A good ecommerce product page should be designed to help the user understand the message conveyed without bombarding visitors with lots of information. The website page should reflect the best version of an ecommerce business. Not too much information, not so little information only the accurate set of information should be given on a web page.Best Practices for eCommerce Product Pages (1)

1. Create Responsive Page Layouts & Design

Responsive page layout and designing make web content responsive for different devices with different layout as per the screen size and fast loading pages.

With rapidly changing technology in gadgets, people mostly like to visit your website from mobile. as per the report, Statcounter global stats around 51.33 % of people search the website from mobile, and 45.9% of people are using desktop whereas only 2.78 % of people are using a tablet. Your website design should be made considering the mobile phone not only for the desktop purpose but it will also make the user experience better.

SEO (search engine optimization) for making the website rank on the top. For example, when users search for the latest mobile phone your ecommerce business website will come on top showing products.

2. Use Attractive, Clear & Large Images

It is in human nature to notice visuals more. People find it difficult to remember the full information they heard, only 10% of information is remembered whereas they can recall a picture of up to 65%. content with images gets 94% more audience than content without the image.

High-quality images attract and impact more users for buying the product. Around 67% of consumers agreed that the image of a product also matters to them for purchasing a product. 68% of marketers said that they will use more images in the future. The high-quality image helps in attracting users which will improve sales.

3. Add Prominent Call To Action

A marketing campaign is initiated so a user can become a buyer by taking action of purchase. Audiences are encouraged for taking action depends on each marketing campaign as each directs different action.

By giving a free trial on sign-up is a marketing technique to get more buyers, a one-month free subscription, join us on free of cost, for making the audience learn more. For example, Netflix does a call to action by giving a one-month free subscription. Spotify goes premium, free for a month.

4. Create Urgency

Customer hesitates in buying a product and leaving his cart abandoned decreases the conversion rate. by following urgency tactic user can be encouraged for purchasing a product by giving offer for Limited time, limited buyers, limited period, Offer on unique and limited stock

  • Free shipping, free delivery for a limited time.
  • Offer a discount on the abandoned cart, clearance discount.
  • Pop up products for reminding buyers, email regarding their last chance to buy.
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5. Use Simple Navigation

A recent study found that the average human attention span has fallen from 12 seconds in 2000 to eight seconds today which is shorter than a goldfish’s attention. you must design your page to get the concentration of users while keeping Navigation easy and simple. make navigation simple and easy customers should know where they are, where they have been, and where they are moving.

6. Compare Prices

Price comparison gives the customer a chance to buy a product at the lowest prices. It acts like a search engine for customers and helps in boosting ecommerce sales. At least 15 minutes spend by 65% of online buyers on price comparison before buying a product. it increases the transparency in the ecommerce business. It doubles the chances of purchase when a customer compares the prices of a product.

7. Add Trust Badges & Customer Reviews

Why eCommerce Reviews MatterA badge or seal is placed on a web page that instills trust. It shows that website is legitimate and helps in boosting sales with customer satisfaction. It can be found out while doing payment and on the homepage. Different type of badge is given below.

  • Free shipping and return badge
  • Money-back guarantee badge
  • Third-party endorsement badge
  • Secure payment badge

Customer reviews are the positive and negative experiences shared by the customers after purchasing the product. Positive feedback increases the conversion rate.

8. Write Crisp & Informative Product Descriptions

Providing product detail can make a user purchase a product online. Users like to fantasize about the product in their hands or how good the product will make them look after reading the product description. Product description quality has to be good with rapid changes in the ecommerce business, there is a huge increase in demand for crispy and catchy product descriptions. Right keyword uses also beneficial for being in the top rank when a product search is done.

9. Use Good Shipping & Return Policies

Shipping Platforms For eCommerce Store In 2020Shipping policy includes how much customers have to pay for receiving their product and when to expect delivery of the product.
when the customer doesn’t like the delivered product or the wrong product has delivered, they likely to return the product and as per the ecommerce companies return policy.

The return and shipping policy of the buyer if good enough can make a buyer’s experience better and help in increasing more sales.

10. Enable Live Chat With Chatbots

Top Chatbot Development Platforms For Ecommerce WebsitesLive chat software and chatbots give 24×7 service for customer support and provide free guidance. Chatbots directs consumers when they don’t know what to do next. It helps in decreasing the bounce rate and increase sales.

11. Enable Fast Loading Of Pages

In the 2020 scenario, page loading should take only 3 seconds and customers don’t have much time. As per the study of Backlinko webpages took 87% more time to load on mobile than desktop. fast loading of a page doesn’t let the customer’s focus break.

After following all of the above best practices ecommerce shopping sites can improve their sales by drawing more attention from the customer towards their product. the conversion rate will also increase when more and more customers are buying products or services from your shopping site.

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