More than 40% of the online retail sales in the US are made on a single eCommerce giant, Amazon.  Amazon, probably the most prominent eCommerce marketplace globally, has the most share of online sales. At the beginning of 2020, there were more than 150 million subscribers of Amazon Prime. And Amazon Business is a powerful force with millions of business customers across the globe, including 55 of the Fortune 100 companies.

However, selling on Amazon is not a cakewalk. Many merchants find that Amazon has many operational challenges. Although more than 50% of today’s digital businesses are selling on Amazon, not everyone generates a good marginal profit. The operational issues of Amazon can be cut into margins. You may require System integrations. Even off-the-shelf connectors can be expensive, as they should be customized. Also, a few connectors support that level of automation, rule-based pricing, which allows seller “win the Buy Box” – i.e., link the “Add to Cart” button directly to the seller’s product (As a single item may be available from multiple sellers on Amazon, competition for the Buy Box can be steep.).

Using the Amazon Sales Channel of your Adobe Commerce is a very convenient, efficient, and cost-effective way to sell on Amazon. This article will cover how the Amazon Sales Channel of Adobe Commerce can help you get more out of your Amazon selling relationship.

What Is Amazon Sales Channel?What Is Amazon Sales Channel

Amazon Sales Channel is an extension of Adobe Commerce which allows you to sell and distribute products on Amazon from the admin interface of Adobe Commerce. It is entirely free of cost extension. Here are some of its features:

· Automate Pricing Strategies

It allows you to set automated repricing rules to increase the probability of the Buy Box. The prices will be adjusted dynamically as per the Buy Box price or lowest competitor pricing.

· Amazon Accounts Management In Selected Regions

You can connect Amazon accounts in the US, Mexico, Canada, and the UK to your Adobe Commerce store and maintain all the things from one place.

· Product Listing Rules Automation

The extension allows you to set up catalog rules that automatically list selected products on Amazon. It will save you time if you have hundreds of SKUs.

· Track Products Fulfilled Through Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)

You will get the flexibility of listing your products as merchant fulfilled, Amazon fulfilled, or a mix of fulfillment methods.

· Improve The Listing Of Your Products

You can pull the details of products from the massive database of Amazon and add those details to your product catalog in your Adobe Commerce store.
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5 Ways Amazon Sales Channel Can Help You To Get Most From Amazon Selling

1. Eliminate Time-Consuming Manual Work

Many businesses manage their Amazon Account through manual means, like by using spreadsheets for keeping track of important Amazon metrics, order information, and competitors’ prices. To compete for Buy Box, they even have to change the costs several times a day. There are many other hassles, like making manual updates to product copy and imagery on Amazon. They also need to add Amazon order information in their inventory systems.

However, using the Amazon Sales Channel extension eliminates all this manual work. Thus you can do the work of hours in a few minutes. All the aspects of Amazon account management will be automated. Therefore, you can add new SKUs to your Amazon store without adding more labor.

2. Eliminates System Integration And Maintenance

The high costs of automating Amazon account management arises when you integrate your store catalog with the Amazon Seller Central account. If you use a straightforward business model, you can start with an off-the-shelf connector by some modification. However, if you have a complicated business model, then you have to create a unique solution. You may need to hire a system integrator – with all the costs and potential risks that entails. And, after the integration, your IT group requires the training to use it.

Also, you have to maintain the integrations continually. Frequent changes to Amazon workflows, data streams, security issues, etc., means the connector should be updated regularly. This level of maintenance is time as well as resource-intensive.

The Amazon Sales Channel allows you to connect your Adobe Commerce store and Amazon without any maintenance-related integrations. The team would be able to manage the store from the Adobe Commerce admin. It means there will be no additional training required for your IT team, which in turn saves you money and time.

3. Inventory And Fulfillment Data Synchronization

When you use connectors or integrations, your store is only sporadically synced with Amazon. It means the inventory and product availability information on your Amazon will not always be up to date. The customers may unknowingly order products that are actually out of stock. This will create chaos.

It even becomes more complex to synchronize the inventory when you factor in Fulfillment by Amazon. When products are listed with FBA, they are eligible for Amazon Prime free or 1-day, 2-day delivery, which is a huge sales advantage. This is the reason why 94% of Amazon’s top sellers use FBA for at least one product. But this flexibility doesn’t come with all connectors.

But Amazon Sales Channel regularly updates your Amazon store – including products FBA fulfilled products and Adobe Commerce. You can allow syncing from every minute to once in an hour. Thus the inventory data is current and accurate.

4. Make Better And Faster Fulfillment Decisions

84% of customers would not buy products from you if they had a poor shipping or delivery experience. A lack of up-to-date order information (as mentioned in point 3). Without an updated inventory data, you have to wait to choose the sourcing and shipping methods. This will increase the delays and impact your customers and the bottom line.

Amazon Sales Channels pulls the latest data from Adobe Commerce so that the orders will be fulfilled properly.

5. Optimize Pricing And Make Better, Faster Pricing Decisions

Buy Box is responsible for more than 80% of Amazon sales; the percentage is higher for mobile sales. If you meet the Buy Box price, this will be a highly successful pricing strategy for merchants on Amazon.  When Amazon and Adobe Commerce are not connected properly, you need new pricing by frequent checks of Amazon, and manual download can be hassling.

Automated rules-based pricing by Amazon Sales Channel helps your products into the coveted Buy Box with profits. It is easy to set up. There are multiple menu options among which you can choose from:

  • Find the lowest price offered and go above it by X dollars or Y percentage
  • Find Amazon’s price for the item and adjust up or down related to it

Plus, the results will be visible with strategies to manage within Adobe Commerce. The results are refreshed regularly, and you can analyze them through Adobe Commerce Reporting.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have understood how Adobe Commerce is helpful to manage your sales in Amazon. The Amazon Sales Channel extension of Adobe Commerce lets you control the pricing and inventory without any hassle. Hire the best Adobe Commerce development company, which has expertise in developing eCommerce stores from scratch and implementing new functionalities.

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