If you have a business idea in mind or you already own a physical business store and dream for it to prosper at the speed of knots, then involving ecommerce into the scene will give you just that. The ecommerce industry has grown leaps & bounds in the past decade, and there’s no stopping for it now. The impact of ecommerce on the business market is only going to grow exponentially in the coming years. Businesses of all kinds are connected to the ecommerce chain and are making such progress that was unimaginable some years back. Physical stores are going out of the norm, and those who own business stores are switching to the ecommerce route as they have understood the ever-growing importance of this switch.

The Internet plays a big part in this new era. With high-speed internet available in almost every part of the world, it is beneficial for developers and customers to do their trade online. Most of the marketing stuff, movement of goods, selling, and purchasing of products have moved online and made life easier for all the parties involved. A lot of capital is being injected into all the technology-related fields, and this has sky-rocketed the demand for e-commerce websites that have brought various ecommerce development companies into the scene.

According to the stats, retail e-commerce sales all around the world amounted to US$ 2.3 trillion in 2017, and this figure to expected to grow up to US$ 4.88 trillion in 2021. An interesting fact is that the top three online retail stores’ revenues rack up to US$ 100 billion of the total accounted revenues. Online shopping is the most popular online activity around the world, but its intensity varies across the globe, and it can be seen by the facts presented to us. In China, around 19% of all the retail sales are done through online shopping, while on the other hand, in Japan, only 6.7% of the retail sales are done through retail sales. Desktop PCs are leading in the preference criteria for the customers for placing online orders, but slowly and steadily, smartphones are catching them up.

  • Ecommerce share of total global retail sales in 2024 -21.8%
  • Global online shopper conversion rate – 2.17%
  • Share of global digital purchases concluded via online marketplaces – 47%
  • Average e-commerce spending per online shopper per visit -3.39 USD
  • Share of online retail traffic generated via mobile 33%

Types of e-Commerce Applications

Business to business (B2B)

These types of websites are designed to help various companies in the electronic exchange of services and products. As per reports of 2018, B2B ecommerce total transaction volume racked up to $7.66 trillion.

Business To Customer (B2C)

This one could be termed as similar to the previous one as it also involves the electronic exchange of products and services, the only difference being that it involves exchanges between companies and customers instead of a company to company.

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Customer To Customer (C2C)

Another type of application which involves electronic exchanges of services and products but only among customers. E-bay net revenue in 2018 was about $10.7 billion. The revenue of Etsy was about $603.7 million, while the net revenue was about $232.88 billion.

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Aggregator eCommerce app

It is a unique type of ecommerce platform which is used mainly for the distribution of web-based streaming media content from various sources to the mass audience. The main beneficiaries of this platform are content providers who are looking to spread their content Or services to a larger audience.

Ticketing & Booking

It is the type of platform which allows the customers and users to book online tickets in advance for various tasks such as online advance ticket booking for travel, advance online booking for movie shows or any other entertainment shows, advance online ticket booking for sports matches in stadiums, advance online ticket booking for hotel and resort stays. This type of platform is very useful for customers as it helps them to save a lot of time, which can be utilized in some other tasks.

Social Ecommerce

Social commerce is some kind of a subset of electronic commerce that includes social media, online media as a medium of social interactions. This is also used by customers in fulfilling their desires of online shopping while the selling and purchasing of products is another use of social commerce platforms.

So, if you are looking to develop a top ecommerce development company, then you will find yourself a bunch, but we will make your task easy to hire yourself a top ecommerce development company by suggesting to you the top 10 ecommerce development companies out there in the market. We will leave selecting the best-suited company according to your needs and interests on to you.

Top eCommerce Development Companies



Cleveroad offers web and mobile services that are best suited for all types of industries and budgets. They provide solutions to a variety of fields such as startups, business segments, and even private clients. They have spread their work to 5 countries across the globe with their research & development centers located in two Ukrainian IT cluster cities, which are Dnipro & Kharkiv. They have vast experience in the field of ecommerce development as they have developed over 500 custom B2C & B2B apps for industries in different spheres of our life. They have developed websites for the field of healthcare, e-commerce, agriculture, fintech, real estate, logistics, etc. they cover all the aspects of software products to provide their customers whatever they want.

