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How To Hire A Magento Developer – The Complete Guide

Magento is basically an open-source platform that is a hit around the world for designing online business websites that expects huge traffic. If you are already an ecommerce business owner, then you would have already realized that running an ecommerce store is not at all an easy task. To run an ecommerce business successfully one needs a highly efficient and easy to manage ecommerce website and to develop such an ecommerce store you need a modern age ecommerce platform. Magento is an all-inclusive ecommerce platform but to develop a feature-rich and fully-functional Magento store your need to hire a proficient Magento developer. So to take that burden off your head and hire a Magento developer who will look after all the aspects that go in handling a Magento run platform.


Now after you have decided to hire a Magento developer then you will realize that this task in itself is tedious. You will have to gain a lot of knowledge about numerous things that go into hiring a Magento developer. Like for instance, finding the best place to acquire talented web developers and following the right steps to recruit them.hire magento 2 developer

Magento Market Size and Stats:

  • Businesspersons that use Magento in their ecommerce business tend to grow 3% faster than their counterparts.
  • It was recorded that in the US in the year 2019 a total of 237, 975 use Magento based websites.
  • It comprises of around 1.2% of the total web usage. Over 250,000 live dynamic websites use Magento right now.
  • Around 400,000 business owners are running their business on the Magento layout.
  • Magento is the go-to option for the top 1000 retailers like Adidas, Walmart and the net worth of these top retailers is around $51billion.
  • Magento is ranked seventh amongst the most utilized CMS all over the world. Magento’s overall industry stands at 1.9% and in the area of most utilized unadulterated Ecommerce CMS, it stands at 2nd.
  • The present form of Magento which is 2.3.2 was introduced to the world in June 2019 and yet the largely established adaptations of Magento 1.x are still widely used. Users of the old variants seem to be moving towards the Magento 2.3 version. But according to reports it was found that Magento is going to stop the official help and updates for Magento 1.x in June 2020.

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Today, not only big commercial giants such as Samsung, Lenovo, Nike, Nestle, etc. are reaping the benefits of Magento based websites but small ecommerce businesses are also making full use of the opportunities provided Magento. So this expansion of Magento based website using businesses proves that if you are looking to jump into the ecommerce business market using the Magento based business website then you are heading in the right direction.

Skills Required by a Magento Developer:

1. Knowledge of programming languages:

A Magento developer needs to have apt knowledge of all the basic programming languages. This is the least they need to have because all the website developing business works on the proper usage of programming languages. Major programming languages that are used in website development include Java, Python, Javascript, CSS/HTML, C++, PHP, SQL, Ruby, and some others. PHP language is the one that a Magento developer must master to become a professional in Magento developing business.

2. Certification:

The Magento developer that you are looking to hire for your website development needs to have a valid certification about his Magento skills. He must have passed the Magento 2 certified order management developer exam which is specifically designed to validate the skills and basic knowledge that is very much needed to properly deploy Magento order management. Certification is a must because there is a lot of developers out there and you just cannot hire anyone of them when you want the very best for your business.

3. Required knowledge of Magento 2:

The Magento developer that you are looking to hire must have a sound knowledge of Magento 2 because it makes the overall stuff a lot easier for you to manage. Magento 2 is a full-fledged shopping cart solution for medium and large-scale businesses. Magento 2 is a platform that carries a lot of features and offers flexibility to its users so that they can easily manage the content, functionality, and layout of the ecommerce business store.

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4. Customized CMS Developments skills:

This is the basic stuff that an ideal Magento developer needs to have in order to be hired by a business company. They should be able to combine their skills and development expertise according to the need of a website. Their development expertise contains having a sound grip on.

5. Ecommerce integration knowledge:

Ecommerce integration is a thing that is in a lot of demand lately as it comes with a lot of benefits. These benefits include a huge increase in the revenues and also growth in the profit, allows a very accurate consumer targeting, helps you manage your variable customer service expenses. Every ecommerce business wants to reap these benefits and that is why looking to hire a Magento developer who has a sound knowledge of ecommerce integration.

6. Magento extension development skills:

The need for Magento extension development arises from its quality of making the data more portable, interactive, and as well as viral. Extension development has brought a lot of innovations in the web development field and if you will include them in any kind of ecommerce business then it will help your business reach a wide array of audiences and attract a maximum number of customers.

