Everyone wants growth in their business, but development isn’t always easy, especially in e-commerce. And some growing pains are unavoidable. But others may be a sign that something needs to change. E.g., you also want to do wholesale business through your e-commerce store, but it is on hold as your current e-commerce platform doesn’t support B2B workflows. Or content updates are taking a lot of time because you need to code pages, but they’re backed up.

Often, the growth pains mean that you have fully used the features of your e-commerce platform and now want to expand the functionality, need more service and support, or have highly scalable performance. All these might mean that you should consider switching to a different e-commerce platform. Preferably a platform that can manage the business for the long term, not just now. Adobe Commerce offers all these things, and it can give you the flexibility to seize new opportunities. Also, it doesn’t matter whether you are switching from an older Magento version, the Open-source edition, or even trying Magento for the first time. In this article, we will cover the signs that show you are ready for Adobe Commerce.

Ten Signs your online store is ready for Adobe Commerce:

1. The database and store are running slow

Speed is the most critical factor while running an e-commerce store. More than half of the visitors will abandon your store if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. One of the best features of Adobe Commerce is that it supports split databases. It means you can have separate databases for product details, checkout, and other operational features. It is possible to update these databases separately, and they aren’t necessarily connected. Thus the load can be separated on different databases and scale the store efficiently. The databases will handle the traffic separately as required by the workload.

E.g., during the evening, people tend to browse the products and add them to the wishlist or cart. At this time, the catalog will be more stressed, while in the mornings, users tend to pay more, so the checkout module and its stability are more vital.

Suppose the database of your current site is giving bad performance even after performing technical solutions, changing hosting, trying optimization tools. In that case, you should move to a more scalable platform like Adobe Commerce.

2. Users do not like your Site Search

Search is the first medium by which users interact with your store. In today’s e-commerce stores, the variety and rate of products are constantly increasing. When there is a massive morning’s number of products on your stock, the customer has to wander through many similar-looking products for a perfect match. And because of that, you may lose your potential customer. Search functionality eliminates this problem. Search is not just limited to improving user experience but can also impact conversion rates. Thus, the search functionality should work seamlessly. Here are some considerations to know whether your site search needs a makeover:

  • The search functionality hasn’t been updated for a long time.
  • You are observing many users are dropping off from the sales funnel. There must be something wrong, and there are chances that there may be faults in the site search.
  • You observe that users use the search feature a lot, but it doesn’t result in conversions. Lousy search optimization can be a reason.
  • Your competitors are using modern search techniques for a better search experience.

How to resolve this problem? By using a user-friendly search engine. ElasticSearch is a very reputed search engine, and it comes by default in Adobe Commerce. Thousands of websites and e-commerce stores are using Elasticsearch. It gives a high-speed search with accurate search results. It supports complex search query support and improves user experience.

3. You are looking for Stellar Backend Support

If you have ever encountered issues with the performance of your e-commerce platform, then you can understand how painful it is to reach customer support. It may take hours or even days to get resolved the issue from the support team. It can also impact your business.

Adobe Commerce gives you direct feedback by which you can transfer code directly to the Magento support and identify a specific problem with your site. There are straightforward steps:

  • You have identified with the support team that they need to go through the code to determine the issue.
  • Now, you have to create a .tag.gz file backup with all of your code. No heavy media files are included. You have to transfer the skeleton of your backend only.
  • Any sensitive data in the code goes through hashing, so the transfer is secure.
  • You upload the code on the data-sharing platform, transfer the link to the support, and work to determine the issue.

It may take a few minutes to prepare the code once you know the procedure. Your operations will not be affected at this time, as you have essentially cloned your site for Magento support.

4. You are looking for B2B functionality

We have already mentioned above that Adobe Commerce is highly suited for the B2B business approach. But it is worth noting that no other platform comes with anything similar. Thus, you can achieve the most in the B2B approach through this platform.

