Increased exposure of the population to online shopping and marketplaces has given rise to a range of platforms for building an E-commerce store. When business owners don’t get the feature and capabilities from one platform, they turn to another. Shopware is a known name in the landscape that helps business owners to build an online store with exceptional capabilities. Not only is it a scaleable and open-source platform, but it also ensures delivering the best user experience to the business owners as well as end users. Moreover, it also provides the opportunity for self-management so that store owners don’t have to run to developers for every minor change. 

However, to leverage many more benefits of shopware than what we have defined, it is important that your store has been developed by experienced and skilled hands. For the same,  you need a Shopware developer that can help you build your feature-full E-commerce store. In this guide, we will talk about the factors that will help you choose the best Shopware developer so you receive the worth of your investment. 

Why Do I Need a Shopware Developer?

Moving to an online marketplace is one of the best and most crucial steps for business owners. At the same time, the platforms like Shopware help business owners ensure that online presence and entertain a massive consumer base. However, if you are not a shopware developer, you will need a team to do the work for you. Developing website requires the expertise of a shopware development team that creates the store and instills the capabilities and features into it. Other than that, you leverage many other benefits by hiring shopware developers for your project- 

  • Hassle-free project management 
  • Cost efficiency 
  • Increase in productivity 
  • Better response to emergencies 
  • More flexibility 
  • Speed to market 
  • Expertise in multiple platforms
  • Better support 
  • Latest and updated technology 

Tips for Hiring a Shopware Developer

While it might be a little challenging to find the right shopware development partner in the crowd of development companies, the following tips can ease the task for you. 

1. Check Certification and Experience

Make sure the developer you are hiring for your project is a Shopware-certified developer, and they have in-depth insight into the technology. They must have the technical knowledge and skills to create a highly secure and advanced E-commerce store for your business. Make sure that they have an understanding of at least the following terminologies- 

  • Structure and technology of Shopware 6
  • Setting up Shopware in a development environment
  • Implementing frontend apps 
  • Using events and hooks
  • Adding attributes and services 

At the same time, you can also ask if the developer has experience in the VUE storefront, as it is the only front-end platform supported by Shopware. 

2. Communication 

Communication is the key to the quality of any project and makes sure that the Shopware development partner you are hiring has a quick turnaround time. You are going to have various queries, recommendations, feedback, and questions during the whole project lifecycle. So, choose a development partner who can respond within 24 hours. It will help in the timely support and maintenance of your project. 

3. Familiarity with Different Project Management Tools 

Project management tools are used to maximize the productivity of the project lifecycle. Moreover, it helps to enhance communication, create tasks, schedule tasks, monitor tasks, and review progress. So, your Shopware development partner must be familiar with different project management tools that can be used to leverage all these benefits. Name for some of the most popular project management tools is Jira, Asana, Basecamp, Zoho Sprint, TeamWork, etc. 

4. Cost Efficiency 

The cost of the project is always at the center of concern for both parties. While we don’t suggest compromising the quality, features, and competencies of your E-commerce store, you can still go for the development partner that can foster cost efficiency with their long experience in the industry. This type of shopware development company can be hired for the long run as their services will only save you dollars. 

5. After Sales Support and Maintenance 

Even when the store has been deployed, and you are entertaining your target audience well, there is going to be a need for improvements. In the 21st century, new technologies are introducing new features every day and users are attracted to these to a significant extent. Thus, it is important that you regularly update your store with new features to keep the customer engaged with you only. 

Moreover, your website’s bugs and glitches might not be recognized in the early stages. So, you need a team with technical expertise along your side to remove these bugs and glitches as soon as the users identify them. 

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6. Project Portfolio 

The project portfolio mirrors the firm as it displays the expertise and experience in one place. Before finalizing the shopware development partner for your project, ensure to go through the firm’s project portfolio. It will help you know if the firm has experience in completing and delivering projects similar to yours. If the answer is yes, your project is going to be in safe hands. Moreover, if their project portfolio has nothing to display, you can opt for a better option with more experience with these projects. 

7. Analyse Client Testimonials

Reviewing client testimonials can help you discover what you would never know by analyzing the portfolio and communicating with the firm directly. Client testimonials represent the relationship of that development firm with its existing customers. Moreover, by contacting existing clients, you can know more about their communication skills, professionalism, disciplines, the worth of words, and much more. At the same time, it will also help you discover the dark side of potential development partners (if there are any). 

8. Start with A Smaller Project 

Before making the big bet, testing the capabilities with a smaller project can be a good idea. Here, you can give a small project to the development team to test their capabilities and working criteria. If they understand all your requirements efficiently, respect the timeline, follow the budget, keep you updated about the progress, and deliver the project on time, you can consider them for your main project. 

9. Legal Considerations 

Legal considerations are also a big factor to focus on while hiring a development partner. Go through all the documents and contracts they place in the process. Moreover, if any firm is forcing you to come under any contract where you will be bound to work with them irrespective of the situation for a signed period of time, then you should go for a better option. 

10. Soft Skills Evaluation 

Soft skills are equally important to consider while choosing a development partner as that of hard skills. Soft skills consist of traits like discipline, patience, open-mindedness, problem-solving, time management, collaboration, etc. The reason behind the particular statement is that soft skills are the equal determinant of the quality of a project as that of hard skills. 

How can Emizentech help you?

Emizentech is a renowned Shopware development partner that has been providing its services in the segment for a long time. In our journey with the Shopware E-commerce platform, we have helped several clients to transfigure their business operations by exploring the online landscape. Shopware experts at Emizentech help clients leverage the platform’s benefits and potential to the fullest. Moreover, after a long time operating in the industry, we pass all the above considerations to be a perfect shopware store development partner for you. 

Hereby, Emizentech invites you to hire shopware developers who are proficient, reliable, and professional in their work. 


A shopware E-commerce store can surely take your business to the places. But this is only possible when your store has the necessary features and functionalities. For the same, you need to have the support of a proficient Shopware development team that can bring the capabilities of the platform onto your store. However, hiring the wrong development partner might waste your time and financial investment. So, considering the above-defined factors while hiring a shopware development partner can help ensure you invest in the right entity.  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Which Is the Best Way to Hire a Shopware Developer?

You can hire a perfect developer for your project by considering different factors like experience, project portfolio, proficiency, cost-efficiency, etc.

Q. how Much Does It Cost to Hire a Shopware Developer?

While hiring a developer depends entirely on your requirements and preferences, the average hourly cost is $50-$150.

Q. Should I Prioritize Experience or Education when Hiring a Shopware Developer?

Experience and education, both have their own importance in a software project. However, experience brings expertise and perfection in work and thus is a more prominent factor to consider.

Q. Why Is It Essential to Hire a Shopware Development Partner?

Shopware provides a range of advanced features and functionalities that helps store owner increase sales and entertain customers more efficiently.

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