Well, there are many reasons for hiring an eCommerce consultant. In fact, they are well-accepted as the solution for every need that business owners look for. eCommerce consultants are experts holding the required skill sets that one can get by hiring one for a particular project or period.Today, we are here to explore together an eCommerce business consultant or eCommerce consulting firm. We will check out who is an eCommerce consultant? What an eCommerce consultant does for a business, and the steps that you can follow while hiring an eCommerce consultant. So, let’s start.Hiring An ecommerce Consultant

Current Global eCommerce Stats & Market

Retail e-commerce sales worldwide from 2014 to 2024
Retail e-commerce sales worldwide from 2014 to 2024

Well, eCommerce is taking over the world. It is becoming an important part of global commerce. Even if you have limited capital, you can set up your business, and you know what, the credit goes to eCommerce growth. Let’s check out the stats that may prove our words.

As consumers are more and more relying on online shopping, it is predicted that by the end of 2040, 95% of purchases will be achieved. Also, eCommerce is opening the doors of maximum possibilities to limitless entrepreneurs.

  • If we talk about 2017, that time eCommerce was responsible for about $2.3 trillion in sales that is expected to increase approximately 2 times to $4.5 trillion by the end of 2021.
  • In 2021, it’s also estimated that there would be about 2.14 billion global digital buyers.
  • Besides, by the end of 2021, eCommerce sales are anticipated to make an end of retail sales worldwide, with about an 18.1% increment.
  • While shopping in a physical store, 33.6% of shoppers compare prices on their mobile devices.
  • About 81% of consumers perform online research before buying anything online.

Well, eCommerce is assisting countless entrepreneurs by offering varied opportunities to them and the aforementioned statistics just reveal the same. Now, let’s jump onto an introduction about an eCommerce consultant.

What Is An eCommerce Consultant?

A business professional who is an expert at finding possibilities for efficiency and growth within an eCommerce business is an eCommerce consultant. He is offered an important position at a digital agency or works directly with an eCommerce store to help them attain remarkable success.

What Can An eCommerce Consultant Do?

When it comes to an eCommerce consultant, he is widely known for offering ultimate advice and knowledge about eCommerce. Such eCommerce proficients utilize their years of experience to offer consultation on business, on everything starting from marketing approach and conversion optimization, to user experience. In some cases, they also work on contract basis or as a freelancer.

Let’s check out some tasks for which you may hire an eCommerce consultant to fulfill them.

Conversion Rate Optimization For eCommerce Website

Well, if your business is not experiencing the expected conversions, your business needs the assistance of an eCommerce consultant. Here, the role of consultant starts with examining your existing online store, and then next, he conducts the tests to emerge with an apt way of enhancing your conversion rates.

However, this can be a backend issue or might be something relevant to the customer, that’s left hidden. Despite that also, a consultant holds the caliber to emerge with the issue and offer actionable advice to assist your eCommerce business run perfectly on a successful track.

Pinpoint Profitable Products

An eCommerce consultant also monitors your existing product offering and checks if it needs any improvements. Even, they can also help in developing a whole new product that may prove to be good for your eCommerce business and expanding its audience. Also, eCommerce consultants can help you to place attractive price points on your products.

Launch & Maintain Advertising Campaigns

eCommerce consulting services along with marketing consultants assist not only in launching but also in running your ads, be they for social media platforms or a search engine. Post the launch of the ads, the consultants monitor their performance regularly and perform required adjustments or make social media approach, that’s a part of the whole marketing campaign. Well, eCommerce consultants can also create amazing ads, but they can also be helpful when it comes to building sales funnels.

Grab Opportunities For New Business Development

Well, when it comes to an outside viewpoint on your business, an eCommerce consultant can offer this also, including new opportunities for your business development. He is also perfect at creating a roadmap that may assist you in completing new certifications or learning courses that may help you in improving your eCommerce store and your entire business.

Negotiate With Suppliers

Well, if you need this, then consultants also stand beside you to help you in negotiating with your suppliers to emerge with unique products, better deals, or an enhanced flawless delivery timeline, everything, as per your requirements. Usually, issues from suppliers emerge from the source of their products, and this is where the consultants arrive to help you out.

Why Should We Hire An eCommerce Business Consultant?

Well, as we know, eCommerce consultants help us in various ways. In general words, an eCommerce consultant helps you by completing other necessary jobs, while you are busy fulfilling other major needs of your business.

Permits You To Target on Major Business Requirements

When you hire an eCommerce consultant, you get more time to target your area of proficiency. While he works on your products or ads, you can dedicatedly work on other aspects of your business as being an eCommerce business owner, you are also equally equipped with some jobs that need you.