  • Custom eCommerce Apluications
  • Cloud-based Ecommerce solutions
  • End-to-end mobile and web development
  • Advanced quality assurance
  • UI/UX design Solutions
  • AR, VR, AI, Big data, and IoT solutions

Their 70% of the work constitutes ecommerce development, and therefore they are best equipped to create complex and customized ecommerce solutions. They have another specialty, and that is hosting a cohort of some high-level clientele such as BET3000, VirginAtlantic, Prankdial, DPD, HSBC, Octopus, Fuji HI, MoneyWiz, Cartogram.


Emizentech ecommerce development

Being a top eCommerce development company, Emizentech helps B2B and B2C clients in driving their customers’ satisfaction, boost sales, and increase their audiences. With 8+ years of industry experience, Emizentech holds 250+ happy clients with 80+ proficient eCommerce developers. The company follows the Agile development process, delivers the project within the time frame, and offers flexible and dynamic engagement models.

Counted as one of the best eCommerce development companies, Emizentech works on all the top eCommerce development frameworks. Some of the frameworks on which it holds perfection are Magento development & customization, OpenCart development & customization, Shopify development & customization, Shopware solutions, Salesforce Commerce Clouds and more.

Magneto IT Solutions

Magneto IT Solutions

They can be termed as the trendsetter in this field as they designed and developed some of the finest products this industry has seen until now. They have vast years of experience in creating a wide variety of projects in this arena.

They have worked with some of the top-level companies, and that has certainly helped them attain a star status against their name. They have collaborated with some of the finest companies such as Kotak Mahindra Bank, Amazon, HP, ESPN, KTM, Race Chip, IBM. Their main field of focus is providing services in ecommerce development, and this covers almost 60% of their offerings. Their primary clientele consists of small businesses having worth of less than $10 million, and this type of clientele comprises of 80% of the total.



It is a high-quality digital transformation enterprise that was established in 2008 with a vision of exploring every technology out there. They have their headquarters established in the USA with their regional offices all over India. Contus has over 200 highly skilled professionals who have worked a day in day out to take their work over 40 countries like the US, UK, UAE, etc. their main focus remains on developing ecommerce extensions, mobile & web applications, and omnichannel management solutions. Client demands are met in the form of tailer made ecommerce solutions. The company offers its ecommerce development services across various platforms such as magneto, drupal, Prestashop, Zencart, and many others. The list of services offered by Contus is given below

  • Web application development
  • Mobile application development
  • Virtual reality app development
  • Wearable app development
  • Augmented reality app development
  • Ecommerce applications
  • IoT Web applications
  • Full-stack development

If you are looking to enter into the business world of ecommerce, then you have an ally in the form of Contus that will provide you ready-made solutions for your business to flourish. Some of their products are mentioned below.

  • Contus Vplay
  • Contus Bot
  • Contus Fly
  • Apptha Airhotels
  • Apptha Marketplace

Brainvire Infotech Inc

Brainvire Infotech Inc

Brainvire is a top-notch award-winning company that has its focus fixed upon digital transformation. They work consistently for the development of mobile applications, ecommerce stores with omnichannel solutions, .net applications, and hybrid mobile applications.

Brainvire is an expert in ecommerce app development, but along with that, they look to provide an array of services which includes mobile app development for all the platforms (Android, iOS, Windows, Hybrid), Web App Development (PHP, .NET, MEAN stack), Game App Development, Enterprise Solutions, and ERP & CRM Integration.

Their client range is very wide and flexible as, on the one hand, they have delivered goods for Fortune 500 companies such as Walmart, while on the other hand, they have provided services to startups such as FreshDirect. They have completed over 17 years in this expertise and have established over 2000 clients in their time of service.

