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How to develop an Ecommerce Website? – Features & Cost Estimate

The development of an eCommerce site involves various aspects like scope, budget, technologies and most importantly to who are your target audience. Essentially the development simply replicates your development objectives. Talking about today’s scenario, digitization has brought revolutionary changes in the physical trade market by bringing every business online. Now people shop on the web with gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, etc. that too in the very comfort of their home.

Develop an Ecommerce Website

As mentioned by analysis reports, the advancement of online business overall is fundamentally quicker and higher when compared with conventional organizations. This has encouraged organizations that have a regular physical business flow to experiment web-based selling.

Therefore this blog facilitates you with all the information that is essential for designing an eCommerce website such as its design, features, cost and different parameters.

eCommerce Market Size and Stats

With constrained capital, it’s simple to set up a business these days because of web-based business development. With buyers progressively depending on internet shopping it is evaluated that 95% of purchases will be made online by 2040. Web-based business is opening the entryways with various opportunities to innumerable business visionaries.

In 2017, internet business was liable for $2.3 trillion in deals, which is relied upon to about twofold to $4.5 trillion by 2021. In the U.S. alone, web-based shopping as of now represents 10% of retail deals and is required to develop at a year-on-year pace of 15%.

It’s evaluated that there will be 2.05 billion worldwide computerized purchasers in 2020.

There are many potential clients. Truth be told, with an expected worldwide populace of 7.7 billion individuals, that is around 25 percent of the total populace shopping on the web. Furthermore, this number is rising quickly and is required to hit a gigantic 2.14 billion individuals in 2021.

Ecommerce Global Statistics

In 2020, web based business deals are relied upon to represent 15.5 percent of retail deals around the world.

Online business is gradually dominating. This measurement plainly shows how online business is turning into an increasingly more significant piece of worldwide trade. By 2021 expectations are there that the market will record an amazing hike of 17.5 percent in retail deals worldwide.

The main logic why individuals shop online is that they can shop at the entire hours of the day i.e 24*7 availability.

Therefore this market is growing at a very rapid rate and has a pool of opportunities for successful business growth.

Mobile App VS Website Traffic

Portable devices or mobile phone records for around half of web traffic around the world. In the final quarter of 2019, cell phones (barring tablets) created 52.6 percent of worldwide site traffic, reliably floating around the 50 percent mark since the start of 2017. Because of a low base and monetary restrictions, many rising advanced markets skirted the desktop web stage completely and moved straight onto mobile web through cell phone and tablet gadgets. On the other hand, mobile devices just have an online traffic of 40 percent in the United States.

Therefore it is clear that there is a huge group that still prefers viewing online websites on desktop devices so as to get better user experience.

Desktop vs Mobile vs Tablet Market Share Worldwide,
Jan 2013 – Feb 2020

Desktop vs Mobile vs Tablet Market Share Worldwide

Therefore it is clear that there is a huge group that still prefers viewing online websites on desktop devices so as to get better user experience.

Why should eCommerce websites be designed using PWA?

These days, everyone needs simple access to things. In this manner, the PWA aspect in eCommerce is essential for all the clients of an E-business site who needs quick checkout, quick driving pace, and proficiently usable from anyplace whenever required. Therefore having a Progressive Web Application of an eCommerce marketplace assists in a way where business can be expanded and can reach to a larger audience over mobiles too.

Ecommerce PWA Development

The PWA helps a great deal as PWA requires less space in contrast with the local or native applications. One of the extraordinary features of PWA is, it works while the internet connection is also low. So in that manner, it gives an experience similar to that of using a mobile application.

Types of eCommerce websites

B2B (Business to Business)

B2B eCommerce websites are those companies which offer services and products to different organizations. For example, a machine-creator selling a customized cutting tool machine to a wood creation house. is a prominent example of B2B online commercial centre where numerous merchants sell goods.

B2C (Business to Customer)

Organizations that are indulged in offering goods and services directly to the consumers fall under this category. Under this category business can be done in two ways. First, the business house can own their dedicated eCommerce website or can enlist their brand on eCommerce portals like Amazon, Flipkart, Shopclues, IndiaMart, etc. The transaction quantity and client base in this model is higher.

C2C (Customer to Customer)

This market permits clients to collaborate with one another and offer things to one another. Item category isn’t limited to just fabricated or firsthand items. A real online commercial center is the unadulterated case of a C2C showcase where clients are offering their things to different clients.