Offers Fair Feedback

Well, you can get fair feedback from your eCommerce consultant, which you can’t expect from someone else with an insider’s outlook. Obviously, the feedback from your consultants will help your business in improving your business, and in the end, attaining success.

Saves You Time & Money

Hiring an eCommerce consultant will cost you less as compared to hiring a full-time employee because they don’t have any other expenses. eCommerce consultants can accomplish various other tasks of your business while you and your team members are busy completing other jobs. Moreover, they need no supervision, training, or anything to retain them. So, no extra expenses will occur.

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Things To Consider Before Investing In An eCommerce Consultant

Not every business needs to hire an eCommerce consultant. To take you out of this confusion, whether your business needs it or not, let’s have a look at the below considerations that you may review before taking a step towards hiring one.

Goals You Are Trying To Achieve With Your eCommerce Business

Before you hire an employee, you should already know the goals that you want him to achieve. This will help you in choosing the most deserving one for your specific job. Ahead, before you start with the work, make everyone know about your expectations, so that you may also become capable of checking their accomplishments.

Distinct Types Of eCommerce Consultants

Generally, most consultants help eCommerce business owners in staying ahead of the curve and expand their businesses. Among them, you will emerge with the one having proficiency with a proven record in their specific niche.

When you look for a consultant, stay particular with a match that may go compatible with your business size. Check if he has any experience with SMBs or strictly works for Enterprises. Look for the one having experience in your target audience or product category. You will also meet with consultants who are experts in B2B and B2C.

Well, this is an important point, so be sure that you pick the one that meets perfectly with your business model.

You Get Quality Work As Per The Money You Spend

While hiring an ecommerce consultant, keep your eyes open as you may be caught up with the cheapest first, which may prove to be expensive later. A decent consultant will charge higher for his service, but with good reason. Destiny is not always in your favor, so, it’s better to hire an experienced consultant for the first time only and at the best price according to his caliber.

Levels Of Engagement/Expectations

Let us tell you that there are two types of consultants, analyst-type, and coach-type. Well, talking about the former one, he works on analytics and reporting and offers recommendations. And the latter one provides recommendations taking along data and the best practices, then next, craft action items, and discuss with you and everyone else about the project accountability to accomplish them.

Normally, you should go with a contract-based, long-term plan with your consultant. It’s not relaxing to hire someone for a long term who is strange to you, but you already know that improvements demand some time, so you should go for this only. Moreover, a long-term engagement assists the responsibility on both sides and enhances teamwork.

Check References & Previous Work

Additionally, be sure that you check the previous experience, past work, and references of your potential consultant carefully.

You should know what your eCommerce consultant has achieved. Also, check out his testimonial page to see what others are saying about him, his experience, and his work. This way, you will be sure whether the chosen person will meet your business objectives or not.

Also find out the various ecommerce platforms on which the ecommerece consultant has worked for previous clients. Having good knowledge about major platforms such as Magento, Bigcommerce, Shopify and more is a plus.

Questions To Ask Before You Hire An eCommerce Consultant

After you make a final decision to hire an eCommerce consultant, next, you should know the questions that you need to ask while conducting the hiring process.

So, let’s check out the questions below that you may ask potential consultants while hiring them:

What Is Your Work Process?

The potential ecommerce consultant must demonstrate a process and strategy for attaining the successful results that a business expects.

Furthermore, they should be able to demonstrate a ecommerce marketing strategy and process for achieving the results that the business wants.

Do You Have Any Knowledge About The Industry?

Before hiring an ecommerce specialist, you should be sure about the experience your consultant has with the type of ecommerce business you have. The level of expertise will decide his level of knowledge about the specific industry.

How Do You Work With Your Clients?

Businesses want their consultants to work with them perfectly so that they may take their business on a route which they expect. You may ask them, how will they inform you about the changes they make to your site, or how often will they show the report of their work and in which format.

How Do You Measure Your Success?

You may ask him, “how does he determine if he is successful?” You can ask including some sort of metrics or ecommerce KPIs, it would be helpful for you to understand.

How Do You Stay Well-Organized?

It’s a common question that employers usually ask, as this question promotes efficiency and productivity. Let us tell you that well-organized people use their energy, time, and resources more efficiently as compared to disorganized ones.

Are eCommerce Consultants Important For Success?

For some businesses, eCommerce consultants may be important. In fact, the success of a business relies on the objectives it wants to achieve. An eCommerce consultant can provide an outside viewpoint on a business along with professional advice regarding suppliers, marketing, UX, and advertising.

Wrapping Up

Obviously, deciding on getting some help for expanding business can be a powerful move. This may lead to time-saving, money-saving, and more.

Apart from that, you should be careful while hiring an eCommerce business consultant as it may demand your time and attention. Also, be sure that you are hiring someone for a better future for your business, so move ahead slowly and carefully.

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