Just a few years ago, no one would have thought that in the coming years, machines would be able to act, behave, and do tasks just like human beings? But today, we can find artificial intelligence in almost every industry. Now it seems that the industry can’t sustain itself without incorporating AI into its operations. AI is also not just limited to industry scale but plays an integral role in our daily lifestyle. In our smartphones, almost every mobile application leverages artificial intelligence for excellent customer experience. AI-based mobile applications are in huge demand as they help startups and businesses improve their business processes and take futuristic and data-driven designs to ensure their business growth and success. If you are also an entrepreneur looking for an idea to develop an AI-based mobile app, then this article is for you. This article will explore 30+ innovative artificial intelligence app ideas for Android and iOS. So keep reading!

Unique Artificial Intelligence Ideas for Mobile Apps

1. AI-Based eCommerce App

If you are running an online e-commerce store, then developing an AI-based app for your store would be one of the best decisions you have ever made. AI is helping today’s online retailers by delivering a streamlined UX and collecting business and users’ data for better business decisions. Amazon’s e-commerce mobile app is the best example of AI usage. The e-commerce giant uses machine learning to improve product selection, UX, and logistics. It helps increase customer retention, seamless automation, and more targeted marketing & advertising.

Here is a good explanation of how Amazon is using artificial intelligence
Amazon Go which works on the principle of Grab and Go which uses AI as a advanced shopping technology

2. AI-Based Based News App

Although many news apps are available in the market, a few have incorporated artificial intelligence. An AI-based news application can understand the user’s interesting topics and showcase the news which is relevant to the user. E.g., if a user is interested in business topics, he will get to see almost every business-related news and vice versa. The app can also leverage the user’s geolocation to provide news of the user’s locality.

3. AI-Based Language Learning App

Investing early in AI for language learning is a way to earn millions of users and revenue. Duolingo is the best epitome of the AI-based language learning app. There is a vast user base of working professionals and students using such apps to groom their communication skills in multiple languages. Using AI in a language-learning app can analyze the user’s performance, create dynamic tests, enhance motivation, and improve the overall experience.

The AI Behind the working of Duolingo a Language Learning App

4. AI-Based Voice Assistant App

Do you know that nearly every 3rd search made on Google is through voice? Users appreciate better and more convenient ways of searching; that’s why voice searching is in high demand. Whether it is a music app, OTT platform, ecommerce app, and any other type of app, the voice assistant is being used everywhere. A voice assistant app can perform phone tasks without users’ touch. For e.g., users can say “Play the Imagine Dragon Song” on the Spotify app, and it will start playing it.

5. AI-Driven Chatbot

AI chatbots in mobile app

A chatbot is a human-made computer program that can initiate and carry on a human-like conversation with humans. The AI-driven chatbots can handle all the queries that a user may have regarding your service. While the initial chatbots had generic answers due to pre-programmed scripts, today, the newer chatbots are coming with pre-built machine learning and artificial intelligence, by which they can learn from experiences and resolve highly advanced queries on the spot. Chatbots are highly helpful in e-commerce apps as they can collect data, improve customer engagement, increase customer retention, reduce customer care and support costs, and much more.

6. AI-Based Geo Tracking App

Although many Geo location or Geo Tracking apps are available in the market, the AI-Based Geolocation apps are still in demand as they can help businesses search for potential points of interest, such as stores, supermarkets, spas, party venues, etc. These apps are called the GeoInterest app that works on a smartphone and guides the users through detecting and locating different places of interest determined by you on a trip.

Apart from this, an AI-Based Geo Tracking app is also used to improve efficiency in operations. For e.g., Uber heavily used AI and many logistics companies to improve operational efficiency, analyze road traffic, and optimize routes.

Science at Uber: Improving Transportation with Artificial Intelligence

7. AI-Based Weather Forecast App


People who travel a lot always find themselves searching the weather conditions of the region they are traveling to. But AI-Based weather forecasting apps can help determine the accurate forecasting of climate in the preferred locality.

For e.g., NowCast weather forecasting app use ML to predict forecasts and offer weather reports with high-end proficiency. AI also helps to gather any information regarding any change in weather conditions.

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8. HR Apps Based on AI

Very few people know that the recruiters and human resource teams of companies also use smart software to ease the hiring process. AI helps in eliminating blind hiring and filtering the application based on the requirements. Using machine learning software, HRs can examine applications on specific parameters. The resumes can be filtered by certain keywords and required skills.