Price Comparison (Aggregator) Websites

In price comparison websites the users have an opportunity to compare the prices from various websites rather than logging onto different websites. They can compare the prices and can purchase the best deal from the vendor’s websites.

Auction/Bidding Website Development

It is a kind of niche category of eCommerce website development where various products are enlisted for auction and the user can share their bid in order to procure the product.

Online Shopping Store

This is the online platform where various vendors can register their products and sell to a mass audience. Prominent examples for online shopping stores are Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

Things to be considered before developing eCommerce Website

Directly from the conceptualization of your plan to reality, there are many aspects that need to be considered. Few of the important aspects that require an entrepreneurs attention are discussed below.

Mind Your Website Budget

The website budget plays a vital role in deciding the features and design of the website. Few important aspects that decides the pricing of the website are:

  • Developer type (costs run in the event that you choose to work with an independent, in-house, or remote programming improvement group)
  • Developer rates (may change depending on their location, experience, portfolio, and so forth.)
  • Intricacy of web architecture
  • Number and intricacy of site functionalities
  • Number and assimilation of APIs provided by third parties.
  • Cost for website hosting, SSL endorsement cost.

Market Study

The initial step to making progress in setting up an eCommerce marketplace is to comprehend the business altogether. Moreover, before making an investment, a market analysis is really necessary which helps in understanding the market loopholes. You can likewise set your business objectives and search for approaches to create them.

The premise of an e-commerce website development lies in deciding the purchaser persona for your business. Ask yourself, ” Who are you offering your items to?” Accordingly, do your analysis for your intended interest group.

Investigate the conduct and examples of your intended interest group. Know their age and their preferences and aversions. This will assist in making the website relatable to them.

Competitor Analysis

Discover who are your genuine rivals and in which segment they are working. You can discover this effectively from the web indexes like Google and Yahoo utilizing the applicable catchphrases. In the wake of recognizing your rival, see what features and promotional schemes they are utilizing to pull in and sell their items. Therefore try to find out what technical framework and hosting platform they are utilizing to maintain and advertise the site. Therefore this information will assist in setting the prominent features in the website in order to beat the rivals and give them neck to neck competition.

eCommerce Platforms

Top eCommerce Platforms

To truly get fruitful at web-based business, one must pick the correct eCommerce business platform. Fortunately, you can discover a lot of web-based business platforms out there. You simply need to make sense of which one is most appropriate for your necessities. On the off chance that you are new right now, plan on spending low and while picking the correct development platform proper estimations should be made.

For a new business, it is important to implement some free stages, in the first place. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you have an enormous stock, at that point go for the presumed ones who can deal with a lot of traffic stream without trouble. At the point when guests first visit the online store, the design of the website and its navigation makes an effect at the forefront of his thoughts. In the event that it is ineffectively planned, you will think that it’s difficult to draw in more deals. So pick the format that gives your store an exquisite, proficient look.

As of now the some of the popular online shopping website development platforms are Shopify, OpenCart, Shopware, WooCommerce, osCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento, Sylius. If you want ecommerce solutions for your business then you can pick one of these based on your requirements.

Identifying target customers

When you discover what you need to sell, you ought to have at the top of the priority list, to whom would you like to sell it. You should know,

  • Which gadgets they use for computing?
  • What are their purchasing inclinations?
  • What is their demography?
  • What is their geography?
  • What is their culture?

When you have all the appropriate responses, you can design your eCommerce business techniques in like manner.

MVP or full fledged eCommerce website

The most practical and quickest approach to build up an item is to make a Proof of Concept (POC) or a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). A Proof of Concept (POC) is an acknowledgment of a specific technique or thought to exhibit its attainability, or a show on a basic level.

Its objective is to confirm that some hypothesis or idea has reasonable potential. POC might be finished and is normally limited. Whereas, a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is an item with simply enough features to fulfill early clients and to give input to future product expansion.

MVP or full fledged eCommerce website

The MVP approach doesn’t contradict the requirement for directing statistical surveying. You’ll just take care of the most squeezing issues first as you assemble criticism since you don’t need to address all the issues without a moment’s delay. Dissimilar to an idea test or model, an MVP is intended to respond to specialized inquiries, item structure and test significant business speculations.

3rd Party Alliance (Delivery, Shipping, Communication, Call Centre etc)

Every eCommerce business comprises various businesses or individuals who work as a team altogether. These third-party alliances or vendors have an important role in the successful running of the business. These can be anyone like warehouse providers, delivery partners, communication channel handlers, etc.

