Last month, Shopware emerged with a patch release,, with a smooth update process, access permission to the community edition, and more modifications. 

This time, in the starting week of February, Shopware is again up with the patch release It includes 20+ bug fixes to help Shopware developers extend their e-commerce platform capabilities. 

System Requirements

The system needs for Shopware Patch Release are:

  • Tested on PHP 8.1, 8.2 and 8.3
  • Tested on MySQL 8.0.33, MariaDB 10.4. 10.5, 10.11 & 11.0

Top Fixed Bugs of Shopware Patch Release

The Shopware team surfaced with varied bug fixes; let’s discuss some. 

  • NEXT-26217 –  Copying a Variant Product does not replace the main variant ID
  • NEXT-29560 – Custom fields in cart line item payload are not translated (9 votes)
  • NEXT-31030 – Shopware Commercial throws an error when password recovery detects an inactive user  
  • NEXT-33403 – Debug Messages are being logged in elasticsearch_prod log 
  • NEXT-33038 – Removed payment methods cause problems when loading an order
  • NEXT-31377 – AI Copilot outputs message too long

These are not all; more bug fixes are there; you can check them out here

Shopware CTA

Wrapping Lines 

Shopware always looks for bug fixes and new updates to help Shopware developers and the businesses running on this platform conduct their operations seamlessly. 

So, being a Shopware user, you should adhere to such launches and match the steps with the new factors, patches, and updates. 

If this sounds complicated, hire a Shopware development company and ease your job while focusing on other, more valuable tasks. 

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