It means that if you want to look out for a B2B business or looking to develop a separate B2B site, then Adobe Commerce should be your first choice. Some of the features of Adobe Commerce for B2B are B2B Requisition Lists, B2B Payment on Account, B2B Quotes, B2B Company Accounts, Shared Catalogs, etc.

5. When you want Seamless Content Management

Better Content Management is a USP of many other e-commerce platforms, but Adobe Commerce has its edge. Adobe Commerce comes with Bluefoot 2.2, a 3rd party CMS for Magento, but now the company has acquired it. It is beneficial for the marketing and sales teams. They can generate, update, and change page content without any technical knowledge required.
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6. Fulfillment is becoming a challenge

When the number of customers or orders on your store increase, it can lead to specific fulfillment challenges, and you must be prepared for them. It is essential to forecast the demand and load on your site before the fulfillment chain is pushed beyond its limit in the live environment. While many fulfillment challenges are outside the Magento domain, such as warehousing, carriers, staffing, etc., you should prepare your systems to manage the capacity. A few features of Adobe Commerce which can help in accommodating this increased demand or surge in orders are:

  • Improved database support: As we mentioned above, Adobe Commerce allows split databases that help manage the traffic for desired functionalities.
  • Streamlined Admin Experience: It is easy to manage products, orders, customers, and workflows from the upgraded Adobe Commerce admin interface.
  • Customer-initiated returns: Make the returns process convenient. The customers can initiate their returns and thus reduces the admin time and costs.
  • Broadened Magento Marketplace: Easy access to the popular extensions of Magento Marketplace that are exclusively available to merchants running Adobe Commerce.

7. Conversion Rates have dropped

Conversion is one of the most important KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), which tells the success and effectiveness of your e-commerce store. If it is high, your marketing efforts are reaching the right target audience, having the right products, and selling at genuine rates. However, suppose you are still running your e-commerce store on Magento Open-Source. In that case, the store is still not using the best conversion-driving features available to Adobe Commerce customers.

Adobe Commerce gives you an improved performance to retain your visitors once they visit your site. It gives you more opportunities to entice customer purchases and increase sales. Some of these features are:

You can create segmented marketing messages and storefronts

  • Gift wrapping options
  • In-built gift card functionality
  • Cross-selling and up-selling functionality
  • Access to 100+ promotion types

8. Mobile page views are  increasing, but conversion rates aren’t

Mobile commerce accounts for more than 50% of the sales globally. Almost every business is seeing an increase in mobile traffic on their stores. But high traffic doesn’t ensure high conversions. Often this means that the website is not responsive enough. It is also a sign that you are ready to adopt Adobe Commerce as your e-commerce platform, which supports many responsive themes and Progressive Web Apps.

9. You want to expand your business to international borders but are not sure how

Selling internationally or cross-border is a great way to increase sales and, in turn, revenue. But it is also a complex process that needs a proper understanding of taxation rules of other foreign countries, privacy laws, payment rules, and other regulations.

Although you can also code your cross-border commerce features, this will take a lot of time and require coding expertise. Fortunately, Adobe Commerce comes with features that make it easier to sell in different countries. If you are having trouble implementing cross-border sales, it is a sign you are ready for Adobe Commerce.

10. Your current platform doesn’t allow you to sell on different marketplaces or channels

Nearly half of the online sales in the US happen on Amazon, the largest e-commerce marketplace. Retailers are building new, specialized marketplaces. Many businesses are also combining retailer stores with online commerce. It is a great opportunity, but there is an obstacle. If you can’t connect new or popular marketplaces to an existing store, you will face many managing inventory, orders, and fulfillment issues. This inability to integrate multiple channels and marketplaces into a single platform without doing a lot of custom code signifies that you are ready for Adobe Commerce.

Wrapping Up

This article has gone through many different signs, which shows that it is maybe the right time to move your e-commerce store to Adobe Commerce. Adobe Commerce is a highly futuristic platform with a vast set of features. At Emizentech, the best Adobe Commerce development company, we have expertise in developing ecommerce stores from scratch. Let us know your requirements.

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