Security has an important role

Security has the most important role in the eCommerce marketplace in order to make the website secure, bug-free. Various hackers, fraudsters target the eCommerce marketplace to capture the customer’s personal details, product details, prices information and financial details related to banking & credit cards. Therefore, the prime focus should be on data security. Hence various techniques can be implemented on the website to make it completely secure:

  • Make sure that the website obtains SSL and PCI standards.
  • In order to eradicate price scrapping and fraudulent activities real-time bot should be implemented.
  • In order to enhance the network security web application firewall should be used.
  • Have a proper CRM system where customer’s data can be kept secured.
  • Guide the customers to set a strong password.

Geography specific regulations

At the point when a transaction happens between parties in different areas, however, the principles get increasingly convoluted. All through the modern age, as it got feasible for the business to transact across bigger areas, rules rose to decide when the range of a court’s forces could stretch out to non-occupants. Therefore, a legal advisor is necessary to handle disputes related to geographic locations.

Business Model of an Online Shopping Store

The web-based business plan of action is the applied structure of your b2b, b2c, c2c business system. It incorporates the reason and objectives of your organization and how it plans to accomplish them.

As per the stock management and sourcing of the items, the eCommerce models are grouped into:

  • Outsourcing
  • Bulk selling and Storing
  • White-marking and Producing


The model includes an association with a bulk seller who stores your stock and delivers the merchandise from your behalf straight to the clients.

Simply design the platform and list the items available to be purchased and handle the advertising of the business. Stock maintenance, transportation, and deal management are handled completely with this model. There is an additional charge for this however, yet this is superior to accumulating a stock of items with no ensured request.

This sort of eCommerce plan of action is appropriate for organizations.

  • Who doesn’t have a lot of money to purchase and store stock?
  • Who are inclined towards portability over fixed business areas?
  • Who likes to concentrate more on the showcasing of the business?

Bulk selling and Storing

This business model is nearly less difficult when contrasted with outsourcing. It runs on the standards of offline bulk selling. This means you purchase items directly from the maker or the broker at limited rates, store them in your distribution center, and sell them at gainful costs. This model suits the organization with ensured requests.

Setting up and keeping up a bulk selling and storing the eCommerce model requires a great deal of speculation and supervision. This model is appropriate for organizations which-

  • Need each part of their business in their control
  • Have ensured interest for their items
  • Need to sell items in high quantity
  • Need to take into account different organizations (b2b)

White-marking and producing

This business model is ideal for companies which does not have appropriate funds to fabricate their own items. This model permits you to outsource the production and yet put your name as a producer on the name of the item. This model ends up being beneficial as you utilize the foundation previously set up by the outsourcing organization. Therefore this business model suits organizations which:

  • Need each part of the item in their control
  • Trade-in items which are quite similar to the ones that different contenders are dealing in.

Get your own eCommerce website

Advanced Features

Social Login-Signup

This element permits the clients to join the website. Users can set up their accounts just by entering the email address, contact number, and other login information.

Chatbot for customer support

Inquiries related to order, payments, and products can be sorted easily by speaking directly to the customer support team available for assistance 24*7.

Multiple payment gateway

By implementing multiple payment gateway options you provide an easy payment platform to your customers.

Multilingual & currency

This feature permits clients to change over the money by means of currency converter API, which can be coordinated into the website itself.

Product Videos

Video is one of the prominent internet business selling apparatuses. It offers you the chance to show clients the advantages and uses of the product directly at the purpose of potential buyers. Also, it can be used like an in-store sales representative which helps the customers in purchasing the product.

Shipment Tracking

Shipment is an important element of eCommerce business. Traders and eCommerce Service Providers work rigorously to keep up the shipment process as productive as could be expected under varied circumstances. The explanation behind attempting to accomplish effectiveness in Shipping is to keep up and increment Consumer Satisfaction through Quick Order Fulfillment. In the present quick-paced world, the shopper wants to follow its shipment continuously. Therefore, the API of shipping is incorporated into the framework to follow the shipment from the source to the destination.

CRM Integration

Including the CRM helps in fortifying client associations with the website as far as possible more grounded. It permits the clients to look for any help for the issues they face while utilizing the website. The CRM coordination helps in producing the reaction for the questions and keeps the clients feel joined in. Likewise, clients can share their improvement inputs or the inadequacies identified with the website which helps in upgrading the client experience and adds advantages to the business.

