Shopware, surfacing the e-commerce market, meets complete e-commerce solutions for all B2B and B2C needs. Businesses looking for full scalability, flexibility, and support from experts at every step of developing an online store should opt for Shopware. 

As recorded in the third quarter of 2023, Shopware stores increased to 98% yearly. To date (Q4 of 2023), there are 37,110 active Shopware stores

Whether it’s about security, agility, or performance, you can get everything infused into only one robust e-commerce software, namely, Shopware. 

If you are devising to build your e-commerce store with Shopware, you need to hire a Shopware development company. But how to choose the best Shopware development company to transform your business idea?

We have curated some top options that you may prefer. Besides, we will discuss Shopware pricing and what services you can expect from the company you choose. 

Let’s get the ball rolling!

What is Shopware?

Shopware is an e-commerce platform that merchants can opt for to build, manage, and expand their online store. It arrives with a plethora of features that streamline business operations, such as product management tools, a drag-and-drop website builder, order management, etc. 

On finalizing Shopware as your e-commerce platform, you will have complete access to your source code, which means the data will entirely belong to you only. Also, you don’t have to face any lock-ins, limits, or any other compromise. 

So, whether you own B2B or B2C or sell digital or physical goods, with Shopware, you can automate your business processes across any business model, even without writing any code. 

What Makes Shopware a Preferred eCommerce Solution? 

So, why has Shopware been thriving for the past few years? 

Let’s dig into the reasons behind this. 

1. Flexible and Extensible

As built on Symphony, a well-tested PHP framework, Shopware becomes more flexible than other e-commerce platforms. 

2. Open Source

Shopware is more open and community-driven, which makes it a preferred choice over Magento and BigCommerce, which have the same traits. 

3. Accessible via GitHub

You can access the Shopware 6 source code through GitHub; many developers find it the best choice. 

4. Progressive Community

On onboarding the platform, you will become a part of a growing community connecting worldwide agencies, developers, and technology partners with extensive knowledge and perfect support. 

5. Multilanguage & Localization

Shopware is usually picked for its localization potential and provides numerous currency and country options. This way, you can easily adjust the UI and language of the store to display currency in the required form. Besides, if you want to provide an amazing localized shopping experience, you can do that with custom rules and a multi-language panel that allows the creation of multiple pages for distinctive countries. 

6. Extensions & Plugins

Today, there are around 2000+ extensions available on the Shopware app store, covering varied categories and functionalities. You can use any extension per your business needs, from accounting to inventory and payment software. 

7. Store Themes

You can choose responsive themes from a wide pool of free and premium ones. The platform also provides in-built storefronts created for specific industries. Moreover, you can customize the themes and make them seamlessly go with your brand identity. 

8. Product and Order Management

Businesses can add and manage their products, create promotions, set up shipping methods, and process orders easily using the advanced product and order management systems Shopware offers. 

9. Powerful Shopware Cloud

With Shopware, you can focus your resources on scaling and catalyzing your business while ensuring a seamless run and easy business operation management. Shopware Cloud looks after deploying software updates and supervises every technical aspect. 

10. B2C and B2B 

The exceptional scalability and broad range of Shopware features, like the B2B suite, assist e-commerce solutions in supporting your business requirements effortlessly. Also, it tests distinctive business models when needed and rapidly adapts to dynamic customer needs. 

11. Page Builder

This Shopware tool is very handy for someone looking to create custom landing pages and product listings. You just need to drag and drop the interface, and you can add and rearrange your page elements. 

This is not the end; there are more features that developers consider when choosing Shopware. Connect with a Shopware development firm to learn more about the platform and its benefits. 

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What Are the Top Shopware Development Companies?

1. Emizentech

Average Review Rating: 5.0

One of the highly experienced Shopware development companies, EmizenTech is an expert at finding access to marketplaces and facilitating clients to provide unique and custom digital experiences to their customer base. 

Worldwide, the company is recognized as a one-stop solution for meeting every need for top-notch custom Shopware development services. With the assistance of professionals, the brand can revolutionize digital commerce into engaging experiences and lead to more conversions, harnessing the skills of Shopware developers.

2. Bay20

Average Review Rating: 4.9

Bay20 has passionate and quality Shopware developers and designers. The company provides services from project conceptualization, design, development, and testing to marketing.

3. Brandcrock

Average Review Rating: 4.9

This company is a certified partner of Shopware AG and has 35+ certified Shopware developers. The company also has good experience in developing Shopware stores and custom plugins.

4. TreoLabs

Average Review Rating: 4.5

From Shopware online store development to the performance optimization of the existing store, Treolabs is skilled and creative enough to handle projects of all industries and complexities. Employing highly dedicated resources, the collaborative approach that the company deploys is known to produce only the finest of refined products.

