If you want to start your online business and are looking for the best solution, then you should choose one that may generate a required impact on your company’s customer reach and revenue.

Today, we are here with a perfect and best-fit eCommerce development platform for you. We are here to ease your task of finding the right eCommerce solution for your online business. Let’s start then.All you need to know About shopware for ecommerce

After deep research, we emerged with various eCommerce platforms that may be the best fit for your business. But, here we will reveal the name of a perfect one that will lead your business towards success.

A German-based eCommerce platform, Shopware, was founded in 2000. Currently, it is positioned among the top choices of online retailers for developing an online store because of its user-friendly backend and frontend.

Recently the emergence of its new version Shopware 6 is being widely accepted globally. Every improved version of Shopware is not just an iteration of the previous one. The platform is redesigned from scratch. This indicates that we can expect new and modern features, like cloud integration. Needless to mention, it comes with a truly responsive design across all devices. Two more significant needs for choosing this eCommerce platform are its codebase upgrade that’s done using the latest technologies, like PHP Symfony and Vue.JS, and the entire redevelopment of its database structure.

Sometimes change is good!

Why Consider Shopware For Developing An eCommerce Store?

Shopware Features

Ease of Use
  • Offer access to the demo shop’s backend.
  • Collect sales and customer data easily.
  • Make basic modifications to the store.
  • Permit users to work freely while the store is under management.
100% Open Source Source code available publicly.
Allows infinite customization.
User-friendly Backend
  • Allows store owners to make important modifications instantly.
  • Need no programming experience.
Flexible License Model
  • Shopware Community Edition (free).
  • Professional
  • Professional Plus
  • Enterprise Edition
Short Time-to-Market
  • Shortens implementation period.
  • Allow businesses to run in a few weeks
Marketing Tools
  • Configured automatically.
  • Holds a vast library of plugins that eases sales promotion.
Support & Community
  • Comes with free and paid support.
  • Offers developer’s guide free of cost.

Shopware promotes accessibility and openness that is revealed in its business people and culture. As Shopware is entirely owned by the founders, with no external funding or private equity involved, it defines and executes its strategic plan without getting abandoned by commercial pressure.

The modular architecture of Shopware allows businesses to roll out quickly, and its scalability and fully customizable features offer businesses the required flexibility that’s needed while adapting the software to fulfill certain business requirements.

For particular tasks, shopware holds the caliber to add extra servers that strengthen the user to scale his store further and attain better response time.

Keep reading to know more about Shopware.

A Few Significant Features Of Shopware

Shopware comes with various comprehensive features that other platforms deliver via integration or use of the special solution for particular needs.

Let’s check out the latest and mostly-admired features of the Shopware eCommerce platform. We have also added the recently added features of Shopware 6.

The Rule Builder – Sell Products According To Your Rules

The latest feature of Shopware, Rule Builder, permits the users to develop their rules, like sale-price setting based on their unique set of parameters. It will ease you to sell your goods as per your desires without any limitations.

Easier Internationalization – Make Your Store Grow Internationally

If you have ever tried to expand your Shopware eCommerce store into international markets, you might know the complexities involved. Here Shopware 6 comes into play as it removes such barriers so that you can target selling freely all over the globe. Such internationalization features include:

  • Configurable tax calculators,
  • Country-specific sales channels, and
  • Multicurrency capabilities.

API-Powered Sales Channel – Sell Your Products In Different Languages & Currencies

The ease of selling anywhere, like on social media, is not new. But, with the assistance of API, you can create custom connections with 3rd-party marketplaces. This will allow you to sell products in distinct languages and currencies easily. Everything is set up at the Shopware backend directly.

Enhanced Shopping Experience – Offer Your Customers An Expected Shopping Experience

If you admire the Shopping Worlds in Shopware 5, then you will also cherish Shopping Experiences in Shopware 6. This update takes the shopping experience to a level ahead with a much-enhanced content design system. It allows you to design content that appends elegance to your goods and brand.

SEO Optimization & Marketing – Achieve Higher Ranking On SERPs

Shopware comes with an automatic SEO configuration that offers a robust base for effective ranking on Google and powerful marketing features. This includes the following:

  • Loyalty Programs: They permit the users to manually define loyalty points for the client groups and various articles.
  • Affiliate Programs: Shopware permits the users to craft commission amounts, affiliate links, and individual prices with distinct cookies.
  • Story Telling: This adds up to the credibility and identity of your product. An image is established in the customer’s mind. This enhances customer participation, promotes loyalty, and increases the shopping experience.
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Integration – Create An Easy & Flexible eCommerce Store

Shopware comes with various 3rd-party integrations for Enterprise, Shop system, Shipping, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Payment. Some of these integrations are available for free and some charge an amount also, you can get them from Shopware Store.

For every shopping cart, the payment method is a crucial factor. Therefore, Shopware provides users a pre-installation of PayPal Express and Paypal that helps in improving the financial flexibility of your eCommerce store. Apart from these payment systems, Shopware also recommends other add-ons and plugins, you can use them.

Product Management – Facilitate Product Management Effortlessly

Shopware knows that goods and services are important entities of your online business. That’s why it offers you everything that you may demand to start selling effortlessly. Let’s check out below:

  • Appealing creation of products and their categories.
  • The limitless number of products.
  • Import and export your products.
  • Maintenance of product characteristics and types.
  • Tagging system to assign tags to products.
  • Development and management of your free text fields.
  • Sales of customized products
  • Product cross-selling and rating function, and more.

Support – Offer 24*7 Customer Support & Services

Shopware comes with support based on your subscription level. All in total, there are four levels, namely Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. The higher level includes distinct perks, like faster response time, 24*7 emergency support, and more.

Well, it’s not the end, there are a plethora of features that Shopware offers to its users. But, these are enough to decide whether Shopware would be the right choice for you or not.

How To Know If Shopware Is Best-Fit For Your eCommerce Business?

Well, to know whether Shopware is best for your business, demands a clear knowledge of your business targets. So, if your business wants to have any of the following attributes, then Shopware would be worth adopting:

  • The merchants who need to implement their technical roadmap (along with the native roadmap), then Shopware would be an ideal choice for them.
  • To develop and publish interactive products with related content through top-level admin control and autonomy.
  • Prefer a self-hosted solution (as opposed to the SaaS option).
  • Need dealer distribution or B2B type functionality.
  • Perfect admin and technical support.
  • Cost-effective licensing and support models without volume-based pricing or revenue share.

What Are The Limitations Of Shopware eCommerce Platform?

Well, this is a tricky question as Shopware prices the products attractively, offers excellent support, and has a large community of 3rd party services, extensions, and integrations that are available to improve an eCommerce store.

The only thing that Shopware lacks is Shopware development services providers. But, with time as this eCommerce platform will start gripping in this eCommerce market, this situation will also change for sure.

Wrapping Up

But, if you will look for a leading Shopware development company more dedicatedly, then soon you will catch up with one that will handle your store as you expect.

Emizentech has a team of professional Shopware developers who are adept in developing robust ecommerce stores for clients all over the globe.

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