To turn your website visitors into your customers, a good eCommerce web design is essential. Preferably, the design element of your site should lead to an easy, quick, and stress-free purchase process and shopping experience. Regardless of how best your online advertisements are, you may lose your valuable customers if you haven’t optimized your online store for sales. Also, you could lose your hard-earned money if the visitor switches from your site within seconds he gets in.

As per a report, one-fifth of online shoppers of a website abandon their carts because of worse navigation and poor website design. To motivate shoppers to buy from your store, you need to create a pleasant shopping experience as much as possible.

With an eCommerce website, you get a chance to develop a brand that the customers may find perfect to shop from, and again. It allows you to link with your customers and make them grow while selling your services and products. If you want your eCommerce website to perform its job truly and get enhanced paying customers, then you must hold the right website design.

As 2020 was a landmark year for eCommerce websites, it is important for today’s and the future of eCommerce platforms to get knowledge about how the design can influence the sales of their sites.

eCommerce Website Design Strategies To Boost Conversions In 2021

Today, we have put together some eCommerce design strategies to assist you to stay in-line with the latest web design trends. We hope the below design strategies 2021 may help you to design your eCommerce store easily.

#1. Incorporate Visual Hierarchy

improve Visual HierarchyYou should incorporate a visual hierarchy, or we can say, the strategic layout of your website pages to make sure that visitors digest your content quickly. Many people browse a website that is new to them, so you must organize your web pages effectively to stop them from bouncing.

Some essential components that belong to the visual hierarchy embrace the business name, UVP, logo, and CTAs. Well, it may look obvious, but here the position and type of font are important, like where you should place your business name and logo and which font you will choose.

Next, above the fold, you should place your unique value proposition (UVP) so that the visitors may quickly know what your brand sells. Moreover, you should put call-to-action (CTA) buttons at the center of your home page or may also place them on product detail pages, besides the products to guide visitors to the page where you want them to go.

#2. Exhibit Products On Landing Page

landing page productsYou should incorporate landing pages of your website that appear to be a welcome path at the main door. The pages should be appealing that hold the caliber to magnetize the visitors by offering them an example of what they will get on your website.

You may try exhibiting the best-selling products along with a rotating banner. Well, it’s quite an old but very effective way to attract visitor’s attention and assist them in finding products they may want to buy.

Also, you may use videos on landing pages wherever possible. As per a survey, 58% of online shoppers pick companies that make videos to strengthen trust.

#3. Place A Search Bar On Each Page

Search bar on ecommerce storesFurthermore, you can boost conversion by 20% by placing a search bar on all the pages of your website.

The chances of searching the products from any web page of your online store enhance the usability of your website and lowers down the abandonment rate. The presence of a search bar helps visitors to explore the eCommerce store further.

#4. Make Content Easily Readable

easily readable contentA site may hold very useful content but may be of no use if the visitors can’t see or understand. Before you launch your website, you should ensure that the type of font, font size, and font color are readable easily.

You may also perform user testing among your family, friends, or colleagues to make sure that content is understandable and readable.

Although, there is no universal rule regarding the number of fonts allowed on websites. You may pick the same font for your entire website. However, as per a good rule of thumb, you should use up to three distinct fonts so that you may prevent any sort of confusion and make sure that your visitors are focused on transforming.

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#5. Add a FAQ Page

faq for customer retentionThrough an FAQ page, you may give relevant answers to the question of your customers.

It’s found that about 83% of online shoppers look for some kind of support to complete their purchase. A FAQ page will reduce the load of your support team and will make your customers feel more confident to buy from an online store.

#6. Consistent Branding Is A Must

branding for ecommerce store (1)When visitors come to your website, you need to make them know about your brand. So, you should avoid confusion and make your site easily recognizable by utilizing consistent branding.

Also, you should go with the color scheme of the logo of your company within your typography so that your visitors may associate easily your website with your brand. It is okay to pick a color that contrasts with your color scheme if it assists in making your CTAs and fonts more readable.

#7. Take Care Of Mobile Audiences

mobile friendly ecommerce websiteWell, in this digital world, mobile audiences are growing every day. So, you should be sure that your web designer holds the knowledge of how to optimize your website for tablet and mobile.

Approximately, three-fourths of shoppers compare the prices on mobile phones, and about 61% of them just abandon websites that are not mobile-friendly.

#8. Consider A Sticky Navigation

This is the most important design strategy that we have discussed so far when we create a mobile-optimized online store. Although it is applicable on desktop also. A sticky navigation allows people to look at the top menu with no need to scroll back to the top, regardless of their position, whether they are at the top, middle, or end of the page.

With the assistance of sticky navigation, you may improve the complete eCommerce experience by easing the navigation around your website and saving the time of the people.

Despite wanting visitors to scroll to the end of the page to append an item to their shopping cart, sticky CTAs are viewed to visitors regardless of their position on the page. Similar to sticky navigation, sticky CTAs assist in guiding shoppers all through a website and smoothen the purchasing process.

#9. Don’t Empty Customers’ Cart

If the shopping cart of your eCommerce website stores items or permits a wishlist, a customer who has left the purchase can come later also to complete the purchase.

Cart storage means utilizing cookies that record information so that customers don’t need to re-fill their shopping cart every time they come to your website. By designing your website, you can focus on 56% of the shoppers who save the items to buy later.

#10. Choose Social Proof

social ecommerce platformsWell, in this case, social proof states keeping visitors posted about the behavior of other users on the site, not on social media. Such features are crafted to assist prospects to emerge with what is popular and browse trendy items.

Let’s take an example: some websites pick to showcase what customers are purchasing in real-time. Here, this feature shows tiny pop-ups whenever anyone completes a transaction, in real-time, that allows visitors to discover more products. The feature also sketches a busy atmosphere in the online store that lends credibility to the sellers.

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#11. Leverage Professional Images of Products

Detailed, crisp photographs make your eCommerce store more trustworthy in the customer’s eye.

Professional images of products permit online shoppers to witness the real-life look of the products. Moreover, high-quality photos tell customers that you keep your products on top priority and take care of their presentation.

You may also look for experienced graphic designers or photographers to help you in producing images if you need them. You may find it expensive, but by hiring the professionals, you can exhibit your products in a more magnetizing way. When your customers will find your products flashier, more attractive, tastier, and softer, they will feel more confident about purchasing.

#12. Pick a One-Page and Easy Checkout

This is another best design strategy when it comes to optimizing your online store for mobile. Generally, it is a great optimization strategy to enhance the customer experience. You need to smoothen the checkout process, lower down the friction, and enhance the conversions by developing a one-page checkout.

By using one page for checkout you may get help in reducing the distractions in the process of checkout and prevent the shoppers from leaving before purchasing. You should make sure that you showcase the assurance and security badges on the checkout page to develop trust with the customers and enhance received value by showcasing product reviews and promotional codes in the checkout.

According to a study, an easy checkout process is key to online shoppers. Approximately, 83% of online shoppers say that the easy checkout process is counted among their top concerns.

You should permit the visitors to buy your products with no need to register first. You just be sure that an online store holds an easy, one-page checkout process with minimum need for information.

Wrapping Up

The aforementioned strategies offer the necessities of marketing, designing, and utilizing social media for your eCommerce store. These strategies will help online entrepreneurs to present their eCommerce website successfully all through intuitive and top-notch design.

Such features state that when you will append them, the customers are going to enjoy every moment they spend on an online store.

However, website design is simple, but when eCommerce portals are the main concern, it is a challenge to make websites that can truly convert.

So, with the aforementioned eCommerce design strategies and assistance from a well-reputed website design and development company, designing an ecommerce website will become easy.

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