9. AI-Based Fitness App

Workout Planner Fitness AI

AI has also gained momentum in the fitness industry as well. The very common use of AI is in fitness equipment such as Smartwatches by Apple, Fitbit, and other companies. These are making home workouts smarter and better. AI-based personal training also gained popularity during the coronavirus breakdown period when people could not go to gyms. AI-based trainers can operate like human trainers, and they will advise you on a pose, exerting force, etc. You may also have a one-on-one setting and receive feedback throughout an exercise on your posture.

10. AI-Based Photo Editing App

Luminar Neo: The Ultimate AI Photo Editor Ever?

Hundreds of photo editing apps are available in the market, but only a few are leveraging artificial intelligence. AI photo editing apps speed up the editing process and make it easier to improve the look of your photos. AI can do in seconds what could take hours if done manually using Photoshop. Users can even try different hairstyles and makeup without actually taking a salon appointment.

11. AI-Based Storage Space Cleaner App

To help users manage their smartphone storage space, there are file storage apps to remove unnecessary data. However, finding every unnecessary file and then deleting it manually can be a very time-consuming and strenuous task. But AI can easily find junk files, duplicate files, photos that were taken accidentally, or data that has not been used for a long time. These files can be deleted with a single click, and users can manage space efficiently.

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12. AI-enabled Cost Tracking App

A cost tracking app with AI can be helpful in managing your business expenses, generating reports, and doing other tasks. AI can help in finding out the relevant information that you want to know about expenses within any time period.

13. AI-Based Meal Planner App

An AI-powered meal planner app can help you to create a customized meal plan meeting your body’s nutritional requirements. Considering the different parameters of your body, such as weight, height, body mass index, calories, age, etc., can create a meal plan suggested by an expert nutritionist. This mobile app idea is worth a try as there are very few AI-powered meal apps on the market.

Ria an AI nutritionist used in HealthifyMe Fitness app

14. AI-Based Calories Counter App

Mobile app developers are using AI and its underlying technologies to develop an app that can count your calorie intake. You can create an app that can count the calories by just taking a photo of the meal, and AI will automatically detect the ingredients of that dish and calculate the total calories of that diet. The users don’t even need to manually enter the dish’s name.

15. AI-Based Cyber Security App

AI can help with many difficult problems, and cybersecurity is also one of them. It can be used to automate threat detection and can help in challenges like vast attack surfaces, 10s or 100s of thousands of devices per organization, hundreds of attack vendors, and masses of data. ML performs three major tasks in cybersecurity which are Regression, Clustering, and Classification.

16. AI-Based Content Creator App

Not every business can hire a professional content writer for content marketing purposes. Developing an AI-based content creator app can be a boon for such online businesses. You may be wondering whether AI can actually match the human content creation quality, then obviously, it can’t. However, it can give you fantastic marketing benefits. AI-powered technologies use NLP for understanding content and can understand the SEO tactics used by powerful search engines to provide you with highly SEO-optimized content. It can also help in content ideation as millions of content pieces are already available on the internet, and creating new and unique content is always tricky.

An AI-Powered Content Platform – MarketMuse

17. AI-Based Market Prediction App

An AI-powered market-based app can help analyze your market niche’s demand and competition. Artificial intelligence, in collaboration with machine learning, can analyze the ups and downs of the market shares and provide useful insights.

18. AI-Based HealthCare App

AI-Based healthcare apps can be highly beneficial to both patients and providers if used for improving care, chronic disease management, early risk identification, and workflow automation and optimization. There are many applications of AI in healthcare practices, such as Robot-assisted surgery, virtual nursing assistants, workflow assistance, fraud detection, dosage error reduction, connected machines, clinical trials, preliminary diagnosis, image analysis, and data security. It can also use the combination of historical data, diagnosis, and medical intelligence for the discovery of new drugs.

19. AI-Based Training App

You can create apps based on AI to train your company staff or employees on different technologies or topics. Employees can mention what new skills or type of training they want to improve the same. On the basis of that information, AI-based training can suggest the topic of training and provide the same to the professionals.

20. AI-Based Performance Analysis App

In any MNC or big company, it is highly important to monitor and track the performance of your employees and check whether they are giving full productivity to work or not. Using AI, it is possible to build apps for businesses or educational institutes where employees, HRs, or pupils can enter information, and the app will provide meaningful insights.