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Absolute Web Services

Absolute Web Services

Absolute web services have completed 20 years of service in this field, and during this course of time, they have attained a high level of experience. This acumen has helped them in producing high-quality business websites and applications and various other ecommerce masterpieces.

They are very much open to help you in your business growth as they provide a full-service digital marketing team and also implement digital strategies for online demand generation. A large chunk of their business surrounds around ecommerce development, but they also offer some other services such as web development and web design.

For a large part of tenure, they have provided services to a medium-sized enterprise having a range from ($10M – $1B), and this band is their preferred option. Their main customers are TigerDirect, Capezio, University of Miami, CC HOMES, R+Co, Cheney Brothers, Grand Western, Juno Lucina, Luminaire, MigVapor, Oribe, Isram Realty, RubberB, VOGA Italia, iStencils, Fitlife Foods, In Common Beauty, FairyLoot Wyze Cam, Royal Flowers Group, Rivergate Companies, BabyCottons.

Elsner Technologies

Elsner Technologies

This company has been working in this field of work for the last ten years and has established over 2000 clients across major countries such as Australia, the US, India. They have an expert team of Magento, ISO Developers, Certified Google, always ready for helping you out with your online business-related problems.

Their team consists of employees in the range of 50-200, with their headquarters located in Fremont, California. They came into existence in 2006 and since then have been providing the following services in the field of ecommerce.

  • Ecommerce development
  • Magento development
  • Drupal development
  • WordPress development
  • CMS MS Development
  • Ecommerce Web design
  • Joomla Development
  • Ecommerce web design
  • CakePHP Development
  • Digital marketing
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Iweb services

Iweb services

Having served over 750 customers, iweb services have come a long way in creating end-to-end mobile and web digital services. They are flexible in their choice of customers as they have worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from SMEs to Corporate giants.

Iweb services have a close-knit group of 50-200 employees who work 24*7 to provide high-quality digital services to their clients. The company was established in 2011 and has its headquarters established in Houston, Texas.

They provide an array of services but some noteworthy services provided by them are,

  • Internet marketing services
  • Web portal design & development
  • Ecommerce web development
  • Custom software development
  • CMS Development
  • Amazon web services
  • Ios app development
  • Android app development



Neuralab possesses an award-winning team of highly skilled professionals who are masters at content making, designing, and developing. They, with their work ethic and skills, keeps us reminding that whether you are starting a start-up or looking to manage an online section of your already established corporate company, it is paramount to hire the right set of professionals to take the company forward.

They have a team of around 50 employees with their headquarters based in New York, USA. The company was founded in 2007 and had been achieving wonders since then. The services provided by them are mentioned below.

  • Digital Product Design
  • Ecommerce & custom portals
  • Motion Animations
  • Games & education apps
  • Mobile applications development
  • Content marketing & storytelling
  • Web development Solutions



If you are looking to get yourself an ecommerce website based on the magneto platform, then you should not think twice before hiring Magebit to get it done for you. They are expanding day by day in their quest to become one of the best in their field, having their headquarters set in the old town of Riga in Latvia. Magebit has established relations with clients across major countries such as France, USA, Germany, Australia.

They provide strategies, website development, mobile app development, and even 24*7 support system for your online business to grow at a rapid rate. The company, established in 2003, has acquired employees in the range of 50-200 to achieve their target.

Magento Development, Magento Support, Full Service, Magneto 2, Magento Design, E-Commerce, Dedicated Development, 24/7 Support, Magento, Strategy, Marketing, Social Media, Amazon Web Services, and Magento Commerce.

Krish Techno Labs

Krish Techno Labs

They are a widely recognized full-service digital commerce company having their offices set in the UK, US, India, and UAE. Filled with over 150 Magento technocrats, they have received various awards of excellence for their expertise in this field. Krish techno labs are in this field for over 15 years and have completed over 3000 ecommerce projects for their clients.