5. Novalnet

Novalnet is one of the most reputed names in the field of Shopware development. Novalnet has many reputed firms on its clients in different domains. Having dedicated Shopware developers in the company can give you reliable solutions for your requirements.

6. AuxesisInfotech

Average Review Rating: 4.9

Auxesisinfotech is a full-service digital agency with various CMS developments, including Shopware. They have an experienced team that listens to your every need, giving you the best results on all your projects.

7. Webkul

Average Review Rating: 4.9

Webkul provides end-to-end Shopware development services and helps clients achieve their business goals. They have developed more than 45+ Extensions for the Shopware platform.

8. Dinarys

Average Review Rating: 4.9

Dinarys is a certified Shopware development agency with extensive experience developing robust and intelligent e-shop solutions. The company is ending this list and the overall article.

9. Cyblance

Average Review Rating: 5.0

This IT software agency, founded in 2011, provides custom mobile apps, website development, and design solutions. It holds a team of expert developers who are dedicated to attaining the required outcomes. 

10. MIIIB Development Services LLC

The software development company follows the latest trends and technologies to showcase an improved experience to their clients. The brand ensures on-time delivery of top-quality projects. 

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Criteria for Selecting Top Development Companies

When you select a Shopware development company, you need to consider varied factors. 

Let’s explore a few significant ones to catch up with the best development partner. 

1. Company Size

Look for the Shopware companies that have a significantly big-sized team, including designers, developers, analysts, testers, and every expert that can contribute to converting your business idea into an engaging online store. 

2. Domain Expertise

The Shopware development you choose should have robust domain expertise that demonstrates a deep knowledge of compliance and regulations suitable for specific business verticals.

3. Technical Expertise

Ensure that the potential company holds the expertise of the latest technologies and methods needed to accomplish your project scope. 

4. Scan Portfolio

Analyze the portfolio and check if the company has accomplished a project similar to yours and if it’s running successfully. 

5. Agile Development Methodology

Ask if the Shopware firm follows the Agile approach as it quickly adapts to the changes after every step and emerges with a successful project with the expected outcomes. 

6. Communication & Collaboration

Seamless communication and collaboration lead to successful product development; be sure the company you choose follows the same. 

7. Budget

A clear budget decided in the starting will help diminish the potential issues and misunderstandings relevant to the cost. 

Why Hire a Shopware Development Company?

Accomplishing a Shopware development project demands technical expertise and relevant skills. 

If you hold whatever is essential to build a Shopware store, you can go ahead and emerge with the best one. But, if you don’t, you should hire a leading shopware development company. Also, choosing a company is not an easy job; you need to consider varied factors to get the best. 

A few factors to consider:

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Top Benefit to Hire Shopware Developers

Hiring a Shopware development firm is beneficial for your business. How? 

Let’s scan a few reasons to hire Shopware developers:

1. Cost-effective

Shopware developers will complete your project within the agreed time; this way, they will save your resources and time. They work efficiently and deliver top-quality outcomes in less time. 

2. Hassle-free Project Management

A team of Shopware developers will conduct all the required jobs and accomplish your project successfully. This makes you free to conduct other more valuable tasks of your business. You can perform them dedicatedly and hassle-free. 

3. Less Time to Market

Experts will responsibly work on your project and complete it on time and as expected. It takes less time to attain the outcomes. 

4. Updating Trends and Technology

Skilled Shopware developers stay updated with the latest trends and technologies. And they prefer to follow the same while building your Shopware store. This process makes your project run aligned with the ongoing trend. 

These are not enough; choosing Shopware developers creates more positive business edges. 

What Shopware Development Services Should You Expect from a Company?

A Shopware development company offers its clients a variety of services, such as:

  • Theme development
  • Plugin development
  • PWA development
  • Web Designing
  • Custom shopware development 
  • Shopware migration
  • Shopware integration
  • Shopware support and maintenance, etc. 

Connect with the Shopware developers and get the Shopware development services suiting your project. 

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Shopware eCommerce Platform Pricing

One-size-fits-all doesn’t go right in the case of online store development. The plan that would suit your business will price differently. 

So, choose your Shopware plan per your business requirements, advanced features, top-class support, latest technologies, etc. 

Shopware Plans & PricingName Price
#1Rise – Stay Ahead of the CurveStarts from $600 per month (T&C apply)
#2Evolve – Pace up your businessCustom 
#3Beyond – Build Out-of-the-boxCustom 


While wrapping up, we hope you have the tactics and facts to consider while choosing the top Shopware development company for your project. Still, if you find it challenging to get, connect with our expert Shopware developers; they will help you attain your goals within time and with quality. 

Hire a Shopware development partner today! 

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