7. Custom Magento theme integration skills:

A great Magento developer needs to be an expert in developing custom CMS themes. A Magento developer needs to have customization skills so that he can create a CMS theme that suits the demands of his clients. The ever-growing demand for CMS software has caused continuous development in the creation of themes for various software. It is the need of the hour because every business would want to create a theme that compliments their business exactly the way they want.

8. Knowledge of Javascript:

Deep knowledge of Javascript along with CMS and MVC frameworks is another aspect that you must ensure before hiring a Magento developer. These javascript frameworks possess the innate ability to add custom functionality in the form of modules that you can integrate with your ecommerce business.

9. Problem-solving skills:

Problem-solving skills in today’s world need to be there in every field of business and a Magento developer should also possess them to make the task in hand easier for him and also for the ecommerce business company that hired him. A large number of coding and designing problems will arise while developing an ecommerce site and during these times the Magento developer will benefit from his problem-solving skills.

10. Knowledge of database technologies:

Another important aspect that a Magento developer needs to possess is having proper knowledge of database technologies. Database technologies take information and then store, manage, and process in such a way that users find it very easy to go back and find details that they are searching for.

11. Magneto migration execution:

Magneto migration execution is an important part of Magneto site development. Magneto migration includes transfer and adaptation of data from Magneto 1.x to Magneto 2.x. magneto developer hired by you to design his business website should be able to do this migration execution.

Hire Magento Developer

Be Aware of Your Project Requirements:

Goals and objective:

You should be completely aware of the goals that you want to achieve with your business model. Objectives should be there on the table for everyone associated with the project to see. When you are sure about your goals and objectives it will make very easy for you to communicate with the Magento developer you are looking to hire.


Another aspect that holds a very important place in deciding the development process of your project. Different companies having different ideas for their websites and their budget allocation highly affect the product they seek. You should calculate how much you can invest in the project and should convey this to your developer and transparency in the matter of budget is paramount.

Project timeline:

You should communicate with your Magneto developer regarding the timeline of your project. Magneto developer will let you know how he is going to work the project and time he requires to complete the project you asked for. Now if that timeline is coinciding with your desired timeline than you can give that Magento developer a try.

Payment schedule:

Every company that is working on the ecommerce platform is different than their counterparts and that is why the payment schedule of every company is contrasting to others. So before you hire a developer strike a conversation with him about the payment schedule of your company. Be very clear about the policies of your company regarding the payment process and you will eradicate any chance of miscommunication in the future.

Hiring models:

While hiring a Magento developer you should be aware of what you expect of them. Experienced professionals of your company should interview the developer as they will be able to convey the requirements of your company and could ask developers questions that will test their ability to work for their company.

Engagement model:

The engagement model consists of some important steps that go hand in hand to complete a website development successfully. These steps are

  • Build operate transfer
  • Virtual development lab
  • Dedicated development center
  • Hybrid model
  • Global resourcing

Reporting tools:

Reporting tools are very important in analyzing the data and presenting it in a very precise and readable format. Some of the very popular reading tools are Birt, JasperReport, Pentaho, SpagoBI, KNIME, ReportServer, Seal Report.

Slandered response time:

Slandered response time of your website will make send data packets to an end-user browser very quickly. That is why it is very necessary to have a 100ms TTFB on your server which is the ideal speed for running an online website.

After support:

Creating a website that you desired is one thing and maintaining the success of your website is another. The developers and designers that you hired from a Magento development company will be best suited to keep your site up top and provide all the necessary requirements. Your website needs to continuously grow and developers will provide you all the cost-effective methods to achieve that.

How to Identify Top Magneto developer?

frontend vs backend developer

1. Back end developer:

A backend developer is needed when you want to create server-side logic, maintain a central database, or when you want to create an app for your store. Being technically sound and detailed oriented are two of the most important qualities that every backend developer needs to possess.

2. Front end developer:

The appearance of your site, its layout, colors, and navigation lies entirely in the hands of front end developer. A front end developer must be well equipped with the following languages

  • PHP
  • HTML
  • JS
  • CSS
  • APIs
  • Magento CMS

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3. Full-Stack developer:

A full-stack developer is the one that excels both in the front-end and back-end development tasks. Most of the businesses around the world have little technical knowledge and that is why they choose both-end developers or full-stack developers. The reason behind this being that a both-end developer would look after all of their development problems along with working on all parts of their sites.