The company is headquartered in the Navrangpura district of Ahmedabad city in Gujarat and came into existence in 2003. They provide expertise in vast areas of ecommerce, and some of the areas they excel in are

  • Ecommerce Consultation
  • Ecommerce Applications
  • Magento development
  • eCommerce Web-App Design
  • Extensions and plugins
  • Marketing support

Why do you need a development partner to help you out in your endeavor?

Here we have explained in depth abt what benefits one can avail by hiring a top e-commerce development company

Ecommerce development companies are experience

The most important aspect that they will bring to the table. As you are still a novice in this field, an experienced development partner will help you take all the right steps to create the project of your dream. An experienced ecommerce development company would have worked on multiple projects in the past, and the things they have learned from that will help them present a top-notch ecommerce project that you demand.

Multifaceted Ecommerce technology expertise

Development partners with experiential diversity and a variety of skills are very necessary for your project to become effective and successful. Having a broad range of skills in the development team will allow them flexibility in workloads and roles, and this, in turn, will make the whole process a lot smoother and quicker.

Best eCommerce Companies Owns a pool of expert

They bring a lot of benefits to them as their name alone will attract a lot of customers to your brand. Your project will be the first recommendation from other businesses. You won’t have to invest a huge chunk of money in advertising and marketing. A pool of experts with all their experience will help you create a clarified marketing message.

Ecommerce Expert Companies offers UX & UI and creativity

This will benefit your project in a lot of different ways, starting with lower support costs and carrying on with increased productivity. The development time of your project will reduce significantly with their help.

Ecommerce Marketing Strategies & SEO

Their plus points usually start with a high-quality user experience. But They also help you maintain a result-oriented marketing strategy and high positions in search engines and this will help you return with higher conversion rates. Your project will build brand credibility.

What services you avail by hiring Top ecommerce development Company

> Ecommerce Consulting Services
> Ecommerce Auditing Services
> Ecommerce Optimization
> Ecommerce Mobile App
> B2C B2B Portal Development
> Ticketing & Booking Solution
> Social Ecommerce Solution
> Auction & Bidding Solutions

Backend Solutions Ecommerce Development Companies Offer

> Logistics Management Solutions
> Ecommerce Warehouse Management
> Inventory and Shipment Management
> Ecommerce ERP/ CRM Development
> Product Information Management (PIM)
> Payment Solutions and Tools
> Marketing and Sales Management
> Document Management Solutions
> Loyalty Program Development
> POS Software Development

Top ecommerce developers make Futuristic Technology Adoption  Easy

Cloud Computing Solutions
Big Data & Data Science
Realtime Tracking & Reports
Next-Gen Analytical Tools
AI Backed Ecommerce Apps
IoT Driven Ecommerce Apps
AR VR Ecommerce Apps
Headless Ecommerce Apps
Omni Channel Integrations
Chatbots & Personalization

What to choose: Ecommerce Development Agency vs. Outsourcing to Individual?

Both of them have their benefits, but the list of advantages provided by outsourcing to a top e-commerce development agency can go on a bit longer.

Insourcing is basically assigning a person from inside the company to complete a particular project, whereas outsourcing requires hiring a person or team from outside the company to complete a specific project for you.

Insourcing is a business practice carried out within an organization’s operational infrastructure while, on the other hand, outsourcing is done outside of the company as it helps the company to save a lot on its costs.

It is always advised to outsource your e-commerce development present to a top e-commerce development company instead of an individual expert. When you choose to hire from top ecommerce development companies, You meet with multiple benefits like Experience, Security, Expertise, Legal Agreement,  Team Augmentation, etc whereas one cant avail these benefits from an individual.

Get your own eCommerce website


If you are entering into a world of new opportunities, then starting on the right note will give you a lot of confidence. The most basic step to flourish your business in the ecommerce arena is to hire an ecommerce development company that understands your ideology and beliefs. This will help you and the company to work on the same wavelength, which will reap the benefits of an unimaginable extent for your project. We have provided you with a list of some top-notch, high-level companies that will help you achieve the business of your dreams. Go through the list and find yourself the one that suits best to your style.

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