Who doesn’t leave the peak sales season in the business! Whether it is the festive time or holidays, the sales on the e-commerce stores increase as people tend to spend more on the online stores during festivals or in their leisure time. However, if there are issues in your e-commerce store or not working properly at this peak season, you may lose a big piece of the pie. Thus, you must be ready for your peak season by fixing all the existing issues in advance. In this article, we will go through the 5 configuration fixes to maximize your peak sales.

How To Fix The 5 Most Common Configuration Issues In Your Adobe Commerce Store?

We all know that regular maintenance is the utmost requirement for the performance of your ecommerce store. And one most commonly overlooked aspect of site maintenance is checking for configuration issues. Especially after implementing new functionality, integration an extension, or making changes in your site, configurations get disturbed. No one bothers to check them.

While it is commonly easy to fix configuration issues, these issues can have a considerable impact on the performance and security of the site. Your store can crash during the holiday or when the traffic on your store increases. Bad customer experiences will lead to abandoned carts and result in a tampered image of your brand. Thus, it is essential to go through the configuration issues during the maintenance of your store. Let’s go through the most common 5 configuration issues:

Default CAPTCHAs

The default CAPTCHAs in Adobe Commerce or the standard CAPTCHAs require buyers to fill out to prove that they are human and not a robotic device or AI. When these CAPTCHAs appear at the checkout page, they increase the number of clicks to the checkout process and increase the chances of buyers abandoning the carts. Also, when the buyers have to complete CAPTCHAs multiple times, like during the registration and now at checkout, they are fewer chances that they will ever return to your store.

Impact: High Cart Abandonment Rates

Solution: To improve the UX while securing your store from spammers, you should enable Google reCAPTCHA instead of default CAPTCHA. It allows buyers to be validated by clicking a single checkbox.
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Cacheable Variable Set To “False.”

Adobe Commerce recommends caching pages for better site performance. The best improvements come when you utilize a CDN. However, what to do if none of the pages in your site is caching at all when they should be? In this scenario, the performance of the store will decrease drastically.

Impact: Failure of caching pages will lead to a decrease in-store performance

Solution: Fortunately, caching failure of the pages is a simple configuration issue. If any section in the design is not cacheable, then the entire page is uncacheable. In easy words, it means that if you add cacheable=” false” into the default.xml layout and the whole store will have no cache at all. Check this configuration and validate all CMS pages, Catalog list pages, and Product View pages.

Unnecessary Reindexing

When the site is continuously flushing and rebuilding its index, the store will get slowed down considerably. Also, continual reindexing can add locks on tables which also results in poor performance.  Continuous reindexing generally arise due to some admin functions like:

  • Product attribute save
  • Website/store view save
  • Store configuration

Impact: Slow speed of your store and seems to be continually reindexing

Solution: You can prevent performance issues by performing these actions after business hours. If the problem persists, you may need to check the 3rd party extensions as they can also contribute to the issue.

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End Of Service For Minor Releases

The development team of Adobe continuously works to ensure that Adobe Commerce stores deliver the highest level of security and performance to buyers. The company releases regular patches for addressing any vulnerability and also has new features. The best way to protect your site is to keep up with patches and use a supported version of Adobe Commerce. You will also be able to leverage the latest functionality and performance enhancements.

Adobe Commerce may have passed its deadline if you cannot access the latest patches and the site is showing performance issues.

Impact: Degradation in security and performance due to lack of patch implementation

Solution: It is easy to fix this issue. Just upgrade the commerce application to the next supported release.

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Using Expired Magento Quality Patches

Magento Quality Packages (MQP) is a self-service tool that delivers individual patches that you can easily apply. You can also find information on all the patches available for your Adobe Commerce store version. But to install these patches, you first have to update the MQP package; otherwise, you will miss critical functional or security updates.

Impact: Latest patches aren’t reflecting in your MQP package

Solution: The solution is also straightforward. Just update your MQP package before you view and install patches. We also recommend you first install patches before you release them to your live production environment.

Wrapping Up

All the issues mentioned above can have noticeable “symptoms” in your store, requiring a technical investigation. Hire an expert Adobe Commerce developer to go through all these configuration checks during the maintenance of your store. Who can Improvise the speed, security, and UI of your store and make it user-friendly? 

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