4. Look for reviews and ratings:

Checking reviews and star ratings is something that all businesses should do before hiring a developer. Checking their ratings will give you a clear idea of a candidate’s profile, working excellence, and professionalism.

5. Ask previous clients for references:

You can get in touch with previous clients who hired that particular developer in the past. Talking to them will give you a clear idea about the skills, working methods, and diligence of the developer.

6. Check Magento Work Portfolio and credentials:

Checking the work portfolio and certification of the developer will give you a clear idea if that candidate is the right fit for your project or not. Work portfolio will display their skills, working method, and the work they have performed until now. Your developer’s work portfolio will offer you light regarding

  • Number of projects
  • Proficiency
  • Experience
  • Frameworks
  • Lesson plans
  • Certifications
  • Design and development work

7. Explain the project’s specific requirements:

You need to share exact guidelines and project details with your web developer. This is necessary because if you won’t do that then they would not get the desired results that you want and will keep asking your developer to make changes again and again.

8. Allocate a sample test project:

When you are unsure about the developer’s expertise and want to be sure about the choice that you make then you will take a paid test project. This is kind of important when you have a big project that looks to be time-consuming. Communicate with your developers regarding the paid coding test and hire them only when you are sure about their skillset.

9. Communication skills are necessary:

This should be the first thing that one should look into a Magento developer before hiring them. Communication skills need to be a must in a Magento developer along with all of his technical skillset.hire magento 2 developers

Freelancer Portals:


Toptal is a global remote company that is known for providing freelancer platforms that allow businesses to connect with software engineers, designers, and business consultants. In 2018, it also launched a vertical, especially for blockchain engineers. Its headquarters are located in Silicon Valley.


Upwork is a world-famous freelance platform which has a database of millions of freelance talents from all across the world. This platform serves great service to the independent contractors who are searching to hire their perfect developer. It also helps out companies to find reviewed professional freelancers which include Magento developers. If you are looking for freelance web developers than Upwork is the perfect destination for you.

Upwork allows you to explore contractor files for free. Freelancers with different slots of pricing are available so you can select the one that fits your budget.


The process of hiring a professional web developer has become so much easier with the availability of freelancers. A person looking for a developer just simply has to post the job and within a matter of minutes, he will receive competitive bids from developers. The payment method with a freelancer is very secure and on top of that, there are thousands of developers to choose from.

You can also find Magento Developers on Social Media


You can easily find web developers on LinkedIn. All you have to do is directly search for people who have listed ‘Magento’ in their skills and go through their profile. LinkedIn is easily the most trusted professional platform to connect globally.


Facebook logo
Facebook is another brilliant site to find talented developers who are dedicated to Magento sites only. All you have to do is join famous Facebook groups that are dedicated to developers, do some research, and then at last post your requirements. Apart from this, you can also visit various web developers’ profiles and text them to discuss your dream project.


Twitter is another tremendous platform to find Magento developers as they constantly tweet their skills, new projects, and share their insights. You just simply have to tweet that you are in search of a web developer and use trending hashtags like #Magento, #Developer, #MagentoJobs. Soon you will be bombarded with replies enquiring more about the job.

Where to Find Magento Development Companies and Agencies

One of the most renowned data-driven field guide that helps you in B2B buying and hiring decisions. They have over 150,000 agencies under them in over 500 categories. They provide help in

  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Web & Software development
  • Mobile app development
  • IT services & solutions

Goodfirms is a research-based firm that functions on identifying and recognizing the best software development firms from all around the world. They connect the service seekers with the best of best development partners. In this way, they help their service partners get ahead of their counterparts. This, in turn, increases their industry-wide value and credibility. has earned its name by shortlisting the best performing software companies. It examines IT companies and digital agencies through their key industry metrics. They analyze and rank top software companies around the world according to their performance. Their main task is to reduce the time and effort of people in searching for the best development companies.
It is specialized in providing top-notch web development, Mobile app development, software development & ecommerce development services all across the globe. They provide their best to help you discover some of the brilliant firms that will help you fulfill your needs and assist you with high-quality services. They provide mobile web developers, web application developers, ecommerce developers.


Since Magento is a complex platform and only a professional Magento developer can perform all the difficult coding, finding such a pro-Magento developer is not an easy task. So, in this guide, we tried to give you directions that will help you find the perfect Magento developer for you.

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