personalized Skincare Advisor App

Skin analysis and diagnostics can be done with the help used skin analysis and diagnostics to detect skin conditions, such as acne, hyperpigmentation, and aging. By analyzing images of the skin, computer vision can provide insights into skin health, recommend skincare products or treatments, and track progress over time. 

For Example:- Coralai skincare solution for your skin, environment, and lifestyle powered by Deep learning AI.

101. App Which Identifies Deepfakes and Similar AI-Generated Content (AI Watchdog App)

We see a lot of fake videos and pictures made by computers (called deepfakes), and it’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s not. That’s why an app that can spot these fake videos and pictures is essential. This app would use innovative technology to look closely at videos, photos, and sounds to find small details that need to be corrected, which are hard for us to see. It checks how things look and sound compared to real ones to tell if they are fake. People want this app because it helps to know what’s true on the internet, in the news, and on social media. It’s beneficial in stopping wrong information and ensuring that what we see and hear online is real. This app makes the internet safer by helping us trust what we see and hear.

102. AI Scientist App

There’s an excellent idea for an app called the “AI Scientist App.” This app is like having an intelligent scientist on your phone. It uses AI to help people easily understand science. Imagine you’re curious about how plants grow or why the sky is blue. You can ask this app, and it will explain it to you in simple words. It’s not just for kids; even adults who want to learn more about science can use it. This app can show experiments you can try at home, answer science questions, and even help with school projects. It’s becoming popular because it makes learning about science fun and easy for everyone. Whether you’re at home, in school, or just curious about the world, the AI Scientist App can be your pocket guide to the wonders of science!

103. AI-powered Entertainment App for Pet Lovers

These apps help pet lovers bond better with their pets with the help of multiple functionalities. The app can be designed by implementing social media features for pets, such as making cute sounds, video recordings, and clicking photos. The apps can also let pet lovers translate speech and talk to their pets.

For example-  One of the most popular apps to look at for a better idea of such apps is Petpic.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have gone through many different apps in which we can leverage artificial intelligence and become a market leader. Artificial Intelligence apps are the future of the mobile app industry. Emizentech is the best mobile app development company specializing in AI development services. Besides, we are ruling the market by developing AI-powered mobile apps for varied industry verticals. Let us know your requirements, and we will come up with a custom mobile solution for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What are some niche AI-based application ideas?

Multiple niches can be covered under AI-based ideas you think of and can be covered within the idea, from AI healthcare to AI e-commerce to AI games to AI writers; anything and everything can be covered.

2. What Are the Future Trends Of AI Apps?

AI is growing rapidly thus, multiple trends are set to take the market to another level. Here are some examples of future AI apps that will prioritize smooth integration and advanced personalization and also increase focus on ethical and responsible development to ensure transparency and privacy.

3. How Much Does it Cost To Develop AI App?

The app development cost can differ according to the features, tools, and functionality. Thus, the average development cost is $ 30,000 and can go beyond as per the requirement of the app.

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