21. AI-Based Language Translator App

AI based translator app DeepL
Deepl App

Such apps are highly useful for those users who travel frequently. An AI-based language translator app can record, detect and translate the language of the person speaking into the desired language and vice-versa. This makes it simpler to communicate and interact with people across the world without hiring a translator.

22. AI-Based Food Delivery Apps

Although many food delivery apps are available in the market, a few uses AI in their operations. Using AI, many roadblocks or tasks can be easily managed, such as assigning delivery partners, giving estimated delivery time of food orders, headaches of taking orders, resolving customers queries, availability of the restaurants, and much more.

Food delivery dispatching for optimising delivery routes

23. AI-Based Travel App

The travel industry always appreciates new technologies in its operations. AI usage in travel and tourism can help travelers in many things, such as personalization in trip planning, better travel experience, analyzing customer pricing preferences, automatically resolving travel queries, and dynamic pricing.

24. Roadside breakdown or Car Accident AI App

A car accident or roadside breakdown app can connect you with the nearest hospital or garage, helping you in every circumstance by tracking your location. AI will list down all the reputed car service companies and healthcare providers as per the users’ location.

25. AI-Based Jewelry Store App

The major purpose of a jewelry store app is to buy, sell, and evaluate jewelry and gemstones. The main essence of a mobile app is to allow customers to evaluate, download, buy, sell, or assess the authenticity of gems and jewelry. By using artificial intelligence, you can give better information to buyers. The app would be able to take and analyze a photo of a gemstone and give the results in the form of an assessment of its dimensions, size, color, and imperfections.

26. AI-Based Sports App

Incorporating AI and ML with the sports forecasting apps will be highly beneficial as they can predict the outcome of sports you play. The throne is a perfect epitome of this. It can give you the possible outcome of sports by giving you live updates, highlights, and many other features to analyze the quantitative values in sports.

27. AI-Based Repairing App

Many experienced technicians or mechanics encounter situations in which they require support and solution for the repair. Here as well, AI can help. Its technologies, augmented reality and virtual reality, can be utilized to train them with the tools which are used in rare conditions and are also expensive. Metaio app offers an AR-based repair tool for Audi. Many such apps are still in the development process.

28. AI-Based Interior Designing App

AR and VR are the two-child technologies of AI, which are in very high demand because of their real-life uses. Using AR & VR, you can design every room corner without even buying a piece of furniture. All this is possible with your smartphone. You can look around your living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc., place the furniture items, and get a 3D view using VR. This saves your money and exonerates you from regular visits to the furniture shop and trying different colors on the wall.

Ikea Place App images (1)
Develop AR Shopping App Like IKEA

29. AI-Based Construction App

AI is not limited to just interior designing. It can also help in the complete construction of the building. The project developers can have a view of the building in a 3D format using AR. The app can also have tracking features to scan the construction site with your iPhone. For e.g., all the electrical lines and pipelines on the construction site will appear where they will be placed using only an Apple iPhone or iPad.

30. AI-Based Matrimony Sites

AI is not just limited to dating apps, but it can also be used in matrimony apps where people are looking for their life partners. It can take the input of the preferences of the user, such as height, job, locality, caste, religion, career industry, etc., and can give results accordingly. Shaadi.com harness this technology and is continuously ruling the market.

31. AI Chatbots

Gone are those days when the customers have to wait for customer care to pick up their phone and try multiple times to get a solution for their problem. AI-based chatbots are the new advancement in technology that can resolve customer queries within seconds. They can handle limitless queries in real-time and provide 24 x 7 support to multiple customers simultaneously.

AI-Based chatbots act like human beings and provide more specific responses but are fully automated.

32. AI-Based Homemade Remedy App

There was a time when homemade cures were in trend and could treat health problems without taking medicines. You can build an app in which you can mention the homemade cure ideas and can also allow users to share their homemade treatments. AI can analyze which treatment is getting more success, and then it will be shared with more users.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have gone through many different apps in which we can leverage artificial intelligence and become a market leader. Artificial apps are the future of the mobile app industry. At Emizentech, the best mobile app development company, we have expertise in developing mobile apps by incorporating AI. Our mobile experts have built apps for different industries on both Android and iOS. Let us know your requirements.

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