Role Based Dashboard

This is a significant component for the administrator where they can screen and investigate the constant measurements of various users of the website. According to the various jobs, the reports and measurements can be determined effectively which are useful in making business and promoting systems.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is the assortment and association of business-related information collected over a period and introduced in an important manner to make it straightforward, understand, and to fill in as the reason for business dynamic. Therefore there is some eCommerce specific business intelligence required to proficiently maintain an eCommerce business. Be that as it may, the greater part of the networks are equivalent to those required by all organizations.

Behaviour tracking

Client Behavior Analytics is the most significant premise of examining clients. The detailed analysis of client browsing nature is the most significant part of present-day retail internet business. It centers on keeping track and understanding the best details of the client’s activities on the website. The way toward realizing the client’s behavioral activity begins when a client collaborates with the site.

Marketing tools

The administrator panel comprises of various tools like social media campaign monitor, ad manager, SMS blaster, etc. From one panel the administrator can manage the complete marketing activities and can draw various reports to enhance the sales and marketing strategies.

Importance of UX/UI for an e-commerce website

Both UI and client experience are basic for an online shopping website. It is incredibly important for a site to be competent enough with the goal that users can stay there for quite a while. There are some importance of UI and UX for a website design that are illustrated below:

  • A conventional UI and UX for a site will manufacture the typical time on the site of the guest.
  • A site with innovative UI and UX can pass on an impressive proportion of action to the site.
  • Users contribute an extremely less time on a site so it is important for a website designer to make extraordinary UI and UX.
  • You will win more benefit on your speculation through an extraordinary User interface and client experience.
  • With a marvelous design, you will be prepared to rouse a passionate association with the clients or guests.
  • It slaughters the perfect correspondence from the site.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs urge customers to come back to stores where they usually make regular purchases. It can be used to incorporate propelled access to new items, extra limits, offers, discounts, premium badges for specific customers or in some cases free products.

Customers commonly register their own data with the eCommerce platforms where they are given a novel identifier, for example, a numerical ID or participation card, and utilize that identifier when making a buy.

Operational Systems of Your eCommerce Business

Operational Systems of eCommerce

Logistics Management

In online business, logistics are the procedures of transportation requests to clients or shipping stock to a trader. The logistics procedure monitors merchandise in travel and up to the purpose of conveyance. Logistics management is the act of finding and recognizing potential appropriation and delivery organizations and assessing their viability.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse management is a champion among the most basic and complex pieces of eCommerce business. It incorporates checking orders, shipping, getting, picking of products, and various other related systems. Along these lines, the requirement for compelling distribution center administration arrangement is a higher priority than any time.

A decent warehouse management system is blessed with apparatuses expected to computerize manual procedures and spare time. It gives unified control and perceivability of all warehousing tasks and stock development.

Inventory management

To fabricate a reasonable, gainful, adaptable internet business this year, you have to comprehend the intricate details of stock. Poor stock management can be an unpredictable test to defeat for any online business visionary regardless of your skill, the size of your business, the sorts of items you sell, or the crowd you serve. Stock is frequently the biggest thing a business has in its present resources, which means it must be precisely checked. Stock is checked and esteemed toward the finish of each auditing period to decide the organization’s benefits or misfortunes.

In the web-based business area, regular management of a stock helps increase business knowledge and conceivability.

Supply chain management

As E-Commerce is purchasing and selling merchandise over the Internet, henceforth alongside payments between the two parties, it is a development of products that likewise needs to occur in a right and convenient manner, subsequently the need for inventory network. For organizations to blast in time of E-Commerce, the inventory network turns into the most basic viewpoint which should be brisk, un-hindered and make sure about. The challenge is wild as there are not a couple but rather many E-Commerce firms battling for a piece of the pie, each recognizing and creating novel selling and conveyance procedures.

Supply Chain Management

ERP integration

eCommerce integration is the coordination between an organization’s eCommerce webpage and back-end auditing and stock (ERP) framework. Appropriate reconciliation empowers the progression of data bidirectionally between the two frameworks meaning information just should be gone into the framework once.

Product Information Management

A Product Information Management (PIM) arrangement gives a solitary spot to gather, oversee, and enhance your item data, make an item list, and convey it to your deals and eCommerce channels. A PIM arrangement makes it quicker and simpler to make and convey convincing item encounters.

POS Software Integration

There are many approaches to improve operational activities, increment deals, and improve consumer loyalty. Through joining your eCommerce and retail location (POS) frameworks available, your business can arrive at more significant standards effortlessly.

