If you think that email marketing is dead, think again.

Crafting email marketing campaigns do matter, especially in eCommerce. That’s because the way to frame your content is integral in turning a recipient into paying customers.

As you grow your email list, sending out well-curated newsletters is crucial in engaging your readers and subscribers. It would be best if you also send out personalized, on-site messages. You can opt to hire a coder or email marketing specialist if you’re not that tech-savvy. Email Marketing Tips To Boost eCommerce Sales

If you are searching for inspiration for your next email campaign, here are ten examples that you can use to promote your online store:

1. Welcome email

Sometimes, you only have one chance, and you must create an excellent first impression.

If your welcome email to a new subscriber is not that memorable, the rest of your follow up campaigns will not matter either.

Without a doubt, a welcome email plays an integral role in your repertoire.

Ideally, your welcome email’s role is to thank the new subscriber for joining your list, as well as set the expectation on what is to come. If you get this correctly, you will simplify your entire sales process.

You can also reward new subscribers for signing up by providing them with a discount code in your welcome email.

2. Thank you email

Often, we find ourselves not saying thank you enough.

At VoyMedia Marketing Agency NYC, we always tell clients that there is more to thanking your customers for their purchase. It is about recognizing that they are the reason why your business is thriving.

Every once in a while, you can write your heart out and take the time to thank people for helping what you do a reality.

While it is so easy to get caught up with your business’s day-to-day affairs, thanking your customers often goes a long way.

3. New Product Email

Are you excited to launch a new product in your business?

When introducing a new product, it is all about creating excitement and ensuring that your customers are drawn to what you have to offer.

Also, every time you have a new product is coming up, let subscribers know. That is probably one of the main reasons they have signed up in the first place.

New product emails usually work with people who wanted to own the latest product or item. Using analytics tools, you can identify your target audience and run a specifically targeted campaign for them.

4. Birthday Gift Email

Birthdays are often linked to gift-giving. So, when sending birthday gift emails, you should offer subscribers something they could not pass up.

This can be in the form of a special deal, a free gift, or an offer. Because who would not want to score a discount when they purchase something?

Ideally, people can use these either online or in-store. It should be easy enough to redeem, as well.

Sending these birthday emails not only makes your customers feel they are appreciated. It will also encourage them to spend more time in your store as well.

5. Cart Abandonment Email

According to data by Baymard Institute, 69 percent abandon carts, with 61% citing that the shipping costs are the number one reason.

It is already a given that you can’t convert people who have abandoned their carts. However, you can make an effort by asking them why they did not complete the order in the first place by asking for their feedback.

By learning from it, you will know what to do in your checkout process in the future.

6. Discount Email

According to data by VWO, 72% of millennial shoppers are open to retargeting via discounts.

Moreover, many shoppers are likely to purchase products they have abandoned previously if you give them discounts.

But discounts are useful, and you still need to create the perfect balance.

If you do it quite too often, your profits will dip. If you do it too little, then you risk driving customers to another competitor.

That’s why you must offer discounts only to subscribers who tend to engage in your campaigns. These are people who usually click on links, open emails, and so on.

7. Order Confirmation Email

After analyzing more than 100,000 email receipts, Conversio found out that order confirmation emails let e-commerce stores earn an extra $0.25 revenue.

Although it might not sound much at first, you can try doing the math. For every 100 emails you send, you will be earning $25 extra revenues for your business with minimal effort.

This is not bad for an automated email.

Apart from boosting your sales, order confirmation emails are also a fantastic way to set your customers’ expectations. For instance, you can send your customers an explainer video to explain the delivery process in their order confirmation email.

Think of these confirmation emails as more than just receipts you send in digitally. It is also a great way to remind customers that purchasing from you is often the right decision.

8. Upsell Email

Chances are, you have probably heard about upselling. As the name implies, upselling is poised to convince a customer who recently bought from your store to get a more upgraded version of your product.

One of the primary reasons upsell emails work so well is that customers that are more likely to trust your brand will respond better to your recommendations.

Here are some tips on how to make successful upsell email campaigns:

  • Ensure that it is easy to upgrade: If you sell products that require a refill, you need to send a reminder email that includes offers to boost.
  • Show the benefits: People want to know what services they can get for spending a couple more bucks.
  • Leverage on the purchase momentum: Chances are, when a customer buys from you, it is likely that you already have their attention. That’s why you can send confirmation emails with a twist, like highlighting other products.

When it comes to email marketing, it is often challenging to figure out how to start. Fortunately, it is a channel that you have total control of. And when done right, email marketing can help you boost your sales and revenue.

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