Marketing and sales management

It includes CRM frameworks, call-focuses, multichannel advertising efforts, client analytics, and details.

Artificial Intelligence – AI Powered eCommerce web application

AI Powered eCommerce website

AI is the most recent insurgency after mobile phones. We have seen web-based trade, portable business and it’s AI business now.

AI. At the present moment, A.I. can help us to carry out our responsibility proficiently and more astute. Numerous eCommerce organizations are as of now utilizing types of AI to better comprehend their clients, produce new leads and give an improved client experience.

Various techniques that can be used are:

  • Design smart customer centric search inculcating feature such as Voice Search.
  • Design appropriate strategies where user behaviour can be tracked.
  • As per the user searched products related product recommendation should also be available.
  • AI powerd chatbots should be incompetent enough to implement personalization experience while attending customers.
  • In order to enhance the smart search experience image processing feature should also be incorporated. By this the user gets a platform where they can upload a desired image to get the relevant results.

Advance Ecommerce Analytics

Website coordinated with the progressed analytics, for example, reports, pie diagrams, live dashboards that can be seen by the administrator for sure returns abundant advantages. Insights related to the number of orders received, Details related to the shipment dispatch, delivery information, client securing, and maintenance numbers, and so forth can be turned out as diagrams in order to settle on gainful business decisions.

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Outsourcing eCommerce Website Vs Hire In-house Development Team

In-House Development Team

It means utilizing organization assets (in-house group) to create or execute programming as per the organization’s explicit prerequisites. With this methodology, you have to put cash and time amassing all the various individuals or jobs that are associated with making a strong base for designing great eCommerce website.

Advantages of in-house development

  • A superior comprehension of the corporate culture and business.
  • Complete devotion towards project completion is always available.
  • No social and cultural differences.
  • Face to face discussions can be made easily.

Disadvantages of in-house development

  • Increment in cost.
  • Lack of infrastructure and skills.

Outsourcing for Shopping Website developement

In basic words, outsourcing is task assignment. Essentially, a game plan made by a business to employ an outsider software company to do the development work. With this methodology, the underlying time and cost reserve funds originate from not enlisting in-house representatives and not putting resources into the framework.

Advantages of Outsourcing

  • Helps in saving cost.
  • No representative procuring.
  • Provides a platform where professionals can be hired from any part of the globe.
  • Provides flexibility in the business process.

Disadvantages of Outsourcing

  • Loss of control.
  • Cultural and time differences.

With the outsourcing model one can gain admittance to all-inclusive talented designers and employ anybody that you need. Therefore, when you locate the perfect organization, your expense and time both fall radically when contrasted with in-house advancement.

Engagement Models that can be considered for eCommerce web development

Onsite Engagement

The developer is reached out from a third party source and is welcome to the work environment for cooperating with the team. In this model, the engineer thoroughly grasps the business necessities and can pass on the best yields.

Offsite Engagement

The enrolled or selected engineer can work from their own office premises utilizing the open resources and would be available 24*7 for every vital assistance.

Hybrid Engagement

In the Hybrid model, hired engineers work from their own office but whenever required by the client can visit their office to have certain discussions, social occasions or for attending some training sessions.

Point to be discussed with eCommerce website development company

Points that should be considered are as follows:

  • If you need to get the eCommerce website developed with MVP, or a diverse assortment with MVP and propelled features or an undeniable eCommerce versatile website with more advanced characteristics.
  • Select the platform that you want to be essential for your business. You can generally scale your business later.
  • Decide whether you want to keep the back end development low or expensive by spending much on extended support provided by third-party APIs.
  • Carefully select the outsourcing company as it directly affects the budget of the project.

What team structure is required for ecommerce development?

To change your musings into reality you need to hire ecommerce developers who have expertise in this domain. There are a few people that are engaged with building up a website from the beginning. Therefore required team structure would look alike:

  • Delivery Manager
  • Project Manager
  • UX/UI Designers
  • Front-end Developers
  • Back-end Developers
  • Database Expert
  • Graphic Designers
  • Quality Tester

How much does it cost to develop an Ecommerce Website?

The cost of developing an eCommerce website completely depends on certain factors such as:

  • Location of the ecommerce web development company
  • Size of the development company whether it is a large, small or medium scale company.
  • Front and back end development.
  • UI/UX development.
  • Third-party API integration.
  • The number of hours invested.
  • Size of the development team.

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